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9th Century Dog Names

Updated: May 27, 2024

Welcome to this unique and fascinating insight into the world of canine nomenclature from a bygone era. Our journey takes us back to the 9th century, a time rich in history and cultural transformations across the globe. It was during this period that the relationship between humans and dogs evolved significantly, with our canine companions moving from mainly working roles to becoming cherished pets.

Just as today, the names bestowed upon these dogs often held special meaning, reflecting not just their physical attributes, but also their character, the status of their owners, or even the hopes and aspirations for the dog's future. These monikers provide a captivating glimpse into what life was like during this ancient epoch, and the roles dogs played in society. As you explore these names, you will discover their historical context and the stories they tell about the people and cultures of the time.

This page is a treasure trove for dog owners, history enthusiasts, and anyone interested in the cultural significance of pet naming. These ancient tags have stood the test of time, with some still popular today, while others wait to be rediscovered. We invite you to delve into this intriguing collection and perhaps find the perfect historical name for your beloved pet.

Name Reason to Choose
Aethelflaed Recognizes Aethelflaed, Lady of the Mercians and a strong female leader
Aethelred Draws from Aethelred I, King of Wessex from 865 to 871
Aldric An Old German name that means 'old ruler', it was popular during the 9th century
Alfred Named after Alfred the Great, King of Wessex
Algar An Old English name that was popular in the 9th century
Anselm Common name among bishops of the era
Arius Named after Arius, a 9th-century theologian
Arnulf Echoes Arnulf of Carinthia, a Holy Roman Emperor
Aslaug Tribute to Aslaug, a legendary queen consort in Norse mythology
Baldwin Tribute to Baldwin I, the first Count of Flanders
Basil Inspired by Basil I, the Byzantine Emperor
Beorhtwulf Named after Beorhtwulf of Mercia, a powerful king
Berengar Echoes the name of Berengar I of Italy
Berthold A Germanic name that means 'bright ruler'
Birger Inspired by Birger Brosa, a powerful Jarl of Sweden
Bjorn Named after Bjorn Ironside, a legendary Viking
Bodo A Germanic name that was common in the 9th century
Boris Honors Boris I of Bulgaria, a Christianizing ruler
Bruno A common name in the 9th century, often associated with strength and nobility
Canute Tribute to Canute the Great, a king of Denmark, England, and Norway
Cedric An Old English name that was common in the 9th century
Charlemagne Honors Charlemagne, a powerful and influential king
Clement The name of several Popes and saints of the time
Conrad A Germanic name that was popular in the 9th century
Cyril Celebrated missionary who was active during the 9th century
Dietrich A Germanic name that was common in the 9th century
Drogo A Germanic name that means 'carry', it was popular during the 9th century
Dunstan Archbishop of Canterbury in the late 9th century
Eadred A common name in England during the 9th century
Eadric An Old English name that was popular in the 9th century
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9th Century Geographic Dog Names

These names are based on notable regions, landmarks, or geographical features during the 9th century.
Name Description
Abbasid Named after the Abbasid Caliphate, which was a significant Islamic dynasty in the 9th century
Aghlabid A dynasty ruling North Africa and Sicily in the 9th century
Alfred King Alfred the Great defended England against Viking invasion in the 9th century
Asturias The Kingdom of Asturias in Spain was prominent in the 9th century
Baghdad During the 9th century, Baghdad was the capital of the Islamic world
Borobudur It's the name of a famous 9th-century Buddhist temple in Java
Britannia This name points to Britain, a region that experienced Viking invasions in the 9th century
Byzantium It's the name of the Eastern Roman Empire's capital, a prominent entity in the 9th century
Caledonia Roman name for Scotland which was a significant region during the 9th century
Charlemagne From the Frankish king, who had great influence over Europe in the early 9th century
Cordoba Named after a Spanish city that thrived during the 9th century under Moorish rule
Damascus The city of Damascus was an important center of culture and power in the 9th century
Danelaw This term refers to a historical region of England that was dominated by Danish law during the 9th century
Eboracum The Roman name for York, a city in England that was a significant Viking base in the 9th century
Frankia The Frankish kingdom was a dominant power during this time
Lindisfarne This island was famously attacked by Vikings in the 9th century
Lombard The Lombards were a Germanic people who ruled over the Kingdom of Italy during the 9th century
Lothar Named after Lothair I, a Frankish king in the 9th century
Mercia One of the kingdoms in the Heptarchy of Anglo-Saxon England
Nile Egypt was a significant region during the 9th century, and the Nile is its lifeblood
Norse Inspired by the Norsemen who were significant in this era
Pictish The Picts were a group of Celtic-speaking people who lived in what is now eastern and northern Scotland during the 9th century
Rus Referencing the Kievan Rus, a federation of East Slavic tribes in Europe from the late 9th century
Saracen This term was used by the Romans in the 9th century to refer to Arab Muslims
Viking It draws from the seafaring warriors who were prominent during the 9th century

9th Century Historical Figure Dog Names

These names are inspired by the names of significant historical figures from the 9th century.
Name Description
Æthelred Æthelred was a ninth-century king of Wessex
Alfred This name is inspired by Alfred the Great, a significant English king in the 9th century
Ansgar Ansgar was a missionary who spread Christianity in Denmark and Sweden in the 9th century
Arnulf Arnulf of Carinthia was a significant Carolingian king in the 9th century
Baldwin Baldwin I was a prominent figure in the 9th century, serving as the first count of Flanders
Basil Basil I, a Byzantine Emperor, reigned in the 9th century
Boris Boris I of Bulgaria was a significant ruler in the 9th century
Charlemagne He was a powerful king during the 9th century, ruling the Carolingian Empire
Eberhard Eberhard was a significant duke in Franconia during the 9th century
Egbert Egbert of Wessex was an influential figure in 9th century England
Ethelwulf Ethelwulf was a king of Wessex in the 9th century
Gorm Gorm the Old was a Danish king during the 9th century
Guthrum Guthrum was a Viking leader who became a king in the 9th century
Harald Harald Fairhair is recognized as the first King of Norway in the 9th century
Igor Igor of Kiev was a prominent Russian ruler during this period
Lothair Lothair I was an influential king and emperor of the Carolingian Empire
Louis Louis the Pious was a notable Emperor of the Carolingian Empire in the 9th century
Ludwig The German name of Louis the German, a ninth-century king of East Francia
Odo Odo was the first king of the western part of Francia in the ninth century
Otto Otto I was a German king who ruled in the 9th century
Pepin Pepin II was a Carolingian king in the 9th century
Photius Photius was a notable figure in the Byzantine Empire during the 9th century
Rurik Rurik was the founder of the Rurik Dynasty in Russia during the 9th century
Simeon Simeon I of Bulgaria was an influential ruler during the 9th century
Wiglaf Wiglaf was a prominent king of Mercia in the 9th century

9th Century Mythological Dog Names

These names are drawn from the myths and legends of various cultures during the 9th century.
Name Description
Baldr For Baldr, the Norse god of light and purity, often associated with benevolent animals
Bragi Bragi was the god of poetry in Norse mythology
Eir Eir was the goddess of healing in Norse mythology
Fenrir Fenrir was a monstrous wolf in Norse mythology
Forseti Forseti was the god of justice, peace, and truth in Norse mythology
Freyja After Freyja, the Norse goddess of love, beauty, and fertility, who had a fondness for animals
Frigg Frigg was the queen of the Æsir and the goddess of the sky in Norse mythology
Garm Garm was a blood-stained watchdog that guarded Hel's gate in Norse mythology
Hati Hati was a mythological wolf who chased the moon
Heimdall After the god Heimdall, guardian of the Norse gods, symbolic of protection
Hodur Hodur was a blind god tricked into killing his brother Baldr in Norse mythology
Hugin Odin's other raven, symbolizing the mind and wisdom
Idun Idun was the goddess of spring and rejuvenation in Norse mythology
Loki For Loki, the trickster god who could shape-shift into animals
Munin One of the two ravens of Odin, representing memory and thought
Nanna The wife of Baldr, a goddess associated with familial love and protection
Njord Njord was the god of the sea and seafaring in Norse mythology
Odin After the powerful Norse god, believed to have canines as companions
Sif Sif was a goddess associated with earth, family, and harvest in Norse mythology
Skoll Skoll was a wolf in Norse mythology that chased the sun
Thor Named for the Norse god of thunder, often depicted with wolves
Tyr The Norse god of war, often associated with bravery and courage
Ullr Ullr was the god of hunting, archery, and skiing in Norse mythology
Vali Vali was the god of eternal light in Norse mythology
Vidar Vidar was the god of vengeance in Norse mythology

9th Century Literature Dog Names

These names are derived from famous literary works and characters from the 9th century.
Name Description
Alfred Inspired by Alfred the Great, a key figure in 9th century literature
Bede Named after the 9th century historian and scholar Bede
Beowulf An epic Old English poem of the 9th century
Brunhild A major character in the 9th century epic 'Nibelungenlied.'
Caedmon Named after Caedmon, the earliest English poet whose name is known
Charlemagne A Frankish king, his reign and tales are often referenced in 9th century literature
Cynewulf An Anglo-Saxon poet from the 9th century
Dietrich From 'Dietrich von Bern,' a hero of several Old High German heroic epics
Egbert Named after Egbert of Wessex, an important character in 9th century literature
Euric Named after Euric, a Visigothic king often mentioned in 9th century literature
Hildebrand Inspired by the epic poem 'Hildebrandslied.'
Iseult From the tragic love story of Tristan and Iseult
Kriemhild A heroine from the 9th century epic 'Nibelungenlied.'
Ludwig Named after Ludwig the German, an important figure in 9th century literature
Nibelung From the 'Nibelungenlied,' a 9th century Germanic epic
Odin A major god in Norse mythology, often mentioned in 9th century literature
Ragnar Inspired by Ragnar Lodbrok, a legendary Norse hero
Siegfried The hero of the 9th century epic 'Nibelungenlied.'
Tristan A Cornish hero of a famous 9th century tale
Uther From Uther Pendragon, King Arthur's father, often mentioned in 9th century literature
Valkyrie Female figures who choose who will die in battle, often mentioned in 9th century Norse sagas
Wessex Named after the Kingdom of Wessex, a setting of many 9th century tales
Xanten From the 'Nibelungenlied' where it is Siegfried's hometown
Ymir A primeval being born of primordial elemental poison and a key figure in Norse mythology
Zephyrus The Greek god of the west wind, often mentioned in 9th century literature

9th Century Royal Dog Names

These names are inspired by the names of the royal and noble dogs from the 9th century.
Name Description
Alfred Alfred the Great ruled in the 9th century. This name would honor his leadership
Arnulf Arnulf of Carinthia was a king of East Francia, a name for a dog of strong character
Baldwin Baldwin was a common name among the Frankish nobility, suitable for a noble hound
Berengar Berengar was a king of Italy, a name for a dog with a regal bearing
Boris Boris I was a Bulgarian ruler, a name for a powerful, sturdy dog
Charlemagne This name is taken from a renowned king of the Frankish Empire
Constantine A name after Constantine VII, a Byzantine emperor, perfect for a dog with a majestic presence
Eadweard Eadweard was an Anglo-Saxon name, suitable for a loyal and brave dog
Eberhard Eberhard was a Duke of Friuli, a name for a dog that is brave and strong
Egbert Egbert was the name of an Anglo-Saxon king. It would be fitting for a regal canine
Ethelwulf An Anglo-Saxon king's name, suitable for a strong, bold dog
Godfrey Named after Godfrey, the Duke of Friuli, a name for a strong, protective dog
Harald Harald Fairhair was a Norwegian king, a name for a beautiful, fluffy dog
Ivar Taken from Ivar the Boneless, a Norse king, perfect for a fearless dog
Lambert Lambert was a name of several medieval rulers, a name for a dog with an impressive stature
Lothar Lothar was a common name among Frankish kings, a name for a loyal, brave dog
Louis Louis the Pious was a Frankish king, a name for a loyal, obedient dog
Ludwig Ludwig was a common royal name in Germanic territories, suitable for a regal pet
Oleg Oleg was a Varangian prince, a name for a noble and brave dog
Otto Otto was a common name among Germanic rulers, a name for a dog with a strong, noble character
Pepin Pepin was a name common among Frankish kings, suitable for a courageous dog
Ragnar Ragnar Lodbrok was a legendary Norse ruler, a name for a brave canine
Rurik Rurik was a Varangian chieftain, a name for a dog with strong leadership qualities
Simeon Simeon I was a Bulgarian ruler, a name for a wise, intelligent dog
Svatopluk Svatopluk was a Moravian ruler, a name suitable for a protective dog
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