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Updated: May 26, 2024

Welcome to an interesting collection of dog names inspired by the events and iconic personalities born on May 26. This page draws inspiration from a blend of historical events and notable birthdays, infusing a sense of positivity, resilience, and charm into the naming process of your furry friend.

Our selection of dog names commemorates two significant historical events that took place on this day. The first is the coronation of Nicholas II in 1896, the last Tsar of Russia, signifying the grandeur and nobility of the past. The second event is from 1940, marking the commencement of the evacuation of Allied soldiers from Dunkirk, France, during World War II - a testament to strength, bravery, and unity.

We also honor the birthdays of distinguished individuals born on this day. Masaharu Morimoto, the celebrated Japanese chef, renowned as an Iron Chef on the TV cooking show Iron Chef America, symbolizing creativity and excellence. Brent Musburger, the retired American sportscaster, who is known for his extensive work covering various sports broadcasts, represents passion and dedication. And Genie Francis, an American actress best known for her role as Laura Spencer on 'General Hospital', embodies charm and charisma.

So, as you explore this page, let the essence of these events and personalities inspire you in choosing a name for your dog that is not only unique but also carries a rich historical and cultural significance.

Name Reason to Choose
Drama This is a nod to the types of roles Elisabeth Harnois often plays
Duke 'The Duke' was a popular nickname for John Wayne
Dunkirk Named after the location of the remarkable evacuation during World War II
Emmy This name represents the type of award that Elisabeth Harnois might aspire to win
Entertainer Al Jolson was known as 'The World's Greatest Entertainer'
Evac Short for evacuation, this name honors the successful mission at Dunkirk
Fightclub A nod to Helena Bonham Carter's role in the film 'Fight Club'
Fleet Named after the band 'Fleetwood Mac' that Stevie Nicks was a part of
Fly Inspired by Lenny Kravitz's hit song 'Fly Away'
Forlani Named after Arnaldo Forlani, the Prime Minister who resigned
Fugee Named after the band Lauryn Hill was a part of
Gateway Ellis Island was known as the gateway for millions of immigrants
Genie Named after Genie Francis herself
Glam This name represents the glamorous lifestyle Scott Disick leads
Goldy Named after the first part of Bob Goldthwait's last name
Grammy Named after the prestigious award Lenny Kravitz has won multiple times
Gravity This is a reference to the physics background of Sally Ride
Grit Refers to the movie 'True Grit', which John Wayne starred in
Guard This name embodies the spirit of GDPR, which guards the personal data of individuals
Guardian Symbolizing the protective role of the committee against un-American activities
Gunsmoke Refers to the television series 'Gunsmoke', which James Arness starred in
Hammer Peter Cushing starred in many Hammer Film Productions movies
Hank A direct tribute to Hank Williams Jr
Harbor Named after the seaport in France where the Dunkirk evacuation took place
Helena Simply named after Helena Bonham Carter herself
Hilltop A playful twist on Lauryn Hill's last name
Hiro This name pays homage to the city of Hiroshima, where President Obama made a historic visit symbolizing peace and reconciliation
Hoops This is a reference to the basketball games that Brent Musburger reported on
Hope Hope was a key message conveyed by Obama's visit to Hiroshima, making it a fitting name for a dog
Horror Peter Cushing was a star in many horror films
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Birthday: Helena Bonham Carter

Choosing a name related to Helena Bonham Carter for your dog is a great idea. It not only shows your admiration for the talented actress, but also gives your dog a unique and elegant name. Just like Helena's performances, your dog will stand out and leave a lasting impression.
Name Description
Ape Inspired by 'Planet of the Apes', where she was a key character
Barbie A reference to her role in 'The Barbie Diaries'
Bellatrix Named after the character Bonham Carter played in the Harry Potter series
Bonham Named after her last name to honor her contribution to cinema
Burton A nod to Tim Burton, with whom she frequently collaborates
Carter Simply a salute to her surname
Cinderella She played the Fairy Godmother in the live-action adaptation
Corpse A nod to her role in 'Corpse Bride'
Enid Inspired by her character in 'Enid', a biographical TV film
Fighter An homage to her role in Fight Club
Fish Reflects her role in 'Big Fish', a movie she starred in
Hamlet Inspired by her role as Ophelia in 'Hamlet'
Helena A tribute to the actress herself
Howards She was a part of 'Howards End', a film she received an Academy Award nomination for
Les An homage to 'Les Misérables', in which she played Madame Thénardier
Lone In 'Lone Ranger', she played the character Red Harrington
Morgan She played Morgan Le Fay in 'Merlin'
Potter A tribute to the Harry Potter series, in which she starred
Queenie Bonham Carter portrayed the Red Queen in Alice in Wonderland
Room A tribute to her role in 'Room with a View'
Scissor Named after 'Charlie and the Chocolate Factory', where she played Mrs. Bucket and the film was directed by Tim Burton, known for 'Edward Scissorhands'
Suffragette Named after the movie she starred in, advocating for women's rights
Sweeney From 'Sweeney Todd', a film featuring Helena
Twins Inspired by the film 'Twins', where she played the role of Dr. Monet
Wallace Bonham Carter gave voice to Lady Tottington in 'Wallace & Gromit: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit'

Birthday: Peggy Lee

Choosing a dog name inspired by Peggy Lee not only pays homage to one of the most influential jazz and pop artists of the 20th century but also gives your pet a name with a classy, musical vibe. It's a great choice for music lovers and fans of Peggy Lee's timeless style and talent.
Name Description
Ballad Peggy Lee was known for her beautiful ballads
Benny In honor of Benny Goodman, with whom Peggy Lee worked
Bluesy Peggy Lee often incorporated elements of the blues
Capitol Peggy Lee recorded many albums with Capitol Records
Chanteuse A French term for a female singer, suited to Peggy Lee's style
Composer Peggy Lee was also known for her songwriting skills
Crescendo A nod to the musical term, reflecting the climax of many of Peggy Lee's songs
Crooner A nod to Peggy Lee's smooth singing style
Encore Peggy Lee's performances were always worthy of an encore
Fever This was one of Peggy Lee's most popular songs
Grammy Peggy Lee was a Grammy-award winning artist
Harmony A nod to the harmonious music of Peggy Lee
Heiress Peggy Lee was a pioneer and a leading lady in her field
Jazzie This name pays homage to Peggy Lee's genre of music, jazz
Lyric Peggy Lee was a skilled lyricist
Maestro Reflects Peggy Lee's talent as a composer
Melody A tribute to Peggy Lee's melodic tunes
PeggyPup A playful reference to Peggy Lee's first name
Rhapsody In reference to the rhapsodic, emotional quality of Peggy Lee's music
Siren An acknowledgment of Peggy Lee's siren-like voice
Starlet A nod to Peggy Lee's status as a Hollywood actress
Sultry Peggy Lee was known for her sultry voice
Swing Swing was a popular style during Peggy Lee's era
Treble Reference to the musical range of Peggy Lee's voice
Vocal A tribute to Peggy Lee's powerful vocal talent

Birthday: Lenny Kravitz

Choosing a name related to Lenny Kravitz for your dog is a wonderful idea, especially for music lovers. It not only pays homage to one of the most talented and versatile artists of his generation, but also gives your pet a cool, unique name that stands out. Plus, who wouldn't want their dog to have a bit of that rock 'n' roll spirit?
Name Description
American A nod to Lenny Kravitz's album, 'American Woman'
Baptism Named after Kravitz's album, 'Baptism'
Believer Inspired by Kravitz's song, 'Believe'
Cinna From Lenny Kravitz's character in The Hunger Games series
Destiny A nod to Lenny Kravitz's song, 'Destiny'
Dreadlock Reminiscent of Lenny Kravitz's iconic hairstyle
Drifter Named after Kravitz's song, 'The Drifter'
Eleutheria From Kravitz's album, 'Are You Gonna Go My Way', which includes a song titled 'Eleutheria'
Flower A nod to Lenny Kravitz's song, 'Flower Child'
Flyaway Named after Kravitz's hit song, 'Fly Away'
Freedom For Lenny Kravitz's song, 'Freedom Train'
Funk Symbolizes Kravitz's incorporation of funk elements into his music
Gemini In honor of Lenny Kravitz's zodiac sign
Grammy Honors the multiple Grammy Awards Lenny Kravitz has won
Guitar A tribute to Lenny Kravitz's mastery of the instrument
Justice Reflects Kravitz's advocacy for social justice issues
Lenny Named after the singer himself
Retro For the singer's love for retro style in his music and fashion
Revolver Inspired by 'Mr. Cab Driver', a song by Lenny Kravitz
Rockstar Reflects Kravitz's status as a rock music icon
Romeo Named after Kravitz's song, 'Is There Any Love In Your Heart', where he refers to himself as Romeo
Roses Inspired by 'Roses & Thorns', a song by Lenny Kravitz
Soul Symbolizes Kravitz's deep soulful voice
Strut Named after Kravitz's album, 'Strut'
Zephyr Inspired by Lenny Kravitz's album, 'Black and White America', which includes a song titled 'Zephyr'

Birthday: Brent Musburger

Choosing a name related to Brent Musburger for your dog is a great idea especially for sports and broadcast enthusiasts. It reflects your passion and admiration for one of the greatest sportscasters in history and would surely be a unique and conversation-starting choice. Moreover, it pays homage to the legendary Brent Musburger, adding a personal touch to your pet's identity.
Name Description
Buzzer Reminiscent of buzzer-beating moments in basketball games that Musburger had the pleasure of calling
Commentary Representative of Musburger's role in providing analysis and insight during games
Dugout Representing the baseball field, an important part of Musburger's broadcasting career
Endzone Named after the scoring area in football, a sport Musburger often reported on
Fastball Representing Musburger's coverage of MLB games and their iconic pitches
FreeThrow A reference to the basketball games that Musburger has covered
Fumble A reference to the unpredictable moments in football games that Musburger has reported
Goalpost A nod to the countless football games Musburger had the pleasure of calling
Gridiron A reference to the football field, a place Musburger has spent much time discussing
Halftime Named after the mid-game break in sports, a period that Musburger often provided analysis
Heisman Named after the trophy given to the best player in college football, a sport Musburger frequently broadcasted
Homerun In honor of the thrilling baseball games Musburger has narrated
Hoops A tribute to the basketball games Musburger has covered
Huddle Symbolic of the team discussions in football that Musburger often referenced during his commentary
Inning A term from baseball, one of the many sports Musburger covered
MVP For the best players in the sports Musburger has covered
Nascar Named after the car racing series Musburger reported on
Overtime In honor of the intense extended periods in sports that Musburger has commentated on
Pitcher In honor of the baseball games Musburger presented
Pitstop Reminiscent of the NASCAR races Musburger covered
Playoff A tribute to the many high-stakes games Musburger has reported on
SlamDunk A symbol of the highlights of basketball games Musburger has covered
Sportscaster This name honors Musburger's long and celebrated career in sports broadcasting
ThreePointer A nod to the thrilling basketball games Musburger has described
Touchdown A nod to Musburger's coverage of many memorable football games

Birthday: Jay Silverheels

Naming your dog after Jay Silverheels is a great way to honor this iconic actor and athlete. It not only shows your appreciation for his contributions to film and sports, but also adds a unique, historical touch to your dog's identity. The names associated with Jay Silverheels, like Tonto or Ranger, are strong and memorable, just like your dog.
Name Description
Hawk A symbol of the Mohawk tribe, from which Silverheels hailed
Hiyo From the Lone Ranger's famous call, 'Hi-Yo, Silver!'
Iroquois After the Iroquois Confederacy, of which the Mohawk tribe is a part
Jay After Silverheels' first name
Kemosabe The term of endearment used by Tonto for the Lone Ranger
LaCrosse Honoring Silverheels' athletic past, as he was once a professional lacrosse player
Mask Representing the iconic masked character Silverheels played alongside
Mohawk To honor Silverheels' heritage
Nendawen A Mohawk word meaning 'the Hunter', mirroring Silverheels' on-screen persona
Ontario The province in Canada where Silverheels was born
Orenda A spiritual force among the Iroquoian tribes, including the Mohawk
Ranger A nod to the famous TV series featuring Silverheels
Rodeo In tribute to Silverheels' early career as a stuntman and athlete
Sachem A title for a leader in the Mohawk tribe
Scout The name of Tonto's horse in the series
Silver Derived from the actor's surname
Silverheels In tribute to the actor's full surname
SixNations In recognition of Silverheels' origins from the Six Nations reserve in Canada
Starlight To represent Silverheels' status as a TV star
Thunder Representing the powerful presence Silverheels had on screen
Tonto Given in honor of Jay Silverheels' iconic role in 'The Lone Ranger'
Totem A symbol of Silverheels' indigenous roots
Trail Representing the wild west trails Silverheels' character would traverse
Warrior A tribute to the brave characters Silverheels often portrayed
West Symbolizing the western genre Silverheels was known for
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