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Updated: October 06, 2023
      The Akita is a sizeable dog that comes from the north part of Japan. They were originally bred to aid in hunting larger game animals. As with any powerful breed, owners tend to lean toward strong names like Tank, Bowser, or Goliath. Some owners like to choose a Japanese name that is true to the roots of the breed. A few good choices are Iwa (meaning rock), Kaito (meaning ocean), and Kenji (meaning strong second son). Akitas have a thick coat ideal for cold climates. The color and feel of the coat can inspire many potential names. Probably the most popular route is to come up with a personality based name that fits. The breed is known to be extremely loyal but typically has issues getting along with other dogs. Getting to know your puppy can help you draw relationships between behavioral traits and other things in your life. The best Akita names are derived from these connections.
Name Reason to Choose
Aiko In Japanese, this name means 'child of love', suitable for an Akita as they are often deeply loved by their families
Aimi It means 'love and beauty', perfect for a lovely and attractive Akita
Akemi It is a popular Akita name that means 'bright and beautiful' in Japanese
Aki This name, meaning 'bright' in Japanese, matches the Akita's bright and alert nature
Akina This name means 'spring flower' in Japanese, it's a fitting name for a beloved Akita
Aneko This name, which means 'older sister' in Japanese, is fitting for an Akita as they are often protective like an older sibling
Asa Translates to 'morning', a perfect name for a lively and energetic Akita
Asuka In Japanese, this name means 'tomorrow fragrance', making it a unique and fitting name for an Akita
Ayame This word stands for 'iris' in Japanese, making it a beautiful and traditional name for an Akita
Bear Given the Akita's large size and fluffy coat, this name suits their bear-like appearance
Bizen A city in Japan, this name reflects the Akita's Japanese heritage
Bowser This moniker, drawn from popular culture, can be fitting for an Akita due to their formidable appearance
Chance This name signifies opportunity and optimism, attributes that Akitas bring into our lives
Chibi A cute Japanese name meaning 'small', ideal for an Akita puppy
Dakota A Native American name meaning 'friendly companion', reflecting the loyal nature of Akitas
Emiko Emiko means 'blessed child', making it a perfect name for a cherished Akita
Etsu This name means 'joy', perfect for a cheerful Akita
Fuji Named after Japan's iconic Mount Fuji, this name pays homage to the Akita's Japanese roots
Geisha This name is a nod to Japanese culture and tradition, reflecting the Akita's origin
Goliath This title is often given to large, powerful dogs, and it suits the large size of the Akita breed
Hachiko This name is derived from a famous Japanese Akita known for its remarkable loyalty to its owner
Hana In Japanese, this means 'flower', making it a sweet and fitting name for a lovely Akita
Haruko This name means 'spring child' in Japanese, a nice fit for an Akita born in the spring season
Hawk It represents a bird of prey known for its power and keen sight, similar to the alertness and strength of Akitas
Hazel A name inspired by the tree and its nuts, symbolizing wisdom and protection, traits associated with Akitas
Hiro This name means 'generous' in Japanese, reflecting the Akita's loving nature
Hiroshi It symbolizes 'generous', a fitting name for a kind-hearted Akita
Hizoku A Japanese word meaning 'secret', capturing the mysterious and reserved traits of the Akita breed
Hoshi This name means 'star' in Japanese, for an Akita who shines
Hotaru This name means 'firefly' in Japanese, perfect for an Akita with a glowing personality
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Famous Akita Names

Naming your Akita after a famous Akita dog or character can be a good way to give your pet a name with a story behind it.
Name Description
Aiko Aiko was a celebrated Akita, known for her loyalty and love for her family
Daiki A famous Akita for its size and strength
Goro This Akita was known for its incredible strength and agility
Hachiko This name is associated with a loyal Akita who waited for his deceased owner every day at a train station
Hana This Akita was renowned for her beauty and grace
Haru Haru was a famous Akita, known for its gentle and kind nature
Hoshi This Akita was known for its bright, star-like eyes
Jiro Jiro is a legendary Akita, famous for its protective nature
Kenji A well-known Akita who helped his owner during an earthquake
Kenta Known for its speed, this Akita was a champion in agility competitions
Kichiro An Akita known for its luck and good fortune
Kuma The word translates to 'bear' in Japanese, a nod to the Akita's bear-like features
Momo An Akita named Momo was recognized for her incredible sense of smell
Nori Nori was a famous Akita known for her playful and cheerful nature
Riki Riki was a famous Akita, celebrated for its courage and bravery
Riku Riku was a famous Akita, known for his playful and energetic nature
Sachi Sachi was a celebrated Akita, renowned for her happiness and joy
Shiro Shiro was a celebrated Akita, known for his hunting skills
Sora Sora was a celebrated Akita, known for her intelligence
Taka This name belongs to a famous Akita in Japan, known for its bravery
Taro This Akita was famous for its gentle nature and loyalty
Toshi A legendary Akita known for its wise and intelligent nature
Yoshi A famous Akita known for its cheerful and friendly nature
Yuki Translates to 'snow' in Japanese, fitting for the Akita's snowy coat
Yumi Yumi was a famous Akita, celebrated for her intelligence and agility

Culture-Inspired Akita Names

Akitas are deeply rooted in Japanese culture. A name inspired by Japanese culture can be an excellent choice.
Name Description
Bonsai Inspired by the Japanese art form using miniature trees
Daikon Reflects the long white Japanese radish
Fujiko Inspired by Mount Fuji, Japan's highest mountain
Geisha Pays homage to the traditional female entertainers of Japan
Haiku Pays tribute to the form of Japanese poetry
Haruki Pays tribute to the famous Japanese writer Haruki Murakami
Hoshi Translates to 'star' in Japanese
Kabuki Named after the classical Japanese dance-drama
Katana Draws inspiration from the traditional Japanese sword
Kimono Reflects the traditional Japanese garment
Kintsugi Named after the Japanese art of repairing broken pottery
Koi Inspired by the ornamental fish often found in Japanese water gardens
Manga Pays homage to the Japanese comic books and graphic novels
Origami Reflects the Japanese art of paper folding
Sake Named after the famous Japanese rice wine
Sakura Inspired by the beautiful cherry blossom trees in Japan
Samurai Reflects the ancient Japanese warriors
Shogun Reflects the military dictator of Japan during the period from 1185 to 1868
Sumo Draws on the traditional Japanese form of heavyweight wrestling
Sushi Named after the popular Japanese dish
Torii Inspired by the traditional Japanese gates typically found at the entrance of a Shinto shrine
Wasabi Named after the spicy Japanese condiment
Yokai Inspired by the class of supernatural creatures, spirits, and demons in Japanese folklore
Yuki Means 'snow' in Japanese, a nod to the Akita's thick fur
Zen Reflects the Japanese school of Mahayana Buddhism

Nature-Inspired Akita Names

Akitas are known to be in touch with nature and are often found enjoying outdoor activities. A name inspired by nature can reflect this trait.
Name Description
Aspen Ideal for a light-colored Akita, like the bark of an Aspen tree
Autumn Ideal for a reddish-brown Akita, like the colors of fall leaves
Bear A strong, robust name that suits the Akita's large build
Birch A strong, solid name suitable for a white-coated Akita
Blossom Great for a beautiful, delicate Akita puppy
Breeze Ideal for an Akita with a calm, serene demeanor
Canyon This name reflects the Akita's formidable, majestic appearance
Cedar A strong, solid name that reflects the Akita's sturdy build
Dawn Beautiful for an Akita with a light, golden coat
Fern Great for an Akita with a soft, luxurious coat
Flint A sturdy, resilient name suitable for a loyal, unwavering Akita
Hazel A sweet, charming name for a light brown Akita
Luna Beautiful for an Akita with a silvery, moon-like coat
Maple A sweet name for a reddish-brown Akita, like the color of maple leaves
Mist Perfect for a mysterious, elusive Akita with a silvery coat
Moss A gentle, peaceful name for a laid-back Akita
Orchid Perfect for an Akita with a delicate, beautiful coat
Pebble A charming name for a small, cute Akita puppy
Pine Ideal for an Akita with a dark, rich coat, like pine bark
Rain A great name for an Akita who loves to play outside, no matter the weather
River For an Akita who loves to swim or play in the water
Sage A wise, serene name for an intelligent Akita
Sky A lovely name for an Akita with a light blue or cloud-like coat
Storm Great for an Akita with a powerful, energetic personality
Willow Perfect for a graceful, flexible Akita who loves to move

Strong Akita Names

Akitas are known for their strength and courage. A name that signifies strength can match their robust nature.
Name Description
Blaze This is a powerful name that reflects the fiery strength of an Akita
Blitz It's derived from a German word meaning 'lightning', symbolizing strength and speed
Bolt It signifies speed and strength, great for an energetic Akita
Brawler This name suggests a dog that's not afraid of a challenge, perfect for a robust Akita
Brutus A name with a strong historical connotation, fit for a robust Akita
Champ A name that reflects an Akita's strength and determination
Drago Derived from 'dragon', this name suggests power and fierceness
Harley Named after the iconic motorcycle brand, this name oozes strength and coolness
Hulk This name is synonymous with strength and power, much like the Akita breed
Jinx Though it sounds cute, it's a strong name for a dog with a powerful personality
Kodiak Named after the largest species of bear, this name exudes strength
Marine Inspired by the military, this name implies strength and discipline
Maximus A Latin name that translates to 'greatest', perfect for a strong Akita
Nitro It suggests explosive power and energy, suitable for a strong and active Akita
Quake A name that symbolizes earth-shaking power, perfect for a robust Akita
Ranger This name, inspired by the military, signifies strength and discipline
Rex This name, meaning 'king' in Latin, denotes a strong and commanding presence
Spartan Inspired by the fearless warriors of ancient Sparta, it's fitting for a courageous Akita
Tank Like the armored vehicle, this name signifies immense strength
Thor Named after the Norse god of thunder, this name reflects power and strength
Titan Originated from the Greek mythology, this name is synonymous with strength and power
Trooper A name that signifies strength, resilience and a never-give-up attitude
Viking This name, inspired by the strong and brave Nordic seafarers, is perfect for a sturdy Akita
Warrior A name that embodies strength, bravery, and resilience, much like an Akita's traits
Zeus Named after the king of the gods in Greek mythology, this name embodies strength and power

Japanese Origin Akita Names

The Akita breed originated in Japan, so using a name of Japanese origin can be a great nod to your dog's heritage.
Name Description
Aiko In Japanese, it means 'beloved child', a tender name for a loved Akita
Asa It means 'morning' in Japanese, fitting for an early rising Akita
Fumi This name means 'history', perfect for an Akita with a storied lineage
Hana It means 'flower' in Japanese, lovely for a beautiful Akita
Haruki In Japanese, this translates to 'shining sun', great for a bright and energetic Akita
Hoshi This means 'star' in Japanese and would be a great name for a bright Akita
Hotaru It means 'firefly' in Japanese, a charming name for a lively Akita
Kai This name means 'ocean', suitable for an Akita with a calm demeanor
Kenji This name means 'intelligent second son', nice for a smart Akita
Kiko In Japanese, it means 'hope', a fitting name for an optimistic Akita
Kuma In Japanese, this translates to 'bear', perfect for a big and cuddly Akita
Miki This name means 'beautiful story', ideal for an Akita with a unique story
Momo It translates to 'peach' in Japanese, charming for a sweet Akita
Natsu This name means 'summer', perfect for an Akita born in the summer months
Nori This name means 'belief', ideal for a faithful Akita
Ren This translates to 'lotus' in Japanese, perfect for a serene Akita
Riku In Japanese, it translates to 'land', a fitting name for a grounded Akita
Ryuu It means 'dragon', a strong and powerful name for an Akita
Sakura Named after the Japanese cherry blossom, fitting for a beautiful Akita
Shiro It translates to 'white' in Japanese, great for an Akita with a white coat
Sora This name translates to 'sky', suitable for an Akita with a free spirit
Tomo This name translates to 'friend', great for a friendly Akita
Toshi In Japanese, it translates to 'wise', a suitable name for an intelligent Akita
Yoshi This name means 'good luck', a perfect fit for a lucky Akita
Yuki This name means 'snow', suitable for an Akita's white fur
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The Heroic Tale of Hoshi the Akita

In the picturesque countryside of Japan, where ancient temples stood tall and cherry blossoms adorned the landscape, there lived a majestic Akita named Hoshi. Hoshi was born and raised in the small village of Sakura, where the locals cherished the loyal and courageous spirit of the Akita breed.

Hoshi belonged to an elderly man named Yoshi, who had been a skilled trainer of Akitas for many years. Yoshi was revered for his ability to train these noble dogs to be both gentle companions and fierce protectors of their families. Hoshi, with his thick, luxurious coat and piercing, intelligent eyes, was Yoshi's pride and joy.

As Hoshi grew, so too did his bond with Yoshi. The pair spent countless hours exploring the lush forests and tranquil gardens that surrounded their village, Yoshi passing down his wisdom and knowledge to Hoshi, who listened intently and eagerly absorbed every lesson.

One fateful day, as Hoshi and Yoshi walked along a wooded path, they stumbled upon a young girl who had lost her way. The girl, named Aiko, had ventured too far from her village and had become disoriented in the dense, unfamiliar forest.

With a gentle nudge, Hoshi urged Yoshi and Aiko to follow him as he led them through the winding paths and thick foliage. The trio trekked for hours, the sun dipping lower in the sky as they pressed onward.

As night began to fall, Hoshi's keen senses detected the faint scent of smoke and the distant murmur of voices. Guided by his instincts, he led Yoshi and Aiko towards the source of the sounds, and soon, the flickering glow of lanterns came into view. Hoshi had successfully led them to Aiko's village.

Overwhelmed with gratitude, Aiko's family welcomed Hoshi and Yoshi into their home, offering them warm meals and a place to rest. As the villagers gathered to celebrate their return, the story of Hoshi's bravery and loyalty spread like wildfire, earning him admiration and respect from all who heard it.

In the years that followed, Hoshi's reputation as a wise and courageous Akita grew, with many people from nearby villages traveling to Sakura to learn from Yoshi and his remarkable dog. Hoshi's gentle nature and unwavering loyalty became a symbol of hope and unity, inspiring the villagers to work together and protect one another.

As time passed, Hoshi and Yoshi continued to share their knowledge and wisdom with those who sought it, their bond growing stronger with each passing day. Together, they carried on the proud legacy of the Akita breed, embodying the virtues of loyalty, courage, and wisdom that had made these noble dogs a cherished part of Japanese culture for centuries.

And so, the story of Hoshi, the extraordinary Akita from Japan, was passed down from generation to generation, his legendary feats and unwavering spirit living on in the hearts and minds of all who heard his tale.

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