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5-27-2024 Dog Names

Updated: May 27, 2024

Welcome to a unique page dedicated to dog names inspired by remarkable events and influential figures sharing the date of May 27. This special collection of names celebrates the spirit of innovation, determination, creativity, and justice, drawing inspiration from key events and birthdays associated with this date.

We take inspiration from the groundbreaking 2012 event when SpaceX, a pioneer in aerospace manufacturing and space transport, successfully returned its Dragon spacecraft from the International Space Station to Earth. This was a landmark event in space exploration, demonstrating the potential of private space travel. In the same vein, we also acknowledge the Golden State Warriors' triumphant advance to their fourth consecutive NBA Finals in 2018, epitomizing teamwork, resilience, and the pursuit of excellence.

Furthermore, we pay tribute to noteworthy individuals born on this day. Dashiell Hammett, a renowned American author known for his riveting detective novels and short stories, whose spirit of mystery and intrigue can be a perfect fit for your adventurous pup. Julia Ward Howe, a distinguished American abolitionist, social activist, and poet, may lend her name to a dog with a noble and spirited nature. And Harlan Fiske Stone, an esteemed American lawyer and jurist, and a beacon of justice and law, whose legacy could inspire a name for a dog with a stern yet fair demeanor.

So dive in, explore, and choose a name that not only appeals to you but also carries a story of triumph, innovation, creativity, or justice. Let these dog names, inspired by the greats and the events of May 27, resonate with the unique personality and spirit of your beloved canine companion.

Name Reason to Choose
Abolition Named after the cause Julia Ward Howe passionately advocated for
Academy A classy name for a dog, in honor of Gossett's Academy Award
Advisor In honor of Henry Kissinger's role as National Security Advisor
Advocate Reflects Amelia's role as an advocate for women's rights
Amelia Named after Amelia Bloomer herself
America A patriotic name for a dog, inspired by Lee Meriwether's Miss America title
Andre Named after Andre 3000 himself
Astronaut This name celebrates the brave astronauts who flew in the Space Shuttle Endeavour, which landed for the last time in 2011
Bang A playful twist on Bangs' surname
BigBoi The other half of OutKast, a tribute to Andre's musical partner
Bill Named after the folk hero himself, Wild Bill Hickok
Bloomer Taken directly from Amelia's surname, Bloomer
Caine An homage to Herman Wouk's novel 'The Caine Mutiny'
Champion A suitable moniker for a pet belonging to a fan of the Warriors, who dominated the NBA Finals in 2018
Chief A reference to Stone's role as the 12th Chief Justice of the United States
Chrysler Named after the Chrysler Building, once the tallest man-made structure, symbolizing strength and grandeur
Colfer Named after Chris Colfer himself
Comedian In honor of Adam's career as a comedian
Comedy A tribute to Peri Gilpin's comedic acting skills
Commodore This is a nickname of Cornelius Vanderbilt, symbolizing his success in the shipping industry
Cornel Shortened version of Cornelius, keeping the spirit of Vanderbilt's first name
Cosmos This name symbolizes the vastness of the universe explored by the Space Shuttle Endeavour, which completed its final journey in 2011
Courage For a dog that shows resilience in the face of adversity, inspired by Christopher Reeve's story in 1995
Court A reminder of Harlan Fiske Stone's association with the U.S. Supreme Court
Creator A tribute to the imaginative force behind every patent, like the 6,000,000th one issued in 2006
Dashiell This name comes directly from Dashiell Hammett's first name
Detective Tony Hillerman was famous for his detective novels, making this a perfect choice for a dog with a keen nose
Diplomat A nod to Henry Kissinger's role as an American diplomat
Dove This name symbolizes peace, echoing Barack Obama's visit to Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park in 2016
Doyle In honor of Peri's iconic character Roz Doyle
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Birthday: Harlan Ellison

Choosing a dog name inspired by Harlan Ellison is a great idea for fans of speculative fiction and the New Wave. It pays tribute to Ellison's influential work and combative personality, which can be fun if your dog has a feisty or unique character. Also, it's a great conversation starter among literature and science fiction enthusiasts.
Name Description
ABoy Inspired by Ellison's short story, 'A Boy and His Dog'
Azazel A nod to Ellison's fantasy creature character
Berserker A tribute to Ellison's 'Berserker' series
Combative A nod to Ellison's combative personality
Cordwainer In honor of Ellison's pseudonym, Cordwainer Bird
Dangerous In honor of Ellison's controversial anthology, 'Dangerous Visions'
Dreamer A nod to Ellison's imaginative storytelling
Dystopia In reference to the dystopian themes in Ellison's work
Ellison It's a tribute to the surname of the famous writer
Glass A reference to another of Ellison's notable works, 'Shatterday'
Harlan The writer's first name itself, representing his unique personality
Harlequin In reference to Ellison's story 'Repent, Harlequin! Said the Ticktockman'
Hugo In honor of the Hugo Awards that Ellison won
Icarus In reference to Ellison's novel 'Phoenix Without Ashes', a story of Icarus
Innovator A nod to Ellison's innovative writing style and ideas
Jirel A tribute to Ellison's character Jirel of Joiry
Nebula A tribute to the Nebula Award, which Ellison won multiple times
NewWave A tribute to the New Wave speculative fiction genre that Ellison contributed to
NoMouth A tribute to one of Ellison's most famous works, 'I Have No Mouth, and I Must Scream'
Outspoken Named after one of Ellison's well-known traits, his outspokenness
Speculative Ellison was known for his work in speculative fiction
Starlost A nod to Ellison's science fiction TV series, 'The Starlost'
Ticktockman Tribute to the character from 'Repent, Harlequin! Said the Ticktockman'
Visionary A nod to Ellison's visionary approach to writing
Webmind Inspired by the AI entity in Ellison's 'I Have No Mouth, and I Must Scream'

Birthday: Julia Ward Howe

Choosing a dog name inspired by Julia Ward Howe is a great idea as it pays tribute to a significant figure in American history. This can also serve as a constant reminder of the values she stood for, such as abolitionism, social activism, and poetry. It's a unique and meaningful way to remember and honor her contributions to society.
Name Description
Abolitionist This name pays homage to Julia's relentless fight for the abolition of slavery
Activist Her fight for social justice and her activism is celebrated with this name
Ballad In reference to the type of songs Julia wrote
Battle A reference to the impactful song she wrote during the civil war
Equality A value Julia held dearly and fought for
Freedom Embodying the cause Julia dedicated her life to
Harmony Symbolic of the unity and peace Julia sought in her activism
Honor This name celebrates Julia's honorable and dedicated spirit
Howe The family name of Julia
Hymn Julia Ward Howe is famously known for her contribution of 'The Battle Hymn of the Republic'
Julia The first name of this influential woman
Justice Julia's work was heavily centered around justice
Liberty Represents the freedom Julia fought for
Lyric Represents Julia's contribution to American literature and song
May In honor of the month Julia was born
Melody A tribute to her contributions to American music
Patriot Her 'Battle Hymn of the Republic' became a patriotic anthem
Poet Julia's talent for poetry was unparalleled, this name is an ode to that
Quill Symbolic of Julia's talent as a writer
Republic This is a reference to the song Julia penned, 'The Battle Hymn of the Republic'
Sonnet Inspired by the poetic form Julia often used
Union Her 'Battle Hymn' was a rallying cry for the Union during the Civil War
Verse A nod to Julia's poetic compositions
Victory In reference to the victory Julia hoped for in her fight against slavery
Ward A tribute to Julia's middle name

Birthday: Cornelius Vanderbilt

Naming your dog after Cornelius Vanderbilt can be a great idea especially if you have a love for history, business, philanthropy, or railroads and shipping. It not only gives a unique and classy touch to your dog's identity, but also pays tribute to one of the most influential figures in American history.
Name Description
Baron Vanderbilt was known as a business or railroad baron
Capital An acknowledgment of Vanderbilt's influence in American capitalism
Commodore Vanderbilt's nickname, derived from his shipping business
Cornelius The name of the man of honor himself
Empire An indication of the vast wealth and business ventures Vanderbilt controlled
Enterprise A synonym for the many business ventures Vanderbilt undertook
Express An acknowledgement of his railroad, the New York Central Railroad
Gilded A reference to the Gilded Age, a time during which Vanderbilt amassed his wealth
Grand A tribute to the Grand Central Terminal, one of Vanderbilt's most famous creations
Legacy A tribute to the enduring legacy of Vanderbilt's businesses
Line A nod to the many rail lines Vanderbilt owned
Locomotive A nod to the steam-powered trains that made Vanderbilt wealthy
Magnate A recognition of Vanderbilt's status in business
Monopoly A reference to Vanderbilt's domination of the railroad and shipping industries
Ninety Vanderbilt's age at the time of his death, a testament to his longevity
Philanthro A tribute to Vanderbilt's charitable endeavors
Philanthropy A tribute to Vanderbilt's generosity and charitable works
Railroader An homage to Vanderbilt's success in the railroad industry
Shipmaster A tribute to his achievements in the shipping industry
Staten A reference to Vanderbilt's birthplace, Staten Island, New York
Steamboat A nod to the mode of transport that began Vanderbilt's empire
Terminal A reference to the famous Grand Central Terminal
Tycoon A synonym for a business magnate like Vanderbilt
Vander A nod to the surname of the celebrated business magnate
Wealth A nod to the vast fortune Vanderbilt accumulated

Birthday: Neil Finn

Naming your dog after Neil Finn is a great idea for music lovers, especially those who appreciate his work with Fleetwood Mac. Not only will it reflect your taste in music, but also make for a unique and interesting name for your pet. It's a way of celebrating and honoring the talent of this amazing New Zealand singer-songwriter.
Name Description
Beat For the steady beat that drives Neil's music
Chisel Neil's brother Tim Finn was part of the band Cold Chisel
Chord A nod to Neil's skill with a guitar and his complex chord progressions
Crowded For Neil's band, Crowded House
Dream Inspired by Neil's song 'Don't Dream It's Over'
Enz Another reference to Split Enz, Neil's first band
Finn Simply a tribute to Neil's last name
Fleetwood Honoring the band Fleetwood Mac, which Neil Finn is a member of
Guitar For Neil's primary instrument, the guitar
Harmony A reference to the harmonious sound of Neil's music
Kiwi Neil Finn is a proud New Zealander, often referred to as a Kiwi
Lyric For Neil's poetic and thought-provoking lyrics
Mac In honor of Fleetwood Mac, Neil's current band
Melbourne To honor Melbourne, where Neil's band Crowded House was formed
Melody To honor Neil's gift for creating memorable melodies
Musician Honoring Neil's lifelong career as a musician
Neil Honoring Neil Finn himself
One For Neil's solo album, 'One Nil'
Rhythm For the compelling rhythms in Neil's songs
Songwriter A nod to Neil's profession as a songwriter
Split A nod to Neil's first band, Split Enz
Tim Named after Neil's brother and bandmate, Tim Finn
Tune In recognition of Neil's knack for writing catchy tunes
Weather For Neil's album 'Weather With You'
Zealand Paying tribute to Neil's home country, New Zealand

Birthday: Tony Hillerman

Choosing a name related to Tony Hillerman for your dog not only honors the acclaimed author but also gives your pet a unique name that carries mystery, intrigue, and a touch of Native American culture, similar to Hillerman's iconic Navajo Tribal Police mystery novels. The names can also serve as great conversation starters for fellow book lovers and mystery genre enthusiasts.
Name Description
Anasazi Named after the ancient Native American culture that Hillerman often wrote about
Award Acknowledging the many awards Hillerman received for his work
Chee It's the surname of the protagonist, Jim Chee, in many of Hillerman's novels
Cliff Inspired by the often dramatic and cliff-hanging endings in Hillerman's novels
Coyote A common animal in the Southwest, often mentioned in Hillerman's books
Detective A tribute to the main characters in Hillerman's books, all of whom are detectives
Dinetah The traditional homeland of the Navajo people, often depicted in Hillerman's works
Hillerman Named after the author himself, Tony Hillerman
Hogan A traditional Navajo dwelling that features in many of Hillerman's books
Kachina Named after spiritual beings central to Hopi and Pueblo culture, and mentioned in many Hillerman novels
Leaphorn Honoring Joe Leaphorn, a character in many of Hillerman's novels
Manuelito Named after a female officer, Bernadette Manuelito, in Hillerman's novels
Mystery It's a nod to the detective genre Hillerman excelled in
Navajo This name pays tribute to the Navajo Tribal Police mysteries Tony Hillerman is best known for
Novelist An homage to Hillerman's profession
Pueblo Acknowledging the Pueblo people who also feature in his books
Scribe An old term for writer, honoring Hillerman's work
Shaman A spiritual figure in many of Hillerman's novels
Skeptic A nod to the often skeptical view of modernity in Hillerman's works
Storyteller Recognizing Hillerman's skill in crafting engaging narratives
Thief From 'The Wailing Wind,' where Officer Bernadette Manuelito investigates a case involving a thief
Tony This name honors the author on a first name basis
Writer An homage to Hillerman's lifelong profession
Yazzie A common Navajo surname, used in several of Hillerman's books
Zuni A nod to the Zuni tribe which is also depicted in Hillerman's works
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