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7-10-2024 Dog Names

Updated: July 10, 2024

Welcome to our unique collection of dog names inspired by some of the most exciting events and prominent figures born on this day, July 10th. These names commemorate a blend of courage, talent, and resilience, paying homage to the unforgettable feats and individuals associated with this date.

Our first line of inspiration draws from the remarkable achievement in 1938 when Howard Hughes, an ambitious aviator, set a new world record by completing a 91-hour airplane flight around the world. This unparalleled bravery and determination are qualities we often admire in our canine friends, making this a fitting source of inspiration.

Furthermore, we celebrate the birthdays of several noteworthy individuals. Andre Dawson, a professional baseball player and a proud inductee into the Baseball Hall of Fame, is one of them. His prowess and dedication to the sport resonate with the unwavering loyalty and playful spirit of our four-legged pals. Also born on July 10th is Gary LeVox, the lead vocalist of the country music trio Rascal Flatts. His powerful voice and soulful music reflect the heartfelt companionship and joy that dogs bring into our lives. Lastly, we honor Jessica Simpson, a pop singer, reality television star, and fashion entrepreneur. Her versatility and charisma are reminiscent of the diverse personalities and endearing charm that dogs possess.

Whether you're a fan of aviation history, baseball, country music, pop culture, or all of the above, we're confident that you'll find a name here that perfectly captures your dog's unique character and spirit. Enjoy exploring this exclusive list of names, and may you find the one that suits your furry friend best.

Name Reason to Choose
Academy As a nod to the foundation of the U.S. Naval Academy, an institution that has contributed immensely to the United States Navy
Account Inspired by the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002, which increased corporate accountability
Anchor Symbolic of the naval theme associated with the founding of the U.S. Naval Academy
Annapolis In tribute to the location where the U.S. Naval Academy was established, fostering generations of naval officers
Aquaman In the series 'Entourage', Adrian Grenier's character played the fictional superhero Aquaman
Aviator Representing Howard Hughes' record-breaking feat in aviation
Blonde A nod to Jessica Simpson's signature blonde hair
Boris In honor of Boris Yeltsin, the first elected President of Russia in 1991
Bubbles Reminiscent of the fizzy sensation of the classic Coke brought back in 1985
Caliente Spanish for 'hot', reflecting the extreme heat recorded in Death Valley
Carlon Named after Carlon Jeffery himself
Champion A salute to the U.S. women's soccer team's championship performance in the 1999 World Cup
Clark Named after Clark Kent, Superman's secret identity, co-created by Joe Shuster
Classic Reflects the return to the old formula of Coke announced by Coca-Cola Company in 1985
Colombia A tribute to Sofia's home country
Concord Echoing the harmonious goal of the 1951 armistice talks
Country A reminder of Gary's contribution to country music
Cronkite Named after Walter Cronkite, a contemporary and competitor of David Brinkley
Cubbie A reference to Thomas's role in 'A Kid in King Arthur's Court,' who was a big Chicago Cubs fan
Daisy A tribute to Jessica Simpson's role in the movie 'The Dukes of Hazzard'
Democrat Commemorates the democratic milestone of the first elected presidency in Russia in 1991
Dennis The name of the hurricane that hit the Florida Panhandle in 2005
Director In tribute to Adrian Grenier's work as a director
Disney Named after the network where Carlon gained fame
Drummer Adrian Grenier is a drummer in addition to being an actor
Emmy In honor of the numerous Emmy Awards David Brinkley won during his career
Entourage Named after the HBO series in which Adrian Grenier starred
Equality Reflecting Wyoming's progressive stance on women's rights in 1890
Evac Short for 'evacuation', this name honors the successful evacuation efforts during Hurricane Dennis
Expo Named after the Montreal Expos, Andre Dawson's first Major League team
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Birthday: Joe Shuster

Naming your dog after a character or aspect related to Joe Shuster is a great way to honor the legacy of this iconic comic book artist. It not only reflects your appreciation for Shuster's work and the Superman franchise, but also adds a unique and heroic touch to your pet's identity. Just like Superman, your dog can also be your brave and loyal companion.
Name Description
Bizarro A character from the Superman comics known for being the opposite of the hero
Brainiac Named after a villain in the Superman comics, for a smart dog
Clark In honor of Clark Kent, Superman's alter ego
Crypto After Krypto the Superdog, Superman's pet in the comic series
Doomsday A powerful Superman adversary, for a powerful dog
Jimmy In tribute to Jimmy Olsen, a character from the Superman franchise
Jor-El Superman's father's name, for a dog that is a great companion
Kal-El Named after Superman's birth name, the character co-created by Joe Shuster
Kandor After the city in Krypton, for a dog with a strong sense of place
Kelex Named after the loyal robot servant in the Fortress of Solitude
Kon-El Named after Superboy's Kryptonian name in the comics
Krypton This name is a nod to Superman's home planet
Lana In honor of Lana Lang, a character from the Superman comics
Lois In tribute to Lois Lane, a character from the Superman franchise
Luthor After Lex Luthor, Superman's arch-nemesis
Metropolis Superman's home city, a symbol of his commitment to humanity
Mon-El A character from the Superman series who shares similar powers
Mxyzptlk After the impish character from the Superman universe, for a playful dog
Parasite Named after a villain in the Superman comics, for a dog that loves to play rough
Solitude Named after the Fortress of Solitude, Superman's sanctuary
Steel Symbolizing Superman's unmatched strength
Supergirl In honor of Superman's cousin and fellow superhero
Titano A giant ape with Kryptonite vision from the Superman universe, for a large dog
Ultra Symbolizing the ultra-human abilities of Superman
Zod A villian in the Superman universe, for a dog with a strong personality

Birthday: Jessica Simpson

Naming your dog after elements related to Jessica Simpson is a great idea because it allows fans to pay tribute to this remarkable singer, TV star, and fashion entrepreneur. She has a fun, bubbly, and lovable personality that can be reflected in your pet. Plus, it's a unique way to show your fandom and have a daily reminder of your favorite star.
Name Description
Angel Inspired by a song from her first album
Ashlee A tribute to Jessica's sister, who's also in the entertainment industry
Billionaire In honor of Jessica's business acumen
Blonde Representing Jessica's iconic blonde hair
Blossom A nod to her popular fragrance line
Boots Inspired by her popular song, 'These Boots Are Made for Walkin''
Daisy Named in honor of Jessica's favorite childhood pet
Dukes A nod to Jessica's role in the movie 'Dukes of Hazzard'
Empire Named in honor of Jessica's successful entrepreneurial ventures
Fashion In recognition of Jessica's successful fashion line
Irresistible A tribute to one of Jessica's biggest hits
Maxwell It's the name of Jessica's eldest child
Newlyweds Inspired by the reality show that catapulted Jessica to fame
Nick A tribute to Jessica's first husband, Nick Lachey
Platinum A tribute to Jessica's platinum-selling albums
Pop A nod to her successful pop music career
Public A nod to her successful perfume line, 'Fancy'
Reality For her role in reality TV
Romance Inspired by Jessica's romantic ballads
Singer In recognition of her powerful voice
Starlet In honor of Jessica's status as a Hollywood star
Sweetkiss A nod to Jessica's debut album, 'Sweet Kisses'
Texan To honor Jessica's Texas roots
Trendsetter A tribute to her influence in fashion
Tuna Reminiscent of Jessica's infamous 'chicken of the sea' moment

Birthday: Carlon Jeffery

Choosing a dog name inspired by Carlon Jeffery is a unique way to honor and celebrate the talent and charisma of the actor and rapper. It's an ideal choice for fans of A.N.T. Farm or his music, reflecting their admiration and love for his work. Not only will it give your pet a distinctive name, but it will also be a fun conversation starter for all the Carlon Jeffery fans out there.
Name Description
Ant A fun reference to A.N.T. Farm, Carlon's claim to fame
Applause A nod to the acclaim Carlon has received throughout his career
Beat To honor Carlon's rhythm in his music
Cadence Representing Carlon's rhythmic flow in his raps
CarlonJ An homage to Carlon's first name and initial of his last name
Comedy A note to Carlon's comedic acting skills
Disney To honor the platform which brought Carlon into the limelight
Drama Symbolizing Carlon's acting prowess
Emmy Saluting the high-level of performance Carlon brings to his roles
Encore Honoring Carlon's ability to leave audiences wanting more
Fame Representing Carlon's success in the entertainment world
Farm This recalls the sitcom where Carlon gained fame
Hollywood A nod to the industry where Carlon has made his mark
Lyric A nod to Carlon's skill as a rapper
Melody Reflecting Carlon's musical talent
Microphone A tribute to Carlon's profession as a rapper
Onscreen For Carlon's significant onscreen presence
Rapper This name reflects Carlon's talent in the music industry
Rhyme A tribute to Carlon's lyrical ability in his music
Rhythm Reflecting Carlon's musical abilities
Script A nod to the acting side of Carlon's career
Set Honoring Carlon's time spent on television sets
Sitcom For Carlon's notable performance in the A.N.T. Farm sitcom
Spotlight Honoring Carlon's time in the public eye
Star A tribute to Carlon's status in the entertainment industry

Birthday: Adrian Grenier

Choosing a name related to Adrian Grenier for your dog is a great idea, especially if you're a fan of his work. It not only pays homage to this talented actor but also gives your pet a unique and recognizable name. Plus, it's a great conversation starter for anyone who recognizes the reference!
Name Description
Aquaman A nod to the superhero role Vincent Chase played in the show
Ari Adrian's agent in Entourage, a memorable character
Brooklyn A nod to Adrian's birthplace
Cecil Adrian's character in the film The Adventures of Sebastian Cole
Chase Last name of Adrian's character in Entourage
Click Adrian was a part of this Adam Sandler movie
Devil Adrian's role in Devil Wears Prada
Drama Another character from Entourage, also Vincent's brother
Galapagos Adrian directed a documentary focused on this archipelago
Gatsby Inspired by Adrian's role in a modern adaptation of The Great Gatsby
Green Adrian is a well-known environmental activist
Hollywood Symbolizes the setting of Entourage, where Adrian achieved fame
Honey Adrian directed a documentary about a family of beekeepers
Indie Adrian is a big supporter of independent cinema
Mariner Inspired by Adrian's sea exploration documentary series
Medellin The film Vincent starred in on Entourage
Melrose A tribute to the Melrose Place TV show where Adrian appeared
Pablo Adrian played Pablo Escobar's finance minister in a movie
Queens The hometown of Vincent Chase, Adrian's character in Entourage
Rebound Title of a comedy film Adrian starred in
Rockaway Adrian starred in a film named after this beach in Queens
Shotgun Adrian's character in the movie Drive Me Crazy
Sundance A tribute to the Sundance Film Festival, where Adrian's films have been featured
Turtle One of Vincent's friends on Entourage, makes for a fun dog name
Vincent Paying homage to Adrian's character in Entourage

Birthday: Sofia Vergara

Choosing a Sofia Vergara inspired name for your dog is a great way to honor this talented actress known for her vivacious personality and comedic talent. It is perfect for fans of Modern Family or those who admire Sofia's positive spirit and charm, and want to bring a little bit of that energy into their pet's life.
Name Description
Barranquilla Respecting the birth city of Sofia Vergara, in Colombia
Cancer Representing Sofia's battle with thyroid cancer and her survival
Charm Symbolizing Sofia's captivating charm
Colombia Honoring Sofia's Colombian roots
Comedy Inspired by Sofia's comedic roles
Diva Representing Sofia's diva-like persona on screen
Emmy Acknowledging her multiple Emmy nominations
Entrepreneur Acknowledging her successful business ventures
Fashion Representing Sofia's sense of style
Gloria To commemorate the character Sofia portrayed in Modern Family
Gorgeous A compliment to Sofia's beauty
Icon Representing Sofia's status as a pop culture icon
Inspiration Representing Sofia's role as an inspiration to many
Latin A nod to Sofia's Latin heritage
Manolo Named after Sofia's son
Passion Representing Sofia's passion for acting
Pepsi Representing the ad campaign Sofia was part of in her early career
Philanthro In honor of Sofia's philanthropic endeavors
Sassy Representing Sofia's bold and outspoken nature
Soul Representing Sofia's vibrant and lively personality
Star An acknowledgment of Sofia's star status in Hollywood
Talent In honor of Sofia's abundant acting talent
Television Representing Sofia's successful TV career
Toti It's Sofia's nickname, given by her siblings
Uni Representing her work with Univision as a host
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