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Argentina Dog Names

Updated: May 30, 2024

Welcome to an exciting page dedicated to dog lovers who are drawn to the rich cultural heritage of Argentina. This beautiful South American country, known for its stunning landscapes, vibrant culture, and passionate tango, offers a plethora of unique and meaningful names for your furry friends.

Whether you have an Argentinian breed like the Dogo Argentino, or simply love the beautiful Spanish language, or are fascinated by Argentina's culture and traditions, this page provides an extensive list of names that are popular, unique, and traditional in Argentina. Each name is imbued with a sense of the country's spirit, giving your pet a unique identity that is tied to the vibrant Argentinian culture.

From names inspired by famous Argentinian personalities, scenic locations, to those reflecting popular Argentinian food or expressions, this list offers a wide variety to choose from. So get ready to give your beloved pet a name that tells a story of the rich Argentine heritage.

Name Reason to Choose
Aconcagua Aconcagua is the highest mountain in the Americas, located in Argentina
Alfajor A traditional Argentine cookie
Andes Inspired by the mountain range in Argentina
Araucano Relating to the indigenous Araucanian people, a strong, noble name for a dog
Asado The Argentine term for a range of barbecue techniques
Bandera Spanish for flag, a noble name for a proud, patriotic dog
Bandoneon An instrument used in tango, an elegant name for a graceful dog
Bariloche A city in Argentina known for its Swiss-style architecture
Belgrano Named after Manuel Belgrano, a hero of the Argentine War of Independence
Berisso A city in Argentina, would make a unique name for a dog with a distinct personality
Bife A classic Argentine steak, a great name for a strong, meat-loving dog
Boca In honor of the Boca Juniors, a popular football team
Boludo A colloquial term in Argentina, a fun name for a silly, goofy dog
Buenos Taken from Buenos Aires, the capital of Argentina, an elegant name for a refined dog
Cacique A term used for tribal chiefs in the region, a strong name for a leader-type dog
Cafayate A wine region in Argentina, a refined name for a sophisticated dog
Calafate Named after a town in the southern part of Argentina
Calchaqui Referring to the Calchaquí Valleys in Argentina, a great name for an adventurous dog
Caminito It's a famous street museum in Buenos Aires. A cultural symbol
Carnaval Celebrating the festive Argentine Carnival
Chacarero A term for a farm worker, a fitting name for a dog from a rural area
Chaco A province in the northeastern Argentina
Chajari A city in Entre Ríos Province, a unique name for a dog with a distinct personality
Chamame A traditional Argentine music and dance style, a lively name for a fun-loving dog
Chascomus Named after a beautiful city in Buenos Aires Province
Chimango A type of bird found in Argentina, a fitting name for a fast, agile dog
Chimichurri A popular Argentine sauce used in cooking
Chinchulin An Argentine delicacy, a unique name for a dog with a strong personality
Cholila Cholila is a town in the province of Chubut, Argentina, known for its natural beauty
Choripan A popular Argentine street food
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Argentine Cuisine Names

Argentina is famous for its cuisine. Food names like Asado, Empanada, Malbec can be used to name a dog and show love for Argentine culture.
Name Description
Alfajor This is a popular Argentine sweet treat, an apt name for a sweet dog
Asado A traditional Argentine barbeque dish; perfect for a dog who loves being outdoors
Carbonada A traditional Argentine stew, a hearty name for a robust dog
Chimichurri A famous Argentine sauce; a good fit for a dog with a spicy personality
Chorizo A type of sausage common in Argentina, perfect for a chunky, lovable dog
Churro A popular sweet pastry in Argentina, a cute name for an adorable dog
Dulce It means sweet in Spanish, perfect for a sweet-natured dog
Empanada Argentine pastry often filled with meat, for a dog with a meaty personality
Faina An Argentine pizza-like dish, a suitable name for a dog who's everyone's favorite
Locro An Argentine corn-based stew, a comforting name for a comforting companion
Lomito An Argentine steak sandwich, a name that suits a strong and robust dog
Malbec A type of wine produced in Argentina, for a dog with a rich and sophisticated personality
Matambre A stuffed meat roll from Argentina; ideal for a dog who enjoys his food
Mazamorra A traditional Argentine dessert, a delightful name for a delightful dog
Medialuna Referring to Argentine croissants, a fantastic name for a soft and fluffy dog
Milanesa An Argentine dish similar to a breaded meat cutlet; a great name for a bread-loving dog
Mollejas Referring to a type of Argentine grilled offal, a unique name for a distinctive dog
Pamplona An Argentine stuffed meat dish, a substantial name for a large dog
Parrilla Referring to Argentine grill cooking, ideal for a dog who loves backyard barbeques
Picada An Argentine appetizer, a charming name for a little dog
Provoleta An Argentine melted cheese dish, suited to a dog that melts your heart
Puchero A traditional Argentine stew, a good choice for a dog with a warm and comforting nature
Rosado A type of Argentine wine, a refined name for a noble dog
Tango Argentina's famous dance, great for a dog that loves to play and move
Turrón An Argentine nougat dessert, a sweet and unique name for a dog

Argentine Slang Words

Slang words or phrases can be a playful and unique way to name a dog. Examples are Che, Boludo, Facha.
Name Description
Asado Asado is a type of barbecue, a fitting name for a dog from a family who loves to grill
Boludo Boludo is a term of affection for a friend in Argentina, making it a great pet name
Bombon Bombon means sweet or candy, a perfect name for a sweet-natured dog
Chabon Chabon is a term for a guy, an ideal name for a male dog
Chamame Chamame is a type of music from Argentina, a wonderful name for a dog from a music-loving family
Chamuyo Chamuyo is a term for flattery or sweet talk, great for a charming pet
Che Che is a colloquial term for friend in Argentina and can be used for a loyal canine companion
Cheto Cheto is a term for someone who is posh or high-class, a perfect name for a refined dog
Facha Facha refers to a person's appearance, an ideal name for a good-looking dog
Fiaca Fiaca is a term for laziness, a fitting name for a laid-back dog
Fulbo Fulbo is the Argentine slang for football, an ideal name for a sporty dog
Gaucho Gaucho is a cowboy or rural worker, a great name for a dog from rural areas
Guita Guita is a slang term for money, a fun name for a valuable pup
Laburo A common slang for work, Laburo would fit a working dog
Mate Mate is a traditional Argentine drink and can be a fun name for a dog
Mina Mina is the Argentine slang for a woman, suitable for a female dog
Morocho Morocho refers to a dark-haired or dark-skinned person, suitable for a dark-colored dog
Parrilla Parrilla is a type of grill, a fun name for a dog from a family who loves barbecues
Pata Pata is the Spanish word for paw, a cute name for a dog
Pibe Pibe is Argentine slang for a young boy, a good name for a young, energetic dog
Piola Piola is a term for something or someone cool, suitable for a cool dog
Porteño Porteño is a term for someone from Buenos Aires, a great name for a dog from the city
Quilombo Quilombo usually refers to a mess or chaos, perfect for a dog who loves to create a little mischief
Rasca Rasca is a term for something cheap or lousy, a fun, ironic name for a prized pet
Tango Tango is a popular dance in Argentina, a fitting name for a lively dog

Traditional Argentine Names

Traditional names like Mateo, Sofia, Juan, etc. are popular in Argentina which can be used as dog names for their cultural significance.
Name Description
Belen A beautiful name meaning 'Bethlehem', often used in Argentina
Camila Commonly used name in Argentina, perfect for a female dog
Cordoba Named after the Argentine city
Diego Commonly used in Argentina, also the name of a famous footballer
Esteban A popular traditional name in Argentina
Evita After Argentina's beloved First Lady, Eva Perón
Federico Classic Argentine name, often shortened to 'Fede'
Gaucho Refers to the cowboys of the South American pampas
Isabel A traditional Argentine name, perfect for a female dog
Juan A classic and traditional Argentine name
Luna Means 'moon' in Spanish, a common pet name in Argentina
Maradona After the legendary Argentine soccer player
Martin A classic Argentine name, suitable for a male dog
Mate After Argentina's popular traditional drink
Mateo A popular human name in Argentina, works well for a dog
Maximo A traditional Argentine name that means 'the greatest'
Mendoza After the wine-producing region in Argentina
Pablo A traditional Argentine name, used commonly for pets
Pampas After the fertile lowlands in Argentina
Patagonia Named after the beautiful region in Argentina
Rafaela A feminine and traditional Argentine name
Rocio Rocio means 'dew', a unique and traditional Argentine name
Rosario Refers to the Argentine city, Rosario
Sofia A beautiful and popular name in Argentina
Tango After Argentina's famous dance

City Names

Naming dogs after Argentine cities like Buenos Aires, Cordoba, Mendoza can be a fun and unique way to honor the country.
Name Description
Bariloche This city in the Andes is famous for its Swiss-style architecture
Buenos Short for Buenos Aires, the capital of Argentina
Chaco Reflecting the province in the northeastern part of Argentina
Comodoro Named after Comodoro Rivadavia, a city in the Patagonian province of Chubut
Cordoba Inspired by Argentina's second largest city
Corrientes The name of an Argentine city on the Paraná River
Formosa A city in Argentina, meaning 'beautiful' in Spanish
Jujuy A unique city name from Northern Argentina
Maradona An iconic figure from Buenos Aires, a tribute to the city's love for football
Mendoza Renowned for its wine, this place's name is a unique choice for a dog
Merlo This small city in Buenos Aires Province is a unique name for a dog
Neuquen Inspired by the city in Argentina's Patagonia region
Obera A city in the province of Misiones, perfect for a dog with an adventurous spirit
Parana A homage to the city located in the Entre Ríos province
Posadas This city's name is a unique choice, located in northeastern Argentina
Quilmes A unique name, after a city in Buenos Aires province
Rafaela The name of a city in the Santa Fe province, it's a sweet and elegant name for a female dog
Rosario A beautiful city in Argentina, known for its stunning architecture
Salta Emulating the vibrant city in Argentina's north
Sanjuanino A name derived from the city of San Juan
SantaFe Homage to the capital city of the province of Santa Fe
Tandil A city in the southeast of Buenos Aires Province
Trelew A city in the Patagonian province of Chubut
Tucuman This city's name can be a distinctive choice for a dog
Ushuaia This city's name is a unique option for a pet, as it's the southernmost city in the world

Famous People Names

Argentina is known for its famous personalities such as Maradona, Messi, Evita, etc. These names could serve as unique dog names.
Name Description
Ardiles Inspired by Ossie Ardiles, a famous Argentine footballer
Batistuta This name pays tribute to Gabriel Batistuta, a popular Argentine footballer
Bioy Named after Adolfo Bioy Casares, a notable Argentine writer
Borges Named after Jorge Luis Borges, a famous Argentine short-story writer
Che Inspired by Che Guevara, an Argentine Marxist revolutionary
Cortazar This name pays tribute to Julio Cortázar, an influential Argentine writer
Crespo Derived from the name of Hernán Crespo, a famous Argentine footballer
Evita This is in homage to Eva Perón, Argentina's famous First Lady
Fangio This name pays tribute to Juan Manuel Fangio, an Argentine racing car driver
Favaloro This name honors René Favaloro, an Argentine cardiac surgeon and educator
Gardel Carlos Gardel was an iconic tango singer from Argentina
Ginobili This is in honor of Manu Ginóbili, an Argentine former professional basketball player
Leloir Inspired by Luis Federico Leloir, an Argentine doctor and biochemist who received the Nobel Prize
Mafalda Inspired by Mafalda, a famous Argentine comic strip character
Maradona Named after the legendary Argentine footballer Diego Maradona
Messi This name is derived from Lionel Messi, a world-renowned footballer from Argentina
Ocampo Taken from the surname of Victoria Ocampo, a prominent Argentine writer and intellectual
Pampita This name pays tribute to Pampita, a renowned Argentine model and television host
Piazzolla Taken from the surname of the Argentine tango composer Astor Piazzolla
Quino Named after Quino, the Argentine cartoonist who created Mafalda
Riquelme Taken from the name of Juan Román Riquelme, a famous Argentine footballer
Sabatini Derived from Gabriela Sabatini, an Argentine former professional tennis player
Sarmiento This name pays tribute to Domingo Faustino Sarmiento, an Argentine statesman, educator, and author
Vilas Named after Guillermo Vilas, a famous Argentine tennis player
Zanetti This name is derived from Javier Zanetti, an Argentine former professional footballer
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