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     Welcome to DogNamed. If you have come here seeking an identity for your puppy, you are in the right place. We have compiled a searchable list of the best dog names on the web. To help you narrow your search, we provide you with a plethora of tools. Browse through pontential ideas by category. Find female, male, and even famous names. Search by location or narrow your pool based on the breed of your puppy.

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We aim to provide you with the best resource for finding a dog name on the web. To achieve this, we are constantly developing new tools that will ease the naming process. In amongst working on our tools we are constantly refreshing our lists in order to provide you with the most up to date options available.

Naming your dog is an important step and we strive to make it one that you find easy and fun. Our site is built around a huge list of names and our every effort involves trying to provide you the right ones for your situation. Notice the word situation in the previous sentence. Every dog is unique and deserves a title that fits on an individual level. It would be easier if there was just one choice that fit for ever case, but then you would call out to your dog at the park and get trampled by a canine stampede. Finding the right name can be as simple as jumping right in to our lists for some people. If you want to have a head start on the masses, you should check out some of our tips.

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"If you can't name em, join em"

The most common question we hear involves finding the perfect name. The answer revolves around your dog's personality. If you want to find the best possible option, you need to take some time to bond with your puppy. You don't have to force feed yourself words, the process should be fun. Kick back and spend some quality time with your pal. Make a note of any behaviors or silly situations that might serve as a good platform. In many cases, just getting to know your new friend will trigger potential ideas.

"silly sally sells names down by the seashore"

Practice saying any potential options aloud prior to making a decision. You should be prepared to vocalize the name you select regularly. Words that are a mouthful may come across as appealing at first glance, but beware of the repercussions. Tongue twisters are fun but don't make the best names. Choosing something with fewer syllables is recommended. When selecting a long name, be aware that you will most likely shorten it. Consider what it could be condensed to ahead of time.