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Updated: October 06, 2023

      The Alaskan Malamute is a large working dog breed that originated in Alaska. The breed is known for its strength and many owners opt for a strong name that emphasizes these physical capabilities. Samson, Dozer, Maximus, and Balboa are examples of powerful name choices. Malamutes have a double coat to keep them warm in cool climates. A few good ideas can be found by trying to think of names related to Alaska, the white that is always present in their coat, or the cold in general. Some names that fall along these lines are Kodiak, Yukon, and Lakota. Alaskan Malamutes also make strong sled dogs. Borrowing names from other sled dogs whether they be real-life or from a movie always creates good alternatives.
Name Reason to Choose
Juno This name is a nod to Juneau, the capital city of Alaska
Jupiter This name, after the largest planet in our solar system, suits a large and powerful breed
Kani This name has an Inuit origin meaning 'sound', fitting for a vocal breed like Malamutes
Kekoa In Hawaiian, it means 'the brave one', a typical trait of Malamutes
Kenai A town in Alaska that's also a name for a river and a national park, indicating the breed's love for outdoor activities
Kevlar Symbolizes the breed's toughness and resilience
Kira The name translates to 'leader', appropriate for this dominant breed
Klondike A nod to the famous gold rush region in Yukon, near Alaska
Klondyke A historical gold rush region in Alaska, a fitting name for a golden-hearted Malamute
Koa Hawaiian term meaning brave; apt for the courageous breed
Koda It's a native American term, reflecting the breed's origin
Kodi This short and sweet name is reminiscent of the wilderness where these dogs thrive
Kodiak Named after the city in Alaska known for its large brown bear population, reflects the strength and size of the breed
Koko Derived from Alaskan native languages, indicating a 'chocolate-like' color, a common color for Malamutes
Lakota It's a Native American tribe name, reflecting the breed's North American roots
Lobo This name means 'wolf' in Spanish, reflecting the wolf-like appearance of the breed
Luana Luana is Hawaiian for 'enjoyment', which reflects the breed's playful nature
Luna This name, meaning 'moon', is as beautiful as the Alaskan Malamute
Lupe This name means 'wolf', which the breed strongly resembles
Magnus Latin for 'great', representing the breed's large size and grandeur
Majesty This name is fitting for the regal and majestic Alaskan Malamute
Maximus Latin for 'greatest', a nod to the breed's impressive size
Meeko The name is from a character in Pocahontas, reflecting the breed's American origin
Mele The name means 'song', suggesting the Malamute's howling
Misty It signifies the breed's mysterious and enigmatic nature
Mitsu The name translates to 'light' in Japanese, suitable for the breed's bright personality
Moose This is the biggest species in the deer family, which is found in Alaska. It's a fitting name for a large and strong dog
Musher This refers to the person who drives the dog sled, a common sport in Alaska
Nadia Meaning 'hope', it reflects the breed's optimistic spirit
Nakona An indigenous word, fitting due to the breed's Alaskan roots
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Names based on size and strength

Alaskan Malamutes are large and strong dogs, so names that reflect their size and strength can be fitting.
Name Description
Atlas Named after the Greek god who held up the sky, it conveys strength
Bear The size and strength of this animal mirrors that of a Malamute
Blizzard A powerful snowstorm, apt for an Alaskan Malamute
Boulder It's a large, strong rock, just like the Malamute
Brutus A Latin name meaning 'heavy', suitable for a large dog
Gladiator This name represents the dog's strong and warrior-like nature
Goliath This biblical giant's name denotes immense size and power
Grizzly Named after a large, powerful bear species
Hercules An ancient hero known for his incredible strength
Hulk Inspired by the comic book character known for his size and strength
Kong Inspired by King Kong, the giant, powerful gorilla
Mammoth This prehistoric creature’s name signifies great size
Maverick This name denotes independence and non-conformity, traits of a strong leader
Maximus Latin for 'greatest', this name signifies the dog's large size
Rex A Latin word for 'king', this name symbolizes power and dominance
Rocky Symbolizes the physical strength and tenacity of a Malamute
Samson A biblical figure known for his extraordinary strength
Spartan Spartans were powerful warriors, reflecting the dog's strength
Sumo This Japanese wrestling sport is known for its hefty competitors
Thunder A powerful natural phenomenon that matches the Malamute’s energy
Titan This name reflects the power and enormity of the mythological Titans
Trooper This signifies strength, endurance and bravery
Turbo This represents the dog's high energy, power and speed
Viking The Scandinavian warriors were known for their strength and bravery
Zeus The king of the Greek gods, known for his dominance and power

Names inspired by Alaskan geography

Since Alaskan Malamutes are originally from Alaska, names inspired by Alaskan geography can be a great fit.
Name Description
Alyeska The name means 'great land' in the Aleut language
Anchorage Named after the largest city in Alaska
Aurora In honor of the Northern Lights often seen in Alaska's sky
Bering For the Bering Sea, which separates Alaska from Russia
Denali Inspired by the highest mountain peak in North America, located in Alaska
Fairbanks A city in Alaska, known for its stunning Northern Lights
Homer This moniker is inspired by a city known for its arts scene and fishing
Juneau This is the capital city of Alaska, a perfect fit for a regal Malamute
Kenai This name comes from Kenai Peninsula, a large peninsula jutting from Alaska
Ketchikan A small city in southeastern Alaska known for its beautiful scenery
Kiska Named after a volcanic island in the Rat Islands group of the Aleutian Islands of Alaska
Klondike Represents the Klondike Gold Rush in the region's history
Kodiak An island in Alaska known for its large brown bear population
Matanuska Inspired by the Matanuska River, a 75-mile tributary of the Knik River
Nome This name is inspired by a city known for its finish line of the Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race
Palmer A tribute to a city in the Matanuska-Susitna Valley
Seward Named after a city located at the head of Resurrection Bay
Sitka A city in Alaska, home to stunning landscapes and wildlife
Skagway Inspired by a small town in Alaska, known for its charming historic district
Talkeetna A small town in Alaska, known for its stunning views of Denali
Tundra The Alaskan tundra is a unique and vast landscape, a fitting name for a Malamute
Valdez A city in Alaska known for its significant role in the Trans-Alaska Pipeline System
Wasilla Wasilla is a city in the southcentral part of Alaska
Wrangell Inspired by Wrangell Island, a place of natural beauty
Yukon A tribute to Yukon River, a major watercourse in Alaska

Names based on coat color

Alaskan Malamutes have distinctive coat colors and patterns which can inspire unique and fitting names.
Name Description
Blizzard This name is a nod to the snowy Alaskan weather, ideal for a white Malamute
Caramel A sweet name for a Malamute with a light brown coat
Cinder A fiery name for a dark grey or black Malamute
Coal A solid name for a black Alaskan Malamute
Cocoa This name would suit a brown Malamute
Ebony An elegant name for a Malamute with a dark black coat
Frost A cool name for a white or grey Alaskan Malamute
Ginger This name is perfect for a Malamute with a reddish coat
Graphite A strong name for a dark grey Malamute
Hazel A charming name for a Malamute with a light brown coat
Ice A cool name for a white Alaskan Malamute
Ivory A classy name for a white Malamute
Jet A strong name for a Malamute with a black coat
Latte A creamy name for a light brown Malamute
Midnight For a Malamute with a dark coat, like the Alaskan night sky
Mist A poetic name for a light grey Malamute
Mocha A delicious name for a brown-coated Malamute
Onyx A gemstone name for a black Malamute
Pearl A beautiful name for a white Alaskan Malamute
Raven This name is suitable for a Malamute with a dark black coat
Shadow A great choice for a dark-coated Alaskan Malamute
Silver This name is for a Malamute with a coat resembling the color of bright Alaskan glaciers
Smokey This name would match a grey Malamute perfectly
Snowflake Reminiscent of the icy Alaskan landscapes, perfect for a white Malamute
Storm Ideal for a grey or dark-coated Alaskan Malamute

Inuit names

Malamutes have a long history with Inuit tribes, so naming them with a traditional Inuit name can be a nod to their heritage.
Name Description
Akiak The name means 'brave', a great characteristic of a Malamute
Anouk This name means 'wolf'. It represents the Malamute's strong resemblance to wolves
Desna It means 'boss', a great name for a dominant and confident Malamute
Igloolik Named after an Inuit community, it's perfect for a Malamute, a breed that thrives in cold climates
Kallik The name translates to 'lightning', great for a fast and energetic Malamute
Kaskae This Inuit word represents a 'chief', a great name for a leading Malamute
Kavik The name translates to 'wolverine', demonstrating a Malamute's strength
Koko This word signifies 'chocolate', a fitting name for a brown Malamute
Miki This translates to 'small', a bit of irony for such a large breed
Nanuk It's the Inuit word for 'polar bear', a fitting name for a large, fluffy Alaskan Malamute
Nini It translates to 'porcupine', a unique name for a distinctive breed like the Malamute
Nuka This Inuit name means 'younger sibling', great for a Malamute that's the younger pet in the family
Pakak Inuit for 'one who gets into everything', fitting for a curious Malamute
Panik The name means 'daughter', suitable for a female Malamute
Pukak It's an Inuit term for 'snow' which is a common sight for Malamutes
Qimmiq This word means 'dog' in Inuit language, a straightforward name for a Malamute
Sakari It translates to 'sweet', perfect for a loving and sweet-natured Malamute
Sesi It translates to 'snow', ideal for a white Malamute
Siku This name, meaning 'ice', is perfect for a dog bred in cold climates
Suka In Inuit language, this translates to 'fast', a characteristic suitable for an agile Malamute
Tala It means 'wolf', reflecting the Malamute's wolf-like features
Tuktu It means 'caribou', a common animal in the Alaskan wilderness
Uki This Inuit word for 'survivor' is fitting for a hardy breed like the Malamute
Ulva It means 'wolf', a nod to the Malamute’s wolf-like appearance
Yura This name signifies 'one who is beautiful', a perfect match for a handsome Malamute

Nature-inspired names

Alaskan Malamutes are known for their endurance and strength, much like many elements of nature.
Name Description
Arctic An allusion to the Arctic region where the breed originates
Aspen Named after the tree species native to cold regions
Aurora Inspired by the beautiful natural light display, Aurora Borealis
Birch Named after the common tree in Alaska
Blizzard Reminds one of the snowy Alaskan landscapes
Breeze Reflects the gentle and calm side of the breed
Canyon Resembles the dog's adventurous spirit
Crystal Reminiscent of the clear, clean ice of the Alaskan glaciers
Echo Inspired by the echo phenomena usually experienced in mountains
Flurry Symbolizes a sudden, light snowfall
Frost A nod to the cold Alaskan winters
Gale Symbolizes the strong winds often experienced in Alaska
Glacier Alaska is home to many glaciers, reflecting the breed's origin
Hail Reflects the breed's origin in cold weather
Meadow Represents the vast open spaces in Alaska
Pine After the pine trees that grow in the Alaskan wilderness
Polar Illustrates the breed's resilience in cold climates
Rain A tribute to the Alaskan rainy season
River An ode to the vast Alaskan rivers
Sky Symbolizes the vast Alaskan skies
Solstice A tribute to the Alaskan summer and winter solstices
Spruce Named after the tree species found in Alaska
Storm Represents the dog's strong and powerful nature
Thunder Shows the dog's powerful and brave attributes
Tundra The vast, treeless regions in the Arctic, perfect for a large dog
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Luna Photo of Luna for Alaskan Malamute Names Luna comes from the Latin luna, which means “moon” (and Luna is the Roman goddess of the moon)
Kellee Photo of Kellee for Alaskan Malamute Names She was named after her Famous Vet, Dr. Kelly Huston

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London It sounds strong...and elegant??
Kimo It's a cute name
Mr S. Kimo Because if you say it aloud, it's a cute name.
Winter Winter shows the point of origin as well it is a beautiful name for a little girl pup.
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Nanuk: An Alaskan Malamute Sled Dog Tale

In the frigid, snow-covered wilderness of Alaska, where the Northern Lights painted the sky with a breathtaking palette of colors, there lived a brave and steadfast Alaskan Malamute named Nanuk. Nanuk was part of a renowned sled team led by a skilled and experienced musher named Jack.

Jack had been racing sled dogs for many years and was known throughout Alaska for his indomitable spirit and deep bond with his team. At the heart of this team was Nanuk, a strong and devoted Malamute who had earned the position of lead dog through his unwavering determination and loyalty.

Nanuk and his teammates were as close as family, their bond forged through countless races and long, arduous journeys across the frozen tundra. Together, they had faced blizzards, wild animals, and seemingly insurmountable obstacles, but they had always emerged victorious, guided by Nanuk's fearless leadership and Jack's steady hand.

As the years passed, Nanuk's reputation as a brave and capable leader grew, and the sled team found themselves competing in the most prestigious race of all – the legendary Iditarod. This grueling 1,000-mile race across Alaska's rugged terrain would test the endurance and spirit of both the dogs and their musher, but Jack and Nanuk were determined to face the challenge head-on.

As the race began, Nanuk led his team with unyielding resolve, the snow and ice crunching beneath their powerful paws as they charged forward. The sled team moved as one, their eyes focused on the path ahead and their hearts pounding in unison.

Days turned into nights, and the landscape shifted from frozen forests to windswept mountain passes. The race was as demanding as any they had ever faced, but Nanuk's unwavering determination kept the team pushing forward, their trust in their leader and one another unwavering.

On the eighth day of the race, as the sled team traversed a particularly treacherous stretch of ice, disaster struck. A sudden crack split the ice beneath them, sending the sled and several dogs plummeting into the frigid waters below.

Without hesitation, Nanuk leaped into action, his powerful jaws clamping onto the edge of the sled as he struggled to pull it from the water. The other dogs, inspired by their leader's bravery, joined the effort, their combined strength slowly lifting the sled and their teammates back onto solid ground.

As the team regrouped, Jack marveled at Nanuk's selflessness and courage. Though exhausted and shivering, the mighty Malamute stood tall, his eyes fixed on the horizon, ready to continue the race.

With renewed determination, the sled team pressed on, their spirits lifted by Nanuk's unwavering resolve. As they crossed the finish line days later, the crowd roared with admiration and awe, their hearts captured by the story of the brave Alaskan Malamute who had refused to give up in the face of adversity.

Nanuk and his teammates returned home as heroes, their tale of perseverance and courage becoming a legend that would inspire generations of sled dogs and mushers for years to come. And at the heart of this legend was Nanuk, the fearless Alaskan Malamute who had proven that even in the darkest and most challenging moments, the strength of a brave heart and an unbreakable bond can carry us through to victory.

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