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6-18-2024 Dog Names

Updated: June 18, 2024

As we embark on the journey of finding the perfect name for your new four-legged friend, we've curated a unique list of dog names inspired by the strength, resilience, and courage that define our history. This page pays homage to the events of June 18th, from the United States demonstrating its fortitude during the War of 1812, to the tragic yet transformative Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church shooting in 2015, that sparked significant conversations about unity and tolerance.

The names also draw inspiration from the charismatic individuals born on this day. Picture your pup exhibiting the charm and energy of Blake Shelton, the renowned American country music singer, and television personality, or the strength and leadership of Richard Madden, the Scottish-American actor famed for his roles in Game of Thrones and Disney's Cinderella. Or perhaps, your dog might have the infectious enthusiasm and versatility of Ethan Embry, known for his memorable performances in Sneaky Pete, Vegas Vacation, Empire Records, and Can't Hardly Wait.

This compilation of dog names offers a unique blend of strength, resilience, charm, and versatility. It's a celebration of major historical events and the birthdays of some of the most talented individuals. As you go through the list, we hope you find a name that not only suits your pup's personality but also carries a deep sense of history and charisma.

Name Reason to Choose
Ace A nod to Tiger Woods' excellent performance at the 2000 U.S. Open
Airwave A tribute to the creation of the FCC in 1934
Allied To remember the unity of the Allied forces during WWII
Astro A fitting name for a dog inspired by the Boeing X-37B's space mission in 2012
Austin Because Austin is the title of Blake Shelton's debut single
Avenger Linda Thorson's fame from the 'The Avengers' inspires this name
Beatle This name is connected to Paul McCartney because of his iconic role as a member of the Beatles
Birdie In recognition of the golf terms, inspired by Tiger Woods' win
Boone Named after Richard Boone himself, this would suit a strong, confident dog
Brave In honor of the courage shown by Americans during the War of 1812
Broadcast In honor of the Communications Act of 1934
Burkhardt This name is inspired by David Giuntoli's character in the NBC drama Grimm
Champion In honor of Tiger Woods' historic win at the U.S. Open in 2000
Comet Symbolizes the fast and far-reaching journey of the Boeing X-37B in 2012
Connie Connie is the character Alana de la Garza portrayed in the series Law & Order
Delko This is in reference to Alana’s character Marisol Delko-Caine on CSI: Miami
Dickens Named after Kim Dickens, this would suit a dog with a lot of character
Dna A tribute to the 2013 Supreme Court ruling protecting the natural occurrence of human genes
Dreamer A reference to the term 'Dreamers', often used for undocumented immigrants, following the 2019 New York Senate bill
Drummer Named after Josh's role in his band
Dun Josh Dun's last name would make a simple, yet cool dog name
Eagle Named after the American bald eagle which was removed from the endangered species list in 2007, symbolizing strength and freedom
Embry The last name of Ethan Embry could be used as a unique dog name
Empire This name is derived from the film 'Empire Records' which Ethan Embry starred in
Equity A name that echoes the 2013 Supreme Court ruling on patent rights of naturally-occurring human genes
Freedom To commemorate the fight for independence during the War of 1812
Galaxy Represents the vastness of space explored by the Boeing X-37B in 2012
Garza Inspired by Alana’s last name de la Garza
Gene An homage to the Supreme Court's 2013 decision on the patenting of human genes
Giovanna One of Isabella Rossellini's middle names, this would suit a refined, elegant dog
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Birthday: Meaghan Rath

Choosing a name related to Meaghan Rath for your dog is a great idea, especially if you're a fan of her performances. It's a unique way to celebrate your favorite actress and her characters, while giving your pet a name that's uncommon and interesting. Plus, it's a fun conversation starter for any fellow fans you might meet on your walks!
Name Description
Action To represent the dynamic scenes in the series she's participated in
Aloha Derived from the Hawaiian greeting, symbolizing the Hawaii Five-0 series
Cine Short for 'cinema', acknowledging Meaghan's film roles
Cinema To celebrate Meaghan's involvement in film
Coconut A playful reference to the tropical setting of Hawaii Five-0
Drama A tribute to the genre of Meaghan's most famous roles
Emmy The ultimate goal of every actor, for the Emmy Awards
Five-0 A cool way to recall the show where she played Tani Rey
Ghostly Sally Malik, Meaghan's character in Being Human, was a ghost
Hawaii A tribute to the beautiful setting of Hawaii Five-0
Hollywood Symbolic of the industry where Meaghan has made her mark
Malik For Sally Malik, the character Meaghan portrayed in Being Human
Montreal In recognition of Meaghan's Canadian roots
Mystery To honor the thrilling plot lines of both Being Human and Hawaii Five-0
Pilot A nod to the first episode of each series Meaghan starred in
Rey Taken from the last name of Meaghan's character in Hawaii Five-0
Rookie Tani Rey was a new recruit when she joined the Hawaii Five-0 task force
Sally Inspired by Meaghan's character in the series Being Human
Series To honor the television series that have been pivotal in her career
Spotlight Because Meaghan always shines in her roles
Starlet A glamorous term for a successful young actress like Meaghan
Syfy To honor the network that aired the series Being Human
Tani A nod to Meaghan's role in the Hawaii Five-0 series
Thriller To acknowledge the suspenseful elements in her roles
Vamp In reference to the supernatural beings in Being Human

Birthday: Isabella Rossellini

Choosing a dog name inspired by Isabella Rossellini can be a creative and unique way to honor this iconic actress. Not only does it pay tribute to her incredible work and style, but it also adds a touch of class and elegance to your furry friend. Plus, it's a great conversation starter for any fellow film buffs or Rossellini fans you might meet on your walks!
Name Description
Actress A tribute to her illustrious acting career
Americana To honor her American career and citizenship
Author Celebrating her achievements in literature
Award Recognizing all the awards she has won during her career
Century It's part of the title of the film she was nominated for a Golden Globe for
Cinema A tribute to her contributions to the film industry
Crime A nod to her Golden Globe-nominated performance in 'Crime of the Century'
Elettra One of Isabella's middle names, it's a nod to her unique name structure
Fashion A nod to her time as a fashion model
Fiorella One of Isabella's middle names, it captures her feminine spirit
Giovanna Isabella's fourth given name, it represents her Italian heritage
Globe A tribute to her Golden Globe nomination
Golden To commemorate her Golden Globe nomination
Icon To celebrate her status as an icon in the entertainment industry
Ingrid To honor her mother, the legendary actress Ingrid Bergman
Isabella Directly honors the actress by using her first name
Italiana This represents her Italian-American heritage
Lancome Recognizing her time as a Lancome model
Model A tribute to her successful modeling career
Nominee This recognizes her nomination for a prestigious award
Philanthropist To celebrate her philanthropic contributions
Roberto A tribute to her father, the acclaimed Italian film director Roberto Rossellini
Roma The city where she was born, Rome
Rossellini This is the last name of the actress, honoring her family lineage
Star A testament to her status as a global star

Birthday: Richard Madden

Naming your dog after Richard Madden can be a unique and fun way to show your admiration for the talented actor. Whether you're a fan of his role as Robb Stark in Game of Thrones or enchanted by his portrayal of Prince Kit in Cinderella, these names will definitely make your pet stand out and add a touch of Hollywood glamour to your everyday dog walks.
Name Description
Cinder A reference to his role in Disney's Cinderella
Cinema Representing Madden's career in film
Disney The company that produced Cinderella
Drama Madden's most famous roles were in dramatic productions
Emmy Madden won an Emmy for his role in Bodyguard
Eternals His recent role in the Marvel Cinematic Universe film
Guard In reference to his role in Bodyguard
Hollywood The place where he's made his mark
King His Game of Thrones character was a king
Kit Pays homage to his character from Cinderella
Madden Simply the last name of this talented actor
Marvel He became part of the MCU with his role in Eternals
North His GOT character was the King in the North
Prince His character in Cinderella was of royal blood
Richard The actor's first name
Robb This is the first name of his Game of Thrones character
Rocket He starred in the Elton John biopic, Rocketman
Romeo Madden played Romeo in a West End production of Romeo and Juliet
Scotland The country of his birth
Shakespeare Madden has performed in several Shakespeare plays
Stage He began his career on the stage
Stark In honor of the House Madden's character belonged to in Game of Thrones
Throne It's a nod to the popular HBO series where he had a significant role
Winter A nod to the infamous line from Game of Thrones, 'Winter is Coming'
Wolf The symbol of his house in Game of Thrones

Birthday: Ethan Embry

Choosing a dog name related to Ethan Embry is a fun and unique way to celebrate your love for this talented actor. It would not only reflect your admiration for his work in film and television but also make for interesting conversation when people ask about your dog's name. Plus, it's a great way to pay tribute to some of Ethan Embry's memorable characters!
Name Description
Embry A simple tribute to the actor's stage name
Empire Referring to Empire Records, one of Ethan's known roles
EmpireMark Combining Ethan's role and character name in Empire Records
EmpireRecord A tribute to Ethan's role in Empire Records
Ethan A simple, direct tribute to the actor
EthanPhilan A mix of Ethan's first and middle names
Griswold A tribute to Ethan's role in Vegas Vacation
Mark After the character Ethan played in Empire Records
Meyers Taken from Preston Meyers, a character Ethan played in Can't Hardly Wait
Murphy Ethan's character name in Sneaky Pete
Pete A tribute to Ethan's character in Sneaky Pete
Philan In recognition of Ethan's middle name
Preston Inspired by the character Ethan portrayed in Can't Hardly Wait
PrestonMeyers Inspired by Ethan's character in Can't Hardly Wait
Randall In honor of Ethan's birth surname
Record Reflects Ethan's role in Empire Records
Russell For Ethan's character in Vegas Vacation
Sneak A playful reference to Sneaky Pete
Sneaky Inspired by Ethan's role in Sneaky Pete
SneakyMurphy A nod to Ethan's character in Sneaky Pete
Vacation Referring to Ethan's part in Vegas Vacation
Vegas A nod to Ethan's part in Vegas Vacation
VegasGriswold A combination of Ethan's movie and character name in Vegas Vacation
VegasRussell A combination of Ethan's movie and character name in Vegas Vacation
WaitPreston A tribute to Ethan's role in Can't Hardly Wait

Birthday: Josh Dun

Naming your dog after Josh Dun not only showcases your love for this talented musician, but also gives your pet a unique name inspired by a popular and respected figure in the music industry. This can be a fun, personal touch that symbolizes your dog's lively and energetic nature, much like Josh Dun's onstage persona.
Name Description
Bandito The name of a song and tour by Twenty One Pilots
Blurryface It's the title of one of the most popular albums by Twenty One Pilots
Car Inspired by the band's song 'Car Radio'
Clique The term used to refer to the dedicated fan base of Twenty One Pilots
Drummer This name signifies Josh's instrument of choice
Friend Short for 'My Blood', a song about friendship by Twenty One Pilots
Heathens This name is based on one of Twenty One Pilots' biggest hits
Hometown A tribute to the band's song 'Hometown'
House A reference to the band's song 'House of Gold'
Judge Inspired by the Twenty One Pilots' song 'The Judge'
Jumpsuit A reference to the band's hit song 'Jumpsuit'
Lane The first part of the band's song 'Lane Boy'
Morph One of the songs from the Trench album
Nico A character from the Trench album
Ode A tribute to the band's song 'Ode to Sleep'
Ohio This is the state where Josh was born and raised
Pilot It's a tribute to the band, Twenty One Pilots, where Josh plays drums
Ride A nod to one of the band's most famous songs
Scream Taken from the band's song 'Screen'
Sick Short for the band's hit song 'Sick as Frick'
Stressed A fun reference to the band's famous song, 'Stressed Out'
Tower Inspired by the song 'Tower of Silence'
Trees Named after the band's song 'Trees'
Trench A nod to Twenty One Pilot's successful album, Trench
Vessel Named after another hit album by Josh's band
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