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1630s Dog Names

Updated: July 10, 2024

Welcome to an enchanting page dedicated to the charm and magic of a bygone era. The 17th century, particularly the 1630s, was a time of great exploration, change and cultural evolution across the globe. This period was not only significant in terms of historical events and human names, but it also brought about unique trends in naming our four-legged friends.

Dive into this unique collection that serves as a time capsule, representing the spirit and style of that fascinating decade. The names you will find here have been meticulously curated, reflecting the classic, timeless appeal of that age. They echo the sounds, sentiments, and even the humor of the people living in the 1630s. These names carry the legacy of a rich past and offer a beautiful option for naming your beloved pet today.

Discover names that are filled with character and history, just like your pet. Whether you're seeking a name that's elegant, playful, or truly one-of-a-kind, this collection of 1630s-inspired dog names holds a treasure trove of choices. Enjoy the journey into the past as you seek the perfect name for your loyal companion.

Name Reason to Choose
Abel A biblical name popular during the 1630s
Abendego Drawn from biblical tales, a favorite choice in the 1630s
Abigail Common women's name during this period
Algernon A popular name in the 17th century
Amos A biblical name that was commonly used during this time
Azariah This biblical name was quite popular in the 1630s
Barnaby Refers to Barnaby Rudge, a character in 17th-century literature
Bartholomew Common in the 1630s, from the Bible
Benedict Name of several notable figures from the 17th century
Bethel Preferred for its biblical roots in the 1630s
Boaz A name with biblical connotations, preferred during the 1630s
Bruno Giordano Bruno, a 16th-century philosopher, was still influential during 1630s
Caleb Biblical names were commonly used during this time
Charity A virtue name often used by the Puritans
Cicely A popular feminine name in the 16th and 17th centuries
Clarence Derived from a title of British nobility in the 17th century
Clement Clement IX, Pope in the mid-17th century
Comfort A common Puritan virtue name
Constance A virtue name that was popular in the 17th century
Cornelius Biblical names like this were dominant in the 1630s
Crispin Crispin Street Fair was held annually during the 1630s
Cyrus This biblical name was in vogue in the 17th century
Damaris An uncommon biblical name that was popular during the period
Darius Influenced by 17th-century interest in ancient Persian history
Delilah A biblical name that was common during this time
Demetrius Reflects 17th-century interest in ancient Greek culture
Dinah A biblical name that was a top pick in the 1630s
Dudley A common English surname that was used as a first name during the 1630s
Ebenezer A biblical name that was a popular choice in the 1630s
Edmund Edmund Spenser's works were widely read during this period
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Colonial Dog Names

The 1630s marked the beginning of the colonial period in America, so names that reflect this era could be a good choice.
Name Description
Adams Honoring John Adams, a key figure in the American Revolution
Barnaby Derived from an old English name, popular in the 1630s
Bradford Named after William Bradford, a colonial governor
Bunker Named after Bunker Hill, a key site in the colonial era
Charity Puritan virtue name indicative of the era's moral standards
Chaucer Named after the famous English poet, popular during the colonial era
Concord Named after Concord, a significant town in colonial history
Faith Reflects the strong religious beliefs of the colonial era
Hancock Named after John Hancock, a prominent figure in the colonial era
Hester Popular female name in the colonial period, indicative of its English roots
Humphrey A common name in the colonial period, reflecting its English origins
Jamestown Named after the first permanent English settlement in the New World
Liberty Represents the fight for freedom during the colonial era
Mather Named after Increase Mather, a prominent figure in the colonial era
Mayflower Symbolizes the ship that brought the Pilgrims to the New World
Mercy Derived from a popular Puritan virtue name
Patience A virtue name common among Puritan settlers
Pilgrim Represents the journey of the first settlers to the New World
Plymouth Represents Plymouth Colony, the first successful English settlement
Pocahontas Honoring Pocahontas, a Native American woman associated with the colonial settlement at Jamestown
Prudence Reflects the Puritan virtue names of the 1630s
Revere Honoring Paul Revere, a key figure in colonial history
Salem Named after Salem, Massachusetts, a significant colonial town
Standish Inspired by Myles Standish, a notable colonial military leader
Winslow Inspired by Edward Winslow, a colonial leader

Royal Dog Names

The 1630s were within the era of the Stuart monarchy in England, so royal names from this period could be appropriate.
Name Description
Archduke A title of the junior branch of the House of Habsburg that existed in the 1630s
Bishop A senior member of the Christian clergy, typically in charge of a diocese and empowered to confer holy orders
Chamberlain In the 1630s, a chamberlain was a high officer of the royal court
Coronet A small crown consisting of ornaments fixed on a metal ring, used by the nobility in the 1630s
Crown A universal symbol of royal authority
Duchess It's a title for the wife or widow of a duke, a common title in the 17th century
Earl A rank of the British peerage, standing above the rank of viscount and below marquess
Empire A political unit having an extensive territory or comprising a number of territories or nations and ruled by a single supreme authority
Garter The Order of the Garter was the highest order of knights in the 17th century
Jester A common figure in royal courts during the 17th century
Knight A title granted to men of noble birth in the 17th century
Monarch In the 1630s, monarchy was the prevalent form of governance
Noble It refers to a person of noble rank, which was highly respected in the 1630s
Page In medieval times, a boy servant or attendant to a knight
Palace A grand residence for a king, queen or bishop in the 1630s
Regalia The emblems or insignia of royalty, such as the crown, scepter, and other ornaments used at a coronation
Regent It relates to a person who rules in place of a king or queen, a common occurrence in the 1630s
Scepter In the 1630s, scepters were symbols of royal power
Seneschal In the Middle Ages, a steward or major-domo of a medieval great house
Sovereign It means supreme ruler, a term often used for monarchs in the 1630s
Squire In the Middle Ages, a young nobleman acting as an attendant to a knight before becoming a knight himself
Stuart A Scottish royal house that held the English throne in the 1630s
Throne It's where the monarch sits, a symbol of their power and status
Tudor A royal house of Welsh origin, prominent in the 16th and 17th centuries
Viceroy A ruler exercising authority in a colony on behalf of a sovereign

Early Settlers Dog Names

The 1630s were a period of early American settlement, so names that reflect this era would be suitable.
Name Description
Barnaby Named after Barnaby Rudge, a character in Dickens' novel, reflecting the love for literature among early settlers
Charity A virtue name, common among Puritans, showcasing the importance of good deeds
Concord Named after the Massachusetts town founded in the 1630s
Ebenezer A biblical name, reflecting the strong religious beliefs of the settlers
Endurance A virtue name, symbolizing the settlers' strength and perseverance
Fidelity A virtue name, underlining the settlers' commitment to their principles
Gideon A biblical name, denoting strength and resilience
Harvest Symbolizing the importance of agriculture in the life of early settlers
Hester Inspired by Hester Prynne, the protagonist of 'The Scarlet Letter', set in the 17th century
Huckleberry Named after the native North American plant, symbolizing survival and adaptation
Humble A virtue name, representing the modesty and simplicity of the settlers' life
Jedediah A biblical name, popular among early settlers due to religious significance
Justice A virtue name, reflecting the settlers' quest for fairness and equality
Mercy A virtue name, common among Puritans
Myles Named after Myles Standish, a prominent figure among early settlers
Orchard Symbolizing the settlers' dependence on the land and nature
Patience A virtue name, reflecting the patience needed during the challenging times faced by the settlers
Pilgrim Reflecting the journey and hardships faced by the earliest settlers
Prudence A virtue name, echoing the moral ideals of early settlers
Salem Named after Salem, Massachusetts, a significant location in early American history
Silas A biblical name, reflecting the settlers' deep faith
Sterling Suggests high quality and excellence, traits admired by settlers
Verity A virtue name, reflecting the importance of truthfulness in the settlers' community
Winslow Named after Edward Winslow, a notable figure in the early Plymouth Colony
Zebulon A biblical name, reflecting the settlers' religious beliefs

Shakespearean Dog Names

Shakespeare was a popular playwright during the early 17th century, so using names from his plays could be a unique and historical choice.
Name Description
Balthasar Drawn from 'The Merchant of Venice,' a play by Shakespeare
Benedick A character from 'Much Ado About Nothing,' a play by Shakespeare
Brutus A character from 'Julius Caesar,' a tragic play by Shakespeare
Cassius A significant character from 'Julius Caesar,' a Shakespearean tragedy
Cordelia A character from the play 'King Lear.'
Cymbeline Inspired by the title of a lesser-known Shakespearean play
Desdemona From 'Othello,' a famous Shakespearean play
Duncan A character from 'Macbeth,' one of Shakespeare's darkest tragedies
Hamlet Taken from the protagonist of one of Shakespeare's most famous tragedies
Horatio A character from 'Hamlet,' a famous Shakespearean tragedy
Iago A character from 'Othello,' a tragic play by Shakespeare
Laertes A character in 'Hamlet' which is a popular Shakespearean play
Lear Derived from 'King Lear,' a renowned Shakespearean tragedy
Lysander A character from 'A Midsummer Night's Dream,' a play by Shakespeare
Mercutio A character in 'Romeo and Juliet,' a romantic tragedy by Shakespeare
Oberon Inspired by a character from 'A Midsummer Night's Dream,' a Shakespearean comedy
Orlando A character from 'As You Like It,' a comedic play by Shakespeare
Othello Inspired by the title character of a Shakespearean tragedy
Portia From 'The Merchant of Venice,' a romantic comedy by Shakespeare
Puck A mischievous character from 'A Midsummer Night's Dream,' a comedy by Shakespeare
Romeo The male protagonist from 'Romeo and Juliet,' a renowned Shakespearean tragedy
Rosalind A leading character in 'As You Like It,' a Shakespearean comedy
Titania A character from 'A Midsummer Night's Dream,' a play by Shakespeare
Viola A character from 'Twelfth Night,' a comedy by Shakespeare
Yorick A character from 'Hamlet,' one of Shakespeare's most renowned plays

Puritan Dog Names

The 1630s were a time when Puritan values were prominent, and naming your dog after these values could reflect the historical context.
Name Description
Blessed This name reflects the Puritan belief in divine favor and protection
Charity Charity is an ideal name, embodying the Puritan value of love and benevolence
Chaste This name reflects the Puritan emphasis on chastity and moral purity
Constant A suitable name, embodying the Puritan value of steadfastness and loyalty
Earnest Signifying seriousness or sincerity, this name reflects the Puritan's earnest approach to life
Faithful Faithfulness was a cherished virtue in the Puritan society, making this a fitting name
Fervor This name is inspired by the passionate intensity of Puritan beliefs
Grace Grace is a perfect Puritan name, signifying the divine assistance given to humans for their regeneration
Hope This name embodies the Puritan belief in the hope of salvation
Humble Derived from the Puritan virtue of humility, a valued moral quality in the 1630s
Justice Justice is a key principle in Puritan belief, making it an apt name
Mercy Mercy, a common Puritan virtue, is a symbol of kindness and forgiveness
Modest Modesty was a highly valued quality in the 1630s Puritan society
Noble Reflecting high moral qualities, Noble is a suitable Puritan dog name
Patience Patience was a highly valued virtue in 1630s Puritan society
Piety Derived from the strong Puritan emphasis on religious devotion and reverence
Prudence Prudence was a popular Puritan name emphasizing wise and cautious behavior
Purity This name is inspired by the main principle of the Puritan movement - purity of worship and doctrine
Redeem This name reflects the Puritan belief in redemption through faith
Saint Saint reflects the Puritan's aspiration for a life of sanctity and virtue
Sincere This name reflects the Puritan emphasis on sincerity in all aspects of life
Truth Truth is a simple, yet powerful name reflecting the Puritan commitment to honesty
Verity This name means 'truth', a virtue highly regarded by the Puritans
Virtue A very straightforward name that captures the Puritan emphasis on moral excellence
Zeal Zeal signifies great energy or enthusiasm, a trait often associated with Puritan preachers
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