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5-28-2024 Dog Names

Updated: May 28, 2024

Welcome to our special page celebrating the dog names inspired by influential figures and notable events of May 28th! This page is a tribute to the positive and transformative events that took place on this day, as well as to the luminaries who were born on this date.

May 28th is marked by significant events in the world of sports and entertainment. On this day in 1957, the National League made a groundbreaking decision that would forever change the face of baseball. They approved the move of the Brooklyn Dodgers and the New York Giants to the west coast, a pivotal moment in sports history that we celebrate. Fast forward to 2018, 'Solo: A Star Wars Story' directed by Ron Howard and starring Alden Ehrenreich and Donald Glover premiered in Los Angeles. This day holds a special place in the hearts of Star Wars fans worldwide, and we pay homage to this through our unique selection of dog names.

Our page also celebrates the birthdays of three exceptional individuals. Born in 1944, Gladys Knight, the 'Empress of Soul', is a celebrated American singer, songwriter, and actress who has graced the music industry with her talent. Another inspiring personality born on this day is Patch Adams, an American physician and comedian who revolutionized healthcare with his holistic approach. And lastly, we remember Cameron Boyce, a beloved American actor known for his roles in Disney's 'Jessie' and 'Gamer's Guide to Pretty Much Everything'. The influence and charisma of these individuals serve as inspiration for our unique array of dog names.

So, dive in and explore our handpicked selection of dog names, each one carrying a story of triumph, change, and inspiration. Who knows, you might just find the perfect name for your furry companion!

Name Reason to Choose
Able For a dog who is quick and agile, named after one of the first primates to travel to space
Activist This would be a fitting name for a dog with a strong, spirited personality, much like Patch Adams
Actor If your dog is a bit of a drama queen, this Jake Johnson-inspired name could be a match
Alden Named after Alden Ehrenreich, who played Han Solo
Amnesty For a dog who brings peace and love to a household, reminiscent of Amnesty International's human rights work
Arkansas After the state where the incident of Whitewater land deal happened
Assembly The Constituent Assembly of Nepal was responsible for the significant change
Aussie A tribute to Kylie Minogue's Australian roots
Baker For a dog who loves exploring new heights, named after one of the first primates in space
Beautiful Another name inspired by Maeve Quinlan's role, perfect for a truly beautiful dog
Bold Inspired by Maeve Quinlan's role in 'The Bold and the Beautiful'
Bond This name is directly inspired by the iconic character James Bond, created by Ian Fleming
Boston In memory of the city where the first black regiment departed for the Civil War
Bradford Named after Jesse Bradford, reflecting the dog's potential for star power
Bravo Named after the network that airs Meghan's show, this would be a great name for a dog who loves the spotlight
Bridge Inspired by the Golden Gate Bridge, a symbol of endurance and resilience, perfect for a steadfast dog
Brooklyn For a city-loving dog, named after the Brooklyn Dodgers
Caged A nod to Angelou's most famous work, 'I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings', symbolizing freedom and expression
Cameron The name Cameron is a direct tribute to Cameron Boyce
Castle In honor of Alexa Davalos' role in 'The Man in the High Castle', ideal for a dignified dog
Choctaw Named after one of the tribes most affected by the Indian Removal Act
Choice A symbol of the pro-choice movement that Netflix supported
Cinema Celebrates the evolution of film marked by the first all-color talking picture
Citizen Named for the Dionne quintuplets who later became American citizens
Clean A symbol of the corruption-free organization that FIFA aspires to be
Clearwater This name is inspired by John Fogerty's band's name
Club A tribute to the Sierra Club's formation
Coaster For a dog who loves a good adventure, inspired by the Dodgers' and Giants' move to the west coast
Colbie Naming your dog Colbie would be a direct tribute to Colbie Caillat
Color In celebration of the first all-color talking picture
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Birthday: Colbie Caillat

Naming your dog after Colbie Caillat is a great idea for fans of her soulful and soothing music. It could be a constant reminder of her uplifting songs and positive energy that she brings into the world. Moreover, it's a unique and fun way to show your admiration for this talented artist.
Name Description
Acoustic Celebrating her love for acoustic music
Billboard Named in honor of her multiple Billboard chart appearances
Breakthrough Named after her second album which was a commercial success
Bubbly This name was inspired by her hit song, 'Bubbly'
California Honoring her home state
Capo A reference to the guitar capo she often uses in her songs
Chorus Chorus is a tribute to her catchy choruses
Coco This is a playful nod to her nickname
Fender Named after her beloved Fender guitars
Folk A nod to her folk-pop musical style
Goldmine A nod to her song 'Goldmine'
Grammy Honoring her Grammy award nomination
Gypsy A tribute to her album 'Gypsy Heart'
Harmony This name emphasizes her harmonious music
Lyric Honoring her talent as a songwriter
Malibu Named after the city where she was born
Melody A tribute to her melodic songwriting
Music A clear nod to her profession
Myspace Acknowledging the platform where she gained initial fame
Platinum Acknowledging her platinum-certified albums
Singer Paying tribute to her talent as a singer
Studio A homage to the countless hours she spends in the recording studio
Sunset Referencing 'Realize', a song that talks about watching the sunset
Tiki Tiki is a nod to her Hawaiian roots
Vocal A reference to her strong vocal abilities

Birthday: Ian Fleming

Choosing a dog name from Ian Fleming's works, especially his James Bond series, would not only showcase your love for his thrilling and iconic stories, but it would also imbue your pet with a sense of charm, sophistication, and adventure. It's a fun and unique way to pay tribute to one of the greatest writers in spy fiction.
Name Description
Aston This name references the Aston Martin, a car often driven by Bond
Bond After the iconic character James Bond, which Ian Fleming created
Casino A nod to the first Bond novel, Casino Royale
Drax After Hugo Drax, a villain in Moonraker
Fleming Named in direct honor of Ian Fleming
Frome After the town in Jamaica where Fleming's estate, Goldeneye, is located
Galaxy This name references Fleming's fascination with space, evident in his Bond novels
GoldenEye Named after Ian Fleming's Jamaica estate where he wrote the Bond novels
Goldfinger Named after Auric Goldfinger, a Bond villain
Largo After Emilio Largo, a Bond villain
Moneypenny In honor of Miss Moneypenny, a character from the Bond series
Moonraker This name is from one of Fleming's Bond novels
Octopussy A title from one of Fleming's Bond stories
Ornithologist Ian Fleming was a keen bird watcher, hence this name
Quantum An ode to 'Quantum of Solace', a Bond story
Scaramanga After Francisco Scaramanga, a Bond villain
Seafire Named after the last Bond novel that Fleming ever wrote
Skyfall A title from one of the Bond films
Smersh After the Russian counter-intelligence agency in Bond novels
Solace Named after the Bond story, 'Quantum of Solace'
Spectre Named after the fictional terrorist organization in the Bond series
Spy Ian Fleming was known for his spy novels, hence the name
Thunderball Named after another one of Fleming's Bond novels
Tiffany In honor of Tiffany Case, a Bond girl
Vesper In honor of Vesper Lynd, a Bond girl

Birthday: Jerry West

Choosing a name related to Jerry West for your dog is a great way to honor and commemorate the legacy of one of basketball's greatest icons. If you're a basketball fan, it's a unique way to showcase your love for the game and its history. It also provides a fun and interesting conversation starter with other NBA fans who may recognize the name's significance.
Name Description
Champion In recognition of West's 1972 NBA Championship win
Clutch In recognition of West's clutch shooting ability
Courage In recognition of West's determination and courage on the court
Dream A nod to his selection to the 50th Anniversary All-Time Team
Executive To honor his post-playing career as an NBA executive
Gold To honor the Lakers' team colors, gold and purple
Guard This commemorates West's position on the court
Hall A tribute to West's induction into the Basketball Hall of Fame
Jerry A simple homage to the basketball legend himself
JerryWest To pay homage to the NBA legend himself
Laker As a tribute to the team Jerry West devoted his entire professional career to
Legend In recognition of West's legendary status in the NBA
Logo A nod to West's silhouette being the NBA logo
Loyal Honoring West's loyalty to the Lakers throughout his professional career
Mister A reference to West's nickname, 'Mr. Clutch'
Mountaineer A nod to West's college basketball career at West Virginia University
Shot To honor West's shooting abilities
Silhouette Jerry West's silhouette is famously used in the NBA logo
Star Representing West's numerous appearances in the NBA All-Star game
Thirteen The number of times West was selected for the NBA All-Star team
ThirtyTwo To commemorate his retired Lakers jersey number
Victory To honor West's successful career
Virtue A reference to West Virginia, where Jerry West was born and raised
Westie A playful pun on Jerry's last name
Zeke West's nickname during his playing career

Birthday: Alicia Sixtos

Choosing a name related to Alicia Sixtos for your dog is a unique way to honor this talented actress. Just like Sixtos, who is known for her strong and charismatic roles, your dog might also possess a strong personality and charisma that deserves a name inspired by her.
Name Description
Alicia In honor of the actress herself
Blockbuster To symbolize her aspiration to star in blockbuster movies
Cali Representing her birthplace, California
Cinematic Commemorating her contributions to the film industry
Drama For her love for dramatic roles
EastLos Named after the series she starred in
Emmy Named after the prestigious award she aspires to win
Festival For her participation in film festivals
Hollywood Celebrating her career in the entertainment industry
Indie Acknowledging her work in independent cinema
King A tribute to the King of the Avenue, a film she acted in
Marvel Honoring her part in the Marvel One-Shots
Maya This is a tribute to her character in East Los High
Ocho Representing her birth year (1988)
Passion Celebrating her passion for acting
Premiere Representing her appearances on red carpets
Prom A nod to her work in Prom Night
Quince Referring to her role in Quinceañera
Role Celebrating her many roles in acting
Screen Signifying her presence on the big screen
Silverscreen Paying tribute to her career in the movies
Spotlight Symbolizing her time in the spotlight as an actress
Starlet Honoring her status as a young actress
Sundance To commemorate her film 'Quinceañera' winning at the Sundance Film Festival
Talent Honoring her undeniable talent

Birthday: Patch Adams

Naming your dog after Patch Adams is a great idea because it honours a person who was a symbol of compassion, humour, and dedication. Just like Patch Adams, your dog can bring joy and healing to your life. It's a perfect name for a dog that has a loving and playful personality.
Name Description
Activist This name recognizes Adams' contributions as a social activist
Author This name honors Adams' work as a writer
Care This name is a tribute to Adams' dedication to patient care
Change This name celebrates Adams' transformative impact on healthcare
Clown This acknowledges Adams' unique approach to medicine
Comedy This name acknowledges Adams' background as a comedian
Compassion This name honors Adams' dedication to kindness and empathy in healthcare
Gesundheit In homage to the institute founded by Patch Adams, known for its holistic healthcare
Giggles A playful nod to Adams' comedic background
Healer A nod to Adams' profession as a physician
Hilarity This name celebrates Patch Adams' comedic side
Holistic This name represents the type of care Adams advocates for
Humanity This name symbolizes Adams' commitment to prioritizing patients' humanity
Humor A nod to Adams' belief in the healing power of laughter
Jester To commemorate Adams' love for laughter and joy
Joy This name embodies Adams' philosophy that happiness can be medicinal
Laughs For Adams' belief in laughter as a form of medicine
Medic This straightforward name pays tribute to Adams' profession
Mirth For Adams' belief in the healing power of joy
Noble This name honors Adams' selfless work in the healthcare field
Patch Direct tribute to the man of the hour
Reformer This name honors Adams' work in changing the healthcare system
Revolution This name acknowledges Adams' groundbreaking approach to healthcare
Smiles A tribute to Adams' mission to bring joy to his patients
Wellness This name represents Adams' holistic approach to health and wellbeing
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