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Basenji Names

Updated: October 06, 2023

      The Basenji is a hunting dog with rich origins in Africa. Many great names can be taken from the various languages in use throughout the continent. Start by picking a language (Swahili, Arabic, and Zulu are a few common ones) . Choose words that describe or fit your dog and search for a translation. Just reading through a list of words may also trigger ideas. If you don’t know the meaning of the word, be sure to investigate further to avoid naming your dog something bad or negative. The Basenji has many unique characteristics that can help owners to come up with a themed name. The breed, often referred to as ‘barkless dog’, is known for not making the barking sound that most other dogs make. Although the Basenji doesn’t bark, it can still make plenty of noise. Some name ideas derived from this distinctive trait include Yodel, Barroo, and Whisper.
Name Reason to Choose
Accra This name is based on the capital city of Ghana in Africa, reflecting the breed's African heritage
Adia This name means 'gift' in Swahili, suitable for a Basenji that is a gift to its family
Akili This Swahili word meaning 'intelligence' is apt for the smart Basenji breed
Amar This African name, meaning 'long life', is apt for the long-lived breed
Amarna Refers to an ancient Egyptian city, reflecting the breed's heritage
Asali This name means 'honey' in Swahili, fitting for a Basenji with a sweet disposition
Azibo Azibo is an African name meaning 'earth', which reflects the Basenji's African origins
Bahati This name means 'luck' in Swahili, fitting for a Basenji that brings good fortune
Baron Suitable for a breed known for its dignified and noble demeanor
Barroo It is a term for the distinctive sound this breed makes
Beethoven Named after the famous composer, for a Basenji with a melodious howl
Bindi This name, of Indian origin, matches the exotic nature of the Basenji breed
Bingwa A name with Swahili roots meaning 'champion', suitable for a Basenji with a strong personality
Binti A Swahili female name meaning 'daughter', suitable for a female Basenji
Cairo This name stems from Egypt's capital city, closely tying it to the African origin of the Basenji breed
Cassie A sweet, friendly name for a loving breed
ChaCha Chacha is Swahili for 'strong', a fitting name for a robust breed like the Basenji
Chausiku This name, which means 'born at night' in Swahili, could suit a Basenji born under the moonlight
Cheche This Swahili name meaning 'spark' is perfect for a Basenji with a sparky personality
Chirp This is a nod to the bird-like sounds of the breed
Chui Chui means 'leopard' in Swahili, symbolizing the breed's agile and stealthy nature
Cleo Short for Cleopatra, this name reflects the breed's African ancestry
Clipper This name is ideal for a Basenji due to the breed's sleek, ship-like agility
Congo This is the country where the breed originates
Daisy A cheerful and bright name for a happy-go-lucky Basenji
Dakarai In Shona, this name means 'happy', suitable for a cheerful, happy-go-lucky Basenji
Dakari It's an African-origin name meaning 'happiness', which is well-aligned with the joyful nature of Basenji dogs
Daphne A soft and feminine name for a gentle Basenji
Deek A unique name for a distinctive breed
Duma A Swahili name meaning 'cheetah', apt for a speedy Basenji
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Independent Names

Basenjis are known for their independent and intelligent nature. Names that reflect these traits can be a great match.
Name Description
Drifter Perfect for a Basenji that loves to roam freely
Free This name is for a Basenji that loves its independence
Gypsy This name signifies a Basenji's free-spirited and independent nature
Journey This name signifies a Basenji's adventurous side
Maverick Perfect for a Basenji who follows its own rules
Nomad This name is for a Basenji that loves to wander
Odyssey Ideal for a Basenji that loves long, independent adventures
Outlaw Ideal for a Basenji who doesn't like to follow rules
Pioneer Ideal for a Basenji who paves its own path
Quest Perfect for a Basenji that's always up for new adventures
Ranger Ideal for a Basenji that loves to explore on its own
Rebel This name suits a Basenji that doesn't like to be controlled
Rider This name signifies a Basenji's independent and adventurous spirit
Roamer Perfect for a Basenji that loves to wander
Rogue Perfect for a Basenji that values its own company
Scout A name fitting for an adventurous and self-sufficient Basenji
Solo This name signifies independence and self-reliance
Spirit This name is for a Basenji that's full of individualism
Unbound This name signifies a Basenji that values its freedom
Vagabond This name signifies a Basenji's wandering and independent spirit
Vagrant Ideal for a Basenji who doesn't like to stay in one place for long
Venture This name signifies a Basenji's adventurous and independent nature
Voyage This name is for a Basenji that loves to explore
Wander This name perfectly captures a Basenji's roaming nature
Wayfarer This name is for a Basenji that loves to explore on its own

Silent Names

Basenjis are also known as 'barkless dogs', so names referencing silence or quiet can be a unique and fitting choice.
Name Description
Calm Basenjis are known for being calm and quiet dogs
Echo This name is ironic as Basenjis don't create much sound to echo
Gentle This name emphasizes the soft-spoken nature of Basenjis
Ghost This name reflects the quiet and sneaky nature of the Basenji
Halo Just like angels, Basenjis are often silent
Hush This name is synonymous with quietness which is a main trait of the breed
Mellow This name emphasizes the laid-back and quiet nature of Basenjis
Mimic This name is a fun choice for a breed that doesn't bark, but can mimic sounds
Murmur This name is reflective of the soft, low sounds a Basenji can make
Mute This name is a nod to the breed's quiet nature
Mystery The breed's quiet nature adds to their mysterious aura
Pantomime Like a mime, Basenjis communicate without making much noise
Peace Basenjis are peaceful, quiet dogs
Phantom Phantoms are known for their silent movements, just like Basenjis
Quiet This name highlights the Basenji's silent characteristic
Serenity Basenjis have a serene and quiet presence
Shadow Just like a shadow, Basenjis are silent
Silent It is the very meaning of what is required from a Basenji
Silhouette Just like a silhouette, Basenjis are seen but not heard
Softie This is an affectionate name for a Basenji who is soft-spoken
Stealth This name reflects the silent and sneaky nature of the Basenji
Still Basenjis are known for their serene and quiet demeanor
Tranquil This name is perfect for the peaceful and quiet Basenji
Whisper Basenjis are as quiet as a whisper
Zephyr Just as a zephyr is a soft breeze, Basenjis are known for their soft-spoken nature

Small Size Names

Basenjis are small dogs, so names that reflect their petite size can be both cute and fitting.
Name Description
Biscuit A sweet name for a small, light-brown Basenji
Bubbles A cute name for a small, bubbly Basenji
Button A cute name for a small Basenji that's as cute as a button
Cocoa Perfect for a small, brown Basenji with a sweet disposition
Dart A perfect name for a small, quick Basenji
Dash A great name for a small but fast Basenji
Dobby For a Basenji that is small but mighty, just like the house elf from Harry Potter
Fizz Ideal for a small, energetic Basenji with a bubbly spirit
Gizmo A fun name for a small Basenji with a big personality
Jellybean A sweet name for a small, colorful Basenji
Munchkin A fitting name for a small, adorable Basenji
Niblet A cute name for a small, bite-sized Basenji
Nugget A fitting name for a small, golden-colored Basenji
Pebble A cute name for a small Basenji that is as precious as a gem
Pickle A fun name for a small Basenji with a lot of personality
Pip This name is often used for smaller dogs due to its short, snappy sound
Pippin A great name for a small, adventurous Basenji
Pixie A playful name for a small, mischievous Basenji
Rascal A fun name for a small Basenji with a mischievous streak
Sprout A great choice for a small Basenji with a big heart
Squirt A playful name for a small Basenji with a lot of energy
Titch A British slang term for someone small, perfect for a petite Basenji
Toto For a small, brave Basenji with a big personality
Twiggy A fun name for a small, slender Basenji
Ziggy For a Basenji with a lot of energy and a small size

Energetic Names

Basenjis are known for their lively and energetic nature. Names that reflect this energy can be a good fit.
Name Description
Blitz Blitz is associated with fast and energetic movements, much like a Basenji's demeanor
Bolt A Basenji with this name would likely love to bolt around the yard
Bounce This fun name suits an energetic Basenji that loves to jump and play
Breezy This name suggests a free and energetic spirit, perfect for a Basenji
Dash Dash indicates speed and agility, which is perfect for an energetic Basenji
Dynamo Dynamo is a powerful and energetic name, which represents a Basenji's nature
Electron This name represents energy and speed, just like an energetic Basenji
Flash Perfect for a fast and energetic Basenji
Flicker Flicker is a quick and energetic name that suits a Basenji's nature
Hopper This is a cute, energetic name for a Basenji that loves to jump around
Jazz This name is associated with lively and upbeat music, much like a Basenji's character
Lively This name directly reflects the energetic nature of a Basenji
Pogo An energetic Basenji might bounce around just like a pogo stick
Racer Racer is a name that denotes speed and energy, characteristic of a Basenji
Ripple This name could represent the waves a Basenji makes when it's bouncing around
Rocket This name is suitable for a Basenji that is always shooting off to explore
Scamper This name is a great match for a playful and energetic Basenji who loves a good scamper
Sizzle This name could represent a Basenji's lively and spirited personality
Spark This name signifies a burst of energy, just like the Basenji breed
Sprint Sprint is a fast-paced, energetic name fitting for a quick Basenji
Tango Tango is a lively and rhythmic dance, which suits an energetic Basenji
Whirl A Basenji with this name would likely love to whirl around in circles
Zest Zest is a word that means enthusiasm and energy, a perfect fit for an energetic Basenji
Zippy A Basenji with this name would likely be quick and full of energy
Zoom Zoom is fitting for a Basenji that loves to run around at high speeds

African Names

Because Basenjis originate from Africa, traditional African names can be a great way to respect the breed's origin.
Name Description
Ayo This name means 'joy', fitting for a Basenji bringing happiness into your life
Aza In some African cultures, this name means 'powerful', making it ideal for a strong Basenji
Balozi This name means 'ambassador' in Swahili, a perfect fit for a friendly, welcoming Basenji
Binti Swahili for 'daughter', a wonderful name for a female Basenji
Bisa This word translates to 'greatly loved' in some African languages, fitting for a beloved Basenji
Chike In some African cultures, this name means 'strength', fitting for a robust Basenji
Femi Of Yoruba origin meaning 'love me', it's a beautiful name for a loveable Basenji
Imara An African name meaning 'firm', a great name for a determined Basenji
Jabari An African name meaning 'brave', suitable for a courageous Basenji
Jengo Swahili for 'building', it's a great name for a Basenji if you're looking to build a strong bond
Jengo Swahili for 'building', it's a great name for a Basenji if you're looking to build a strong bond
Kali A name of African origin meaning 'intense' or 'fiery', perfect for a spirited Basenji
Kazi This name means 'work' in Swahili, suitable for a hardworking, active Basenji
Kibo Named after the highest peak in Africa, Kibo is a great pick for an adventurous Basenji
Kwame This name has West African origins and means 'born on Saturday'. It can be a fun way to remember when your Basenji joined your family
Mosi This African name translates to 'firstborn', appropriate for the first Basenji in your family
Neema Swahili for 'grace', a lovely name for a graceful Basenji
Rafiki Swahili for 'friend', it's ideal for a Basenji who is your best buddy
Sefu An African name meaning 'sword', it's suitable for a fierce and protective Basenji
Simba This name means 'lion' in Swahili, a great fit for a brave and noble Basenji
Tatu Swahili for 'three', a unique name if your Basenji is the third pet in your family
Tendaji This name means 'makes things happen', a great name for a Basenji with a go-getter attitude
Zeki An African name meaning 'clever', ideal for a smart Basenji
Zola This name means 'quiet' in Zulu, a great fit for the famously barkless Basenji
Zuri It's a Swahili term meaning 'beautiful', perfect for a charming Basenji
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Muwana wa Bakagi Mulenga Photo of Muwana wa Bakagi Mulenga for Basenji Names In English, her name meant 'Pretty Girl'. She was one of the most beautiful Basenji (plural for Basenji in Africa as well), we had ever seen. We called her Bakagi (girl). We lost her last year @ 17 years old. We will miss her forever.
Bandit Photo of bandit for Basenji Names
Duke Photo of duke for Basenji Names Because it is such an adorable name and my son goes to Duke college

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Rusty's Adventure: A Basenji Story

Once upon a time, in a peaceful suburban neighborhood filled with manicured lawns and friendly faces, there lived a curious Basenji named Rusty. Rusty was a handsome dog, with a short, reddish-brown coat, perky ears, and a tightly curled tail. His expressive eyes held a glint of mischief, hinting at the adventurous spirit that resided within him.

Rusty belonged to a loving family who adored his energetic personality and curious nature. They knew that Basenjis, often called the "barkless dogs," were a breed with a strong instinct for exploration and a knack for getting into trouble. While Rusty was a well-behaved dog, his family was always vigilant, knowing that his curiosity could lead him into some precarious situations.

One sunny afternoon, while Rusty's family was away at work and school, Rusty found himself alone in the backyard. As he sniffed and explored his familiar territory, he noticed a small hole in the fence. He had never seen it before, and his curiosity was instantly piqued.

Unable to resist the allure of the unknown, Rusty decided to squeeze through the hole, his slim Basenji frame allowing him to slip through with ease. He found himself in a world of new sights, sounds, and smells, as he ventured into the neighbor's yard.

Rusty's nose led him from one fascinating discovery to another, his excitement growing with each new find. As he frolicked through the neighbor's garden, he came across a small shed with a slightly ajar door. The scent of something irresistible wafted through the air, drawing Rusty closer.

He pushed the door open with his nose and entered the dimly lit shed. Inside, he discovered a treasure trove of gardening tools, bags of fertilizer, and various odds and ends. Rusty's eyes fell upon a jar of peanut butter, left open on a shelf just within his reach.

In his excitement, Rusty leaped up to grab the jar, unintentionally knocking it to the ground. The jar shattered, sending pieces of glass and globs of peanut butter flying. Rusty's curiosity got the better of him, and he began to lick the peanut butter, blissfully unaware of the shards of glass mixed in.

As Rusty lapped up the peanut butter, he suddenly felt a sharp pain in his mouth. He quickly realized his mistake and stopped eating, but the damage had already been done. Fearful and in pain, Rusty whimpered, unsure of what to do next.

Hearing Rusty's cries, the neighbor, Mrs. Thompson, rushed to the shed to investigate. When she found Rusty amidst the broken glass and peanut butter, she immediately understood the situation. Concerned for the little Basenji's well-being, she scooped him up and rushed him to the local veterinarian.

Rusty's family was soon notified, and they anxiously awaited news of their beloved pet. Thankfully, the veterinarian was able to remove the shards of glass from Rusty's mouth and treat his wounds, ensuring that he would make a full recovery.

With Rusty back home, safe and sound, his family was incredibly grateful to Mrs. Thompson for her quick thinking and compassion. They vowed to keep a closer eye on their curious Basenji, knowing that his adventurous spirit could easily lead him into another pickle.

From that day on, Rusty's family took extra precautions to ensure his safety, patching up the hole in the fence and keeping a watchful eye on his escapades. And while Rusty's curiosity remained as strong as ever, he learned an important lesson about the potential dangers that can accompany even the most innocent of adventures.

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