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Updated: July 09, 2024

As we delve into the intriguing world of dog names inspired by notable events and birthdays of July 9th, we celebrate the resilience, unity, creativity, and passion embodied by these unique moments in history. The dog names on this page pay homage to events that have shaped history in both positive and complex ways, teaching us lessons of overcoming adversity and standing up for what we believe in. In 1997, for instance, the world saw boxing legend Mike Tyson's fall from grace as he was banned from the sport for biting Evander Holyfield's ear. This event, while controversial, serves as a reminder of the importance of sportsmanship and respect in all areas of life, including our relationships with our canine companions.

The year 2002 saw the establishment of the African Union in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, replacing the Organisation of African Unity. This significant event stands as a symbol of unity, cooperation, and progress, ideals we hope our furry friends will embody. Thus, the dog names on this page also reflect the spirit of unity and cooperation that the African Union represents.

Let's not forget the remarkable individuals born on this day who have left indelible marks in their respective fields. Jack White, born in 1975, is a testament to the power of creativity and the impact of music. His namesake canopies traits of passion, individuality, and artistic flair. Similarly, Jimmy Smits, born in 1955, has had a distinguished career in acting, embodying characters with strength, charisma, and integrity. A dog carrying his name would surely be a noble and loyal companion. Finally, we honor the influential English artist David Hockney, born in 1937. His contribution to the pop art movement of the 1960s has made him a key figure in the art world, adding a dash of color and innovation to your pet's identity. These dog names, inspired by these eminent personalities, truly capture their essence and spirit.

Name Reason to Choose
Sifuentes Jimmy Smits played attorney Victor Sifuentes in L.A. Law
Smits Named after Jimmy Smits himself
Soldier The place where a key rally of the Chicago Freedom Movement took place
Solidarity Reflects the spirit of unity and cooperation that the African Union represents
Stage Reflecting on David Hockney's work as a stage designer
Stripe Named after The White Stripes, a band where Jack White was the lead singer and guitarist
Sudan Honors South Sudan's independence, a significant milestone in the country's history
Sully This is a nod to Tom Hanks' role in the film Sully
Synth Reflecting on Marc Almond's contribution to the synthpop genre
Topgun Kelly McGillis starred in the iconic film Top Gun
Torch Marc Almond released a popular song called 'Torch'
Town Named after 'The Town', a film that featured Chris Cooper
Trade Commemorates the re-establishment of trade between India and China in 2006
Treaty Named after the peace treaty that ended a state of war, as requested by President Truman
Truman In honor of President Harry Truman who called for peace with Germany in 1951
Union Commemorates the establishment of the African Union in 2002, a symbol of unity and cooperation
Unity Represents the bridging of a historical divide and the unity between the U.S. and Cuba
Valor Symbolizes the bravery of the South Vietnamese units in taking over the Demilitarized Zone
Victor Signifies the victory over apartheid, leading to South Africa's readmission to the Olympics
Warhol A tribute to the iconic pop artist who had his first West Coast gallery exhibition in 1962
Wilson A tribute to President Woodrow Wilson who attended the 101 Ranch Wild West Show
Wimbledon A nod to the prestigious tennis tournament that started in 1877
Witness Kelly McGillis starred in a film called Witness
Wonder This name is inspired by Fred Savage's role in The Wonder Years
Woody Tom Hanks voiced the character Woody in the Toy Story series
Zone In 1971, the complete responsibility of the Demilitarized Zone was given to South Vietnamese units
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Birthday: Jack White

Naming your dog after Jack White could be a great homage to a musical genius and a creative icon. If you're a fan of his music, this could be a way to express your admiration and have a constant reminder of his phenomenal talent and distinctive musical style. Plus, Jack White-inspired names are unique, catchy and full of character, just like his music.
Name Description
Apple Inspired by 'Apple Blossom', a song from the album 'De Stijl'
Ball In recognition of 'Ball and Biscuit', a beloved White Stripes track
Biscuit A nod to 'Ball and Biscuit', a song by The White Stripes
Blunderbuss This is the name of his debut solo album
Candy Inspired by 'Candy Cane Children', a White Stripes' single
Consoler A nod to 'Consoler of the Lonely', an album by The Raconteurs
Deadweather In reference to The Dead Weather, another band Jack White is part of
Denial Taken from 'Denial Twist', a song from the album 'Get Behind Me Satan'
Doorbell A nod to 'My Doorbell', a catchy White Stripes song
Elephant It's the title of The White Stripes' fourth studio album
Fell Taken from 'Fell In Love With a Girl', a hit song by The White Stripes
Freedom In honor of 'Freedom At 21', a song from Jack White's solo album 'Blunderbuss'
Harlequin A nod to Jack White's distinctive black, white and red color scheme
Icky Derived from 'Icky Thump', a hit song by The White Stripes
Instinct In honor of the song 'Instinct Blues' from the 'Get Behind Me Satan' album
Jolene The White Stripes covered this famous Dolly Parton song
Lazaretto One of Jack White's solo albums shares this title
Meg This honors Meg White, who was his bandmate in The White Stripes
Nashville The city where Jack White currently resides and operates his record company
Orchid This is in reference to his record label Third Man Records' logo
Peppermint A nod to the first ever White Stripes' single, 'The Big Three Killed My Baby'
Raconteur This refers to The Raconteurs, Jack White's other band
Ragbone Inspired by 'Rag and Bone', a track from the 'Icky Thump' album
Seven The number seven is often referenced in Jack White's work
Stripe This name reflects the band that brought him into the limelight, The White Stripes

Birthday: Tom Hanks

Choosing a dog name inspired by Tom Hanks can be a fun and meaningful way to pay tribute to this legendary actor and filmmaker. His roles span a wide range of characters, each with their unique quirks and personalities. Your dog, just like a Hanks character, may be adventurous, heroic, funny, or endearing - making these names a perfect fit.
Name Description
Apollo This is a tribute to 'Apollo 13', a space drama film in which Hanks gave a memorable performance
Banks Taken from 'Saving Mr. Banks', a film where Hanks played Walt Disney
Big Refers to the movie 'Big', which earned Hanks his first Oscar nomination
Bosom Recalling the TV series 'Bosom Buddies', which was one of Hanks' early roles
Bridge Inspired by the movie 'Bridge of Spies', in which Hanks gave a captivating performance
Captain In honor of Hanks' role in 'Captain Phillips'
Castaway This refers to the film 'Cast Away' where Hanks delivered an unforgettable performance
Cleveland In honor of Hanks' character, who hails from Cleveland, in 'Joe Versus the Volcano'
Colin In honor of Hanks' son, Colin Hanks, who is also an actor
DaVinci 'The Da Vinci Code' featured Hanks in a thrilling role
Forrest A nod to the iconic character Hanks played in the movie 'Forrest Gump'
Gump An homage to one of Hanks' most loved characters, Forrest Gump
Hologram From 'A Hologram for the King', demonstrating Hanks' ability to excel in a variety of genres
Hooch Taken from 'Turner & Hooch', a comedy-drama film starring Hanks
League Named after 'A League of Their Own', a film where Hanks delivered the famous line, 'There's no crying in baseball!'
Philadelphia In honor of the movie 'Philadelphia', for which Hanks won his first Academy Award
Polar The 'Polar Express' is a beloved children's film in which Hanks played multiple roles
Rita Named after Hanks' wife, actress Rita Wilson
Ryan 'Saving Private Ryan' is one of the films that established Hanks as a serious actor
Splash Named after one of Hanks' first major film roles in 'Splash'
Spruce Derived from 'The Green Mile', a film that featured a stellar performance from Hanks
Sully Named after the character Hanks portrayed in the movie 'Sully'
Terminal Inspired by the film 'The Terminal', which showcased Hanks' versatility as an actor
Volare Taken from 'That Thing You Do!', a film that Hanks directed and starred in
Woody Hanks voiced the character Woody in the 'Toy Story' series

Birthday: Marc Almond

Choosing a name related to Marc Almond for your dog is a great idea, especially if you're a fan of his music. It's a fun and unique way to pay tribute to this iconic musician and his contribution to the synthpop/new wave genre. Not only will your dog have a cool, unusual name, but it will also spark conversations about Almond's music and legacy.
Name Description
Almond Derived from the artist's last name
Bedsitter A tribute to Almond's hit song 'Bedsitter.'
Bluegate A reference to Almond's 'Bluegate Fields' song from the 'Stories of Johnny' album
Champagne Named after the 'Champagne' song from the 'Stardom Road' album
Desire Inspired by Almond's single 'A Lover Spurned,' which talks about unrequited love and desire
Enchanted Taken from the title of Almond's album 'Enchanted.'
Fantastic This name reflects Almond's fantastic musical journey
Gene A tribute to Gene Pitney, whom Almond admired and collaborated with
Jacky Named after Almond's hit cover song 'Jacky.'
Marc The simplest way to honor Marc Almond is to name a dog after him
Melancholy Inspired by Almond's melancholic and emotional songwriting
Melody This name honors Almond's ability to create memorable melodies
SayHello Inspired from Almond’s solo hit 'Say Hello, Wave Goodbye.'
SoftCell This name is a nod to Almond's synthpop band, which gained widespread fame
Soul This name references Almond's soulful singing style
Stardom Taken from the title of Almond's album 'Stardom Road.'
Synthpop A tribute to the music style that Almond is best known for
Tainted This name originates from Soft Cell’s most famous song 'Tainted Love.'
Tenement Named after Almond's song 'Tenement Symphony.'
Torch Named after Almond's album 'Torch,' which marked his solo career
Treasure Inspired by Almond's song 'Treasure Box.'
Varieté Inspired by Almond's 2010 album 'Varieté.'
Velvet This name references Almond's smooth, velvety voice
Vermin A reference to Almond's 'Vermin in Ermine' album
Wave This name references the new wave genre, which Soft Cell was a part of

Birthday: Kelly McGillis

Choosing a name related to Kelly McGillis for your dog is a great idea because it honors an iconic actress who has made a significant contribution to the film industry. It's a unique and personal way to show your appreciation for her work, especially if you're a fan of her movies like 'Top Gun'. This will also make your dog stand out with an elegant and meaningful name.
Name Description
Accused 'The Accused' is another film where McGillis showcased her acting prowess
Aero In recognition of the aviation theme in 'Top Gun'
Aviator A reference to the aviation theme in 'Top Gun' where McGillis played a major role
Charlie Refers to the character of McGillis in 'Top Gun'
Cinema Commends the medium that made McGillis a household name
Cockpit Refers to a crucial part of the jets in 'Top Gun', a film that catapulted McGillis to fame
Falcon Inspired by the fast and powerful bird, indicative of the jets in 'Top Gun'
Flyboy Inspired by the term used for pilots in 'Top Gun'
Goose Inspired by the character Goose from 'Top Gun', a film that brought McGillis global recognition
Hawk In honor of the bird of prey, reflecting the fierce aerial battles in 'Top Gun'
Hollywood Symbolizes the industry where McGillis made her mark
Iceman Inspired by the character Iceman from 'Top Gun', a film that brought Kelly stardom
Jester In 'Top Gun', McGillis worked alongside the character named Jester
Jet Reference to the high-speed jets that were a main theme in 'Top Gun'
Maverick A nod to the character played by Tom Cruise, who was the love interest of McGillis in 'Top Gun'
Navigator Gives a nod to 'Top Gun', a film about fighter pilots and navigation
Radar A tribute to 'Top Gun', a film about fighter pilots who rely on radars
Raptor Inspired by the aircraft F-22 Raptor, which echoes the aviation theme in 'Top Gun'
Silverscreen A term for the movie industry where McGillis has left her mark
Skyhawk A type of jet in 'Top Gun', a film that brought fame to McGillis
Stardust Symbolizes the stardom acquired by McGillis through her successful film career
Stinger Nods to the character Stinger from 'Top Gun', a film where McGillis played a key role
Thunder Hints at 'Top Gun', a film full of aerial action and thunderous jet engines
Viper In honor of the character Viper from 'Top Gun', a film that starred McGillis
Witness Pays tribute to 'Witness', another popular film of McGillis

Birthday: David Hockney

Naming your dog with a name inspired by David Hockney is a great way to honor one of the most influential British artists of the 20th century. His work and style are distinctive and timeless, just like your furry friend's personality. It is also a conversation starter among art lovers and adds a unique touch to your pet's identity.
Name Description
Abstract A tribute to the abstract elements in Hockney's art
BritArt As a nod to Hockney's British heritage and contribution to art
Canvas A tribute to Hockney's medium of creation
Collage In honor of Hockney's well-known photo collages
Cubist Hockney's work was often influenced by cubism
Dachshund In memory of Hockney's beloved pet Dachshunds
Draftsman Hockney's skills as a draftsman are honored with this name
Exhibit A nod to the many exhibits of Hockney's work
Fresco A nod to Hockney's interest in the techniques of fresco painting
Graffiti Hockney was known to incorporate elements of graffiti in his works
Hockney Directly named after the artist, David Hockney
Influencer Hockney is one of the most influential British artists of the 20th century
Innovator Hockney was known for his innovative techniques and approaches in art
Malibu A nod to Hockney's love for California, where he spent a lot of his time
Palette A nod to the tools of Hockney's trade
Photog This is in tribute to Hockney's talent in photography
Polaroid In reference to Hockney's innovative use of Polaroid pictures in his art
Popart This pays homage to the pop art movement that Hockney was a part of
Printmaker Hockney's expertise in printmaking is honored with this name
Realist A tribute to Hockney's realist style in his works
Sixties The decade when Hockney became a key player in the Pop Art movement
Splash Named after one of Hockney's most famous works, 'A Bigger Splash'
Stagey In respect to Hockney's work as a stage designer
Technicolor In reference to Hockney's vibrant use of color in his works
Tyke A nod to Hockney's Yorkshire roots
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