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6-20-2024 Dog Names

Updated: June 20, 2024

Welcome to our unique and inspiring list of dog names, all influenced by the heartening events and birthdays celebrated on the 20th of June. This list is a tribute to the positive and uplifting moments in history that have shaped our world and the remarkable individuals born on this day, whose work and talent have left an indelible impact on our lives.

The year 1948 saw the debut of 'The Ed Sullivan Show' (then known as 'Toast of the Town') on CBS Television. This ground-breaking program, noted for its diverse lineup of guests and performances, revolutionized the entertainment industry and brought joy to countless viewers. Just like the show, our dog names are diverse and entertaining, intending to bring joy to your life.

Our canine names also celebrate the Women’s National Basketball Association (WNBA) which played its first game in 1997. This monumental moment in history championed gender equality in sports, serving as an inspiration to women and girls worldwide. Our selection of dog names echoes the strength, determination, and resilience that the WNBA represents.

Birthdays falling on this day include the talented Candy Clark, whose portrayal of Debbie Dunham in 'American Graffiti' earned her an Academy Award nomination. We also celebrate Bob Vila, the American home improvement maestro whose television shows and books have been a source of inspiration to many. Last but not least, we honor Clark Howard, the popular consumer expert and host of the nationally syndicated Clark Howard Show. These personalities, like our dog names, are loved for their distinctive qualities and abilities to inspire and transform lives.

Name Reason to Choose
Academy Candy Clark was nominated for an Academy Award
Alabama This is a nod to Josh Lucas' role in 'Sweet Home Alabama'
Astraeus In Greek mythology, Astraeus is the Titan god of dusk who fathered the planets and stars. This name is a tribute to the discovery of Nix and Hydra
Aviator This name could be for a dog who loves to run and leap, just like the pilots in the newly formed USAAF
Aykroyd Named after Dan Aykroyd, who starred in the film
Banner Inspired by Bruce Banner, the human alter ego of the Hulk, from the 2008 film 'The Incredible Hulk'
Beachy Brian Wilson co-founded The Beach Boys, hence the name
Beautiful 'A Beautiful Mind' featured Josh Lucas, hence the name
Belushi Honoring the late John Belushi, one of the film's stars
Blockbuster Symbolizing the record-breaking success of the film 'Jaws'
Blue In honor of the West Virginia state flag, which prominently features the color blue
Blueprint Bob Vila often worked with blueprints on his shows
Blues A tribute to the popular film 'The Blues Brothers'
Bomber This dog name represents the aircrafts that were used by the USAAF
Brickhouse A tribute to the Commodores' hit song, 'Brick House'
Broadway In recognition of the theatre district where the Ed Sullivan Theater is located
Candy A direct reference to Candy Clark's first name
Carpenter In honor of Bob Vila's skills in carpentry
Celeste The name of Kidman's character in the TV series 'Big Little Lies'
Celestial Since the moons of Pluto were named, a dog named Celestial will always remind of the vastness of the universe
Chicago Symbolizing the city where 'The Blues Brothers' premiered
Clark Directly derived from Clark Howard's first name
Coal West Virginia is known for its coal mining industry, making this an apt name for a black dog
Coen A reference to Goodman's frequent collaborations with the Coen brothers
Commodore Lionel Richie was a member of the band the Commodores
Consumer Clark Howard is a popular consumer expert
Dan Goodman's character name on the TV show 'Roseanne'
Dancing In reference to Lionel Richie's hit song, 'Dancing on the Ceiling'
Dash This name represents the other part of the Morse code system, perfect for a quick and energetic dog
Debbie Candy Clark's role in 'American Graffiti' was Debbie
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Birthday: John Goodman

John Goodman has portrayed many memorable characters throughout his career, each with their own unique personality traits. Naming your dog after one of these characters can add a touch of nostalgia and fun to your pet's identity. Also, as a recognized and respected actor, naming your dog after John Goodman can be a great conversation starter for fellow movie and TV show enthusiasts.
Name Description
Arachnophobia One of Goodman's notable roles was in this cult classic
Argo Goodman played a role in this Academy Award-winning film
Barton Goodman played a memorable role in the Coen brothers' film 'Barton Fink'
Bee Goodman voiced a character in the animated film 'Bee Movie'
Cloverfield Goodman starred in this 2016 thriller
Coen John Goodman has had many successful collaborations with the Coen brothers
Conner Goodman's character in 'Roseanne' was named Dan Conner
Emperor In honor of Goodman's voice role in 'The Emperor's New Groove'
Fink Goodman played a critical role in the Coen brothers' film 'Barton Fink'
Flintstone This name is a nod to Goodman's role in the live action 'Flintstones' movie
Fred Goodman brought this beloved 'Flintstones' character to life
Golden A nod to Goodman's Golden Globe Award win
Hangover This name references Goodman's role in 'The Hangover Part III'
Inc Referencing Goodman's role as Sulley in 'Monsters, Inc.'
Lebowski In honor of Goodman's unforgettable role in 'The Big Lebowski'
Monarch Goodman starred in the 2014 film 'Godzilla', where MONARCH is a significant organization
Pacha Goodman voiced this character in 'The Emperor's New Groove'
Pops Goodman voiced this character in the animated film 'Ratchet & Clank'
Raising A nod to the Coen brothers' film 'Raising Arizona' in which Goodman starred
Ralph Goodman's role in the comedy 'King Ralph' is the inspiration for this name
Rex Goodman's role in 'King Ralph' could inspire this regal name
Roseanne This name pays homage to the iconic TV show that brought John Goodman to fame
Speed Goodman had a memorable role in the hit movie 'Speed Racer'
Sulley Goodman voiced this lovable monster in the movie 'Monsters, Inc.'
Walter Walter Sobchak is Goodman's iconic character in 'The Big Lebowski'

Birthday: Candy Clark

Candy Clark has made a significant impact in the film industry, particularly with her notable role in 'American Graffiti'. Naming your dog after her creates a unique, memorable and meaningful name, while also paying tribute to this acclaimed actress. Plus, who can resist the sweet charm of a name inspired by 'Candy'?
Name Description
Academy A nod to Candy Clark's Academy Award nomination, a milestone in her acting career
Artiste A French term for artist, honoring Candy Clark's artistry in acting
Award This name is a nod to the numerous awards Candy Clark has earned over her career
Blockbuster A nod to the many blockbuster films that Candy Clark has been a part of
Cinema This name represents the industry in which Candy Clark has made significant contributions
Dunham It's a tribute to the iconic character Debbie Dunham Candy Clark portrayed in 'American Graffiti'
Fame In dedication to Candy Clark's fame and success in the movie industry
Feature This name represents the feature films where Candy Clark has showcased her acting talents
Glamour This name represents the glamour and beauty Candy Clark embodies
Graffiti This name is an homage to the film that earned Candy Clark an Academy Award nomination
Hollywood This name pays tribute to the Hollywood industry where Candy Clark has been a significant figure
Icon A tribute to Candy Clark's iconic status in the film industry
Manhattan This name pays homage to Candy Clark's role in the film 'The Man Who Fell to Earth' set in Manhattan
Marquee Named after the movie marquee, a symbol of the film industry where Candy Clark has made her name
Nominee By naming a dog 'Nominee', we honor Candy Clark's recognition by the prestigious Academy Awards
Premiere This name symbolizes the movie premieres that Candy Clark has graced
Reel This name symbolizes Candy Clark's life on film reels, capturing memorable performances
Retro In honor of Candy Clark's iconic roles in retro, classic cinema
Screen Named after the silver screen where Candy Clark's talent has shined brightly
Showtime This name embodies the excitement of showtime, a significant part of Candy Clark's career
Silver Named after the 'silver screen', a term for cinema where Candy Clark has left her mark
Star This name signifies Candy Clark's star status in Hollywood
Starlet This name reflects Candy Clark's status as a Hollywood starlet
Vintage A nod to the vintage era of cinema that Candy Clark represents
Zodiac A tribute to Candy Clark's role in the movie 'Zodiac', a thrilling chapter of her career

Birthday: Nicole Kidman

Naming your dog after Nicole Kidman is a great idea because it pays homage to one of the most talented and respected actresses in Hollywood. It also adds a touch of sophistication and elegance to your pet's persona, reflecting Nicole Kidman's own charm and grace.
Name Description
Academy A nod to her Academy Award win
Aussie An homage to her Australian roots
Australia A tribute to her role in the movie 'Australia'
Baz To honor the director Baz Luhrmann who directed her in Moulin Rouge
ColdMountain A tribute to her performance in the film 'Cold Mountain'
Cruise A tribute to her ex-husband and renowned actor, Tom Cruise
Dogville A nod to her role in the movie 'Dogville'
Emmy In tribute to her two Primetime Emmy Awards
EyesWide Reflects her role in the movie 'Eyes Wide Shut'
Golden This is an honor to her five Golden Globe Awards
Grace Reflects her portrayal of Grace Fraser in the series 'The Undoing'
Hemsworth As a tribute to her fellow Australian actor, Chris Hemsworth
Hollywood She is a renowned figure in Hollywood
Honolulu In recognition of her birthplace
Hours Inspired by the movie 'Hours' where she delivered an amazing performance
Keith An appreciation of her current husband, Keith Urban
Moulin Inspired by the movie Moulin Rouge where Nicole gave a stellar performance
Oscar In honor of her Oscar win
RabbitHole A nod to her role in the movie 'Rabbit Hole'
Rainmaker In honor of her performance in the movie 'The Rainmaker'
Rouge This harks back to her character in the iconic film Moulin Rouge
Satine A reference to her character in the film Moulin Rouge
Stoker In recognition of her role in the movie 'Stoker'
Sweethome A tribute to her performance in the movie 'The Stepford Wives'
ToDieFor A reference to one of her famous movies, 'To Die For'

Birthday: Brian Wilson

Choosing a name related to Brian Wilson for your dog is a good idea because it pays tribute to a musical legend. Just as Brian Wilson's music resonates with many and has stood the test of time, your dog's name will also carry a sense of enduring charm and appeal. Not only will it serve as a constant reminder of Wilson's contribution to music, but it also adds a unique and personal touch to your dog's identity.
Name Description
Album Brian Wilson was a master of the album format
Beachy An obvious, but fitting, tribute to The Beach Boys
Californian A tribute to The Beach Boys' home state where they developed their unique sound
Capella Inspired by Brian's acapella arrangements
Chord A tribute to Brian's complex chord progressions
GoodVibration Named after The Beach Boys' groundbreaking song
Groovy A nod to the groovy vibes of the 60s music scene
Harmony A tribute to Brian Wilson's intricate harmonies
Hawthorne Named after Brian's hometown in California
Lyric A tribute to Brian's poignant and introspective lyrics
Melody A tribute to Brian Wilson's unforgettable melodies
PetSounds This name is inspired by one of Brian Wilson's most influential albums
Rhythm A tribute to Brian Wilson's contributions to rhythm and blues
Rockin A nod to Brian Wilson's rock and roll roots
Sixties Representing the decade when Brian Wilson and The Beach Boys were most prominent
Sloop The title of a popular Beach Boys song, 'Sloop John B.'
Stereo Named after the stereo sound Brian helped popularize
Summer A nod to the band's classic hit, 'All Summer Long.'
Sunset A nod to the golden California sunsets that inspired so much of Brian's music
Surfer Inspired by the band's iconic surf rock sound
Symphony Brian often referred to his music as 'teenage symphonies to God.'
Tempo Brian Wilson was known for his experimental tempo changes
Vibrato A musical term signifying Brian's unique vocal technique
Vinyl A tribute to the era in which Brian Wilson left his mark
Waves A nod to The Beach Boys' oceanic themes

Birthday: Josh Lucas

Naming your dog after Josh Lucas can be a great idea for fans of this talented actor. It not only allows you to show your admiration for his work but also gives your dog a unique and distinctive name. Plus, it can be a fun conversation starter when people ask about the origin of your pet's name.
Name Description
Alabama This honors the actor's role in 'Sweet Home Alabama'
Beautiful A tribute to 'A Beautiful Mind', one of his films
Breaker Inspired by the movie 'Breaker', where he gave an astounding performance
Ferrari A nod to his role in the film 'Ford v Ferrari'
Ford Lucas portrayed Henry Ford II in the movie 'Ford v Ferrari'
Glory In reference to the movie 'Glory Road', in which Lucas starred
Hulk Josh Lucas was part of this superhero movie's cast
Jigsaw An acknowledgement of his part in the 'Saw' franchise
Life A tribute to 'Life As We Know It', where Lucas played a significant role
Lone In reference to his role in 'Lone Star'
Mindhunter Inspired by his role in 'A Beautiful Mind'
Peacock Josh Lucas starred in a movie with this title
Poseidon The name of a movie where Josh Lucas showed his acting skills
RedDog A nod to his role in the film 'Red Dog'
Salt An acknowledgement of his role in the movie 'Salt'
Session He gave a notable performance in 'Session 9'
Shadow It's a nod to his role in the movie 'The Shadow Dancer'
Squatter A tribute to his role in 'Squatter'
Stealth A salute to his role in the action film of the same name
Stolen It refers to a movie where Josh Lucas acted
Tell This is in reference to the movie 'Tell', where Lucas showcased his acting talent
Undertow Named after a thriller film where Lucas showed his acting prowess
Winged In honor of his role in 'Winged Creatures'
Wonder In reference to his role in the film 'Wonder'
Yellowstone He appeared in a TV series with this name
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