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American Eskimo Dog Names

Updated: October 06, 2023

      At the top of the list of American Eskimo names are to no surprise, names related to Alaska and Eskimos. Names like Yukon, Aniak, and Kodiak are just a few examples common among the breed. To the surprise of many, the American Eskimo actually came from Germany. Your puppy will feel right at home with a name like Fritz, Katrin, or Klaus. White is the second biggest theme for names among the breed. A pure white coat has brought about generations of names such as Aspen, Polar, Angel, and Blanco. If you want to venture out from the typical names, look toward the circus. The breed is known for circus performances and many fun names can be taken from the various staple acts, props, and performers.
Name Reason to Choose
Acro Short for acrobat, reflects the breed's agility and ability to learn tricks
Akiak This name means 'brave' in Inuit, signifying the breed's courageous spirit
Alaska This name represents the cold northern state, reflecting the breed's snowy coat
Amelia A classic name that suits the breed's elegant demeanor
Angel Describes the breed's white coat, which is often associated with purity and angelic creatures
Aniak Aniak is a city in Alaska, a region known for its snowy landscapes, akin to the dog's native environment
Anyu It's an Inuit word for 'snow', relevant to the breed's climate preference
Arctic Represents the natural habitat of this breed's ancestors
Armin A German name, a nod to the breed's German Spitz ancestors
Aspen Named after a cold-weather tree species, symbolizing the breed's love for cool climates
Aurora The Northern Lights, or Aurora Borealis, are a beautiful phenomenon that can be seen in the Arctic, where Eskimos live
Avalanche An appropriate pick given the breed's snowy white coat and origin in cold climates
Bailey Named after the famous circus, as the breed is known for its ability to learn tricks
Barnum An homage to the famous circus, reflecting the breed's entertaining and lively nature
Bear An apt choice due to the breed's thick, white fur resembling a polar bear's
Bello It's a cute German name, paying homage to the breed's roots
Bianco Italian for white, refers to the breed's snowy, white coat
Biscuit A fun, light-hearted name for a playful breed
Blanco Spanish for 'white', a nod to the dog's coat
Blizzard A powerful, wintry name for a sturdy breed
Bones A playful and quirky name, reflecting the breed's lively and playful nature
Bozo Named after the famous clown, symbolizing the breed's entertaining personality
Bubbles This name symbolizes the breed's bubbly and lively nature
Cadence A musical term that reflects the breed's vocal and melodious nature
Casper Named after the friendly ghost, symbolizing the breed's white coat and friendly nature
Chauncey A unique name that fits the breed's distinctive and playful personality
Chill An easygoing name for a cool dog
Chilly A playful nod to the breed's cold weather origins
Circus Reflects the breed's playful and entertaining nature
Cirrus Another cloud-themed name for a fluffy breed
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Names Reflecting Playfulness

American Eskimo Dogs are known for their playful and energetic nature, so names that capture this aspect can be fitting.
Name Description
Bounce Perfect for an energetic and playful dog that loves to jump
Bubbles For a dog that's as bubbly and playful as a child with a bubble wand
Capers Ideal for a dog that loves to frolic and play mischievous tricks
Cuddle Perfect for a playful and affectionate dog
Dazzle For a dog that loves to show off and entertain
Doodle For a dog that loves to explore and get into everything
Fidget For a dog that's always on the move and ready to play
Frisbee Represents a playful toy that dogs love to chase
Frolic For a dog that's always ready for a game or adventure
Giggles Suits a dog that brings a lot of joy and laughter into the family
Jester A great name for a dog that loves to entertain and make people laugh
Jingle Ideal for a lively and cheerful dog
Jolly For a dog that's always in a playful and happy mood
Joy A fitting name for a dog that brings endless happiness and plays all day
Pogo Represents a playful and bouncy dog, just like a pogo stick
Ripple For a dog that loves to play in the water
Romp A name for a dog that enjoys running and playing around
Sprint For a dog that loves to run and chase
Tickle For a dog that loves belly rubs and playtime
Tumble Suitable for a clumsy yet endearing puppy that loves to play
Twirl For a dog that spins around in joy when playful
Whirl A name that reflects a dog's playful and dynamic nature
Wiggle For a dog that can't contain his excitement and happiness
Wobble Perfect for a puppy that's still finding its feet
ZigZag For a dog that loves to dart around playfully

Names Based on Size and Appearance

American Eskimo Dogs are known for their small size and white fur, so names that highlight these features can be appropriate.
Name Description
Bitty For a wee little American Eskimo pup
Blizzard For an American Eskimo dog with a flurry of white fur
Boulder For a large, strong American Eskimo dog
Chubby Ideal for a slightly plump American Eskimo pup
Cloud The fluffy white coat is like a cloud
Cuddles This breed's fluffy coat is perfect for cuddling
Fluffy This name calls attention to the plush, white coat of the breed
Frosty The breed's white coat is reminiscent of frost or snow
Glacier Their white coat and sturdy build remind one of a glacier
Icy A cool name for a white, cool-tempered breed
Ivory A fitting name for a dog with a coat as white as ivory
Marshmallow Their coat is fluffy and white, just like a marshmallow
Midget Perfect for the toy or miniature American Eskimo dog
Mini Perfect for the miniature American Eskimo dog
Nugget A cute name for a small, precious American Eskimo
Panda Their white coat and black eyes resemble a panda bear
Pearl For an American Eskimo with a coat as pure and white as a pearl
Pebble Perfect for a small but sturdy American Eskimo dog
Polar An ideal choice for a white dog like the American Eskimo, suggesting the polar bear
Puff Cute name for a fluffy, furry breed like the American Eskimo
Sleet Their white coat is reminiscent of sleet or snow
Snowy Evokes the breed's bright white fur, reminiscent of a snowy day
Sprite For a small and lively American Eskimo
Teeny Suitable for the smaller size variant of this breed
Tiny Great for a small-sized American Eskimo dog

Cold Climate Names

These dogs are used to cold weather, so names related to snow, ice, or cold can be suitable.
Name Description
Alaska An homage to one of the coldest states in the U.S
Arctic A fitting name for a breed used to the chill of the Arctic
Aurora Named after the stunning Northern Lights often seen in Eskimo territories
Blizzard This name reflects the harsh snowstorms common in the Eskimo's home region
Borealis Inspired by the mesmerizing Northern Lights
Chilly A playful name that refers to the cold weather these dogs are used to
Flurry Cute and playful, this name symbolizes light snowfall
Freeze A name that signifies the freezing temperatures of the Arctic
Frostbite A tougher name that reflects the harsh realities of Arctic climates
Frosty Perfect for a dog from a breed that thrives in cold conditions
Glacier It's a nod to the icy landscapes of the Arctic
Hail An interesting name choice that speaks to the Arctic's harsh weather conditions
Iceberg This name reflects the icy climates these dogs are used to
Icecap A strong name that signifies the thick layer of ice found in the North
Icy This name is perfect for a dog breed that thrives in icy conditions
Igloo Considering Eskimos often live in these during harsh winters, it's a fitting name
Klondike Named after the cold and snowy Klondike region
Nanook In Inuit mythology, Nanook is the master of bears, symbolizing strength
Polar An appropriate name given the polar climates these dogs are accustomed to
Siberia A tribute to the cold, harsh region of Siberia
Sleet This name is a nod to the mix of rain and snow often seen in cold climates
Snowball Their white fur is reminiscent of fresh snow
Snowflake A delicate name inspired by the beauty of winter
Tundra A nod to the vast, cold landscapes of the North
Yukon Inspired by the harsh, cold Yukon territory

Native American Names

Given the breed's name and heritage, Native American names can be a meaningful choice.
Name Description
Chayton This name means 'falcon', a great choice for an agile and swift American Eskimo dog
Chogan This name means 'blackbird', a great name for a dog with a beautiful black coat
Dakota A name that means 'friend', a fitting name for an American Eskimo dog
Enyeto This Native American name means 'walks as a bear', suitable for a bold and confident dog
Hotah A name that means 'white', fitting for a beautiful American Eskimo dog
Kai In Native American, this means 'willow tree'. Suitable for a calm and peaceful American Eskimo dog
Kitchi It's a Native American name that means 'brave'. Suitable for a courageous American Eskimo dog
Koda A name that means 'friend', a perfect description of an American Eskimo dog's character
Kohana This lovely name means 'swift', ideal for a fast and energetic American Eskimo dog
Koko This sweet name means 'night', a perfect name for a dog with a dark and shiny coat
Luta A name that means 'red', a creative name for an American Eskimo dog
Makwa In Native American language, Makwa means 'bear'. A great name for a friendly and loving dog
Miki This sweet name translates to 'little' in Native American language, perfect for a small Eskimo puppy
Miska In Native American language, this name means 'little bear'. Ideal for cuddly Eskimo dogs
Niyol In Native American language, this means 'wind'. A great name for a fast and agile dog
Nokosi This name, meaning 'bear', is a powerful choice for a strong American Eskimo dog
Ohanzee This name means 'shadow', a suitable name for a dog with a quiet and mysterious personality
Onida This lovely name means 'the one searched for', perfect for a long-awaited dog
Sakima This name means 'king', ideal for a dominant and confident American Eskimo dog
Sihu In Native American language, this means 'flower'. Ideal for a beautiful and charming dog
Tala In Native American language, Tala means 'wolf'. Perfect for a dog with a strong instinct
Tatanka In Native American language, Tatanka means 'buffalo'. A great name for a sturdy and strong dog
Wakanda This powerful name means 'possesses magical powers', ideal for a dog with a mysterious charm
Yansa This name means 'buffalo', a powerful name for a strong and sturdy dog
Yuma This name means 'son of the chief', a great choice for a dog with a noble lineage

Nature Inspired Names

American Eskimo Dogs originated in Northern climates, so names inspired by nature and weather can be fitting.
Name Description
Aspen Named after a tree species that thrives in cold climates
Aurora Named after the beautiful Northern Lights seen in the Arctic
Birch Another tree that thrives in cold climates, a fitting name for this breed
Blizzard This name is perfect for an Eskimo dog because of its white fur and the breed's Arctic heritage
Crystal Their coat is as clear and shiny as a crystal
Cypress A tree that survives in the cold, symbolizing this breed's hardiness
Flurry This name is reminiscent of their energetic personality and white coat
Frost Their white, fluffy coat resembles a frost-covered landscape
Glacier This name reflects the icy landscapes of the Eskimo dog's origins
Hazel Named after a tree that withstands the cold, symbolic of this breed's hardiness
Holly Holly is a winter plant, making it a fitting name for this breed
Icicle Their coat is as white and shiny as an icicle
Ivy A plant that continues to thrive in winter, reflecting this breed's resilience
Juniper A resilient plant that survives in harsh winters, just like this breed
Luna Their white coat is as luminous as the moon
Misty Their white coat is as ethereal as a winter mist
Moon Their white coat shines in the moonlight
Pearl Their coat is as smooth and shiny as a pearl
Polar Named after the polar regions where Eskimo dogs originate
River A cool, flowing name that suits this active breed
Sky Their white coat is as clear as a winter sky
Snowflake This breed is as unique and beautiful as each individual snowflake
Storm A powerful name for a resilient breed
Tundra Named after the vast, cold landscapes where Eskimo dogs thrive
Willow A tree that thrives in the cold, symbolic of this breed's resilience
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The Tale of Nanook, The Arctic Survivor

In the vast, frozen expanse of the Arctic tundra, life was a constant battle against the elements. It was in this unforgiving landscape that Nanook, a courageous American Eskimo dog, found herself alone and struggling to survive.

Nanook had been separated from her human family during a blizzard, her desperate cries for help carried away by the howling wind. As the storm subsided, she was left to face the harsh reality of her isolation, her once-lush coat now encrusted with ice and snow.

Despite the overwhelming odds, Nanook refused to give up. Drawing upon her instincts and the resilience of her ancestors, she set off across the frozen wasteland, determined to find her way home. Her keen sense of smell and steadfast determination guided her through the desolate terrain, her every step a testament to her unyielding spirit.

As Nanook journeyed across the tundra, she encountered various Arctic creatures who marveled at her fortitude. A wise old polar bear, impressed by her tenacity, offered her shelter in his den during a particularly brutal storm. In return, Nanook shared her knowledge of the land and her boundless optimism, leaving the bear with a newfound appreciation for the strength that lies within even the smallest of creatures.

Nanook's journey was fraught with danger and hardship, but she remained undeterred. Her resourcefulness and agility allowed her to navigate treacherous ice floes, scale towering snowdrifts, and evade cunning predators. Along the way, she formed alliances with other creatures, her kindness and bravery earning her their respect and loyalty.

As the days turned into weeks, Nanook began to feel the weight of her solitude. The frozen landscape offered little comfort, and she longed for the warmth of her family's embrace. In her darkest moments, she found solace in the stars, their distant glow a beacon of hope in the seemingly endless night.

One fateful evening, as Nanook gazed up at the sky, she spotted a familiar constellation, its pattern etched into her memory from countless nights spent beneath the heavens with her family. With renewed determination, she set off in the direction of the stars, her heart swelling with the hope that they would guide her home.

As the sun began to break through the perpetual twilight of the Arctic, Nanook crested a snowbank and caught sight of her family's cabin in the distance. With a burst of energy, she raced towards the familiar structure, her heart pounding with anticipation.

Upon reaching the cabin, Nanook threw herself into the arms of her overjoyed family, their tearful reunion a testament to the unbreakable bond they shared. The tale of Nanook's journey across the Arctic tundra became the stuff of legend, her bravery and resilience inspiring generations to come.

For as long as the stars shone down upon the frozen expanse, the tale of Nanook, the Arctic Survivor, would live on, a shining example of the power of love and the indomitable spirit that lies within us all.

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