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Australian Shepherd Names

Updated: October 06, 2023
      The Australian Shepherd, or Aussie, is a very energetic dog that is known for trainability and herding. Many fitting names can be derived from this high energy nature. Coupled with quick learning abilities, the Australian Shepherd excels in several dog sports. It is not uncommon to find Aussies bearing names of professional athletes or local sports teams. The breed is known to exhibit a variety of coat colors that is often a good starting point when deciding on a name. Another good source of Australian Shepherd names is straight from other dogs. The breed is prevalently used as a rescue, guide, or service dog. Look through news articles and blogs for names that others have chosen. This list is comprised of the most popular Aussie names used today.
Name Reason to Choose
Ace This name suits the breed's skillful agility and intelligence
Adobe Reminds of the rural and natural environments where these dogs thrive
Amero Being an Australian Shepherd's name, it hints at the breed's American- Australian heritage
Atomic The breed is known for its explosive energy which this name captures
Aussie It's a casual term for an Australian, highlighting the breed's origin
Autry Echoes the Wild West, which aligns with the breed's herding history
Balendin This name is unique and strong, perfect for an Australian Shepherd's brave and energetic nature
Bandit Given the breed's known energy and playful mischief, this name is suitable
Barb This name is short and sweet, matching the breed's affectionate nature
Barbie This name is a fun nod to the Australian term for barbecue, reflecting the breed's country of origin
Berzerk A nod to the breed's intense agility and speed
Bikkie This name reflects an Australian slang term for cookie, showcasing a playful, friendly side of the breed
Bindi Bindi is Aboriginal Australian for 'little girl', a cute option for a female dog
Bizzo An Aussie slang, this name is a nod to the dog’s Australian roots
Blackie A name that might be chosen for an Australian Shepherd with a black coat
Bloke An Australian slang term for a man, which aligns with the breed's country of origin
Blue A color name that matches the breed's common coat color, blue merle
Bolt This name mirrors the breed's swift agility
Boomer This name represents the strength and vitality of the Australian Shepherd
Brand Reflects the breed's distinctive markings, much like a cattle brand
Brumby A reference to the wild horses of Australia, for a dog with a wild spirit
Bryan A common human name that suits the friendly and sociable nature of Australian Shepherds
Buck Suits the breed's robust and adventurous spirit
Budo Reflecting the breed's strength and discipline, this Japanese martial arts term is apt
Bullet It signifies the fast speed of this breed
Cassidy Evokes the image of a playful yet hardworking dog, much like the Australian Shepherd
Chaos This name represents the breed's dynamic and energetic personality
Chester Portrays the breed's friendly and outgoing temperament
Cheyenne Honors the Native American influences on the Old West, where the breed was developed
Coffey A warm and comforting name, indicative of the breed's friendly nature
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Energetic Names

Australian Shepherds are known for their high energy levels, so names that reflect this aspect of their personality can be a good fit.
Name Description
Blitz For a dog that's always on the go and full of energy
Bolt It reflects the dog's speed and energy
Buzz For a dog that's full of life and excitement
Chase Great for a dog who loves to pursue
Dash Perfect for a fast-moving, active dog
Dynamo For a dog that's a powerhouse of energy
Flash Inspired by the fastest superhero, for a quick Australian Shepherd
Fleet For the quick and nimble Australian Shepherd
Frisbee Great for a dog who loves to play fetch
Hustle For a dog that's always on the move and doesn't like to rest
Jolt This name is for a dog with surprising energy
Pogo Inspired by the springy toy, for a bouncy pup
Racer For a dog that loves to run and compete
Rocket This name is for dogs that are always on the move
Rush For those who never stop moving
Scamper For a playful, frisky Australian Shepherd
Skippy A playful name for a dog that loves to hop and jump around
Spark Ideal for a lively, spirited Aussie
Sprint Reflective of a dog's energetic, running nature
Swoosh For a dog that's fast and agile
Turbo Inspired by high-speed engines, for a swift Australian Shepherd
Vigor For a dog that embodies vitality and liveliness
Whirl For a dog that's always spinning and jumping
Zippy A fun, playful name for an energetic dog
Zoomer Perfect for a dog who loves to run

Names Based on Size

Australian Shepherds are medium-sized dogs, and names that reflect their size can be a cute option.
Name Description
Atom For an Aussie that may be small, but is full of energy
Bear A big, cuddly Australian Shepherd could carry this name well
Bitty For the tiniest of the Aussie pups
Boulder An ideal name for a large, sturdy Australian Shepherd
Colossus A big, strong Australian Shepherd would fit this name
Elf A small, sweet Australian Shepherd would suit this name
Giant For the Australian Shepherd who's notably larger
Goliath A larger Aussie can proudly bear this name
Jumbo A larger Australian Shepherd would suit this name
King For the Australian Shepherd who's large and in charge
Maxi For the Australian Shepherd who stands taller than the rest
Midget An affectionate name for a smaller Australian Shepherd
Mighty An ideal name for a dog on the larger side
Mini Suits an Australian Shepherd that's a bit smaller than average
Monster This name would suit a big, playful Australian Shepherd
Moose If your Aussie is big and strong, this could be the perfect name
Pebble Suits an Australian Shepherd that's small and adorable
Peewee For the smallest of the Aussie pups
Pint A cute name for a petite Australian Shepherd
Pixie Perfect for a small and spirited Australian Shepherd
Runt If your Aussie is on the smaller end of the scale, this could be a fitting name
Smalley This name perfectly describes a pint-sized Australian Shepherd
Tank This is a great name for a large and sturdy Australian Shepherd
Tiny This name is perfect for a smaller Australian Shepherd
Whopper For an Aussie who's on the larger side

Color-Based Names

Australian Shepherds often have distinctive and varied coat colors, which can inspire a unique name.
Name Description
Berry This is inspired by the reddish hues found in some Australian Shepherds
Bluey This name is inspired by the breed's blue merle coat
Charcoal This name is inspired by the breed's dark grey color
Cinnamon This name represents the warm, reddish-brown color of some Australian Shepherds
Cocoa This is a nod to the breed's chocolate-brown coat color
Copper This name represents the reddish-brown color often seen in this breed's coat
Creamy This name is inspired by the creamy undertones in the breed's coat
Ebony This represents the deep, dark black color found in the breed
Frosty This name is inspired by the icy blue eyes common in the breed
Goldie This name represents the golden hues found in some Australian Shepherd's coats
Ivory This name is reminiscent of the breed's light, ivory-colored markings
Jet This represents the black color that is commonly found in the breed's coat
Marble This name represents the breed's unique, marble-like coat patterns
Midnight This name is inspired by the deep, dark colors seen in the breed
Nutmeg This name represents the reddish-brown spots commonly seen in the Australian Shepherd's coat
Pebbles This name symbolizes the breed's speckled, stone-like coat color
Ruby This moniker is reminiscent of the breed's red merle coat color
Rusty This name is a nod to the breed's rusty red coats
Saffron This name is a nod to the breed's golden-colored spots
Shadow This name refers to the breed's dark-colored coats
Silver This name symbolizes the breed's silvery grey coat color
Slate This name is reminiscent of the slate grey color in the breed's coat
Smokey This name is a nod to the breed's smoky grey coat color
Snowy This name is inspired by the breed's white markings
Sunny This name symbolizes the sunny, golden undertones in the breed's coat

Australian Themed Names

Despite their name, Australian Shepherds were actually developed on ranches in the United States, but Australian themed names can be a fun nod to their misleading moniker.
Name Description
Barrier Inspired by the Great Barrier Reef, one of Australia's natural wonders
Billabong Refers to the small lake or pond left behind by a retreating river, a common sight in Australia
Bondi Named after the famous Bondi beach in Sydney
Boomer Derived from 'Boomerang', a tool invented by the Indigenous Australians
Canberra After the capital city of Australia
Daintree After the Daintree Rainforest, one of the oldest surviving forests in the world
Didgeridoo After the wind instrument developed by Indigenous Australians
Dingo Refers to the wild dog native to Australia
Goldie Reminiscent of the Gold Coast, a coastal city in the Australian state of Queensland
Gumtree Inspired by the eucalyptus trees native to Australia
Jarrah From the name of a type of Eucalyptus tree native to Western Australia
Kangaroo Symbolizes the most iconic Australian animal
Koala Inspired by a native Australian animal
Matilda Inspired by 'Waltzing Matilda', the unofficial national anthem of Australia
Outback Reminiscent of the remote and arid regions of Australia
Perth Named after the capital of Western Australia
Quokka After the small wallaby-like marsupial, only found in Australia
Sapphire Reflects Australia's rich sapphire mining history
Sheila A popular Australian slang term for a woman
Surfer A nod to Australia's popular surfing culture
Sydney After the largest city of Australia
Tasman Drawn from the Tasman sea, which separates Australia and New Zealand
Uluru Inspired by a large sandstone monolith in the heart of the Northern Territory’s arid 'Red Centre'
Wallaby Inspired by the small- to mid-sized macropods found in Australia
Wombat Motivated by the small, stout marsupial, native to Australia

Nature-Inspired Names

Australian Shepherds are active and outdoorsy dogs, making nature-inspired names a good fit for them.
Name Description
Boulder A tribute to Australia's rugged landscape
Coral A tribute to the Great Barrier Reef
Dawn Signifies the beautiful Australian sunrises
Dingo Reminiscent of Australia's wild canine
Dune Reflects Australia's coastal sand dunes
Dusty A tribute to the dry, sandy terrain of the Outback
Emu Named after the large, flightless bird native to Australia
Eucalyptus Named after the iconic Australian tree
Goldie Inspired by Australia's Gold Coast
Gum A nod to Australia's gum trees
Jasper A precious stone found in Australia
Kangaroo Inspired by the country's most famous marsupial
Koala Inspired by Australia's cuddly marsupial
Opal Named after Australia's national gemstone
Outback Inspired by Australia's vast, remote interior
Platypus A nod to the unique Australian mammal
Rain Reflects the country’s tropical rainforests
Reef A nod to Australia's vibrant marine life
River Inspired by the flowing water bodies that paint the Australian landscape
Sunny A nod to Australia's warm, bright climate
Surf References Australia's popular beach culture
Sydney Named after Australia's biggest city
Tasman A tribute to the Tasman Sea
Uluru Named after a large sandstone rock formation in the southern part of the Northern Territory in Australia
Wombat An homage to the native Australian animal
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Wheatie Photo of Wheatie for Australian Shepherd Names
Ally or Austin Photo of Ally or Austin for Australian Shepherd Names I just... whenever I see an Aussie I just think ally or Austin
Lilly Photo of lilly for Australian Shepherd Names I choose this name because she just seems like a Lilly and I also love that name
Boomer Photo of boomer for Australian Shepherd Names He is super fast
Stetson Photo of Stetson for Australian Shepherd Names Stetson our aussie was allready named when we got him.

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Kip the Amazing: An Australian Shepherd Story

In the rolling countryside, where fields of green stretched as far as the eye could see, there lived an Australian Shepherd named Kip. Kip was a striking dog, with a colorful coat of merle, blue eyes that sparkled with intelligence, and an undeniable energy that seemed to be ever-present.

Kip belonged to a loving family who recognized his boundless energy and drive. They knew that Australian Shepherds were a breed born to work and were eager to put their minds and bodies to good use. So, they decided to channel Kip's enthusiasm and intelligence into teaching him some unique and challenging tricks.

To begin their training, Kip's family enrolled him in a local dog training school. They were amazed by his quick learning abilities and his eagerness to please. Kip quickly surpassed the basic obedience commands and was soon ready to move on to more advanced and unique tricks.

His family knew that in order to keep Kip engaged, they had to think outside the box. They began teaching him tricks that showcased not only his physical agility but also his incredible problem-solving skills.

One of Kip's most impressive tricks involved a series of colored balls and a custom-made, multi-level contraption. Kip's family would scatter the colored balls throughout the yard, and Kip would have to fetch them one by one, placing each ball in the corresponding colored slot on the contraption.

Kip mastered the trick in no time, his keen eyes easily distinguishing between the various colors and his nimble paws skillfully manipulating the balls into place. His family was astonished by his ability to recognize and remember the colors, and they knew they had only just begun to tap into his potential.

Another one of Kip's unique tricks involved a large, intricate maze that his family had built in their backyard. With a series of hidden treats, obstacles, and dead ends, Kip had to navigate his way through the maze using only his keen senses and problem-solving skills.

Time and time again, Kip amazed his family with his ability to find the quickest and most efficient path through the maze. He approached each challenge with boundless enthusiasm, his tail wagging and his eyes alight with excitement.

As word of Kip's unique talents spread throughout the community, he quickly became a local celebrity. People from all around would gather to watch him perform his incredible tricks, and his family soon found themselves organizing small shows and demonstrations to showcase Kip's amazing abilities.

Kip's story soon caught the attention of a television producer, who invited him to appear on a popular talent show. Kip and his family eagerly accepted the invitation, excited to share Kip's extraordinary gifts with the world.

On the night of the big show, Kip wowed the audience and judges with his dazzling display of unique tricks. He effortlessly navigated the maze, skillfully sorted the colored balls, and even managed to perform a few new tricks that left the audience gasping in amazement.

Kip's performance earned him a standing ovation, and he quickly became a sensation, his incredible story inspiring countless dog owners to tap into the hidden potential of their own furry companions.

As Kip and his family returned to their quiet countryside home, they couldn't help but feel a sense of pride and wonder at the remarkable journey they had shared. They knew that Kip's unique abilities were a testament not only to his incredible intelligence and drive but also to the power of love, patience, and determination in unlocking the true potential that lies within every dog.

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