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1650s Dog Names

Updated: July 08, 2024

Welcome to a unique collection of canine appellations inspired by a distinctive era in history. Venture back to a time of immense transformation, the 1650s, a period marked by unprecedented advances in art, science, and culture. This was a time when the Renaissance was giving way to the Enlightenment, and these shifts were reflected in every aspect of life, including the names given to our loyal four-legged friends.

Our compendium seeks to transport pet owners back to this unique time, allowing them to choose a name that not only stands out but also carries the weight of history. The names listed here are rich in tradition and imbued with the spirit of this pivotal era. From traditional monikers that were popular in the 1650s, to names influenced by important figures and events of the time, each name echoes the rhythm of history.

Embrace the elegance, strength, and creativity of the 1650s with a name that mirrors the era's essence. Whether you're a history buff, a lover of the classics, or just searching for a name with a little more depth, we are confident you'll find a name that perfectly captures the spirit of your new furry friend.

Name Reason to Choose
Abel It's a traditional biblical name, common among Puritans in the 1650s
Abigail Derived from Hebrew, it was a common name for women in the 1650s and could be used for female dogs
Aldrich A common name in the 1650s era, reflecting the puritan background
Algernon It was a popular name in 1650s literature, making it fitting for a dog of the period
Amity A virtue name that was popular in the 1650s, it would suit a friendly dog
Antigone A popular name from Greek mythology in the 1650s
Balthazar It's a biblical name that was common in the era
Barnaby Named after a popular saint at the time
Bartholomew A popular Biblical name in the 1650s
Beatrice This was a popular female name in the 17th century, inspired by literature
Benedict A popular name among men in the 17th century, this makes it a fitting name for a male dog
Bertram A German name meaning 'bright raven', it was a popular name in the 1650s and would suit a black dog
Cecil An aristocratic name, popular among nobility
Charity This virtue name was popular among the Puritans during this period
Clarence With English roots, this name was often given to loyal companions during this period
Clement Clement, meaning gentle and merciful, was a common English name in the 1650s
Constance In the 1650s, virtue names like this were common
Cornelius A Latin name that was common in the 1650s, it would be a good name for a dog
Cressida A common name in 1650s literature
Damaris A female name from the Bible, it was prevalent during the 1650s
Delilah From the bible, it was a commonly used name during the era
Demetrius This Greek name was in use during the 17th century
Dorcas A Greek name meaning 'gazelle', it was a common name for women in the 1650s and would suit a graceful dog
Dorothy Because of the popularity of 'The Wizard of Oz'
Duncan A popular name in Scotland in the 1650s
Edmund An Old English name, meaning 'wealthy protector', was commonly used in the 1650s
Egbert Named after a famous king from the era
Ephraim This biblical name was quite popular in the 17th century, making it suitable for a dog
Erasmus A Greek name meaning 'loved', it was a popular name in the 1650s and would suit a lovable dog
Eustace This was a common name among aristocrats in the 1650s
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Cultural Names

The 1650s was a period of rich cultural development in music, art, and fashion, these can be used as inspiration for dog names.
Name Description
Aristotle Named after the famous philosopher, reflecting the era's interest in philosophy
Bach This name reflects the musical influences of the period
Baroque This name represents the dominant art style of the era
Blake A nod to Admiral Robert Blake, a key figure in the British navy in the 1650s
Bunyan This name honors John Bunyan, author and preacher during the 1650s
Commonwealth This name reflects the English political history of the 1650s
Cromwell A nod to Oliver Cromwell, an influential figure of the 1650s
Galileo Named after the famous astronomer of the time
Habsburg This name represents the influential European dynasty of the era
Harvard This name represents Harvard University, which was founded before the 1650s and influenced American culture
Holmes This name pays homage to Obadiah Holmes, a significant figure in American religious history
Hooke This name honors Robert Hooke, a key figure in scientific exploration during the 1650s
Milton A tribute to John Milton, the English poet active in the 1650s
Moliere This name reflects the cultural influence of the French playwright
Newton This name pays tribute to Sir Isaac Newton, a key figure in scientific history
Pepys A tribute to Samuel Pepys, a famous English diarist of the 1650s
Puritan A nod to the religious group that was influential in the 1650s
Quaker This name reflects the emergence of the Quaker religious group during the 1650s
Rembrandt This name is a tribute to the Dutch painter, popular in the 1650s
Renaissance A name that reflects the cultural and artistic movement that preceded the 1650s
Shakespeare A tribute to the playwright whose work remained influential throughout the 1650s
Spinoza This name represents Baruch Spinoza, a philosopher who became known in the 1650s
Vermeer A nod to the Dutch painter Johannes Vermeer, active in the 1650s
Versailles This name represents the cultural significance of the French palace
Vivaldi A tribute to the Italian composer, though he was born later, his Baroque style was prevalent in the 1650s

Historical Event Names

Significant events took place during the 1650s, these can be used as the basis for unique dog names.
Name Description
Barebones Inspired by the Barebones Parliament of 1653
Blitz In reference to the 'Dutch Blitz', a significant conflict of the Anglo-Dutch war in the 1650s
Cavalier This name is a nod to the supporters of King Charles I during the English Civil War
Colonist A tribute to the brave colonists of the New World
Commonwealth The Commonwealth of England, a political period in the 1650s, is the inspiration for this name
Cromwell Named after Oliver Cromwell, who was an influential political figure in the 1650s
Digger Named after the Diggers, a group of Protestant radicals in England
Interregnum A tribute to the Interregnum, a period of time without a monarch in England
Laud Named after William Laud, a significant figure during the English Civil War
Leveller A tribute to the Levellers, a political movement during the English Civil War
Mayflower A tribute to the ship that brought the Pilgrims to America
Milton A tribute to John Milton, an influential poet of the 1650s
Monarchy A tribute to the monarchy, a central institution during the 1650s
Newmodel Inspired by the New Model Army, which played a crucial role in the English Civil War
Parliament The English Parliament was a significant player in this historical period
Pilgrim This name recalls the pilgrims and their journey to the New World
Plymouth Named after Plymouth Colony, established by the Pilgrims
Protectorate This era in the history of the British Isles influenced this name
Puritan The 1650s was a time when Puritanical beliefs were widespread, hence the name
Quaker Inspired by the emergence of the Quakers, a Christian group that gained prominence in the 1650s
Rebellion A reference to the various rebellions that occurred during this period
Regicide A nod to the regicide of King Charles I, a significant event in the 1650s
Restoration The period of Restoration, which followed the Commonwealth, inspired this name
Roundhead Named after the supporters of the Parliament of England during the English Civil War
Rump Named after the Rump Parliament, a significant political body during the English Civil War

Literary Names

The 1650s saw the publication of many notable literary works, the authors or characters of these works can be used as dog names.
Name Description
Aphra Named after Aphra Behn, one of the first English women to earn her living by her writing
Austen Inspired by Jane Austen, one of the most widely read writers in English literature
Behn After Aphra Behn, a prominent female playwright and novelist of the time
Blake After William Blake, a visionary poet and artist from the 17th century
Bunyan John Bunyan was a major literary figure in the 1650s
Byron Lord Byron, a British poet and a leading figure in the Romantic movement
Cavalier Influenced by the Cavalier poets of the 17th century
Chaucer Geoffrey Chaucer, the Father of English literature, lends his name
Crusoe Robinson Crusoe, a famous character created by Daniel Defoe, is the inspiration
Defoe Pays homage to Daniel Defoe, a prominent English writer from the 1650s
Donne Inspired by John Donne, an English poet and cleric from the 17th century
Dryden John Dryden, an influential English poet, literary critic, translator, and playwright
Homer The legendary author of the Iliad and the Odyssey
Marlowe Christopher Marlowe, a contemporary of Shakespeare's, lends his name
Milton John Milton, an influential poet of the 1650s, lends his name
Paradise A reference to John Milton's 'Paradise Lost', a seminal work of the 17th century
Pilgrim Inspired by 'The Pilgrim's Progress' by John Bunyan, a significant 17th century work
Poe Edgar Allan Poe, a writer known for his poetry and short stories
Puritan An homage to the Puritan movement, which heavily influenced literature of the 1650s
Quixote Derived from the protagonist of Miguel de Cervantes' 1605 novel 'Don Quixote'
Rochester A character from 'The Sot-Weed Factor', set in the 17th century
Shakespeare Named after the greatest writer in the English language, William Shakespeare
Spenser Edmund Spenser, an English poet from the 1600s, is the inspiration
Swift An homage to Jonathan Swift, author of Gulliver's Travels
Wilde After Oscar Wilde, a famous Irish poet and playwright

Geographical Names

Many geographical discoveries and settlements were made during the 1650s, these can be used as unique dog names.
Name Description
Athens Reference to the ancient Greek city, significant in the Enlightenment period of 1650s
Beijing Ancient Chinese city, an exotic choice for a dog name
Berlin City that was a hub of European culture and politics in the 1650s
Boston A major city in the 1650s, it remains a symbol of American history
Cairo Ancient Egyptian city, an exotic choice for a dog name
Delhi Historic Indian city, a fascinating choice for a dog name
Dublin Capital of Ireland, a city with a rich history dating back to the 1650s
Geneva Swiss city known for diplomatic and international significance in the 1650s
Hudson Inspired by the Hudson River, discovered in the early 1600s
Istanbul A city straddles Europe and Asia, known for its cultural richness in the 1650s
Jerusalem Ancient city with a rich history, significant in the 1650s
Lisbon Portuguese capital, known for its rich history dating back to the 1650s
London The city was a major hub during the 1650s
Madrid A nod to the Spanish capital, prominent in the 1650s
Manila Capital of the Philippines, a Spanish colony in the 1650s
Munich German city that was a significant cultural center in the 1650s
Normandy Inspired by the historic Duchy of Normandy, a significant region in the 1650s
Oslo Inspired by the Norwegian capital, significant even in the 1650s
Paris French capital, a vibrant cultural hub since the 17th century
Rome Named after the historic city that was a significant cultural center in the 1600s
Sydney Australian city, a nod to the British colonization era
Tokyo Japanese city that was a significant cultural center in the 1650s
Venice This Italian city's prominence in the 1650s makes it a fitting name
Vienna Pays tribute to the Austrian city, it was a major European center in the 1650s
York Named after the city of York in Northern England which was a significant place in the 1650s

Historical Figure Names

The 1650s were a significant period in history, many prominent figures rose to prominence during this time which can be used as inspiration for dog names.
Name Description
Blake Robert Blake, an important military leader in the 1650s, inspired this name
Boyle Named after Robert Boyle, a natural philosopher, chemist, physicist, and inventor
Bunyan Named after John Bunyan, an English writer and preacher
Cromwell Named after Oliver Cromwell, a key figure in English history during the 1650s
Descartes Named after the French philosopher René Descartes, who contributed significantly to 17th-century thought
Dryden In honor of John Dryden, an influential English poet, critic, and playwright
Galileo Namesake is Galileo Galilei, an Italian astronomer, physicist and engineer
Harvey In tribute to William Harvey, an English physician
Hobbes In tribute to Thomas Hobbes, an English philosopher
Hooke This name pays tribute to Robert Hooke, a prominent scientist in the 1650s
Huygens This name pays homage to Christiaan Huygens, a Dutch physicist, mathematician, astronomer, and inventor
Leibniz In tribute to Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz, a German philosopher, mathematician, and logician
Locke In honor of John Locke, an English philosopher
Louis In honor of Louis XIV, who began his personal reign in France in the 1650s
Marvell Andrew Marvell, an English poet and politician, is the source of this name
Milton An English poet, John Milton, who was active during the 1650s, is the namesake
Moliere In honor of Jean-Baptiste Poquelin, known by his stage name Molière, a playwright and actor from this era
Newton A nod to Sir Isaac Newton, a key figure in the scientific revolution
Pascal Blaise Pascal, a French mathematician and philosopher, provides the inspiration for this name
Pepys Samuel Pepys, a famous diarist of the time, is the inspiration for this name
Purcell Named after Henry Purcell, an English composer
Rembrandt A nod to the famous Dutch painter Rembrandt, who was at the height of his career in the 1650s
Spinoza In honor of Baruch Spinoza, a Dutch philosopher
Vane Named after Sir Henry Vane the Younger, an English statesman and author
Vermeer This name honors Johannes Vermeer, another renowned Dutch painter
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