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Alabama Dog Names

Updated: April 17, 2024

Welcome to a unique collection of monikers inspired by the Heart of Dixie, a place known for its rich history, cultural diversity, warm hospitality, and a profound love for dogs. This southern U.S. state is known for its vibrant music scene, delicious cuisine, iconic landmarks, and legendary figures, making it an immense source of inspiration for naming your beloved canine.

The list you are about to explore will reflect the true essence of Alabama, its cities, famous personalities, popular food, and even its sports teams. In a state that's home to the University of Alabama's Crimson Tide and Auburn University's Tigers, sports-themed names aren't uncommon. Whether you are an Alabamian by birth, by choice, or simply an admirer of all things Alabama, these names will help you celebrate your canine companion's southern charm in an authentic way.

So, get ready to be inspired by a list that's as diverse, rich, and intriguing as Alabama itself. Whether your dog is as gentle as a Southern breeze or as wild as a Tornado Alley storm, there's a name on this list that's just right for your furry friend. Explore and enjoy the journey of finding the perfect Alabama-inspired name for your dog.

Name Reason to Choose
Andalusia A city in Alabama known for its annual World Championship Domino Tournament
Athens A city in Limestone county, Alabama
Auburn A city in Alabama and namesake of a prominent university
Avondale A trendy neighborhood in Birmingham, Alabama
Azalea A flower commonly found in Alabama
Bama A popular nickname for Alabama
Bayou For the bayous found in the southern parts of Alabama
Bear In honor of legendary football coach Bear Bryant
Bessemer Named after Bessemer, a city known for its significant contribution to the growth of the steel industry in Alabama
Biscayne Biscayne Bay is a popular destination in Alabama and this name would suit a water-loving dog
Biscuit For Alabama's famous buttermilk biscuits
Blackbelt A reference to Alabama's Black Belt region, known for its rich soil
Blount Named after a county in Alabama known for its covered bridges
Bluebell As in Blue Bell Creameries, popular in the South
Boaz A small town in Alabama
Boll Tribute to Alabama's significant cotton industry
Bourbon For the southern tradition of bourbon whiskey
Brantley A town in Alabama, perfect for a small or medium size dog
Brewton Named after Brewton, a city in Alabama
Buck Common name for a male deer, an animal found in Alabama
Caddo Named after the Caddo people who once inhabited Alabama
Cahaba Named after the Cahaba river, one of the longest free-flowing rivers in Alabama
Cahawba Named after Alabama's first state capital
Camellia The state flower of Alabama
Cheaha Named after Cheaha State Park, the highest point in Alabama
Cherokee In memory of the Cherokee tribe that once inhabited Alabama
Chickasaw Named after the Chickasaw tribe from Alabama
Coosa Named after the Coosa River, a popular fishing spot in Alabama
Cotton A tribute to the state's agricultural history, particularly cotton farming
Cottondale A nod to Alabama's historical cotton production
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Famous Alabamians

Naming your dog after a famous person from Alabama can be a fun and unique way to honor the state's history.
Name Description
Bo This name is a tribute to Bo Jackson, a famous multi-sport athlete from Alabama
Condoleezza For Condoleezza Rice, former U.S. Secretary of State and political scientist from Alabama
Coretta Named after Coretta Scott King, civil rights leader and wife of Martin Luther King Jr., from Alabama
Courteney After Courteney Cox, a famous actress ('Friends') from Alabama
Deontay In honor of Deontay Wilder, a heavyweight boxing champion from Alabama
Emmylou Inspired by Emmylou Harris, a Grammy award-winning country singer-songwriter from Alabama
Evander Inspired by Evander Holyfield, the famous heavyweight boxing champion born in Alabama
Hank Named after Hank Williams, a legendary country music singer from Alabama
Harper This name is a tribute to Harper Lee, the famous author of 'To Kill a Mockingbird', from Alabama
Heisman For John Heisman, the college football coach who the Heisman Trophy is named after, born in Alabama
Helen Named after Helen Keller, a renowned author, political activist, and lecturer from Alabama
Jesse This name pays homage to Jesse Owens, the famous Olympian born in Alabama
Lionel After Lionel Richie, a Grammy award-winning artist born in Alabama
Nat Inspired by Nat King Cole, a famous singer and musician born in Alabama
Octavia Inspired by Octavia Spencer, an Oscar-winning actress from Alabama
Percy This name is a tribute to Percy Sledge, a renowned soul and R&B singer from Alabama
Rickey This name pays homage to Rickey Smiley, a famous stand-up comedian from Alabama
Rosa In honor of Rosa Parks, civil rights activist from Alabama
Satchel This name pays tribute to Satchel Paige, one of baseball's greatest pitchers, from Alabama
Seale Named after Seale, Alabama, the birthplace of famous folk artist Butch Anthony
Taylor In honor of Taylor Hicks, an 'American Idol' winner from Alabama
Truman This name pays tribute to Truman Capote, a famous author and playwright from Alabama
Von For Von Braun, a German-born American aerospace engineer who worked in Huntsville, Alabama
Wallace Named after George Wallace, a controversial governor in Alabama's history
Zelda In honor of Zelda Fitzgerald, a famous novelist and wife of F. Scott Fitzgerald, from Alabama

Alabama Nature

Alabama is known for its beautiful landscape, with names like Cypress, Magnolia or River reflecting the state's natural beauty.
Name Description
Bama A short, loving nickname for Alabama
Bayou A term common in the Southern United States, particularly Alabama
Birmingham Named after the largest city in Alabama
Biscuit A nod to the Southern cuisine, particularly popular in Alabama
Cahaba In honor of the Cahaba River in Alabama
Camellia Inspired by the state wildflower of Alabama
Cotton A tribute to Alabama's agricultural history
Crimson Inspired by the Alabama Crimson Tide football team
Delta A reference to the Mobile-Tensaw River Delta
Dixie A term that reflects the culture and history of the South
Dothan Inspired by the city in Alabama
Grits Another tribute to the Southern cuisine of Alabama
Gulf Points to the Gulf Coast of Alabama
Huntsville Takes its name from the city in Alabama
Magnolia Named after the state flower of Alabama
Mobile Named after the city in Alabama
Montgomery Takes its name from the capital of Alabama
Muscle A tribute to the Muscle Shoals region of Alabama
Peanut A nod to Alabama's agricultural industry
Pine Refers to the Longleaf Pine, the state tree of Alabama
River Inspired by the many rivers in Alabama, such as the Alabama River
Rocket A nod to the U.S. Space & Rocket Center in Huntsville, Alabama
Shelby Inspired by the Shelby County in Alabama
Shoal A nod to the Shoals area in Alabama
Tide A tribute to the Alabama Crimson Tide

Alabama Cuisine

Alabama has a rich culinary tradition. Names like Gumbo, Biscuit, or BBQ could be cute and unique dog names.
Name Description
Bacon A beloved ingredient in many Alabama dishes
Barbecue Alabama is famous for its unique style of barbecue
Biscuit Biscuits are popular in the south, especially Alabama
Bourbon Bourbon is often used in Southern cooking and cocktails
Buttermilk Buttermilk is often used in southern cooking, especially in Alabama
Catfish Fishing for catfish is a popular pastime in Alabama
Cobbler A type of fruit dessert that is popular in Alabama
Collard Collard greens are a staple in southern cooking, especially in Alabama
Cornbread Honoring the Southern tradition of serving cornbread with most meals
Cornmeal A key ingredient in many traditional Alabama recipes
Crawfish Crawfish boils are a popular event in Alabama
Friedchicken Fried chicken is a classic dish in Alabama
Grits It's a staple food in Alabama, often served with breakfast
Gumbo A popular soup in Alabama, especially in the coastal areas
Honeybun A sweet, sticky pastry that is popular in Alabama
Hushpuppy These deep-fried cornmeal balls are a common side dish in Alabama
Jambalaya A dish that is popular in the Gulf Coast region, including Alabama
Moonpie A popular southern treat, especially during Mardi Gras in Mobile, Alabama
Okra This vegetable is commonly used in Alabama's traditional dishes
Peach Peaches are a popular fruit in Alabama, often used in pies and cobblers
Peanut Alabama is known for its peanut production
Pecan This tree nut is often used in Alabama desserts
Porkchop Pork is frequently used in Alabama's traditional cooking
Sausage A common ingredient in many traditional Alabama dishes
Shrimp Gulf shrimp are a big part of Alabama's seafood cuisine

Alabama Sports Teams

Sports teams like the Alabama Crimson Tide or the Auburn Tigers are beloved by many in the state, making them a great source of inspiration for dog names.
Name Description
Aubie Aubie is the official tiger mascot of Auburn University
Baron After the Birmingham Barons, a minor league baseball team
Bear Named after Paul 'Bear' Bryant, legendary Alabama football coach
Biscuit Honoring the minor league baseball team, the Montgomery Biscuits
Blaze The mascot of the University of Alabama at Birmingham is a dragon named Blaze
Bolts For the Birmingham Bolts, a former XFL team
Brick It's the mascot of the University of North Alabama
Bully Bully is the live mascot of Samford University
Cam Short for Cam Newton, former quarterback for the Auburn Tigers
Charger For the University of Alabama in Huntsville's sports teams, the Chargers
Crimson Inspired by the Alabama Crimson Tide, the state's premier college football team
Hammer Short for Birmingham, a city with multiple sports teams
Hawk The University of Alabama in Huntsville has a sports team named Chargers
Jaguar The sports teams of the University of South Alabama are known as the Jaguars
Knight A tribute to the University of Alabama's chess team
Lion The University of North Alabama's sports teams are known as the Lions
Rocket Referring to Huntsville's nickname, the Rocket City, known for its space contributions
Rowdy Rowdy is the mascot of the University of Alabama in Huntsville
Sabean After Nick Saban, the successful coach of the Alabama Crimson Tide
Skeeter The Montgomery Biscuits' mascot is a biscuit-loving beast named Big Mo and a biscuit-loving baby named Skeeter
Steele Reflecting the state's significant steel industry
Tide A nod to the University of Alabama's sports teams
Tiger For Auburn University's sports teams, the Auburn Tigers
Trojan The mascot of Troy University in Alabama
Tuscaloosa The home city of the University of Alabama

Alabama Cities

Naming your dog after a city in Alabama can show your love for your hometown or a place in the state that holds special meaning for you.
Name Description
Alabaster An elegant, cool name inspired by a city in Alabama
Auburn Great for a dog with reddish-brown fur, this city is also home to Auburn University
Bessemer A strong, sturdy name for a dog, inspired by this industrial city
Birmingham This city's deep roots in Alabama make it a strong choice for a dog name
Decatur A dog named after this city represents Alabama's spirit and charm
Dothan A unique name for a dog, inspired by the 'Peanut Capital of the World'
Enterprise Inspired by the city, this name is perfect for a dog full of energy and spirit
Eufaula A unique, melodic name for a dog, inspired by the city near the border of Alabama and Georgia
Fairhope A positive, uplifting name for a dog, inspired by this charming city
Florence A city known for its culture and music, like your dog might be!
Gadsden An elegant name, inspired by a city known for its natural beauty
Hoover A city in Alabama and a strong, memorable name for a dog
Huntsville Perfect for a hunting dog, as this city is known for outdoor activities
Madison This city's name is popular for dogs and it's a nod to Alabama
Mobile The city's name is associated with Alabama's Gulf Coast, making it a unique choice
Montgomery The city is the capital of Alabama and a significant part of American history
Opelika This city's name is unique and playful, just like your dog might be!
Phenix A strong and mythical name, inspired by Phenix City
Prattville A playful dog name, inspired by this charming Alabama city
Selma The city is significant in the history of Civil Rights, a strong name for a dog
Sylacauga A unique name for a dog, inspired by 'The Marble City'
Troy The name of a historical city and a university in Alabama, it's a strong choice for a dog name
Trussville A unique dog name that gives a nod to this Alabama city
Tuscaloosa This city, home to the University of Alabama, inspires a fun, playful dog name
Vestavia Inspired by Vestavia Hills, this is a unique and elegant dog name
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