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5-15-2024 Dog Names

Updated: May 15, 2024

Welcome to our page dedicated to unique dog names inspired by monumental events and iconic personalities born on the 15th of May. Embrace your love for history, music, and sports while naming your furry friend. Our selection of names draws inspiration from significant events in 1934 and 1930 that saw a remarkable shift in law enforcement and the aviation industry.

1934 marked a significant moment in the history of gangsters and law enforcement, as the Department of Justice offered a hefty reward of $25,000 for John Dillinger, a notorious gangster. This year serves as a reminder of the relentless pursuit of justice. On the other hand, 1930 witnessed a breakthrough for women in the aviation industry, as Ellen Church became the first airline stewardess, a role now termed as flight attendant. Her courage and determination paved the way for many women to follow, breaking the glass ceiling in the industry.

Our list of dog names also pays homage to some of the most admired personalities born on this day. Capturing the charisma of Dan Patrick, a well-known American sportscaster and actor, the vivacity of Trini Lopez, a successful singer and actor, and the artistic genius of Mike Oldfield, an accomplished English musician and composer. Each name tells a story, embodying the spirit of these remarkable individuals.

So, whether you're a sports enthusiast, a music lover, or a history buff, you're sure to find a name that resonates with you and your canine companion. Dive in and discover a name that's as special as your four-legged friend.

Name Reason to Choose
Actor In honor of James Mason's successful acting career
Aero This is a nod to the aviation industry that expanded with the start of regular airmail service
Alexandra Named directly after the actress herself
Atlas An homage to the Mercury-Atlas 9 mission that NASA launched in 1963
Aviator A tribute to the history of American aviation marked by the start of regular airmail service
Baseball A simple and direct tribute to Brian Dozier's profession
Baum Named directly after L. Frank Baum
Bell Taken from Mike Oldfield's iconic instrumental, Tubular Bells
Blackmun This name honours Judge Harry Blackmun, who was nominated to the Supreme Court in 1970 and later played a crucial role in Roe v. Wade
Bounty This name is a nod to the substantial reward offered by the Department of Justice in their hunt for John Dillinger
Breck A shortened form of Alexandra Breckenridge's surname
Brett Named directly after George Brett
Bridge Symbolizes the potential for connection and understanding despite political disagreements in 2018
Bronx Named after A Bronx Tale, one of Chazz Palminteri's notable films
Chazz Named directly after Chazz Palminteri
Chicago A testament to Daley's significant contribution to the development of the city of Chicago
Church Named after the surname of the first airline stewardess
Cipher Signifies the importance of strong encryption, highlighted by the 2017 global WannaCry ransomware attack
Citizen A nod to Joseph Cotten's film, Citizen Kane
Clinton Named after Bill Clinton, the president Madeleine Albright served under
Composer A tribute to Mike Oldfield's career as a renowned composer
Cooper This name pays tribute to Gordon Cooper, who was launched on Mercury-Atlas 9, the last mission in the Mercury program
Cotten Named directly after Joseph Cotten
Courage Pays tribute to the bravery and determination of those advocating for women's rights in Alabama in 2019
Cowboy A nod to Smith's career with the Dallas Cowboys in the NFL
Cresson A nod to the French premier who blazed a trail for women in politics
Daley Named directly after Richard J. Daley
David A simple tribute to the actor David Krumholtz
Dead A fun and slightly macabre reference to Alexandra Breckenridge's role in The Walking Dead
Defender Honours those who defended women's rights against restrictive laws such as the Alabama abortion ban in 2019
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Birthday: Joseph Cotten

Choosing a dog name inspired by Joseph Cotten is a great idea for movie buffs and vintage film enthusiasts. It's a nod to classic cinema and could serve as a conversation starter with fellow film lovers. Plus, names based on iconic actors like Cotten are often unique and memorable, just like your furry friend.
Name Description
Ambersons In honor of The Magnificent Ambersons, another Welles film Cotten starred in
Broadway Cotten had a successful stage career before moving to film
Chaplin Charlie Chaplin was a contemporary of Cotten's
Emmy Cotten was nominated for an Emmy for his television work
Gaslight Cotten starred in a theatre production of the classic play Gaslight
Golden Cotten was part of Hollywood's 'Golden Age'
Gotham Cotten worked extensively in radio, including on The Shadow, set in New York or 'Gotham'
Guest Cotten often appeared as a guest on popular television shows
Hitchcock Cotten worked with famed director Alfred Hitchcock
Holly The name of Cotten's character in The Third Man
Jedediah Reflecting Cotten's memorable role in Citizen Kane
Kane Cotten's performance in Citizen Kane is iconic
Lyceum Cotten began his acting career at the Lyceum Theatre
Mercury Cotten was part of the Mercury Theatre, founded by Orson Welles
Niagara Niagara is one of Cotten's most famous films
Orson A tribute to Orson Welles, a collaborator and friend to Cotten
Othello Cotten played Iago in Welles' stage production of Othello
Radcliffe Cotten's wife, Patricia Medina, co-starred with him in the film Duel at Apache Wells, directed by William Radcliffe
Shadow Referencing Shadow of a Doubt, one of Cotten's most acclaimed roles
Stagehand Cotten started his career in the theatre as a stagehand
Star Cotten was a star of both stage and screen
Trenchcoat Cotten often wore trench coats in his films
Vienna Cotten starred in The Third Man, set in Vienna
Virginia A nod to Cotten's birthplace, Petersburg, Virginia
Warrior Cotten served in the United States Army during World War II

Birthday: Emmitt Smith

Naming your dog after Emmitt Smith not only pays tribute to one of the greatest football players of all time, but also reflects qualities like strength, agility, and perseverance. Perfect for a dog that loves to run and play!
Name Description
AllStar Smith was selected for the Pro Bowl eight times
Astro Smith was a contestant on Dancing with the Stars, similar to Astro's dancing nature
Champion Smith won three Super Bowl championships with the Cowboys
Cowboy In honor of the team Emmitt Smith played for the majority of his career
Dallas Signifies the city where Smith spent the majority of his career
Emmitt Directly named after the football legend
Endzone Smith crossed the endzone many times during his career
Florida Smith is originally from Pensacola, Florida
Gator A tribute to Smith's college days at the University of Florida
Goalpost Symbolizes the touchdowns Smith scored
Gridder Another reference to football, the sport Smith played
Gridiron A general reference to the sport Smith excelled in
HallOfFame Signifies Emmitt Smith's induction into the Pro Football Hall of Fame
Heisman Smith was a Heisman Trophy candidate during his college career
Helmet A symbol of the sport Smith played
Legend Smith is considered a legend in professional football
Linebacker Representative of the position Smith played against
MVP Smith was the Most Valuable Player of Super Bowl XXVIII
Record In recognition of Smith's numerous NFL records
Rusher To honor Emmitt Smith's status as the NFL's all-time leading rusher
Smithy A playful twist on Emmitt's last name
Star Smith wore the iconic Dallas Cowboys star on his helmet
Superbowl Smith has won three Super Bowl titles
Touchdown A nod to Emmitt's record-setting career touchdowns
TwentyTwo Smith's jersey number during his career was 22

Birthday: Madeleine Albright

Choosing a name related to Madeleine Albright for your dog is a wonderful idea because it pays tribute to a remarkable woman who broke barriers and paved the way for many others. It's a name that represents strength, resilience, and intelligence - great qualities that you might want your dog to embody.
Name Description
Brooch Albright's signature accessory
Clinton The president under whom she served
Democracy A core value she has always championed
Diplomat Symbolizes her role as Secretary of State
Diversity An acknowledgment of her championing inclusivity and multiculturalism
Dove Reflects her promotion of peace and diplomacy
Empower Speaks to her efforts to empower women in leadership
Freedom Reflects her advocacy for human rights and freedom
Fulbright In honor of the scholarship she received, which led her to study in the United States
Georgetown The university where she taught international affairs
Hawk A reference to her firm stance on military intervention when necessary
Justice Embodies her commitment to fairness and equality
Legacy A tribute to the lasting impact she has left on American foreign policy
Madam An honorific often used for the first woman to hold a high office
NATO Short for North Atlantic Treaty Organization, which she strongly supported
Peace Symbolizes her work to promote peace and diplomacy
Pioneer Reflects her ground-breaking role as the first female Secretary of State
Policy A tribute to her influence on American foreign policy
Prague The city of her birth, a nod to her Czech roots
Resilience A testament to her perseverance through various challenges
Summit In honor of the many diplomatic summits she attended
Trailblazer A nod to her pioneering role in politics
UN Short for United Nations, where she served as U.S. Ambassador
Unity Symbolizes her belief in global cooperation and harmony
Wellesley Her alma mater, where she studied political science

Birthday: James Mason

Choosing a dog name inspired by James Mason is a great idea as it pays homage to a cinematic legend known for his distinctive voice and unforgettable performances. This choice of name would ensure your pet stands out, reflecting sophistication, elegance, and a touch of classic Hollywood charm, just like Mason himself.
Name Description
Baines From his role as Baines in the film 'The Fallen Idol'
Brutus He played Brutus in the 1953 film adaptation of 'Julius Caesar'
Cicero He starred as Cicero in the movie '5 Fingers'
Cordell A nod to his character, Cordell Hull, in 'The Verdict'
Dimitrios He played the title role in 'The Mask of Dimitrios'
Everest Mason played a mountaineer in the film 'The Mountain'
Fielding In honor of his character Fielding in 'Georgy Girl'
Gentleman A tribute to his role in 'The Wicked Lady' where he played a gentleman highwayman
Hitchcock In honor of Alfred Hitchcock, who directed James Mason in 'North by Northwest'
Jubal From his character in the movie 'Journey to the Center of the Earth'
Julius Reflects his role as Julius Caesar in the 1953 film 'Julius Caesar'
Kipling He portrayed Rudyard Kipling in the movie 'The Man Who Would Be King'
Lolita Inspired by one of his best known roles, Humbert Humbert in 'Lolita'
Manderley Named after the estate in 'Rebecca', a movie in which Mason starred
Narvik A nod to his role in 'The Heroes of Telemark'
Nemo Because of his iconic portrayal of Captain Nemo in '20,000 Leagues Under the Sea'
Norman Commemorates his namesake role in 'Norman's the Name'
Odell From his role as Odell in the movie 'The Reckless Moment'
Quasimodo He was the voice of Quasimodo in the film 'The Hunchback of Notre Dame'
Rommel A nod to his portrayal of Field Marshal Erwin Rommel in 'The Desert Fox'
Salem He starred in 'Salem's Lot'
Starrett Inspired by his character in the western film 'Heaven Can Wait'
Strang After his character in the film 'Bigger Than Life'
Tod From his character in 'The Boys from Brazil'
Trevelyan He played Sir Hugo Drax in the James Bond film 'Moonraker'

Birthday: David Krumholtz

Naming your dog after David Krumholtz is a fun and unique way to show your appreciation for his work as an actor. It's also a great conversation starter, as it's likely to be an unusual name for a dog. Plus, if you're a fan of his work, it can be a daily reminder of the movies or series that you enjoy.
Name Description
Addison Paying homage to his character Michael in the film 'Addison'
Bernard For the character he portrayed in the festive film 'The Santa Clause'
Bobby For his character in 'The Playboy Club' series
Chicago Named after the TV show 'Chicago Sons' where he had a main role
Eppes A tribute to the surname of his character in the TV series Numb3rs
Freaks Named after the show 'Freaks and Geeks' where he guest-starred
Gepetto Because of Krumholtz's voice role in the animated film 'Pinocchio'
Goldstein This references his role in the Harold and Kumar film series
Goliath For his role in the TV series 'Goliath'
Hanks A tribute to his co-star in the film 'The Polar Express'
Harold From his character in the 'Harold & Kumar' film series
Hathaway A tribute to his co-star in 'The Princess Diaries 2'
Kumar Another tribute to the 'Harold & Kumar' film series
Liberty Inspired by his role in the TV show 'Liberty Crossing'
Men For his role in the TV series 'Men at Work'
Numb3rs A nod to the TV series where David Krumholtz played a leading role
Raymond In honor of his guest appearance in 'Everybody Loves Raymond'
Rizzo Named after his character in the TV show 'The Good Wife'
Sausage Inspired by his role in the animated film 'Sausage Party'
Serendipity A nod to the 2001 film where he played a supporting role
Sidewalks In honor of his appearance in the film 'Sidewalks of New York'
Slums A reference to his movie 'Slums of Beverly Hills'
Superbad In reference to the 2007 film he appeared in
Therapist Inspired by his character as a therapist in the series 'Mom'
Thick In homage to his role in the TV show 'Thick of It'
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