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Updated: March 31, 2024

Welcome to our dedicated page designed to help you find the perfect name for your new furry friend. As an owner of an American Foxhound, you are privileged to have one of the oldest and most distinguished dog breeds in the United States. Renowned for their endurance, speed, and vocal prowess, these dogs carry an air of grace and nobility that is truly their own.

Naming your new American Foxhound can be an exciting journey. The name should ideally reflect their unique traits and personality. It could be inspired by their rich history, their distinct physical attributes, or even their lively and friendly nature. From classic and timeless names to unique and trendy ones, the options are endless.

Whether you are looking for something traditional or an offbeat name, our comprehensive list can help you find a name that your American Foxhound will respond to and you will love. So, let's embark on this exciting journey of naming your American Foxhound.

Name Reason to Choose
Hustle A name that showcases the breed's active and energetic nature
Indigo The indigo plant is native to America and this name could suit a Foxhound with a blueish coat
Jasper For their unique and vibrant personalities
Jazz A name that reflects the breed's lively and energetic personality
Jingle Because of their cheerful nature
Joplin A tribute to the American singer Janis Joplin, perfect for music-loving dog owners
Journey This name signifies the adventurous nature of the breed
Jubilee Because of their vibrant, jovial nature
Justice A term associated with American ideals
Kestrel Named for their keen senses and sharp instincts
Kodiak This name, inspired by the Alaskan wilderness, is perfect for a Foxhound
Laredo A city in Texas, this name reflects the dog's strong and resilient nature
Legacy Represents the breed's longstanding history
Liberty A tribute to the American values
Limerick For their Irish origin
Lincoln Named after the 16th U.S. president, it signifies strength and honesty
Majesty Signifies the breed's noble disposition
Marble After the beautiful, unique pattern of their coat
Maverick This name represents independence and non-conformity, just like a Foxhound's personality
Mellow For their calm temperament
Melody Named after the melodious howl of this breed
Nashville This is a fun name for country music-loving dog owners
Nectar For their sweet, friendly personality
Olive For their peaceful and friendly demeanor
Patriarch Indicates the breed's leadership qualities
Patriot A nod to the breed's American origins
Pebble Named for their small size as puppies
Pecos Named after the Pecos River, it's a great name for a dog that loves water
Pioneer A tribute to American history and the breed's adventurous spirit
Prairie This name symbolizes the wide open spaces that this breed loves
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Names inspired by nature

American Foxhounds are known for their hunting skills and athleticism, making nature-inspired names a good fit.
Name Description
Aspen Aspen trees are beautiful and graceful, much like the American Foxhound
Berry This name reflects the sweet and friendly nature of the American Foxhound
Birch Birch trees are sturdy and beautiful, much like the American Foxhound
Cedar A strong and resilient tree, a perfect name for a robust breed like the American Foxhound
Cloud This name is a tribute to the American Foxhound's light and airy gait
Cypress Cypress trees are known for their longevity and hardiness, similar to the American Foxhound
Fern Ferns are delicate and beautiful, much like the American Foxhound
Flint Flint is a hard type of rock, reflecting the toughness and durability of the American Foxhound
Frost Frost signifies the American Foxhound's ability to endure harsh conditions
Hawthorn The hawthorn tree is known for its beauty and strength, just like the American Foxhound
Hazel Hazel trees are strong and reliable, much like the American Foxhound
Jasmine The Jasmine flower is beautiful and fragrant, much like the American Foxhound is beautiful and pleasant
Maple Maple trees are known for their beauty, just like the American Foxhound
Moss Moss is soft and gentle, much like the temperament of the American Foxhound
Pine Pine trees are known for their hardiness, much like the American Foxhound
Rain This name can reflect the American Foxhound's ability to work in various weather conditions
Raven Ravens are intelligent and adaptable, much like the American Foxhound
River This name is fitting for an American Foxhound, as these dogs are known for their agility and grace, much like a flowing river
Sage Sage is a plant known for its healing properties, much like an American Foxhound can heal hearts with its endearing nature
Slate Slate is a type of rock known for its durability, just like the American Foxhound
Spruce Spruce trees are strong and resilient, much like the American Foxhound
Storm Storm can reflect the American Foxhound's strong and robust nature
Thistle Thistle plants are resilient and tough, much like the American Foxhound
Willow Just like this tree, American Foxhounds are flexible and adaptable to different environments
Wind Just like the wind, American Foxhounds are swift and fast

Names based on appearance

American Foxhounds have distinctive physical features that can inspire unique and fitting names.
Name Description
Blizzard For a Foxhound with a white, snowy coat
Blot An ideal name for a Foxhound with blot-like patterns
Brindle Inspired by the brindle pattern on some Foxhounds
Charcoal Suitable for a dog with a dark grayish-black color, reminiscent of charcoal
Copper A befitting name for a dog with a copper-toned coat
Dusk For a Foxhound with a dark-colored coat
Fluffy Perfect for a Foxhound with a fluffy coat
Freckles For a Foxhound with freckled spots on its coat
Ginger For a Foxhound with a reddish-brown coat
Glitter For a Foxhound with a glossy, shiny coat
Inky A great name for a Foxhound with a dark, ink-like coat
Jet Perfect for a Foxhound with a jet-black coat
Misty Perfect name for a Foxhound with a light, almost misty coat color
Mocha A great name for a Foxhound with a brown coat
Patches For a Foxhound that has patchy color patterns
Pepper Suitable for a Foxhound with a black and white coat
Rusty Suitable for a dog with a reddish coat
Sandy It's a great fit for a dog with a coat that resembles the color of sand
Shadow Ideal for a dark-coated Foxhound
Silky For a Foxhound with a silky-smooth coat
Smokey Inspired by the grayish color of some Foxhounds
Snowy Perfect for a white-coated Foxhound
Spot It's a perfect name for a foxhound with distinctive spots
Stripe Perfect for a Foxhound with stripe-like markings
Tawny A great name for a Foxhound with a light brown coat

Names inspired by famous dogs

Names inspired by famous or well-known dogs can be a fun and unique choice for your American Foxhound.
Name Description
Balto Balto was a courageous sled dog who led his team on the final stretch of the 1925 serum run to Nome
Beethoven Inspired by the St. Bernard from the 'Beethoven' movie series
Benji Benji was the famous mixed-breed dog who starred in a series of movies
Bolt Bolt was the fictional White Shepherd from the animated Disney movie of the same name
Boomer Boomer was the star dog of the television show 'Here's Boomer'
Bruiser Bruiser is the Chihuahua from the movie 'Legally Blonde'
Buddy Buddy was the Golden Retriever who starred in the 'Air Bud' movies
Chance Chance is the American Bulldog from the movie 'Homeward Bound'
Goofy Goofy is a fun-loving dog character from Disney's animations
Hachiko Hachiko is a famous Akita dog known for his unwavering loyalty
Lady This name originates from 'Lady and the Tramp', the famous Disney movie
Lassie This name is a tribute to the Rough Collie well-known from the television series 'Lassie'
Marley Inspired by the Labrador Retriever starring in the movie 'Marley & Me'
Max Max is the brave dog from the movie 'Max', based on a true story
Oldyeller Old Yeller is the brave dog from the book and movie of the same name
Otis Otis is the Pug from the movie 'The Adventures of Milo and Otis'
Pluto Pluto is Mickey Mouse's loyal dog in Disney's animations
Pongo Pongo is the Dalmatian father from the Disney movie '101 Dalmatians'
RinTinTin Rin Tin Tin was a famous German Shepherd who starred in many silent films
Scraps Scraps is the dog from Charlie Chaplin's silent film 'A Dog's Life'
Shadow Shadow is the wise Golden Retriever from 'Homeward Bound'
Snoopy Snoopy is the famous Beagle from the 'Peanuts' comic strip
Spike Spike was a Mastiff who starred in the 'Tom and Jerry' cartoon series
Toto This name is inspired by the small terrier who became famous in 'The Wizard of Oz'
Tramp Inspired by the mutt from the Disney movie 'Lady and the Tramp'

Geographical Names

Names based on American cities, states, or landmarks can reflect the dog's heritage as an American breed.
Name Description
Alaska Evokes the wild beauty and vast landscapes of the northernmost state
Aspen Named after the snowy peaks and scenic town in Colorado
Austin In tribute to the vibrant and musical city in Texas
Boston Inspired by the rich history and culture of the Massachusetts city
Brooklyn Inspired by the vibrant borough in New York City
Charleston Reflects the old-world charm of the South Carolina city
Chicago Evokes the bustling energy of the Windy City
Dakota Reflects the midwestern spirit of the Dakota states
Denver It's a nod to the city in Colorado, a great place for outdoor adventures
Houston Inspired by the spirit of Texas's largest city
Indiana Named after the midwestern state, perfect for a friendly, down-to-earth dog
Jackson For the charm and history of Mississippi's capital city
Memphis For dogs with a soulful spirit, just like the city in Tennessee
Miami Brings to mind the sunny beaches and vibrant culture of the Florida city
Montana Represents the wide open spaces and rugged beauty of the state
Nashville For dogs with a musical spirit, just like Tennessee's capital
Nevada Reminiscent of the wild beauty of the state's desert landscapes
Omaha A tribute to the friendly and welcoming city in Nebraska
Orlando Reminiscent of the sunny, fun-filled city in Florida
Phoenix Echoes the warmth and resilience of Arizona's capital
Raleigh Named after North Carolina's capital, known for its green spaces
Savannah Evokes the charm of the historic city in Georgia
Seattle A salute to the city's love for dogs and outdoor activities
Tulsa A nod to the lively city in Oklahoma, known for its love for dogs
Vegas The perfect name for a dog that loves to be the center of attention

Historical Names

Names inspired by historical figures can give your American Foxhound an aura of elegance and prestige.
Name Description
Adams A tribute to John Adams, the second president of the United States
Armstrong A nod to Neil Armstrong, the first person to walk on the moon
Bell Inspired by Alexander Graham Bell, an American inventor
Boone Inspired by Daniel Boone, a pioneer and explorer
Crockett A tribute to Davy Crockett, a folk hero and politician
Earhart A nod to Amelia Earhart, the first female aviator to fly solo across the Atlantic Ocean
Edison Named after Thomas Edison, a famous American inventor
Einstein In honor of Albert Einstein, a theoretical physicist
Ford Named after Henry Ford, an American industrialist and founder of the Ford Motor Company
Franklin In honor of Benjamin Franklin, a significant figure in American history
Fulton Named after Robert Fulton, an American engineer and inventor
Grant Commemorates Ulysses S. Grant, a Union general during the Civil War
Hamilton Named after Alexander Hamilton, a Founding Father
Hawthorne In tribute to Nathaniel Hawthorne, an American novelist
Jefferson Thomas Jefferson, a historical figure known for his love of foxhounds
Kennedy A tribute to John F. Kennedy, the 35th president of the United States
Lincoln A name inspired by the 16th president of the United States, Abraham Lincoln
Madison In honor of James Madison, the fourth U.S. president
Monroe Named after Marilyn Monroe, a famous American actress
Presley A tribute to Elvis Presley, a cultural icon and musician
Revere After Paul Revere, a patriot in the American Revolution
Roosevelt Theodore Roosevelt, the 26th president of the United States, was an avid hunter
Sinatra Inspired by Frank Sinatra, a renowned American singer and actor
Twain Inspired by Mark Twain, a renowned American author
Washington Named after George Washington, who played a crucial role in the development of the American Foxhound breed
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