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7-8-2024 Dog Names

Updated: July 08, 2024

Welcome to a unique collection of canine names inspired by significant events and birthdays that grace the date of July 8th. This page serves as a tribute to the optimistic aspect of these occurrences, infusing your pet's name with a hint of history and global importance.

The first event that inspires our collection is the iconic Live Earth benefit concert held in 2007. This monumental event took place in 11 different locations around the globe, uniting people through music for a noble cause – fighting climate change. Similarly, the arrival of the Juno space probe at Jupiter in 2016 is another significant event that marked our progress in space exploration. The probe's 20-month survey of the planet brought forth new discoveries and insights about the gas giant. These events symbolize unity, discovery, and a step towards a sustainable future, making them perfect inspirations for your dog's name.

Furthermore, we draw inspiration from the birthdays of prolific actors Jake McDorman, Jeffrey Tambor, and Kevin Bacon. McDorman, known for his roles in 'Greek' and 'Limitless', Tambor, celebrated for his performances in 'The Larry Sanders Show' and 'Arrested Development', and Bacon, recognized for his roles in 'Footloose', 'A Few Good Men', 'Mystic River' and his philanthropic work with, all share this special date. Their diverse talents and charitable work add a dimension of creativity, compassion, and resilience to our collection of dog names.

Whether you're a music enthusiast, a space lover, or an admirer of these admirable actors, these dog names offer a unique blend of history, achievement, and positivity. We hope you find the perfect name that will not only make your pet stand out but also tell a story of its own.

Name Reason to Choose
Amandog A play on Amanda's first name, it infuses her name with the word 'dog'
Anjelica Named after Anjelica Huston herself
Arrested This name is taken from 'Arrested Development', a TV series in which Jeffrey Tambor starred
Atlantis A nod to the Space Shuttle Atlantis, which marked the final mission of the U.S. Space Shuttle program
Author Given Anjelica Huston's writing career, Author would be a meaningful name
Bacon Named directly after Kevin Bacon, it's also a fun name for a dog
Bagwell It's named after Robert Knepper's character in 'Prison Break' - Theodore 'T-Bag' Bagwell
Beck A direct tribute to the musician himself
Benefit A tribute to the purpose of the concert - benefitting the Earth
Blender As Beck is known for blending genres, Blender would be a fitting name
Bluth This name is inspired by Jeffrey Tambor's character's last name in 'Arrested Development'
Boot This name is inspired by Toby Keith's hit 'Courtesy of the Red, White and Blue' where he mentions 'the boot'
Break Robert Knepper is best known for his role in 'Prison Break', hence the name
Broker A title given to those who are involved in the world of Wall Street, where the Journal first emerged
Bull This name is chosen in reference to Michael Weatherly's role in the TV series 'Bull'
Calvin This name is a nod to Lance Gross's character Calvin Payne in 'Tyler Perry's House of Payne'
Cinema An homage to Amanda's career in film
Comet This name reflects the celestial bodies that the shuttle Atlantis might have passed during its final mission
Cosmos A name representing the vast cosmos explored by the Juno space probe
Country This name is a tribute to Toby Keith's genre of music
Crudup This name is Billy Crudup's last name
Darby A straightforward tribute to Kim Darby's last name
Dead This name is inspired by one of Kim Darby's notable films, 'Better Off Dead'
DiNozzo This name is derived from Michael Weatherly's famous character Tony DiNozzo in the TV series 'NCIS'
Director This name is a nod to Michael Weatherly's role as a director
Earth A tribute to the first Live Earth benefit concert which took place in 2007
Eco This name represents the Live Earth concert's goal to highlight ecological issues
Elephant This name is taken from the Broadway play 'The Elephant Man' in which Billy Crudup performed
Epro A unique name taken from one of Beck's songs
Eydie Named after Steve Lawrence's late wife and singing partner, Eydie Gormé
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Birthday: Steve Lawrence

Naming your dog after Steve Lawrence is a unique and wonderful idea, especially if you're a fan of classic music and acting. Steve's songs and roles have brought joy, comfort, and entertainment to many, just like our beloved dogs do for us. By choosing a name related to Steve Lawrence, you're honoring a music legend while also giving your pooch a name that's sure to spark conversations and smiles.
Name Description
Ballad Signifies Lawrence's proficiency in ballad singing
Baritone Symbolizes Lawrence's deep, rich voice
Broadway Reflecting Lawrence's stage career on Broadway
Chorus An ode to the memorable choruses in Lawrence's songs
Crooner Celebrates Lawrence's smooth, crooning vocal style
Encore In tribute to the many encores Lawrence has received in his career
Eydie A tribute to Eydie Gormé, Lawrence's late wife and singing partner
Grammy Named in honor of Steve Lawrence's Grammy Award win
Harmony Represents the harmonious duets Lawrence performed with his wife
Jazzy An homage to Lawrence's jazz-influenced style
Legend Because Steve Lawrence is a legendary figure in music
Lullaby Named for Lawrence's ability to soothe listeners with his voice
Lyric Signifying the importance of lyrics in Lawrence's music
Melody Representing Lawrence's outstanding melody sense
Nightcap A nod to Lawrence's late-night performances
Rhapsody A nod to the rhapsodic nature of Lawrence's music
Serenade Named for the serenades Lawrence has given in his songs
Showtime Symbolizing the excitement of a Steve Lawrence show
SilverTone Reflecting the 'silver tone' of Lawrence's voice
Solo Commemorates Lawrence's successful solo career
Starlet Reminiscent of Lawrence's early fame and stardom
Swing Symbolizes the swing era, during which Lawrence was active
TopTen Named for the many top ten hits Lawrence has had
Tune In tribute to the many memorable tunes Lawrence has performed
Vinyl A nod to the era of music when Lawrence was most active

Birthday: Jaden Smith

Naming your dog inspired by Jaden Smith can be a creative and fun way to honor this multi-talented and environmentally-conscious icon. This can be a great conversation starter and a constant reminder of the values that Jaden stands for - talent, perseverance, and commitment to environmental sustainability.
Name Description
Actor This name is chosen to recognize Jaden's successful acting career
Artist This name is to honor Jaden's diverse talents, including acting, rapping, and songwriting
Cyrus This name is chosen after Jaden's character in the film 'The Day the Earth Stood Still'
Dre This name is chosen after the character Jaden portrayed in 'The Karate Kid'
Earth This name mirrors Jaden's environmental activism
Eco This name is chosen to reflect Jaden's commitment to environmental sustainability
Erys This name is from Jaden's second album, a counterpart to his first album, Syre
Gemini This name is chosen because Jaden, born in July, is a Gemini
Green This name is chosen to honor Jaden's environmental activism
Happyness This name pays tribute to Jaden's role in the film 'The Pursuit of Happyness'
Hollywood This name is chosen to symbolize Jaden's career in the film industry
Icon This name comes from one of Jaden's hit songs
Indigo This name is chosen after Jaden's concept of the 'Indigo child', often present in his music
Just This name is taken from Jaden's eco-friendly water supply company, Just Water
Karate This name is inspired by Jaden's role in 'The Karate Kid'
Kitai This name is from Jaden's role in the film 'After Earth'
MSFTS This name is derived from Jaden's lifestyle brand and music collective
NeoYokio Inspired by the Netflix original anime series where Jaden provided voiceover
Pioneer This name is chosen to honor Jaden's innovative endeavors in music and business
Rapper This name is chosen to honor Jaden's musical talents
Skate This name reflects Jaden's known love for skateboarding
Smithy This name is a playful nod to Jaden's surname
Syre This name is taken from Jaden's debut studio album of the same title
Vision This name is chosen for Jaden's visionary ideas in music and entrepreneurship
Water This name reflects Jaden's efforts towards water sustainability through his company, Just Water

Birthday: Jeffrey Tambor

Naming your dog after characters played by Jeffrey Tambor or related to his life and career can be a fun and unique way to honor this talented actor. If you're a fan of his work in 'The Larry Sanders Show', 'Arrested Development', or any of his other projects, this could be a great way to show your appreciation and share a bit of that enjoyment with your furry friend.
Name Description
Actor This is to honor Tambor's career in acting
Archer Tambor is the voice artist for a character on this animated television series
Bluth This is the surname of the family Tambor's character belongs to in 'Arrested Development'
Broadway This is to honor Tambor's work in Broadway productions
Comedy Tambor is known for his roles in comedy series
Dramedy This is a nod to Tambor's roles in several dramedy series
Emmy This represents Tambor's Emmy Award wins
George In 'Arrested Development', Tambor played a character named George
Golden Tambor won a Golden Globe Award for his acting skills
Hank This name is a tribute to Tambor's character in 'The Larry Sanders Show'
Heynow This is Hank Kingsley's catchphrase in 'The Larry Sanders Show'
Icon This is to honor Tambor's iconic roles in television
Kingsley This is a reference to Tambor's character's last name in 'The Larry Sanders Show'
Legend This is in recognition of Tambor's legendary status in the acting world
Maura In 'Transparent', Tambor played a character named Maura
Oscar On 'Arrested Development', Tambor played a character named Oscar
Primetime This signifies Tambor's Primetime Emmy Awards
Sanders This references 'The Larry Sanders Show', in which Tambor had a prominent role
Screen Tambor was a recipient of the Screen Actors Guild Award
Sitcom This name represents Tambor's extensive work in sitcoms
Star A tribute to Tambor's star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame
Tamborine A playful nod to the actor's surname
Tinseltown This is a nod to Tambor's career in Hollywood
Transparent This is a reference to the series 'Transparent', in which Tambor had a leading role
Voice This name is a tribute to Tambor's work as a voice artist

Birthday: Kevin Bacon

Choosing a name related to Kevin Bacon for your dog is a great way to honor this accomplished actor. If you're a fan of his films or his music, a Kevin Bacon-inspired name can also serve as a fun conversation starter. Plus, with his involvement in charity work, it's a name that carries a positive, giving spirit.
Name Description
Apollo In acknowledgment of Bacon's role in 'Apollo 13'
Bacon A clear and direct tribute to the actor himself
Diner Acknowledges Bacon's breakthrough role in the film 'Diner'
Echoplex Named after Bacon's band, The Bacon Brothers' first album 'Forosoco'
Fenwick A tribute to Bacon's 'Diner' character, Timothy Fenwick Jr
Flatliners Named after another memorable film in Bacon's career
Following Inspired by Bacon's TV Series 'The Following'
Footloose It pays homage to one of Kevin Bacon's most iconic films
Heights Inspired by 'The Heights', a film Bacon directed in 2005
Hollow Inspired by Bacon's performance in 'Sleepers'
Jack A tribute to Bacon's character in 'Apollo 13', Jack Swigert
Kyra A tribute to Kevin Bacon's wife, Kyra Sedgwick
Mariner Named after Bacon's character Jack Swigert's spacecraft in 'Apollo 13'
Musician A tribute to Kevin's dual career as an actor and musician
Mystic An homage to 'Mystic River', in which Bacon played a crucial role
Philly Honoring Bacon's hometown, Philadelphia
Ren A nod to Bacon's character in 'Footloose', Ren McCormack
River A nod to 'Mystic River', a standout performance by Kevin Bacon
Rourke Inspired by Bacon's character in 'Diner', Timothy Fenwick Jr
Sebastian A nod to Bacon's character in 'X-Men: First Class', Sebastian Shaw
Sedgwick A nod to Kevin Bacon's wife and fellow actor, Kyra Sedgwick
SixDegrees Named after Bacon's charitable organization,
Tremors Recalls Bacon's role in the cult classic 'Tremors'
WildThings A tribute to Kevin's role in the movie 'Wild Things'
XMen Reflecting Bacon's role as Sebastian Shaw in 'X-Men: First Class'
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