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Australian Terrier Names

Updated: April 01, 2024

Delve into the world of the Down Under with our enchanting collection of monikers perfect for your new furry friend. The Australian Terrier, a breed that is as vibrant and full of life as the country it originates from, deserves a name that reflects its distinctive personality and heritage. This breed is known for its courage, intelligence, and tenacity, making it a beloved companion for many.

Our curated selection of appellations not only pays homage to their Australian roots but also captures the unique traits and characteristics of this breed. Whether it's a name inspired by Australian localities, wildlife or famous personalities, we've got you covered. Prepare to embark on a journey of discovering the perfect title for your Aussie Terrier that resonates with their spirit and your affection for them.

Whether you're looking for a name that's traditional, unique, or simply adorable, our curated list has something for every pup and pet parent. So, get ready to explore and pick a name that perfectly encapsulates your Australian Terrier's charm and personality.

Name Reason to Choose
Acacia Named after the Australian tree, perfect for a resilient and lively terrier
Adelaide Adelaide is a beautiful city in Australia, perfect for a sophisticated pup
Albany A port city in Western Australia
Alfie A popular pet name in Australia, ideal for a friendly and lovable dog
Aussie A common nickname for Australians
Ayers Ayers is named after Ayers Rock, a notable landmark in Australia
Bandicoot A small, nocturnal marsupial native to Australia
Banjo Named after the Australian poet, Banjo Paterson, suitable for a dog with a lyrical and artistic spirit
Barbie Short for Barbecue, a popular Australian pastime
Barkly Inspired by the Barkly region in Australia, a unique name for an adventurous terrier
Barramundi A popular fish in Australia
Bazza A traditional Australian nickname, ideal for a friendly and loyal pet
Bendigo A city in Victoria, Australia, known for its gold mining history
Bilby A small, nocturnal marsupial native to Australia
Billabong Inspired by the Australian word for a small lake, perfect for a dog that loves water
Bingle A uniquely Australian word meaning a minor car accident
Blinky Named after Blinky Bill, the iconic Australian koala, it's perfect for a cheeky and mischievous dog
Bluey A popular Australian dog name, perfect for a blue-tinged Terrier
Blundstone Named after the iconic Australian footwear brand, it's suitable for a sturdy and reliable dog
Bondi Inspired by the famous Bondi Beach in Australia
Boomer Short for Boomerang, an Australian Aboriginal weapon
Boonie Australian slang for a remote, rural area, ideal for a dog that loves the countryside
Brisbane A major city in Australia
Brumby Named after the wild horses of Australia, it is suitable for a free-spirited and energetic dog
Bundaberg Named after the Australian city known for its rum
Bunyip Named after an Australian mythological creature
Cairns A city in Queensland, Australia, known for its tropical climate
Cassowary A large bird native to Australia
Chiko Named after the Australian snack, Chiko Roll, it's perfect for a dog that loves treats
Coober Inspired by Coober Pedy, famous for opal mining, this name is perfect for a unique and precious pet
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Australian Slang Names

These names are derived from Australian slang and colloquial terms, adding a touch of Aussie charm to the breed's identity.
Name Description
Anzac An acronym for Australia and New Zealand Army Corps
Barbie Short for barbeque, a classic Australian pastime
Billabong A term for a small lake, especially an oxbow lake, in Australia
Bogan An Australian term for someone who is uncouth or unsophisticated
Cozzie Australian term for a swimming costume
Croc Short for crocodile, a famous Australian reptile
Dingo An iconic Australian wild dog
Dundee A reference to 'Crocodile Dundee', a well-known Australian movie
Esky A term for a cooler box in Australia
Galah Named after the iconic Australian bird, known for its cheeky nature
Joey The term for a baby kangaroo
Jumbuck A term for a sheep in Australia
Kiwi A term for a person from New Zealand, Australia's neighbor
Mate A term for friend, commonly used in Australian vernacular
Mozzie Australian term for a mosquito
Outback A term referring to the vast, unpopulated areas of Australia
Possum A nocturnal marsupial native to Australia
Quokka A small marsupial found on islands off the coast of Western Australia
Roo Short for kangaroo, an iconic Australian animal
Sheila A slang term for a woman in Australia
Stubbie A term for a small beer bottle in Australia
Thongs A term for flip-flops in Australia
Ute Short for utility vehicle, a common type of car in Australia
Wallaby A smaller relative of the kangaroo
Wombat A small, sturdy Australian marsupial

Famous Australian Personalities

These names are taken from notable Australian personalities, reflecting the breed's strong character and spirit.
Name Description
Barnett Derived from Courtney Barnett, an Australian singer-songwriter and guitarist
Bindi It's the name of Steve Irwin's daughter, Bindi Irwin, who also is a wildlife conservationist
Cate After Cate Blanchett, an Australian actress and theatre director who has received numerous accolades
Flanagan In honor of Richard Flanagan, an influential Australian novelist
Gibson From Mel Gibson, an Australian-American actor and filmmaker
Gillard From Julia Gillard, the first female Prime Minister of Australia
Harper In tribute to Jessica Harper, an Australian chef and author
Hawke After Bob Hawke, a former Prime Minister of Australia
Heath After Heath Ledger, an Australian actor celebrated for his roles in A Knight's Tale and Brokeback Mountain
Hemsworth Named for the Hemsworth brothers, who are all famous Australian actors
Hugh This name honors Hugh Jackman, the Australian actor famous for playing Wolverine in the X-Men series
Irwin Named for Steve Irwin, the beloved Australian wildlife expert and television personality
Keating In tribute to Paul Keating, a former Prime Minister of Australia
Kidman In honor of Antonia Kidman, an Australian journalist and TV presenter
Kylie Inspired by Kylie Minogue, a popular Australian singer, songwriter, and actress
Margot After Margot Robbie, an Australian actress and film producer
Miller Inspired by George Miller, an Australian film director, screenwriter, and producer
Nicole From Nicole Kidman, an award-winning Australian actress known for her versatile roles
Pavlova Named after the Pavlova dessert, which is famously contested between Australia and New Zealand
Rose Inspired by Rose Byrne, an Australian actress known for her roles in both comedy and drama films
Rudd From Kevin Rudd, the 26th Prime Minister of Australia
Thorpe In honor of Ian Thorpe, one of Australia's most successful swimmers
Turnbull Named for Malcolm Turnbull, a former Prime Minister of Australia
Warne After Shane Warne, an iconic Australian cricketer
Winton Named after Tim Winton, an esteemed Australian author

Australian Wildlife Names

These names are inspired by unique Australian flora and fauna, creating a distinct connection with the breed's homeland.
Name Description
Bandicoot A name taken from a group of marsupials found in Australia
Bilby A name taken from the small, burrowing marsupial endemic in Australia
Brolga Inspired by the Australian crane, known for its dance-like mating display
Cassowary A name from the large flightless black bird found in Australia
Cockatoo Taken from the bird species native to Australia
Dingo A wild dog native to Australia, known for its cunningness
Echidna Named after the spiny anteaters native to Australia
Emu Named after the second-largest living bird by height, native to Australia
Galaxy Named after the Galaxy Frog, a native amphibian of Australia
Jabiru Named after the tall wading bird found in the Australian region
Kangaroo A name derived from the large marsupials native to Australia
Koala Named after the native Australian marsupial
Kookaburra A name from the bird known for its distinctive 'laughing' call
Lyrebird Named after the Australian bird known for its elaborate tail and mimicking calls
Numbat A name inspired by the small marsupial from Western Australia
Numbrat Inspired by the marsupial anteater found in Western Australia
Pademelon A name from the small marsupial from Australia
Platypus A name inspired by the unique egg-laying mammal endemic to eastern Australia
Possum Derived from the name of a marsupial of the Australian region
Quokka Inspired by the small wallaby-like marsupial found in Australia
Quoll Derived from the carnivorous marsupial native to Australia
Tasman Name from the Tasmanian devil, a carnivorous marsupial native to Tasmania
Thorny A name inspired by the Thorny Dragon, a lizard found in Australia
Wallaby A name inspired by a small or mid-sized macropod native to Australia
Wombat Gets its name from the short-legged, muscular marsupials native to Australia

Australian City Names

These names are inspired by famous Australian cities, as a tribute to the breed's country of origin.
Name Description
Adelaide Named after the elegant city in South Australia, perfect for a sophisticated terrier
Albury Named after this New South Wales city, this name suits a terrier that loves wide open spaces
Ballarat A historic Victoria city name that is perfect for a terrier with an old soul
Bendigo This Victoria city name is as unique and lovable as your terrier
Brisbane This Queensland capital city name suits a confident and bold terrier
Bunbury For a terrier that loves the outdoors, like this Western Australia city
Cairns Named after this tropical Queensland city, ideal for a terrier that loves warm weather
Canberra A capital name for a capital terrier, named after the capital city of Australia
CoffsHarbour A name that embodies joy and relaxation, just like your terrier
Darwin A tough and adventurous terrier would suit the name of this Northern Territory city
Fremantle This Western Australian city name suits a terrier that loves the outdoors
Geelong For a terrier that enjoys being by the water, like this coastal Victoria city
Geraldton Named after this coastal Western Australia city, ideal for a terrier that loves the sea
GoldCoast This glitzy Queensland city name suits a glamorous and stylish terrier
Hobart The capital of Tasmania, the name fits a terrier that loves cooler weather
Launceston The name of this Tasmania city is perfect for a terrier full of energy and life
Mackay A Queensland city name that is perfect for a terrier with a sunny disposition
Mandurah This Western Australian city name suits a terrier that loves water and fun
Melbourne Named after Australia's cultural hub, perfect for a terrier with a personality full of character
Newcastle A name that embodies strength and resilience, just like your terrier
Perth Perfect for a terrier that loves to lounge in the sun, just like this Western Australian city
Rockhampton A strong and sturdy name for a strong and sturdy terrier
Sydney For a charming and popular terrier, like Australia's largest city
Toowoomba This Queensland city name is as unique and charming as your terrier
Wollongong This New South Wales city name is perfect for a terrier with a playful spirit

Aboriginal Names

These names are inspired by the Aboriginal culture and language, reflecting the Australian heritage of the breed.
Name Description
Banjo Named after the famous Australian poet Banjo Paterson, suitable for a terrier with a lyrical spirit
Brolga A native Australian bird, adds a touch of grace to the terrier
Daku Aboriginal word for sand, perfect for a sandy-colored terrier
Gunyi Aboriginal word for wind, fitting for a lively and energetic terrier
Jarrah A type of Australian tree, ideal for a terrier with a strong and sturdy nature
Jirra Means 'kangaroo' in Aboriginal language, ideal for a bouncy and lively terrier
Kari Aboriginal word for 'fire', fitting for a spirited and fiery terrier
Karri The name of a tall Australian tree, good for a tall and strong terrier
Koala An iconic Australian animal, suits a cuddly Australian terrier
Kylie Aboriginal term for 'boomerang', fitting for a terrier that loves to play fetch
Mallee An Australian native shrubland, can describe a terrier with a brown coat
Marri An Australian hardwood tree, perfect for a robust and sturdy terrier
Matilda A classic Australian name, perfect for a friendly and loving terrier
Mirri Means 'dog' in Aboriginal language, a simple yet meaningful name
Nulla Aboriginal term for 'water', fitting for a terrier that loves to swim
Quokka A small marsupial native to Australia, suitable for a small and adorable terrier
Tarka Means 'egg' in Aboriginal language, fitting for a small and cuddly terrier
Tasman Named after the Tasman Sea, ideal for a blue or grey terrier
Uluru Iconic Australian landmark, an impressive name for a notable terrier
Wombat Named after a small, sturdy Australian animal, similar to the Australian Terrier
Yabba Aboriginal term for 'talk', suitable for a very vocal terrier
Yara Aboriginal word meaning 'seagull', great for a white or light-colored terrier
Yengo A national park in Australia, a natural and earthy name
Yindi Means 'sun' in Aboriginal language, suitable for a warm and cheerful terrier
Yurali Means 'song' in Aboriginal language, perfect for a happy and joyful terrier
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