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Argentine Dogo Names

Updated: March 31, 2024

Welcome to a curated collection of captivating monikers specially designed for a breed as majestic as the Argentine Dogo. This page is dedicated to helping you find the perfect name for your new companion. Originating from Argentina, this breed is known for their loyal, courageous, and protective nature. They are not just dogs, but a part of the family, deserving a name that echoes their unique traits and nobility.

Our list is a blend of traditional, popular, and unique names, drawing inspiration from various sources such as their physical appearance, temperament, and Argentinian roots. Whether you desire a name that mirrors their muscular build, a name that signifies their brave heart, or one that simply pays homage to their origin, you are sure to find it here. So, let's dive in and explore this carefully crafted list, designed to help you find the ideal name that fits your Argentine Dogo like a glove.

Name Reason to Choose
Abrazo It translates to 'hug', suitable for a lovable Dogo
Alegria Spanish for joy, for a dog that brings joy to your life
Amigo Spanish for friend, reflecting the breed's loyal nature
Andes Named after the mountain range in Argentina, for a dog that loves to climb
Andino Relating to the Andes mountains in Argentina
Argento Means silver in Italian, reflects Argentina's rich history
Asado A nod to Argentina's famed BBQ style
Astro Spanish for star, for a dog that shines in your life
Azul Reflects the national colors of Argentina
Bariloche Named after a city in the Argentine Andes known for skiing
Beso It means 'kiss', for a Dogo that's affectionate
Bife Inspired by Argentina's famous beef
Blanco Spanish for white, a nod to the breed's coat color
Boca After the beloved football team, Boca Juniors
Bravo Spanish for brave, highlighting the breed's courage
Bueno Spanish for good, for a dog with a good nature
Buenos Inspired by Argentina's capital, Buenos Aires
Campeon Spanish for champion, for a dog that's a winner in your eyes
Carino This means 'affection', for a Dogo that's loving
Cazador Means hunter in Spanish, referencing the breed's purpose
Champ Short for 'champion', as this breed is known to excel in competitions
Chico Spanish for boy, a cute name for a male puppy
Chorizo A popular Argentinian food, for a dog who loves to eat
Cielo Spanish for sky, for a dog that's the limit
Corazon Spanish for heart, for a dog that's dear to you
Cordobés A reference to Córdoba, Argentina
Corredor This means 'runner', as these dogs love to run
Criollo Represents the native horses of Argentina
Dama It means 'lady', perfect for a female Dogo
Dorado Represents the golden color of some Argentine Dogos
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Names inspired by Argentine geography

These names celebrate the diverse landscapes of Argentina, from its bustling cities to its majestic mountains.
Name Description
Andes Named after the Andes Mountain range, the longest continental mountain range in the world
Atuel Named after the Atuel River, known for its stunning canyons
Bariloche Inspired by the city known for its Swiss-style architecture and chocolate shops
Calafate Named after a town in Santa Cruz Province, known for its proximity to Glaciers National Park
Chaco An homage to the hot and semi-arid lowland natural region
Charrua An homage to the Charrua, an indigenous people in Argentina
Cordoba An homage to the cultural and educational hub of Argentina
Estancia A nod to the large, rural estates in Argentina
Fitzroy Inspired by the famous mountain in Patagonia
Gaucha A nod to the Gauchos, traditional cowboys of the South American pampas
Ibera A nod to the Ibera Wetlands, one of the most important fresh water reservoirs in the continent
Malbec A nod to the popular Argentine wine
Mendoza Named after a popular Argentine wine region
Misiones Named after the province known for its rainforest
Nahuel A tribute to Nahuel Huapi, a beautiful national park in Argentina
Pampas An homage to the vast fertile lowlands in Argentina
Parrilla A tribute to Argentina's traditional barbecue method
Patagonia This region's vast desert and grasslands inspired this name
Pehuen A tribute to the Pehuen trees found in Argentina
Quebrada Inspired by Quebrada de Humahuaca, a narrow mountain valley
Quilmes A tribute to the city famous for its beer
Rosario Named after the third most populous city in Argentina
Salta A tribute to the stunning architecture and history of this Argentine city
Tango A nod to the country's famous dance
Ushuaia Inspired by the southernmost city in the world

Names based on the Argentine Dogo's temperament

These names reflect the Argentine Dogo's known personality traits, such as their bravery, loyalty, and intelligence.
Name Description
Bold This name is inspired by the breed's confident personality
Bravo A name that signifies the breed's courageous spirit
Champion A name that captures the breed's competitive nature
Defender A name that represents the breed's protective nature
Dynamo Captures the breed's energetic and powerful nature
Fearless Perfect for a breed that is known for its courage and bravery
Gallant Argentine Dogos are known for their chivalrous behavior, making Gallant an apt name
Guardian This name reflects the protective nature of the Argentine Dogo
Hero A name that mirrors the breed's protective and brave nature
Loyal Argentine Dogos are known for their unwavering loyalty
Mighty This breed’s strength is captured in the name Mighty
Noble Argentine Dogos are renowned for their noble and dignified demeanor
Prowess This name reflects the breed's impressive skills and abilities
Resolute Perfect for a breed known for its determination and resolution
Sentinel Reflects the breed's watchful and alert nature
Sentry Argentine Dogos are often used as guard dogs, making Sentry a fitting name
Spartan A name that reflects the breed's toughness and discipline
Stalwart The Argentine Dogo is known for being a robust and steadfast breed
Steadfast Represents the breed's reliable and dependable character
Titan A strong and powerful name to match this breed's muscular build
Valiant Signifies the brave heart of the Argentine Dogo
Valor A name that represents the breed's bravery and courage
Vigilant This breed is known for its keen alertness, making Vigilant a fitting name
Warrior Signifies the breed's fearlessness and bravery
Zeal Signifies the breed's enthusiasm and zest for life

Names inspired by famous Argentine personalities

These names allow owners to pay tribute to notable Argentine figures, from soccer stars to renowned artists.
Name Description
Bilardo In memory of Carlos Bilardo, a renowned Argentine football player and coach
Borges A tribute to Jorge Luis Borges, a distinguished Argentine writer
Che After Che Guevara, an Argentine Marxist revolutionary
Evita Inspired by Eva Perón, the iconic First Lady of Argentina
Facundo From Facundo Cabral, a well-known Argentine singer and songwriter
Fangio In memory of Juan Manuel Fangio, an Argentine racing car driver
Gardel From Carlos Gardel, the famous Argentine tango singer
Gaucho For the Argentine cowboys, known as Gauchos
Lionel For the love of Lionel Messi, the Argentine professional footballer
Mafalda After Mafalda, a popular Argentine comic strip
Maradona Named after Diego Maradona, a legendary Argentine footballer
Mate Named after Mate, a traditional Argentine drink
Menotti After César Luis Menotti, an Argentine football coach
Merlo For Carlos Merlo, an Argentine football coach
Pampas From the fertile Argentine lowlands, the Pampas
Patoruzu A tribute to Patoruzu, a famous Argentine comic character
Perito From Perito Moreno, a famous Argentine scientist and explorer
Piaf In honor of Edith Piaf, a famous Argentine-French singer
Piazzolla In honor of Astor Piazzolla, a renowned Argentine tango composer
Quino In honor of Quino, a beloved Argentine cartoonist
Riquelme Named after the Argentine professional footballer Juan Román Riquelme
Sabato After Ernesto Sabato, a celebrated Argentine novelist
SanMartin For Jose de San Martin, an Argentine general who helped liberate South America from Spanish rule
Tango After the Argentine national dance, the Tango
Vilas In memory of Guillermo Vilas, a famous Argentine tennis player

Names based on Argentine Dogo's physical characteristics

These names highlight the unique physical features of the Argentine Dogo, such as their muscular physique and white fur.
Name Description
Athlete They are known for their athleticism
Blanco This name reflects the breed's pure white coat
Bold This breed is known for its bold and fearless personality
Brave They are renowned for their bravery
Charge Their powerful build allows them to charge with great force
Cotton Their soft, white coat is similar to cotton
Fierce Their protective nature makes them fierce defenders
Flurry Their white coat is as soft and fluffy as a snow flurry
Gaucho Just like the Argentine cowboys, this breed is tough and hardy
Glacier Their pure white coat is reminiscent of a glacier
Guardian Argentine Dogos are known for their protective nature
Hunter This breed was originally bred for hunting
Icy Their white coat is as pure as ice
Jumper Their athletic ability allows them to jump high
Loyal Argentine Dogos are known for their loyalty
Muscles Their muscular build is a defining physical characteristic
Pampas Their white coat is reminiscent of the Argentine grasslands
Patagonia Their coat color is similar to the snow-capped mountains in Patagonia
Polar Their white coat and strong build are reminiscent of a polar bear
Racer Their speed and athleticism makes them great racers
Sparkle Their bright, sparkling eyes are characteristic of the breed
Strong This breed is known for its strength
Sturdy Their strong and sturdy build is a defining characteristic
Tango Like the Argentine dance, this breed is full of passion and energy
Vigilant This breed is always on alert, making them great watchdogs

Names inspired by Argentine culture

These names reflect the dog breed's origin and the rich culture of Argentina.
Name Description
Andes After the Andes Mountains which run along Argentina's western border
Chimichurri A nod to the famous Argentine sauce
Choripan A popular Argentine street food
Cordoba A city in Argentina, known for its Spanish colonial architecture
Criollo Referring to the people of mixed European and indigenous ancestry in Argentina
Evita In tribute to Argentina's beloved first lady, Eva Peron
Fernet A bitter, aromatic spirit often consumed in Argentina
Gaucho Referring to the traditional cowboys of the Argentine plains
Malbec A popular Argentine wine
Maradona In honor of the legendary Argentine football player
Mate A traditional Argentine drink
Mendoza A city in Argentina, famous for its wine
Milonga A traditional Argentine music and dance style
Obelisco Inspired by the iconic Obelisk of Buenos Aires
Palermo A trendy neighborhood in Buenos Aires
Pampas Represents the vast grassy plains in Argentina
Parrilla The Argentine term for a grill, representing the country's love for barbecue
Patagonia Named after the southernmost region in Argentina known for its natural beauty
Puma A tribute to the native wildlife of Argentina
Quilmes Argentina's most popular beer
Recoleta An upscale neighborhood in Buenos Aires
Salta A beautiful province in Argentina, known for its natural scenery
Tango Inspired by the famous Argentine dance
Tucuman A province in Argentina, known for its sugar production
Yerba Representing yerba mate, a traditional Argentine drink
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