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American English Coonhound Names

Updated: March 31, 2024

Welcome to a dedicated section that celebrates the unique character of a special breed; the American English Coonhound. This page is specifically designed for all those who are looking for the perfect name for their new furry friend. Known for their endurance, speed, and loud voice, these hounds have a rich history and are recognized for their distinctive and versatile nature.

Whether you're a fan of their hunting prowess, their striking good looks, or their unwavering loyalty, you'll find a plethora of names inspired by various themes that resonate with the qualities of this breed. From names that highlight their strength and agility, to ones that reflect their friendly and sociable temperament, we have a comprehensive list for you to choose from. So, let's embark on this exciting journey of finding the perfect name for your American English Coonhound!

Name Reason to Choose
Bacon An endearing name, reflecting the American English Coonhound's love for food
Bandit A fun name for a dog with a knack for stealing hearts
Banjo It's a classic Southern instrument, fitting for a Southern breed
Barkley A playful name that references the dog's vocal nature
Barley Named after a grain used in many Southern recipes
Belle A gentle name, suitable for a female of this affectionate breed
Billy A friendly, down-to-earth name for a Coonhound
Biscuit Named after a favorite Southern food
Blaze Refers to the breed's speed and fiery spirit
Bluegrass Named after a classic Southern music genre
Bolt Symbolizes the quickness of this breed, who are known for their speed
Boone It's a name with a strong American frontier connotation
Boots A cute name reflecting this breed's love for outdoor exploration
Bourbon Named after a classic Southern drink
Brandy A sweet and spirited name, perfect for a Coonhound
Buck It's a strong, classic American name
Buddy Implies companionship, great for a loyal breed like this
Cadence For a Coonhound who moves with rhythm and grace
Champ It's a name fit for a winner
Charley A friendly, classic name for a Coonhound
Chase Emphasizes the dog's hunting instincts
Cheddar It's a fun name, reflecting the breed's playful nature
Chili For a dog with a spicy and lively personality
Chowder It's a fun name, reflecting the breed's playful nature
Cliff Represents the breed's courage and adventurous spirit
Cobbler Named for a traditional Southern dessert
Copper Acknowledges the reddish-brown coat of many Coonhounds
Cornbread Named for a favorite Southern dish
Cotton A nod to the American South's agricultural history
Cracker Named after a favorite Southern snack
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Coonhound History Names

Choosing names related to the history of the Coonhound breed can be a meaningful option for owners.
Name Description
Bayou A nod to the breed's Southern U.S. roots
Bluesman A tribute to the American South, where the breed was popular
Colonial It's an homage to the time when the breed became popular
Cotton A nod to the Southern U.S., where the breed was widely used
Dixie This name is a nod to the breed's Southern roots
Frontier This is a nod to the breed's development in the American wilderness
Heritage This name pays tribute to the breed's rich history
Homesteader It's a fitting name for a breed that played a crucial role in frontier life
Huckleberry This name is inspired by Mark Twain's character, symbolizing rural America
Huntsman This name reflects the breed's hunting heritage
Lantern A tribute to the breed's nocturnal hunting practices
Liberty It's a testament to the breed's American origins
Moonshine A playful reference to the breed's association with rural and frontier life
Musketeer A playful name that harkens back to the adventurous spirit of the breed
Pioneer It reflects the breed's origins in the American frontier
Racooner It alludes to the breed's primary purpose of hunting raccoons
Ranger It's a reference to the breed's wilderness origins
Rebel A tribute to the breed's independent spirit
Redbone A reference to a specific Coonhound breed, it signifies the breed's heritage
Revolution This name honors the breed's history during the American Revolutionary period
Scout A tribute to the breed's role in scouting game
Summit It's a reference to the breed's prowess in tracking game in mountainous terrain
Tracker Refers to the breed's exceptional tracking abilities
Trailblazer This name symbolizes the pioneering spirit of early American settlers and coonhound breeders
Yankee It's a playful name that ties to the breed's American origins

Traditional Dog Names

Despite the specific breed, traditional dog names are always a classic choice.
Name Description
Bella Popular among dog owners and means beautiful
Bruno This name signifies strength and is often chosen for male dogs
Buddy A common name for pets, which denotes companionship
Charlie This name has a long history of use for pets
Chloe This name often appeals to a gentle and loving Coonhound
Cody A traditional name that is easy to call out during training
Daisy A popular choice, as it's a cheerful and vibrant flower
Duke A royal name fitting for a noble breed like Coonhound
Ginger A popular choice for dogs with a reddish-brown coat
Jake A name that signifies a friendly and loyal dog
Lady A dignified name often chosen for female dogs
Lucy A classic name that is easy to call out
Max Denotes strength and is a traditional dog name
Milo A name that denotes a friendly and energetic nature
Molly It's a familiar name that many dogs respond to
Pepper This name is a good fit for a dog with a lively and energetic personality
Rex A classic dog name that signifies a king
Rocky Suitable for a strong, energetic Coonhound
Rosie This name is reminiscent of a sweet natured dog
Ruby This name is often chosen for precious and loved pets
Rusty Can be a fitting name for a Coonhound with a reddish coat
Sadie A classic name often associated with good-natured dogs
Sammy A friendly and traditional name for a loyal companion
Sasha A sweet and simple name that dogs easily respond to
Toby An easy-to-remember name suitable for a responsive dog

Nature Names

These dogs are often found out in the wild hunting, so names related to nature can be very fitting.
Name Description
Birch The dog's light-colored coat is similar to a birch tree's bark
Breeze The dog's swift speed is similar to a swift breeze
Canyon The dog's strength and resilience are reminiscent of a canyon
Cedar This name reflects the dog's sturdy and reliable character
Cloud This name is suitable for a dog with a fluffy and soft coat
Dawn A dog with a bright and cheerful personality would suit this name
Dusk The dog's dark coat is reminiscent of the time of day when dusk falls
Flint This name suits a dog that sparks joy and energy in its owner
Frost This name fits a dog with a light or white coat, like frost
Haze This name suits a dog with a mysterious or elusive quality
Maple This name fits a dog with a reddish-brown coat, like a maple leaf in fall
Meadow This name suits a dog that loves sprawling open spaces
Moss The dog's quiet and stealthy nature is mirrored in moss
Oak Oak signifies the dog's strength and longevity
Pebble The dog's small size and smooth coat resemble a pebble
Pine This name is suitable for a dog with a sharp sense of smell, like the scent of pine
Raven A dog with a dark, glossy coat would suit this name
River This name reflects the dog's calm and steady character
Rocky This name symbolizes the dog's strong and sturdy build
Sage This name reflects the dog's wisdom and experience
Sky This name fits a dog with a boundless spirit, like the open sky
Snow This name is suitable for a dog with a pure and quiet nature
Storm This name represents the dog's energetic and lively nature
Sunset This name is appropriate for a dog with a warm and soothing personality
Willow The dog's graceful movements remind one of a willow tree swaying

Hunting Names

American English Coonhounds are known for their hunting skills, making this a suitable category.
Name Description
Bear Bear signifies the dog's strength and power in hunting
Blaze Blaze relates to the dog's fast speed during a hunt
Bolt Bolt signifies the dog's quick and sudden movements during a hunt
Buck Named after a large game animal, it implies strength and tenacity
Bullet This name reflects the dog's speed and precision
Chase Chase encapsulates the thrill of the hunt
Falcon Falcon displays the hunting prowess of the bird of prey
Hawkeye The sharp vision of a hunting dog is like that of a hawk
Hunter Hunter is a straightforward name for a hunting dog
Jaguar Jaguar, like the big cat, signifies agility and power
Muzzle Muzzle relates to the dog's ability to sniff out its prey
Prowler Prowler signifies the dog's ability to silently stalk its prey
Quiver Quiver, like an arrow holder, signifies readiness and accuracy
Ranger Ranger is an apt name for a hunting dog trained to roam and scout
Rapid Rapid signifies the dog's speed and agility during a hunt
Rifle Rifle signifies strength and accuracy, key traits in hunting
Saber Saber signifies the dog's sharp and quick hunting abilities
Savage Savage represents the dog's fierce hunting instincts
Scout Scout indicates the dog's ability to investigate and search
Sniper Sniper signifies accuracy and precision, vital aspects of hunting
Stalker Stalker represents the hunting dog's stealthy approach
Stealth Stealth represents the quiet and camouflaged approach of a hunting dog
Striker Striker denotes the dog's ability to quickly attack its prey
Tracker This name highlights the dog's tracking abilities, crucial for hunting
Trapper A hunting dog's ability to trap its prey is essential

Southern Names

Because the American English Coonhound breed originated in the South, Southern names can be a fitting and charming choice.
Name Description
Banjo The banjo is an iconic Southern musical instrument
Barbecue Barbecue is a hallmark of Southern cuisine
Beignet It's a nod to the famous Southern pastry
Belle The term 'Southern Belle' refers to a refined, elegant woman of the South
Biscuit Southern cuisine is famous for its biscuits
Bluebell Named after the South's beautiful Bluebell flowers
Bourbon This name is a nod to the South's iconic whiskey
Buck It represents the Southern tradition of deer hunting
Cajun Cajun culture, centered in Louisiana, is a significant part of the South
Colonel Colonels played a prominent role in Southern history
Cotton The South has a rich history of cotton farming
Crawfish Crawfish are prevalent in Southern cuisine
Dixie It's reminiscent of the Southern Dixie region
Grits Grits are a beloved Southern dish
Honey Honey production is significant in the South
Huckleberry It's a common fruit in Southern states
Jambalaya It's a favorite Southern dish
Julep Mint Julep is a classic Southern cocktail
Magnolia It's named after the Southern Magnolia tree
Peaches The South, particularly Georgia, is famous for its peaches
Pecan Pecan pie is a Southern staple
Raleigh The name pays homage to the Southern city in North Carolina
Savannah This name is inspired by the charming Southern city in Georgia
Tabasco Named after the Southern hot sauce
Tupelo Tupelo, Mississippi, is a prominent Southern city
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