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Updated: October 06, 2023

      Some dogs go above and beyond to help others. Ricochet is a golden retriever and internet sensation known for surfing with special needs children and people with disabilities. She has raised a ton of money for both human and animal causes. As an inspiration to many, Ricochet sets the tone for our awesome dog names. In fact, many of the ideas in the list come straight from other dogs that have accomplished some amazing things. Many experiences that are often described as awesome relate to the music scene. That is why other names in the list come from popular bands or a famous music tour. Whether you are brainstorming for grandma’s lap dog or your new garage band mascot, everyone has a favorite name in music. If you can’t pin your dog to a tune, it might be time to get some sun. No collection of awe-inspiring ideas is complete without hitting the beach. Surf terminology, beach games, and party spots have all lent a hand in the development of this list.
Name Reason to Choose
Ace Perfect for a dog who always comes first
Aerobie Ideal for dogs that love to leap and catch frisbees, it evokes a sense of agility and energy
Amped It suggests high energy and excitement, just like a playful, lively pup
Avalanche This name is great for a large, powerful dog, especially one that's white in color
Bandit Suits a mischievous and playful dog
Banzai It's a fun, exotic name that evokes images of daring adventures and thrilling excitement
Beast Ideal for a large and strong dog
Beegee This name is a fun, playful nod to the iconic pop group, the Bee Gees
Blaze Great for a dog with a fiery spirit or a reddish coat
Blitz Ideal for fast and energetic dogs
Blizzard Perfect for a white dog or one that loves playing in the snow
Bodacious This name is exciting and bold, perfectly suited to a charismatic and confident dog
Bogus This name is quirky and unique, capturing a fun, unconventional spirit
Bolt Ideal for a fast and strong dog
Boulder Fits a strong, solid, and unmovable dog
Brisket For a dog that loves food, this is a fun and unique name
Bro It's a friendly, approachable name that reinforces the bond between pet and owner
Buzz For a dog with an energetic and lively spirit
Champ Ideal for a dog that shows strength and victory
Coldplay It is a cool name for music-loving pet owners, particularly those who are fans of the famous band
Crest This name is perfect for a dog who loves to climb hills or mountains – or even just the couch
Crosby This name exudes a cool, vintage vibe, perfect for a dog with a laid-back, old-soul personality
Da Vinci A name that hints at intelligence and creativity, perfect for an inventive and clever pup
Diesel Suits a powerful and enduring dog
Dude It's a cool, casual name that brings to mind a laid-back, easygoing pup
Dynamo For the dog that's always on the move, full of energy and life
Echo Ideal for a dog with a strong and resonating bark
Einstein A smart choice for an intelligent breed
Fable Ideal for a dog with a mysterious or whimsical demeanor
Flame For a dog with a fiery spirit and reddish coat
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Mythology Inspired Dog Names

These names are great for those who love mythology and would like a unique, strong name for their pet.
Name Description
Apollo Named after the Greek god of music and sun, suited for a dog that loves to bask in the sun or responds well to music
Ares The Greek god of war, Ares, provides a fitting name for a courageous and protective dog
Artemis Artemis, the Greek goddess of hunting, is a perfect name for a hunting or working dog
Athena Perfect for a wise and intelligent female dog, as Athena is the Greek goddess of wisdom
Cupid An ideal name for a loveable and affectionate dog, Cupid is the Roman god of love
Diana Inspired by the Roman goddess of the hunt, a perfect name for an agile and alert female dog
Helios The Greek god of the sun, Helios, makes a great name for a dog that loves to bask in the sun
Hera Hera, the queen of the Greek gods, is a suitable name for a regal and dignified female dog
Hercules A great name for a strong and brave dog, modeled after the legendary Greek hero
Hermes The Greek god of travel, Hermes, makes a great name for a dog that loves exploration and adventure
Hestia Perfect for a calm and home-loving dog, Hestia is the Greek goddess of the hearth and home
Juno Juno is the Roman goddess of marriage and childbirth, making it the ideal name for a nurturing and caring female dog
Loki A match for a mischievous dog, named after the Norse god of mischief
Mars Inspired by the Roman god of war, this name suits a dog with a strong and protective nature
Odin Inspired by the all-father god in Norse mythology, a fitting name for a wise and respected dog
Osiris Osiris, the Egyptian god of the afterlife, is an ideal name for a dog with a mysterious or mystical aura
Perseus A fitting name for a brave and adventurous dog, modeled after the famous Greek hero
Poseidon Poseidon is the Greek god of the sea, an ideal name for a dog that loves water
Poseidon Poseidon is the Greek god of the sea, an ideal name for a dog that loves water
Rhea Rhea, the Greek goddess of fertility, is a suitable name for a nurturing and caring female dog
Thor A suitable name for a powerful and strong dog, modeled after the Norse god of thunder
Titan Inspired by the powerful deities in Greek mythology, Titan is a great name for a large and strong dog
Valkyrie A match for a fearless and protective female dog, modeled after the Norse mythological female figures who choose those who may die in battle
Venus Venus, the Roman goddess of love and beauty, is an ideal name for a beautiful and loving female dog
Zeus Inspired by the ruler of the gods in Greek mythology, perfect for a commanding and majestic dog

Adventure Inspired Dog Names

Ideal for dogs who love going on hikes, swimming, and generally exploring, these names reflect the adventurous spirit of these pets.
Name Description
Aragorn A great name for a brave and loyal dog, inspired by the character from Lord of the Rings
Ariel Ideal for a dog who loves the water, inspired by the adventurous mermaid from The Little Mermaid
Belle A great name for a dog who loves to explore, inspired by the princess from Beauty and the Beast
Bilbo This name is perfect for a brave and adventurous pet, just like Bilbo Baggins
Captain Perfect for the leader of your pack, inspired by the ranks of adventurous sea or space explorers
Dora Perfect for an explorer dog, inspired by the popular kid's show, Dora the Explorer
Dumbledore Perfect for wise, old dogs, just like the headmaster from Harry Potter
Elsa Perfect for a dog who loves the snow, inspired by the adventurous queen from Frozen
Frodo A great name for dogs who are always up for an adventure, inspired by the character from Lord of the Rings
Gandalf Inspired by the wise and adventurous wizard from Lord of the Rings
Gollum Ideal for dogs with a mischievous and adventurous spirit, inspired by the character from Lord of the Rings
Hobbit For dogs that love an exciting journey, just like the characters in J.R.R. Tolkien's fantasy novel
Indiana Inspired by the adventurous archaeologist, Indiana Jones
Merida Ideal for a brave and independent dog, inspired by the character from Brave
Mowgli Perfect for a dog who loves the outdoors, inspired by the character from The Jungle Book
Mulan A great name for a courageous and adventurous dog, inspired by the Disney warrior princess
Nemo Inspired by the adventurous clownfish from Finding Nemo
Pippin A great name for a small dog with a big spirit, inspired by the hobbit from Lord of the Rings
Pocahontas Inspired by the adventurous Native American princess from the Disney movie
Rapunzel Perfect for a dog with a long coat, inspired by the adventurous princess from Tangled
Sherlock Ideal for a dog who loves to sniff out mysteries, just like the famous detective
Simba Inspired by the adventurous lion from The Lion King
Tarzan Ideal for a dog who loves to climb and explore, just like the character from the famous story
Thor A great name for a strong and brave dog, inspired by the adventurous god from Norse mythology and Marvel comics
Voyager A great name for dogs who love road trips or exploring new places

Food Inspired Dog Names

Perfect for food lovers, these names are often cute, fun, and a great conversation starter with other pet owners.
Name Description
Bagel A fun name that reminds of breakfast time, perfect for a morning dog
Biscuit Because it's a cute name for a small, fluffy pup
Brownie Great for a chocolate-colored pup
Caramel A sweet name for a golden-colored dog
Cheesecake Perfect for a dog that's as sweet and lovable as a slice of cheesecake
Cinnamon For a dog that's as warm and comforting as cinnamon
Cookie For a dog that's as sweet and delightful as a cookie
Cupcake Perfect for a sweet and adorable puppy
Donut For a pup as sweet and round as a donut
Ginger Perfect for a dog with red or orange fur
Honey For a dog that's as sweet and precious as honey
Jellybean A fun name for a dog that is small and colorful
Marshmallow For a dog that's as soft and fluffy as a marshmallow
Muffin Suits a cuddly and loveable dog
Nacho For a dog that's as spicy and lively as a plate of nachos
Oreo Perfect for a black and white dog
Peanut Ideal for a small and energetic dog, like a peanut
Pepper For a dog that's as spicy and lively as pepper
Pickle For dogs that are as crunchy and lively as a pickle
Popsicle For a dog that's as chill and cool as a popsicle
Pumpkin Ideal for an orange-colored dog or for a dog born in the fall
Sushi Great for a dog that is as unique and colorful as sushi
Taco Perfect for a dog that's full of different, fun traits - just like a taco
Tofu For a dog that's as white and soft as tofu
Waffle For a dog that's as delightful and sweet as a morning treat

Historical Figure Dog Names

These names are perfect for those who appreciate history and would like a name for their pet that has a significant background.
Name Description
Beethoven Great for a dog with a musical spirit, after the German composer and pianist
Boudica Ideal for a brave and fearless female dog, named after the warrior queen of the Celtic Iceni tribe
Caesar Great for a dog with a commanding presence, after the Roman general and statesman
Churchill Symbolizes strength and determination, after the British Prime Minister during WW2
Cleopatra Fit for a regal and elegant female dog, after the last active ruler of the Ptolemaic Kingdom of Egypt
Copernicus For a dog with a curious and investigative demeanor, after the Renaissance-era mathematician and astronomer
DaVinci Ideal for a dog with a curious and inventive spirit, after the Italian polymath
Edison Ideal for a dog with a bright and inventive personality, named after the inventor of the light bulb
Einstein Perfect for a smart dog, named after the physicist who developed the theory of relativity
Freud Ideal for a thoughtful and perceptive dog, named after the founder of psychoanalysis
Galileo Perfect for a dog with a pioneering spirit, named after the Italian astronomer
Gandhi Perfect for a peaceful and patient dog, named after the leader of Indian nationalism
Hannibal Perfect for a daring and adventurous dog, named after the Carthaginian general
Hemingway Ideal for a dog with a adventurous and resilient spirit, named after the American journalist and author
JoanOfArc Ideal for a noble and brave female dog, after the French heroine and saint
Machiavelli Great for a cunning and strategic dog, after the Italian Renaissance political philosopher
MarieCurie Great for a dog with a pioneering spirit, after the first woman to win a Nobel Prize
Napoleon Great for a small dog with a big personality, after the French statesman and military leader
Picasso Perfect for a dog with a colorful personality, after the Spanish painter
Plato Perfect for a thoughtful and philosophical dog, named after the ancient Greek philosopher
Roosevelt Great for a dog with a strong and resilient spirit, named after the 32nd president of the United States
Shakespeare Great for a dog with a dramatic flair, named after the English playwright
Socrates Named after the classical Greek philosopher, ideal for a wise and thoughtful dog
Tesla Ideal for a dog with an inventive and innovative spirit, after the Serbian-American inventor
Tutankhamun Perfect for a regal and majestic dog, named after the Egyptian pharaoh

Celebrity Inspired Dog Names

These names are great for dog owners who are big fans of certain celebrities or find humor in giving their pet a famous name.
Name Description
Bardot For a dog with a glamorous vibe, like Brigitte Bardot
Beyonce Named after the Queen B herself
Bowie A tribute to the music and fashion icon, David Bowie
Chaplin Inspired by the comedic genius, Charlie Chaplin
Clooney A tribute to the charming George Clooney
DiCaprio A nod to the Oscar-winning actor Leonardo DiCaprio
Drake Inspired by the popular rapper and singer
Eastwood A nod to the cowboy persona of Clint Eastwood
Elvis For the King of Rock 'n' Roll, Elvis Presley
Freddie In honor of the Queen's frontman, Freddie Mercury
Gaga Named after the eccentric pop star, Lady Gaga
Hanks A tribute to the versatile actor, Tom Hanks
Hendrix In honor of the legendary guitarist, Jimi Hendrix
Hepburn For a dog with a classy aura, like Audrey Hepburn
Jagger Inspired by the charismatic Rolling Stones' lead singer
Joplin Inspired by the legendary singer Janis Joplin
Kardashian For a dog that loves the spotlight
Madonna For a dog with a pop diva personality
Monroe A homage to the blonde bombshell Marilyn Monroe
Oprah A nod to the influential TV host, Oprah Winfrey
Pacino A tribute to the iconic actor Al Pacino
Rihanna For a dog with a sassy personality, like Rihanna
Spielberg For a dog with a director's attitude, like Steven Spielberg
Streep Inspired by the highly acclaimed actress, Meryl Streep
Swift Named after the pop sensation, Taylor Swift
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Ruby Photo of Ruby for Awesome Dog Names Her color, an our birthstones, Kenny Rogers song Ruby ..
Bruski Photo of bruski for Awesome Dog Names My dad did, after the football player.
Budweiser Photo of budweiser for Awesome Dog Names Cause that is his masters favorite kind of beer
Kahlua Photo of kahlua  for Awesome Dog Names Kahlua is a Pitbull, Anatolian shepherd mix that's packs a bad bite to any intruder, named after the alcoholic coffee that's packs the same punch
Knuckles Photo of Knuckles for Awesome Dog Names
Chops Photo of Chops for Awesome Dog Names Chops

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Tale of Kona: The Awesome Surfer Dog

In the sun-soaked coastal town of Suncrest, where the waves crashed against the shore and the scent of salt filled the air, there lived a most extraordinary dog named Kona. Kona was a golden retriever with a sun-kissed coat and a heart as big as the ocean itself. What set Kona apart from other dogs, however, was her love for surfing.

Kona's owner, a skilled surfer named Kai, had discovered her talent for riding the waves quite by accident. One sunny afternoon, as Kai was catching waves with his friends, Kona had paddled out to join them. To everyone's astonishment, the moment a wave rolled in, Kona leaped onto Kai's surfboard and rode it with the grace and skill of a seasoned pro.

From that day on, Kona and Kai became inseparable surfing buddies, spending their days conquering wave after wave together. The sight of the golden retriever fearlessly riding the surf soon drew the attention of locals and tourists alike, and Kona quickly became a local celebrity.

Word of Kona's surfing prowess spread far and wide, and soon she was invited to participate in a prestigious surfing competition that featured talented dogs from around the globe. Kai, who had always believed in Kona's unique gift, agreed to enter her into the contest.

As the day of the competition arrived, the beach was packed with excited spectators and talented canine surfers, all eager to showcase their skills. Kona, unfazed by the pressure and attention, remained focused on her love for the ocean and the thrill of riding the waves.

One by one, the dogs took to the water, each impressing the crowd with their agility and determination. But when Kona's turn came, she paddled out with a confidence and grace that left everyone in awe.

As a towering wave rolled towards her, Kona leaped onto her surfboard and began her ride. The crowd held its breath as she effortlessly navigated the wave, her golden fur glistening in the sunlight and her eyes shining with determination.

With a final, graceful turn, Kona glided towards the shore, her ride having been nothing short of perfection. The crowd erupted in cheers and applause, and it was clear that Kona had stolen the show.

After the judges had tallied their scores, Kona was declared the winner of the competition, her natural talent and love for the sport undeniable. The once unknown golden retriever from Suncrest had become a surfing legend.

With her newfound fame, Kona's story began to inspire people all around the world. Videos of her incredible surfing skills went viral, and she was featured on numerous talk shows and in magazines. Kona's story was a testament to the power of passion, and her love for surfing captured the hearts of millions.

But despite her fame, Kona remained the same carefree, wave-riding golden retriever that Kai had always loved. Together, they continued to surf the waters of Suncrest, their bond growing stronger with each passing day.

And as they rode the waves side by side, Kona and Kai became symbols of the town's spirit - an unbreakable duo who embodied the joy, freedom, and passion that could be found in the sun, surf, and sand of their beloved coastal home.

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