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6-10-2024 Dog Names

Updated: June 10, 2024

Welcome to a page dedicated to dog names that are inspired by notable events and birthdays that occurred on the 10th of June. We have curated a selection of names that not only resonate with pet owners who are history buffs, but also those who appreciate the achievements of individuals who have left an indelible mark on society.

Our selection reflects the spirit of resilience and determination. For instance, the founding of Alcoholics Anonymous in Akron, Ohio in 1935 by Dr. Robert Smith, who famously took his last drink on this day, is a testament to the power of will and the desire for change. Similarly, the series of names inspired by the first graduation class of the United States Naval Academy in 1854, represents strength, discipline, and dedication.

Our list also pays homage to the stars of the silver screen born on this day. Names inspired by Gina Gershon, an American actress known for her versatile roles in films and television, Judy Garland, an iconic actress, singer and dancer of classic Hollywood cinema, and Elizabeth Hurley, a British actress and model known for her roles in Hollywood movies and TV series, are sure to evoke the glamour and charm of the entertainment world.

So if you're looking for a unique name for your canine companion that carries historical significance or a touch of Hollywood magic, you've come to the right place. Each name on this page has a story to tell, making it more than just a moniker for your pet, but a conversation starter as well.

Name Reason to Choose
Acerbic To represent Bill Burr's acerbic humor, a dog could carry the name Acerbic
Akron The city where Alcoholics Anonymous was founded by Dr. Bob
Anchor Symbolic of the navy, representing the first graduating class of the United States Naval Academy
Annapolis The city where the U.S. Naval Academy is located, where the first class graduated
Anonymous A reference to the Alcoholics Anonymous, which was founded by Dr. Bob in 1935
Astra Latin for 'star', reflecting Judy Garland's stardom
Austin Inspired by Elizabeth Hurley's role in 'Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery'
Badboy For Faith Evans's association with Bad Boy Entertainment
Bedazzled Named after one of Elizabeth Hurley's popular films
Bound Named after one of Gina Gershon's famous films
Brick Gershon's character's name in the film 'Bound'
Burr This simple, one-syllable name is a direct tribute to Bill Burr
Cadet A homage to the first graduating class of the US Naval Academy, who were cadets themselves
Champion This name reflects Tara Lipinski's many achievements
Chicago Birth city of Sasha Obama
Comedy Given Bill Burr's profession, naming a dog Comedy would be a funny tribute
Cristal Gershon's character's name in 'Showgirls'
Deck Referring to a ship's deck, a nod to the maritime theme of the US Naval Academy
Defense Nods to Bailey's role as a defense lawyer
Drama Named after Shane West's roles in various dramas
Eli Named after Shane West's character in 'Once and Again'
Equality Symbolizes the aim of the Equal Pay Act to abolish wage disparity based on sex
Evans A more direct tribute to Faith Evans
Faith Named after Faith Evans, it's a strong, unique name for a dog
Francis Bailey's first name
Fusion Representing Maxi Priest's style, reggae fusion
Gina Simple, taken from the actress's first name
Gumm Judy Garland's birth surname
Hope Representative of Barack Obama's campaign slogan 'Hope'
Jamaican In honor of Maxi Priest's Jamaican descent
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Birthday: Maxi Priest

Naming your dog after Maxi Priest is a great way to honor this iconic reggae fusion artist. It's perfect for music lovers, particularly those who appreciate the blend of reggae and R&B. Plus, with a name influenced by Maxi Priest, your dog will definitely stand out in the park!
Name Description
Blues Maxi Priest's music has R&B influences
Dread In reference to the dreadlocks worn by many reggae musicians
Dub A sub-genre of reggae music
Fusion A nod to Maxi Priest's unique blend of reggae and R&B
Harmony Symbolizes the harmonious blend of reggae and R&B in Maxi Priest's music
Irie A Jamaican term meaning 'good' or 'pleasant', often used in reggae music
Island Representing Jamaica, the island nation of Maxi Priest's roots
Jamaica Country of Maxi Priest's heritage
Kingston The capital of Jamaica
Lyric A tribute to Maxi Priest's songwriting skills
Marley After Bob Marley, a fellow reggae artist
Maxi Named after the famous reggae fusion artist himself
Melody For the melodies in Maxi Priest's songs
Natty A term from Rasta slang, honoring the culture behind Maxi Priest's music
Priest The surname of the celebrated artist
Rasta In honor of the Rastafarian culture associated with reggae music
Reggae It's the genre that made Maxi Priest famous
Rhythm Symbolic of the rhythm in Maxi Priest's music
Rocksteady A precursor to reggae music
Ska A music genre that influenced reggae
Skank A dance style associated with reggae music
Toots After Toots Hibbert, a legendary reggae musician
Tuff Maxi Priest's music is often described as 'tuff' - a Jamaican slang for 'cool' or 'great'
Vocalist Celebrating Maxi Priest's singing prowess
Ziggy A tribute to Ziggy Marley, another famous reggae artist

Birthday: Elizabeth Hurley

Choosing a dog name inspired by Elizabeth Hurley is a fun and unique way to pay homage to this iconic actress. It not only adds a touch of Hollywood glamour to your pet's identity, but also serves as a constant reminder of Elizabeth's vibrant roles and charismatic personality. Plus, it's a great conversation starter for fellow movie buffs and Elizabeth Hurley fans!
Name Description
Austin As a tribute to 'Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery', one of her most famous roles
Bedazzled Elizabeth starred in a movie with this title
Bewitched A tribute to her role in the film 'Bewitched'
Bikini Elizabeth is also known for her swimwear line
Branson This name is a nod to Richard Branson, with whom Elizabeth is good friends
Brenda Elizabeth played a character named Brenda in the movie 'Serving Sara'
Christabel Elizabeth portrayed the character Christabel in the film 'Christabel'
Damian This is the name of Elizabeth's son
Dangerfield Referring to her role in the film 'Dangerfield'
Devil Elizabeth portrayed the Devil in the film 'Bedazzled'
Elton Elizabeth is the godmother of Elton John's sons
Estée Elizabeth has been the face of Estée Lauder, a famous cosmetics company, for many years
Gossip This name refers to her role in the film 'Gossip Girl'
Hugh Elizabeth was in a long-term relationship with actor Hugh Grant
London This name pays tribute to her British heritage
Marvel Elizabeth was in the Marvel series 'Runaways'
Method This refers to her role in the movie 'Method'
Passenger She starred in the film 'Passenger 57'
Powers A tribute to her role in the 'Austin Powers' series
Royal This name references her role in the TV series 'The Royals'
Sammy This is a nod to her role in 'Sammy and Rosie Get Laid'
Sapphire This is the birthstone for June, the month Elizabeth was born
Sharpe She played a character named Diana Payne in 'Gossip Girl', known for her sharp wit
Vanessa She portrayed Vanessa Kensington in 'Austin Powers'
Versace She famously wore a Versace dress that made headlines and boosted her career

Birthday: Shane West

Choosing a dog name inspired by Shane West is a wonderful idea for fans of his work. It's a fun and unique way to express your appreciation for his talent in acting and music. Plus, it's always a great conversation starter when people ask about your dog's name!
Name Description
Actor To celebrate Shane's successful acting career
Barnett In honor of Shane's character Dr. Ray Barnett in the series 'ER'
Borgia Shane starred in the TV series 'The Borgias'
Buff A reference to Shane's character Ryan in the movie 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer'
Darby It's the name of Shane's character in the punk rock biopic 'What We Do Is Secret'
Dracula In honor of Shane's role as Dracula in the series 'Dracula 2000'
Echolls Named after Shane's character in 'ER', Ray Barnett's, love interest Neela Rasgotra's
Eli A tribute to Shane's character Eli Sammler in 'Once and Again'
Germs A tribute to Shane's punk band 'The Germs'
Gotham Shane played a key role in the TV series 'Gotham'
Landon To honor Shane's character Landon Carter from 'A Walk to Remember'
League Named after the TV series 'League of Extraordinary Gentlemen' in which Shane starred
Lyric Named after Shane's character in the movie 'Liberty Heights'
Mandy To honor Shane's on-screen love interest Mandy Moore in 'A Walk to Remember'
Musician To signify Shane's love for music and his career as a musician
Nikita Named after the TV show in which Shane played a prominent role
Punk It signifies Shane's love for punk rock music
Red Shane voiced the character of Rick in the animated film 'Red Sky: Candidate 5238'
Salem A nod to Shane's role in the TV series 'Salem'
Sammler A nod to Shane's character Eli Sammler in the ABC family drama 'Once and Again'
Secret A nod to the movie 'What We Do Is Secret' in which Shane starred
Shooter To honor Shane's role in the TV series 'Shooter'
Songsmith Signifies Shane's talent as a songwriter
Star To celebrate Shane's stardom in Hollywood
Twilight Shane starred in the movie 'Twilight Zone: The Movie'

Birthday: Gina Gershon

Choosing a name related to Gina Gershon for your dog is a great idea because it showcases your love for amazing acting talent and unique characters. This can also serve as a tribute to one of the most versatile actresses in Hollywood, known for her strong and independent roles, just like your dog.
Name Description
Auteur In tribute to her work with renowned directors
Blockbuster She's starred in many popular films
Bound The title of one of her most critically acclaimed films
Broadway Gershon has enjoyed success on the Broadway stage
Cabaret A nod to the Broadway musical Gershon starred in
Cahoots Gershon co-founded a theater group by this name
Cameo She's made many memorable cameo appearances
Ciro She played a character with this name in 'The Insider'
Cleo She played a character named Cleo in 'Driven'
Dancer Her role in Showgirls required extensive dance training
Emmy Gershon has been nominated for an Emmy award
Encore This name reflects the audience's constant demand for more of her performances
Indie Her involvement in independent films is well recognized
Jazz Gershon is known for her love of jazz music
Manhattan Her birthplace and a significant part of her identity
Mugshot She played a police officer in the film 'Staten Island Summer'
Premiere Gershon has attended many film premieres
Rehearsal The countless hours she has spent rehearsing her roles
Rescue Gina has been an advocate for animal rescue
Santos This name honors her character in Face/Off, Sasha Hassler
Script In honor of the many scripts she has brought to life
Showgirl A tribute to one of Gina's most popular films, Showgirls
Spotlight She's spent her career in the spotlight
Starlet A nod to her successful acting career
Versace Gershon portrayed Donatella Versace on television

Birthday: Faith Evans

Naming your dog after Faith Evans could be a great way to honor this iconic American singer-songwriter. As a fan, it can be a unique and fun way to show your appreciation for her music and contribution to the industry.
Name Description
Actress An ode to her acting career
Billboard Recognizing her success on Billboard charts
ChartTopper Acknowledging her many chart-topping hits
Debut In remembrance of her successful debut album
Diddy To commemorate the founder of Bad Boy Entertainment, Sean 'Puff Daddy' Combs
Diva Because she's a true diva in the music industry
Faithful A playful nod to her first name
Gospel Faith's music has gospel influences
Grammy Faith Evans is a Grammy-winning artist
Harmonies Her music is celebrated for its rich harmonies
Harmony A tribute to her soulful harmonies
Hitmaker She is well-known for creating hit songs
Incomparable After her album 'Incomparable'
Legacy To honor her ongoing legacy in music
Lovelife A nod to her album 'The First Lady'
Melody Inspired by her melodic songwriting
Microphone Symbolizing her career as a singer
Notorious To honor her late husband, The Notorious B.I.G
Platinum In honor of her platinum-certified albums
Record A tribute to her record producing career
RnB This genre represents Faith's music career
Showstopper She's known for her show-stopping performances
Soulful In honor of her soulful R&B music
Stage She spent much of her life on stage performing
Starlet Because she's a star in the entertainment industry
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