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6-17-2024 Dog Names

Updated: June 17, 2024

Welcome to a page that's all about celebrating the positive outcomes of historical events and the joyous commemorations of some remarkable birthdays, all reflected in our compilation of dog names. Our list of names is inspired by the significant events that took place on June 17th. These include the end of the gruesome execution method in France in 1939, which signifies the triumph of humanity over cruelty. Also, the historic speech made by President Ronald Reagan in 1986, symbolizing the power of change and the courage to challenge the status quo.

Adding a dash of creativity, we also draw inspiration from the birthdays of outstanding personalities who have made a significant impact in the entertainment industry. These include Will Forte, the versatile American actor, comedian, writer, producer, and voice actor, celebrated for his work in television sketch comedy. Another source of inspiration is the evergreen Barry Manilow, an American singer-songwriter, arranger, musician, and producer with a career that has spanned more than 50 years. His music has warmed hearts and filled souls with joy for over half a century!

Our list wouldn't be complete without the mention of Thomas Haden Church, the talented American actor, director, and writer, known for his memorable roles in 'Sideways' and 'Spider-Man 3'. His contribution to the world of cinema is noteworthy. So, as you browse through our unique list of dog names, remember each name carries with it a story of resilience, creativity, and a sense of humor, just like our furry friends! Enjoy your journey through these names, and we hope you find the perfect one for your new pup!

Name Reason to Choose
Acquit It symbolizes Simpson's surprising acquittal
Act To commemorate the passage of the Smoot-Hawley Tariff Act
Action A tribute to Adkins' popularity in American action films
Amendment Symbolizes the constitutional right to religious freedom, upheld by the Supreme Court
Arnold Named after Newt Arnold himself
Arranger Named after Manilow's role as an arranger
Artie A dog-friendly version of Art Bell's first name
Barry Named after Barry Manilow himself
Bass Named after the instrument Chuck Rainey is known to play
Bell Named after Art Bell himself
Berlin This name pays tribute to President Reagan's historic speech targeted towards the Berlin Wall
Bewitched This name is a direct reference to the sitcom 'Bewitched' where Murphy starred
Blood Taken from 'Bloodsport', the film Newt Arnold is best known for
Bluesy This is a nod to Tom Malone's notable work with 'The Blues Brothers' band
Bobby Named after Bobby Bell himself
Broadcaster This name honors Art Bell's profession
Bronco A reference to the car O.J. Simpson drove during the infamous chase
Brother Inspired by 'The Blues Brothers' band that Malone was a part of
Bunker To remember the significant battle of the American Revolutionary War
Buzzer It symbolizes the thrilling end-game moments that the NBA brought into the sports world
Change Rodney King's death sparked calls for change in police practices
Chase An allusion to the infamous car chase involving O.J. Simpson
Checkers An allusion to the political chess game that played out during the Watergate scandal
Chiefs A nod to Bobby Bell's team, the Kansas City Chiefs
Chuckie A dog-friendly version of Chuck Rainey's first name
Coast From Art Bell's radio program 'Coast to Coast AM'
Comedy Reflects one of the roles Michael Gross often plays
Compassion The 2002 ruling demonstrated compassion towards mentally challenged individuals
Convention Marking an important event in the history of the Republican Party
Cool Taken from 'Cool Hand Luke', a notable work by Stuart Rosenberg
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Birthday: Scott Adkins

Choosing a dog name related to Scott Adkins is a great way to honor your favorite action star. It's a unique and fun choice, showcasing your love for Adkins's martial arts skills and action-packed films. Plus, it's a conversation starter among fellow movie buffs and dog lovers!
Name Description
Action Describes the genre he's most known for
Adkins A direct homage to the actor's last name
Bartok In recognition of his character in 'Jarhead 3: The Siege'
Boyka After his famous character in the 'Undisputed' franchise
Cain From his role in 'Universal Soldier: Day of Reckoning'
Casey Another of Adkins' characters, from 'Ninja: Shadow of a Tear'
Chad A salute to his character in 'Hard Target 2'
Devereaux A nod to his character in 'Close Range'
Eliminator Reflects his role in 'The Eliminators'
English Signifies his nationality
Fallon From his role in 'Pit Fighter'
French A nod to his character in 'The Debt Collector'
Hector A nod to his character in 'The Expendables 2'
Kai From his character in 'Ninja II: Shadow of a Tear'
Kickboxer Reminiscent of his role in 'Kickboxer: Vengeance'
Lucian Paying tribute to his character in 'The Legend of Hercules'
Martial Highlighting his martial arts skills
Ninja Reflects Scott's lead role in the movie 'Ninja'
Osiris A tribute to his character in 'Stu Small'
Quinn In memory of his role in 'Accident Man'
Savage For his role in 'Savage Dog'
Shepherd A salute to his character in 'The Shepherd: Border Patrol'
Statham For his collaboration with Jason Statham in 'The Expendables'
Stoker For his character in 'Avengement'
Yuri In honor of the character he played in the Undisputed series

Birthday: Greg Kinnear

Greg Kinnear is a versatile and talented actor, known for his charismatic roles and endearing screen presence. Naming your dog after Kinnear or one of his memorable characters could be a creative way to honor the actor's legacy while giving your pet a unique and meaningful name.
Name Description
Actor A nod to Greg's profession
Anchor Greg played an anchor in 'Anchorman 2'
Auto Represents 'Auto Focus', a film Greg starred in
Brigsby Greg starred in 'Brigsby Bear'
Flash Greg voiced Flash in 'The Flash'
Friends Greg guest-starred in this TV show
Ghost Represents 'Ghost Town', a movie Greg starred in
Gifted Refers to Greg's role in 'Gifted'
Green Represents 'Green Zone', a film Greg had a role in
Happens 'It happens', a phrase from Greg's movie 'As Good as It Gets'
Heaven Greg starred in 'Heaven is for Real'
Host Because Greg hosted TV shows
Invincible Refers to 'Invincible', a film Greg starred in
Kinnear Pays direct tribute to the actor's surname
Little A nod to 'Little Miss Sunshine', a film Greg starred in
Matador Greg played in a film with this title
Misbehaviour A film that Greg has starred in
Mystery Greg starred in 'Mystery Men'
Nominee Reminds of Greg's Academy Award nomination
Oscar Symbolizes Greg's Academy Award nomination
Rake Greg starred in the TV show with this title
Sabrina One of the movies Greg starred in
Stuck A film Greg has had a role in
TalkSoup Greg's breakout role as a host was on this show
Thin Greg starred in 'Thin Ice'

Birthday: Erin Murphy

Naming your dog after Erin Murphy is a great way to honor this talented actress, beloved for her role in 'Bewitched'. This can also serve as an ice breaker or conversation starter with other fans of the show, creating a wonderful connection over shared interests.
Name Description
Actress A tribute to her profession
Bewitched Named after the popular series where Erin Murphy starred as a child actress
California Respect to her home state where she was born and raised
Darrin The character of Tabitha's father in 'Bewitched'
Emmy A nod to the prestigious television award since Erin is a well-known TV actress
Encore Symbolizes her enduring presence in the entertainment industry
Endora The character of Samantha's mother in 'Bewitched'
Erin A straightforward tribute to the actress herself
Hollywood An acknowledgement of her career in the Hollywood entertainment industry
Hostess In recognition of her career as a television host
Inspire A tribute to her work inspiring others as a motivational speaker
Mic A nod to her role as a television host
Motivator In honor of her role as a motivational speaker
Murphy A tribute to Erin's last name
Samantha A tribute to Samantha Stephens, Tabitha's mother on 'Bewitched'
Screen A reference to her career in television
Script A nod to her acting career
Sitcom A nod to the genre of 'Bewitched'
Speaker Reflects Erin's role as a motivational speaker
Spotlight A symbolic representation of her life in the public eye
Stage A tribute to her acting career
Starlet To commemorate her long-standing career in the film and television industry
Tabitha Homage to Murphy's character on the sitcom 'Bewitched'
Valley After the San Fernando Valley where Erin spent much of her childhood
Vision Reflects her visionary role as a motivational speaker

Birthday: Bobby Bell

Naming your dog after Bobby Bell, a football legend and Hall of Famer, can imbue your furry friend with a sense of strength, agility, and resilience - qualities that Bell himself personified on the field. It's also a great way to celebrate and honor this exceptional player, especially for football enthusiasts and fans of the Kansas City Chiefs.
Name Description
Blitz A term often used in football, representing Bobby's sport
Block A term that showcases Bobby's defensive skills
Catch A nod to the crucial plays Bobby made in his career
Chief This pays homage to Bobby's time at Kansas City Chiefs
Endzone A football term, symbolizing Bobby's defensive prowess
Fame A nod to Bobby's prestigious career and recognition
Fumble A term that embodies Bobby's ability to cause turnovers
Gridiron A term synonymous with football, the sport Bobby excelled in
Hall In honor of Bobby's membership in the Pro Football Hall of Fame
Helmet A key piece of football gear, representing the sport Bobby was part of
Huddle A symbol of team spirit and unity which Bobby was part of
Interception A term defining one of Bobby's talents on the field
Kickoff A word symbolizing the start of many games in Bobby's career
Linebacker An ode to the position Bobby Bell played in his career
Pass A word that symbolizes the offensive moves Bobby had to counter
Pigskin A colloquial term for a football, representing Bobby's sport
Punt A football term, representing the strategic aspects of Bobby's sport
Quarterback A tribute to the player position that Bobby had to defend against
Rush A term that embodies the speed and agility Bobby displayed on the field
Sack A term that highlights Bobby's defensive skill in taking down the quarterback
Scrimmage A term that stands for Bobby's relentless practice and hard work
Snap A football term, signifying Bobby's quick reactions on the field
Tackle In tribute to Bobby's skill in stopping opponents
Touchdown A term that symbolizes the success and achievements of Bobby's team
Yard A football term, symbolizing Bobby's field coverage
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