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Updated: October 06, 2023

      One fun part of every new puppy owner’s experience is getting to bestow a worthy name upon their new companion. A name is pretty much the first thing you will teach your new friend as you are setting the stage for later development. As you train your dog in the ways of your world, the single most used word out of your mouth will be his/her name. It is by no surprise that many new puppy owners get hung up on a name choice. Pulling the trigger on the first name you think of can leave you with regrets. Any disappointment can be avoided by letting the name come to you. In the meantime, introducing yourself to cool dog names can help spark your thoughts.

      The coolest names are characterized by their uniqueness and fit. People have come to expect the common names like Spot, Ace, and Lady. While these are great names, they are lacking that little extra zing that helps them stand out. On the other hand, a name like Genesis will turn heads because it is new and surprising. To help put the exclamation point on a unique name, it should encompass some characteristic or story related to your pup. For example, you could go with Lego for the new puppy that is constantly drawn to your child’s Lego collection. The name has a uniqueness factor and a good story to share with your friends.

      Another way that a dog name can catapult itself to cooldom is by means of an awesome dog. One such example is Dozer. Dozer is a Goldendoodle that broke free of his invisible fence to join runners in the Maryland Half Marathon. Dozer joined up after the first five miles of the race and was seen on television and by many throughout the course. After etching his name in doggy history, Dozer made it back to his family safely. There is a new eight mile run (starting at the five mile mark) of the Maryland Half Marathon called Dozer’s Dash in honor of this great dog. Dozer has his own fan page and has helped raise a lot of money for cancer research.

Name Reason to Choose
Apollo This name, derived from Greek mythology, is perfect for a strong, brave dog
Astro For a dog with a personality that's out of this world
Atom For the small pup with big personality
Axel It's short, strong, and it also refers to a cool car part
Bailey This name has a friendly, approachable sound to it
Bandit This name perfectly suits a mischievous or stealthy pooch
Bane This name is ideal for a powerful and dominant dog
Blaze For a pup with a fiery spirit
Blitz A cool name for a fast, energetic dog
Bolt This name is great for a fast, energetic dog
Bullet A perfect fit for a dog that's speedy
Chaos This is a fitting name for a dog with an energetic and unpredictable personality
Chip This name might be perfect for a small, sprightly pet
Chocolate An adorable choice for a brown pup, suggesting sweetness
Comet A great name for a dog that's fast and shines bright
Corey It's a solid, reliable name with a touch of coolness
Corky It's a fun and playful name, suggesting a bubbly personality
Cosmo For a dog with a personality as big as the universe
Cricket This name is chirpy and cheerful, well-suited for a playful and lively pet
Crowly A unique take on a traditional name, suggesting a dog that's a little mysterious or mystical
Cypher This name is perfect for an intelligent dog who loves solving puzzles
Darby This name has a cheerful and friendly ring to it
Devro Unique and edgy, this name is for one-of-a-kind pups
Diesel Perfect for a strong and sturdy breed
Disco Perfect for a dog with a lively personality and a love for playtime
Draco Perfect for a dog with a strong, mythical presence
Echo This name fits a dog with a resonating bark
Ember Conveys warmth and a spark of energy, ideal for a dog with a fiery spirit
Falcon For a dog with keen senses and a free-spirited nature
Fury Perfect for a dog with a lot of energy and spirit
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Names Based on Personality

Choosing a name that reflects your dog's unique personality can make for a meaningful and fitting choice.
Name Description
Bliss Perfect for a dog that's always content and happy
Bolt Ideal for a fast runner with a dynamic personality
Bounce Captures the spirit of a playful, hyperactive dog
Brave What better name for a courageous and fearless dog?
Buzz For a dog with an energetic, lively personality
Chill This name embodies a laid-back and relaxed dog
Dapper For a dog with a stylish and elegant appeal
Dash Perfect for a speedy and energetic pup
Fury Perfect for a dog with a fiery, spirited personality
Glee Ideal for a dog that's always happy and enthusiastic
Gusto For a dog with a hearty appetite or a zest for life
Hunt A fitting choice for a dog with a keen sense of smell and a strong instinct to track
Jolly Fits a dog with a cheerful and lively demeanor
Mischief For a dog that's always getting into things and causing trouble
Nuzzle For a dog that loves to cuddle and show affection
Prowl A fitting name for a dog that enjoys exploring its environment
Rascal Great for a dog that's always getting into playful trouble
Roar Appropriate for a dog with a loud bark or a bold personality
Rumble Ideal for a large, powerful dog with a strong presence
Scamp For a playful, mischievous dog with a zest for life
Shadow Perfect for a dog that loves to follow its owner everywhere
Snooze Perfect for a dog that loves to nap all day
Spark A great choice for an energetic, lively dog
Whisk Perfect for a dog that's always on the move, darting here and there
Witty For a dog that's clever and quick to learn

Names from Pop Culture

Naming your dog after a beloved character or celebrity from pop culture can be a fun way to show off your personal interests and tastes.
Name Description
Arya A strong female character from 'Game of Thrones'
Buffy The vampire slayer from the TV series
Chewbacca For Wookiee-loving Star Wars fans
Darth For the Star Wars fans who prefer the Dark Side
Dobby The lovable house elf from 'Harry Potter'
Eleven Inspired by the powerful character from Netflix's 'Stranger Things'
Frodo The brave hobbit from 'The Lord of the Rings'
Gandalf Inspired by the wise wizard from J.R.R. Tolkien's 'The Lord of the Rings'
Gizmo The cute Mogwai from the 'Gremlins' movies
Groot A lovable character from the Marvel's 'Guardians of the Galaxy'
Hermione A tribute to the clever witch from J.K. Rowling's 'Harry Potter' series
Hulk For fans of the strong and powerful Marvel superhero
Mario Inspired by the famous character from Nintendo's platform game series
Pikachu A beloved character from the Pokémon franchise
Pippin One of the brave hobbits from 'The Lord of the Rings'
Ripley The tough protagonist from the 'Alien' movie series
Rocky The main character from the boxing movie series
Sherlock In honor of the legendary detective from Arthur Conan Doyle's books
Simba The main character from Disney's 'The Lion King'
Spock A great tribute to Star Trek's iconic Vulcan
Thor Inspired by the god of thunder from Marvel's 'Avengers'
Tron The main character from the sci-fi film of the same name
Wolverine The fierce mutant from the 'X-Men' franchise
Yoda A nod to the wise Jedi Master from Star Wars
Yoshi The green dinosaur from the 'Super Mario' games

Names from Mythology

Names from various mythologies can be both unique and powerful, giving your dog a name with a story behind it.
Name Description
Apollo This name is inspired by the Greek god of music, truth, and prophecy
Ares Named after the Greek god of war, this name suits a dog with a warrior spirit
Artemis For the dog that loves the hunt, this name is for the Greek goddess of hunting
Athena Inspired by the Greek goddess of wisdom and warfare
Atlas Just like the Titan who holds up the sky, this name suits a strong and supportive dog
Demeter The Greek goddess of the harvest suits a dog with a nurturing nature
Dionysus Inspired by the Greek god of wine and pleasure, this name suits a dog that loves fun
Eros The Greek god of love and attraction would make a cute name for a loveable dog
Fenrir A monstrous wolf in Norse mythology, perfect for a big, furry dog
Freya The Norse goddess of love, beauty, and fertility could be a beautiful name for a female dog
Hades Perfect for a dark, mysterious dog, after the Greek god of the underworld
Helios The Greek god of the sun could be a good name for a dog with a bright personality
Hera This name is for the Greek goddess of women, marriage, family, and childbirth
Hercules Draws from the strongest of all heroes in Greek mythology
Hypnos The Greek god of sleep, ideal for a dog that loves to snooze
Loki The Norse god of mischief suits a playful, mischievous dog
Nyx Named after the Greek goddess of the night, perfect for a dog with a dark coat
Odin Derived from the Norse god known for wisdom, healing, and knowledge
Orion A great hunter in Greek mythology, ideal for a hunting dog
Perseus A hero in Greek mythology who killed Medusa, ideal for a brave dog
Poseidon Inspired by the Greek god of the sea, perfect for a dog that loves water
Rhea The mother of the gods in Greek mythology, this name suits a motherly or nurturing dog
Selene The Greek goddess of the moon, perfect for a dog with a calm and serene nature
Thor The Norse god of thunder would make a strong name for a large, powerful dog
Zeus The Greek King of the gods represents power and authority

Names Based on Size

Choosing a name based on your dog's size can be both descriptive and humorous, making for a memorable and fitting name.
Name Description
Atlas The Greek god who held up the sky, signifies strength
Atom Atoms are the smallest units of matter, making it a cool name for tiny dogs
Bean Beans are small and adorable, just like some dogs
Bonsai Refers to the Japanese art of growing small trees, ideal for a small dog
Boulder This name is inspired by large, unmovable rocks
Chico Spanish for 'small', great for a little dog
Dwarf A term for something small, perfect for a tiny dog
Elf A mythical creature known for its small size, a cute name for a small dog
Giant An excellent name for a large dog due to its association with big size
Goliath Biblical figure known for his enormous size
Grande Spanish word for 'large', suggesting a big size
Hulk A comic book character known for his large size and strength
Jumbo An English word that signifies something very large
Maximus Latin for 'greatest', indicates a large size
Moose Inspired by the large North American mammal of the same name
Mountain Inspired by the natural landscape feature known for its large size
Munchkin Perfect for smaller breeds due to its association with smallness
Nugget A sweet name associated with small sizes, perfect for a little pup
Pebble It's a cute name for a small dog, as pebbles are tiny rocks
Pint A small unit of measurement, excellent for smaller dogs
Pixie A mythical creature known for its small size, a perfect fit for a small dog
Teacup Ideal for tiny breeds, as teacups are small and delicate
Thor The Norse god of thunder, symbolizing strength and power
Titan Derived from mythology, it suggests a colossal size and strength
Zeus The king of the gods in Greek mythology, symbolizing strength and size

Names Inspired by Famous Dogs

Naming your dog after a famous canine character can be a fun and unique way to honor your favorite dog-centric movies, books, or TV shows.
Name Description
Astro A cool name for a dog who's out of this world, like the canine from 'The Jetsons'
Balto Honors the Siberian Husky sled dog who helped deliver serum in the 1925 serum run to Nome
Beethoven Inspired by the lovable Saint Bernard from the popular 90's movie
Bolt From the animated film featuring a white German Shepherd who believes he has superpowers
Bruiser For a Chihuahua with attitude, just like Elle Woods' companion in 'Legally Blonde'
Buddy In honor of the Golden Retriever who played basketball in 'Air Bud'
Chance The American Bulldog from 'Homeward Bound' lends his name to adventurous pups
Cujo For Stephen King fans, this is the name of the rabid Saint Bernard in the horror novel
Hooch For fans of the comedy movie 'Turner & Hooch', this name is a classic
Lady Ideal for a graceful pup, it's inspired by the Cocker Spaniel in 'Lady and the Tramp'
Lassie Named after one of the most famous television canine characters of all time
Marley Taken from the heartwarming film 'Marley & Me' about a lovable, albeit mischievous Labrador Retriever
Max Inspired by the loyal dog in the animated film 'The Secret Life of Pets'
Otis A tribute to the troublesome pug from 'The Adventures of Milo and Otis'
Pongo Taken from the Dalmatian dad in '101 Dalmatians'
Rin Tin Tin A tribute to the heroic German Shepherd who starred in many silent films
Santas Little Helper This is the name of the Simpson family's Greyhound in the long-running animated series
Scooby A nod to the iconic Great Dane from the animated series 'Scooby-Doo'
Shadow Inspired by the wise Golden Retriever in the 'Homeward Bound' series
Slink A clever name for a Dachshund, inspired by Slinky Dog from 'Toy Story'
Snowy This name is for fans of 'The Adventures of Tintin', where Snowy is Tintin's loyal companion
Spike Borrowed from the tough but sweet bulldog in the 'Tom and Jerry' cartoons
Toto Perfect for a small breed, it's the name of Dorothy's dog in 'The Wizard of Oz'
Tramp This name pays homage to the streetwise mutt from 'Lady and the Tramp'
Zero This name is perfect for ghostly dogs, inspired by the spectral pup in 'The Nightmare Before Christmas'
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Duchess Photo of Duchess for Cool Dog Names Because she looks like royalty
Benji Photo of Benji for Cool Dog Names didn't choose this name but I thought it suited his green and brown eyes very well!
Hippie Photo of Hippie for Cool Dog Names Cool personality and always happy and messy hair
Kiska Photo of kiska for Cool Dog Names Its an Alaskan name
Captain Photo of Captain for Cool Dog Names Captain my Captain! Just because you're little doesn't mean you can't have a big name!
Shiva Photo of Shiva for Cool Dog Names
Sully Photo of Sully for Cool Dog Names We named him Sully after he monster on Monsters Inc. His fully name is James P. Sullivan
Rosti Photo of Rosti for Cool Dog Names This is rosti which is a traditional Swiss dish, since the Bernese mountain dog originated in Switzerland it was between Chewy (bad karma) and Rosti so we choose Rosti!
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Maverick Carves: A Cool Dog Story

In the heart of the snow-capped mountains, where the air was crisp and the landscape a dazzling white, there lived a spirited dog named Maverick. Maverick was a Bernese Mountain Dog, known for their intelligence, strength, and friendly demeanor. His thick, tricolor coat, kept him warm on even the coldest of days, making him the perfect companion for his adventurous family.

Maverick's family owned a cozy cabin nestled among the pine trees, and they spent their winters enjoying the many activities the mountain had to offer. From skiing and snowshoeing to ice fishing and snowmobiling, they embraced the snowy season wholeheartedly. Maverick, with his boundless energy and love for the outdoors, accompanied them on every adventure.

One day, Maverick's family decided to try their hand at snowboarding, a thrilling sport that combined the speed of skiing with the style of surfing. As they strapped on their snowboards and began to glide down the mountain, Maverick watched in fascination. He couldn't help but feel a surge of excitement as he observed their graceful movements and daring tricks.

Unable to resist the temptation to join in the fun, Maverick leaped onto one of the spare snowboards, his large paws balancing carefully on the smooth surface. To the amazement of his family, he began to glide effortlessly down the mountain, his powerful legs guiding the snowboard through the snow.

As Maverick's confidence grew, he started to experiment with different techniques and maneuvers. He learned to carve through the snow, leaning into the turns and picking up speed as he went. He even mastered the art of catching air, launching himself off of snowbanks and performing flips and spins in midair.

News of Maverick's snowboarding prowess soon spread throughout the mountain community. People came from far and wide to witness the incredible sight of a snowboarding dog, effortlessly carving through the snow and catching air like a seasoned pro. Maverick became a local celebrity, and his story inspired countless other dog owners to introduce their furry friends to the joys of snowboarding.

Before long, Maverick's family decided to organize a special event in honor of their talented pup. They called it the "Maverick Invitational," a snowboarding competition open to dogs and their owners. The event drew a diverse crowd of participants, with dogs of all shapes, sizes, and breeds strapping on snowboards and hitting the slopes.

Maverick, of course, was the star of the show, showcasing his impressive skills and fearless spirit as he navigated the mountain with ease. The crowd cheered and applauded as he performed daring jumps and flips, his thick coat billowing in the wind and his eyes shining with excitement.

As the sun set on the day of the Maverick Invitational, the competitors gathered to celebrate their achievements and share their newfound love for the sport. Maverick's family beamed with pride as they watched their beloved dog revel in the joy and camaraderie of the event.

From that day on, the Maverick Invitational became an annual tradition, drawing snowboarding enthusiasts and dog lovers from all over the world. Maverick continued to inspire and amaze everyone who saw him in action, his passion for the sport and his incredible talent serving as a powerful reminder that with determination, courage, and a little bit of snow, anything is possible.

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