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6-19-2024 Dog Names

Updated: June 19, 2024

Welcome to our unique and inspiring page dedicated to dog names, each one specifically curated to commemorate some iconic events and spectacular personalities associated with the date, June 19th. This day in history bears witness to a blend of delicious innovation, sporting brilliance, and star-studded births, all of which serve as great inspiration for naming your furry friend.

In 1987, the world was introduced to the delightful Cherry Garcia ice cream flavor, an inventive collaboration between Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream and Grateful Dead's Jerry Garcia. This sweet and exciting event can inspire names that embody creativity and partnership. The year 2000 was marked by a momentous sports event. Tiger Woods, the legendary golfer, won the US Open by 15 shots, an all-time record for all majors, with a record-breaking score of -12. Names inspired by this event could reflect strength, determination, and record-breaking prowess.

The date also celebrates the birthdays of some exceptional personalities. We have Paula Abdul, a multi-talented singer, songwriter, dancer, choreographer, actress, and television personality, known for her dynamic career. Then we have the 'First Lady of Drag Racing', Shirley Muldowney, whose career as a drag racer broke barriers and inspired many. And finally, the talented actress Zoe Saldana, celebrated for her roles in blockbuster franchises like 'Avatar', 'Star Trek', and 'Guardians of the Galaxy'. Names inspired by these incredible women could reflect a variety of themes, from music and dance to speed and space exploration.

So, whether you're a music lover, a sports enthusiast, or a fan of the big screen, our hand-picked names offer a perfect blend of inspiration and creativity to find that perfect name for your canine companion.

Name Reason to Choose
Abdul A name inspired by Paula Abdul's last name
Acres A reference to Buttram's role in 'Green Acres'
America Taken from Lara Spencer's show 'Good Morning America.'
Anchor A name inspired by Lara Spencer's role as a co-anchor on 'Good Morning America.'
Ann Named after the talented singer, Ann Wilson
Autry A dog named after Gene Autry would always remind of Buttram's famous collaboration
Avatar Named after the movie 'Avatar' which Zoe Saldana starred in
Aviator This name directly connects to Blanche's accomplishment as the first American woman to fly solo in an airplane
Backboard A symbol of the foundation that the Cleveland Cavaliers used to win the NBA Finals
Bandmaster Influenced by Guy Lombardo's profession as a bandleader
Birdie A nod to the golf term that contributed to Tiger Woods' record score of -12 at the US Open
Blood 'There Will Be Blood' is one of Paul Dano's renowned films, hence the name
Bunker An homage to the challenges Tiger Woods overcame on the golf course
Buttram Named after the charismatic actor Pat Buttram
Buzzer The sound that marked the Miami Heat's triumphant win in the NBA Championship
Casanova In line with Jourdan's effortlessly charming and suave characters
Cassavetes A tribute to Rowlands' frequent collaborator and husband, John Cassavetes
Cavalier In honor of the Cleveland Cavaliers' win in the NBA Finals
Cherry A sweet and playful name that nods to the unique ice cream flavor announced by Ben & Jerry's and Grateful Dead's Jerry Garcia
Choreo Short for choreographer, one of Paula Abdul's many talents
Clair Named after Phylicia Rashad's unforgettable character Clair Huxtable
Cosby 'Cosby' is chosen due to Phylicia Rashad's significant role in 'The Cosby Show.'
Crafty This name is a nod to Robin Tunney's role in 'The Craft'
Crown Crown represents Wallis Simpson's connection to the royal family
Curl Curl is a quirky reference to Moe Howard's distinctive hairstyle
Curtain Curtain is a symbol of theater where Mildred Natwick performed
Dad A playful name for a dog, celebrating the first Father's Day in 1910
Dancer Related to Paula Abdul's profession as a dancer and choreographer
Diamond Inspired by the baseball diamond, a fitting name for a dog who loves to run and play
Dragster This name commemorates Muldowney's career as a successful drag racer
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Birthday: Paul Dano

Naming your dog with a name inspired by Paul Dano can be a unique way to express your love for the talented actor while giving your pet a distinctive and meaningful name. Whether it's after one of his memorable characters or simply his own name, it's a great conversation starter and a fun way to pay tribute to your favorite actor.
Name Description
12 He was 12 years old when he began his acting career
Actor To honor his profession and talent in the acting industry
Beach In reference to his role in 'The Beach Boys'
Blood To honor Dano's stellar performance in 'There Will Be Blood'
Calvin Calvin is his character from the movie 'Ruby Sparks'
Cowboy In honor of his role in 'Cowboys & Aliens'
Daniel A nod to 'There Will Be Blood' character Daniel Plainview
Dano It's a direct reference to Paul Dano's last name
Eli Eli Sunday is Dano's character in 'There Will Be Blood'
Gigantic After the movie 'Gigantic' where he played the lead role
Kazan Zoe Kazan is Paul Dano's longtime partner
Klaatu He starred in 'The Day the Earth Stood Still' as Klaatu
Knightley After his co-star Keira Knightley in 'Love & Friendship'
Looper Dano had a role in the movie 'Looper'
Luce In honor of his role in 'Luce', a drama film
Okja Named after the Netflix film he acted in
Paulie A playful version of Paul Dano's first name
Prisoners In reference to the thrilling movie he starred in
Riddler Dano played this character in 'The Batman' movie
Ruby Named after Ruby Sparks, a movie he starred in
Sunshine 'Little Miss Sunshine' is one of the actor's most memorable roles
Swiss A nod to 'Swiss Army Man', a film he starred in
Warren Warren is his character from 'Little Miss Sunshine'
Wilder Alexander Wilder is a character he played in 'Escape at Dannemora'
Youth In honor of his role in 'Youth', a drama film

Birthday: Zoe Saldana

Choosing a Zoe Saldana-inspired name for your dog is a great way to honor this talented actress. It's a perfect choice for movie buffs and fans of her iconic roles, adding a touch of Hollywood glamor to your pet while showing your fandom.
Name Description
Aida A tribute to her Broadway debut in the musical 'Aida'
Anamaria Inspired by her character in the film 'Pirates of the Caribbean'
Asylum A nod to her role in the thriller film 'The Skeptic'
Avatar This name honors Saldana's iconic role as Neytiri in the film 'Avatar.'
Centerstage In honor of her role as a ballet dancer in the film 'Center Stage'
Colombiana A nod to her lead role in the action film 'Colombiana'
Constellation For her role in 'Constellation', a drama film
Crossroads The title of her first film role
Drumline Honoring her role in the film 'Drumline'
Galaxy Inspired by her role in 'Guardians of the Galaxy'
Gamora Reflects her character from the 'Guardians of the Galaxy' franchise
Guardian Derived from her role in 'Guardians of the Galaxy'
Guess A nod to her work as a model for Guess jeans
Law After her role in 'Law & Order', her first TV appearance
Marvel Inspired by her involvement in the Marvel Cinematic Universe
Neytiri This is a tribute to her character in 'Avatar'
Nina In honor of Saldana's portrayal of Nina Simone in the biopic 'Nina'
Pandora The fictional planet in 'Avatar' where Saldana's character resides
Rosemary Reflecting her character's name in 'Rosemary's Baby' miniseries
Starlet A nod to her status as a Hollywood actress
Tempest After her character in 'The Tempest', a Shakespearean adaptation
Terminal In reference to her role in the film 'Terminal Velocity'
Thandie After her role in 'After Sex' alongside Thandie Newton
Trekkie For her part in the 'Star Trek' franchise
Uhura A tribute to her role in the 'Star Trek' series

Birthday: Wallis Simpson

Choosing a name related to Wallis Simpson for your dog is a great idea because it infuses a sense of history, elegance, and uniqueness. Wallis Simpson was known for her influence and charm, qualities that you might want your dog to embody. Furthermore, it could serve as a symbol of your admiration for Wallis Simpson's life and accomplishments.
Name Description
Abdication A nod to the historical event that made Wallis famous
Baltimore Wallis Simpson was from Baltimore, Maryland
Biography A nod to Wallis' impactful life story
Crown Symbolizes the royalty associated with Wallis
Decree Representing the royal decisions that shaped Wallis' life
Duchess Wallis was known as the Duchess of Windsor
Edward Named after King Edward VIII, who abdicated his throne for Wallis
Empire A symbol of the British Empire where Wallis' story unfolded
Era Representing the time period in which Wallis lived
Glamour Symbolizing Wallis' style and elegance
Grace Representing Wallis' poise and dignity
Jewel Wallis was known for her love of jewelry
Kingdom A representation of the country that Wallis became part of
Legacy A nod to the lasting impact of Wallis' life
Monarch A reminder of the royal connection
Noble Reflecting the nobility associated with Wallis
Romance A symbol of the love story between Wallis and Edward
Royalty An homage to Wallis' royal status
Sacrifice Representing the sacrifice King Edward VIII made for Wallis
Scandal Representing the controversy surrounding Wallis and the King
Simpson Honoring Wallis' surname
Sovereign A nod to the royal power associated with Wallis
Throne A symbol of the royal power that was given up for love
Wallis Honoring Wallis Simpson directly
Windsor After the title that the couple was granted following their marriage

Birthday: Pat Buttram

Choosing a name related to Pat Buttram for your dog is a good idea because it pays tribute to a legendary actor who brought joy and laughter to many. It's a unique choice that reflects a sense of nostalgia and appreciation for classic television and film.
Name Description
Acres Inspired by 'Green Acres', the television show where Buttram is well-known
Autry Paying homage to Gene Autry, Buttram's famous co-star
Buddy Because Buttram was a beloved friend and sidekick
Butterball A humorous take on Buttram's last name
Classic Signifying Buttram's status as a classic actor
Cowpoke A playful nod to Buttram's western roles
Gene Named after his co-star Gene Autry
Hank To honor Mr. Haney, his character in 'Green Acres'
Hollywood A salute to the industry Buttram thrived in
Jester To honor Buttram's comedic roles
Jubilee Celebrating Buttram's birth month, June
Legend To honor Buttram's legendary status in Hollywood
Marquee Representing Buttram's place on the Hollywood marquee
Nostalgia Reflecting the nostalgic feeling Buttram's roles evoke
Patton A variation of Pat, Buttram's first name
Reel Symbolizing Buttram's film career
Rodeo Honoring the cowboy lifestyle Buttram often portrayed
Rustic Honoring Buttram's cowboy roles
Saddle A nod to Buttram's western film career
Screen A nod to Buttram's screen acting career
Showman A recognition of Buttram's television career
Silver Inspired by the silver screen where Buttram made his mark
Spurs A reference to the cowboy roles Buttram often played
Starlet An appreciation of Buttram's Hollywood career
Twang A tribute to Buttram's distinctive voice

Birthday: Paula Abdul

Choosing a dog name inspired by Paula Abdul not only pays tribute to this iconic pop star, dancer and choreographer, but also adds a touch of music and dance to your pet's personality. It's a unique and stylish way to express your love for Paula Abdul's music and her contributions to the entertainment industry.
Name Description
Audition This name is a nod to Paula's time as a judge on various talent shows
Bend This name honors Paula's flexibility and versatility as a dancer
Cheer This name honors Paula's background as a cheerleader
Choreographer A nod to Paula's career as a renowned choreographer
ColdHearted A name inspired by Paula's hit single 'Cold Hearted.'
Dance This name pays tribute to Paula's career as a professional dancer
Emmy Paula won an Emmy Award for her choreography, which this name commemorates
Forever This name honors Paula Abdul's hit single 'Forever Your Girl.'
Grammy For Paula's Grammy Award win in 1990
Idol This name commemorates Paula's time as a judge on 'American Idol.'
Jazz This name is a tribute to Paula's dance style
Laker This name honors Paula's time cheering for the LA Lakers
LiveToDance This name is inspired by the dance competition show Paula judged and produced
Opposites This name is inspired by Paula's chart-topping single 'Opposites Attract.'
Platinum This name reflects the multi-platinum status of Paula's albums
Popstar Paula's status as a global pop icon is highlighted with this name
Promise This name is a tribute to Paula's hit single 'Promise of a New Day.'
Rebel This name honors Paula's independent and trailblazing spirit
Rush In honor of Paula's chart-topping single 'Rush Rush.'
Scat This name is a tribute to the animated character MC Skat Kat from 'Opposites Attract' video
Spellbound Recognizes Paula's multi-platinum album of the same name
StarSearch This name is a nod to Paula's time as a judge on 'Star Search.'
StraightUp This name is inspired by Paula's debut single 'Straight Up.'
Vixen This name pays tribute to Paula's stint as a Lakers cheerleader, also called the Laker Girls
XFactor This name commemorates Paula's time as a judge on 'The X Factor.'
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