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Black Dog Names

Updated: October 06, 2023
      When naming a puppy with a dark coat, owners are often drawn towards black-themed ideas. One of the best places to find such an idea is from synonyms like Raven, Onyx, or Ebony. Another approach is to seek out words that mean black in a different language. Noir (French), Schwarz (German), and Nero (Italian) are a few examples. Others like to venture a bit further and name their dogs after items that are commonly black. Chocolate, Spade, and Coal are a few typical options. People often associated with the color black also lend their names. Cash is a popular idea taken from Johnny Cash also known as ‘The Man in Black’. Led and Zeppelin are unique ideas coming from the band known for the hit song ‘Black Dog’. This list is a compilation of the best names that mean or are related in some way to the color black.
Name Reason to Choose
Ace This name suggests superiority and uniqueness, just like your black dog
Anubis The Egyptian god of the underworld is often represented as a black canine
Ashes This name reflects the gray-black color of burnt materials, which is similar to a black dog's color
Bane It has a dark and menacing sound, perfect for a strong black dog
Batman Inspired by the dark, caped superhero, it's a fun choice for a brave black dog
Bear This name could suit a large, black dog
Beetle Named after the dark-colored insect
Blackbeard Inspired by the infamous pirate, this could be a fun name for a black dog
Blackberry This fruit is dark in color, which symbolizes the color of a black dog
Blackie A classic name for a black dog, it's straightforward and sweet
Blackjack Inspired by the card game where the objective is to get 21, a lucky number for many
Blackout Symbolizes a loss of light, making everything appear black
Bogey For golf enthusiasts, this term could make a playful name for a black dog
Bones Bones are often associated with the color black, inspired by pirate flags
Bramble A prickly plant that often bears dark-colored berries
Bullet A fitting name for a fast dog with a shiny black coat
Carbon Carbon is a black element
Cash This name is a nod to Johnny Cash, who was known as 'The Man in Black'
Caviar Inspired by the black, luxurious food item, this name could suit a posh black dog
Champagne This is an ironic name for a black dog, as champagne is typically light-colored
Char This name suggests the burnt remains of a fire – a great metaphor for a black dog
Chocolate Dark chocolate is black, making this an appropriate name
Cinder Reminiscent of the dark residue left after a fire
Cinderella Inspired by the fairy tale character who was often covered in soot and ash
Coal This name is inspired by the black, carbonaceous rock, which is reminiscent of a black dog's fur
Cobra Named after the black snake, this could be a great name for a fast, sleek black dog
Coffee Coffee is often black before cream is added
Cola Cola is a dark-colored soda, which is reminiscent of a black dog's color
Cosmo This name is inspired by the dark vastness of the cosmos
Coven A group of witches, often associated with darkness and mystery
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Names based on foreign languages

Words that mean 'black' or 'dark' in different languages can make exotic and beautiful names, like 'Kuro' (Japanese), 'Schwarz' (German), 'Nero' (Italian).
Name Description
Bela In Estonian, this translates to black
Chornyi This Ukrainian word stands for black
Chyornaya This is how you say black in Russian
Crna This is the Bosnian word for black
Crni This is the Serbian word for black
Czarny This is the Polish word for black
Dubh This word stands for black in Irish
Fekete In Hungarian, this word signifies black
Itim Filipino term for black
Juoda This is the Lithuanian term for black
Kuro In Japanese, this means black
Mavro Greek term for black
Melna Latvian word for black
Musta This word translates to black in Finnish
Negro In Spanish, this word denotes the color black
Nero This is Italian for black
Noir This is the French word for black
Pango In Maori, this translates to black
Preto Portuguese translation of the color black
Schwarz In German, this translates to black
Siyah This is how you say black in Turkish
Sort Danish word for black
Svart This is the Norwegian term for black
Svartur This is the Icelandic term for black
Zwart In Dutch, this word signifies black

Names based on mythology

Black figures or concepts from various mythologies can inspire powerful and mysterious names, like 'Hades', 'Morrigan', 'Anubis'.
Name Description
Anubis In Egyptian mythology, Anubis is the god of death who has a canine head, making it an intriguing choice for a black dog
Apollo The Greek god of the sun, a strong, bold choice for a black dog
Ares The Greek god of war, a strong and powerful name for a black dog
Cerberus This name belongs to the three-headed dog that guards the underworld in Greek mythology
Draco The Latin word for dragon, a mythical creature often associated with darkness and power
Erebus In Greek mythology, Erebus is a primordial deity representing darkness
Fenrir A monstrous wolf in Norse mythology, a great choice for a large, strong black dog
Hades This is the name of the Greek god of the underworld, fitting for a darkly-colored, mysterious dog
Hel The Norse goddess of the underworld, appropriate for a black dog with a quiet, mysterious demeanor
Juno The Roman goddess who is the queen of the gods, a regal and refined name for a black female dog
Kali The Hindu goddess associated with death and destruction, suitable for a fierce black dog
Loki In Norse mythology, Loki is a trickster god, making it a fun choice for a mischievous black dog
Morrigan An Irish goddess associated with war and fate, a suitable choice for a strong, brave dog
Nyx The Greek goddess of the night, making it perfect for a dark, nocturnal pet
Odin The Norse god of wisdom and magic, a powerful choice for an intelligent black dog
Orion A famous hunter in Greek mythology, a great name for a black hunting dog
Osiris Egyptian god of the underworld, ideal for a black dog with a regal aura
Perseus A legendary hero in Greek mythology, a brave and courageous name for a black dog
Poseidon The Greek god of the sea, a strong and powerful name for a black dog
Raven In many mythologies, a raven is a symbol of mystery and magic, making it a great name for a mystical black dog
Set An Egyptian god often depicted as a black animal, making it fitting for a black dog
Thanatos In Greek mythology, Thanatos is the personification of death
Thor The Norse god of thunder, a powerful and strong name for a black dog
Vulcan The Roman god of fire, making it a fiery choice for a spirited black dog
Zeus The king of the gods in Greek mythology, a regal and commanding name for a black dog

Names based on pop culture

Characters or concepts from movies, TV shows, or books that are associated with the color black or darkness can make memorable names, like 'Vader', 'Batman', 'Shadow'.
Name Description
Anubis From the Egyptian god often depicted as a black canine
Blackbeard Inspired by the infamous pirate known for his dark beard
Crow Associated with the black bird featured in many spooky tales and films
Darth Shortened version of Darth Vader, the Star Wars character
Eclipse Associated with the astronomical event that plunges the day into darkness
Elvira From the Mistress of the Dark, a character known for her black gown
Gotham From Batman's home city, which is often depicted in darkness
Hades Named after the Greek god of the underworld, often associated with darkness
Jett Inspired by Joan Jett, rock musician known for her black hair and leather attire
Knight Inspired by the Dark Knight, another name for Batman
Mamba From the black mamba snake and also a nod to basketball legend Kobe Bryant
Merlin From the wizard in Arthurian legend often depicted in dark robes
Morpheus From the character in The Matrix known for his black attire and sunglasses
Morticia Inspired by the matriarch in The Addams Family, known for her black dress
Neo Inspired by the lead character from The Matrix, known for his black attire
Ninja Associated with the black attire worn by these stealthy characters in pop culture
Panther Inspired by the Marvel superhero Black Panther
Poe Named after Edgar Allan Poe, author known for his dark, gothic tales
Raven Named after the DC Comics character known for her black costume
Salem Named after the black cat in the show 'Sabrina the Teenage Witch'
Shadow Associated with the dark figure that follows characters in various films and shows
Stallion Inspired by the black stallion in the novel and film of the same name
Ursula From the villain in The Little Mermaid known for her dark attire
Vader After the iconic Star Wars villain, Darth Vader, who wears all black
Zorro After the character known for his black mask and cape

Names based on food and drinks

Black-colored foods and drinks like 'Oreo', 'Coffee', 'Licorice' can make adorable and relatable names.
Name Description
Anise A unique name for a dog with a dark, licorice-like coat
Balsamic A flavorful name for a dark-colored dog
Barley An apt name due to the resemblance to the dark grain
Black Bean A fun name for a small dark dog
Blackberry A sweet name for a fruity pup
Caviar A fancy name for a luxurious black dog
Chia A healthy name for a small, black, seed-like dog
Coca A sweet name for a black, sugary pup
Cola A bubbly name for a black, fizzy pup
Espresso A perfect name for a small, energetic black dog
Guinness A strong name for a dog as dark as this stout
Java An energetic name for a dog as dark as coffee
Kahlua For a dog as smooth and dark as this liqueur
Licorice For a dog as sweet and black as this candy
Mocha A great name for a dog with a rich, chocolaty coat
Molasses A sweet name for a slow-moving black dog
Olive A suitable name for a black dog with a shiny coat
Oreo A cute name for a black and white dog
Pepper A spicy name for a black, energetic pup
Pumpernickel A hearty name for a dog as dark as this bread
Raisin A name that mirrors the color of this dried fruit
Rum A strong name for a dark, spirited dog
Sesame Perfect for a small, black, seed-like pup
Sooty A fitting name for a black dog with a smoky coat
Truffle A rich name for a black, earthy dog

Names based on nature

Black objects in nature like 'Midnight', 'Ebony', 'Raven' can inspire unique and fitting names for black dogs.
Name Description
Bear Named after the black bear, a common species of bear
Cinder It is the color of the residue left after a fire
Coal This is a solid black substance found in nature
Crow Inspired by the black bird known for its intelligence
Eclipse This name is inspired by the astronomical event, when everything turns dark
Hawk Named after the dark-colored bird of prey
Jet Inspired by the type of black, shiny coal
Mamba This name is inspired by the black mamba, a species of venomous snake
Midnight This name represents the darkest hour of the night
Night This is a cool name that represents the darkness that comes with the absence of light
Obsidian This name is derived from a dark volcanic rock
Onyx This is a dark and precious stone found in nature
Panther Inspired by the black big cat found in nature
Penguin Named after the black and white bird indigenous to the southern hemisphere
Pepper This name is inspired by the black spice used in cooking
Pine Named after the black pine tree, a species of pine that is native to the Mediterranean region
Puma Named after the large, dark-colored cat species
Raven Inspired by the black bird that is often seen as a symbol of mystery
Sable Inspired by the small, dark-colored mammal found in nature
Shadow This is a great name for a black dog as shadows are typically dark and elusive
Stallion This name is inspired by the powerful, black horse
Storm Because storms often bring dark clouds and reduced visibility
Thunder This name is inspired by dark and powerful natural phenomena
Vulture Named after the black-feathered bird known for scavenging
Wolf Inspired by the black wolf, a melanistic colour variant of the gray wolf
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Turk Photo of turk for Black Dog Names because i like it
Dixie Photo of Dixie for Black Dog Names Dixie Carter is named after the actress...she was in the TV show 'Designing Women' and in real life married to Hal Holbrook. Ms Carter died a few months before my dog was born.
Barbello Photo of Barbello for Black Dog Names Barbello means 'Angel of Goodness' in Portuguese. Barbello lived up to his name, also nicknamed 'the mayor' by the neighborhood.
Bentley Photo of Bentley for Black Dog Names
Ash Photo of Ash for Black Dog Names he is a black lab and it would be so easy to call him with a neme sounds like full-black/dark; as you see he has a gray mark on his right paw and also; calling him with a name of only one syllable is better (like commands; sit/jump/lay/no...)
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Nightwatch: The Story of Shadow

In the bustling metropolis of Crescent City, the days were filled with the hum of traffic and the chatter of busy people. But when the sun dipped below the horizon and darkness enveloped the streets, the city took on a different, more sinister tone. Criminals emerged from the shadows, preying on the innocent and disrupting the peace.

Yet, within this city of contrasts, there lived a remarkable black dog named Shadow. By day, Shadow was a loving and loyal companion to a kind-hearted woman named Sarah, who had rescued him from a shelter when he was just a puppy. She had no idea that her beloved pet had a secret life, one that would unfold under the cloak of darkness.

One fateful night, as Sarah slept soundly, Shadow was awakened by a sudden flash of light. Startled, he noticed a mysterious crystal glowing on the floor of their apartment. Curiosity piqued, Shadow cautiously approached the crystal and, upon touching it with his paw, experienced a surge of energy unlike anything he had ever felt before.

As the energy coursed through him, Shadow felt his body changing, growing stronger and more agile. He discovered that he now possessed incredible powers: the ability to fly, the strength of a hundred dogs, and a keen sense of perception that allowed him to detect danger from miles away. Shadow knew he had been granted these powers for a reason – he was destined to protect Crescent City from the criminals that plagued its streets.

Embracing his newfound abilities, Shadow became the city's mysterious canine vigilante. Each night, after Sarah had fallen asleep, he would transform into his superhero alter ego – Nightwatch. Silently, he soared through the darkened skies, his black coat blending seamlessly into the night, as he patrolled the streets for any sign of trouble.

Night after night, Nightwatch thwarted the plans of criminals and saved countless lives. He became a symbol of hope for the people of Crescent City, who marveled at the appearance of a fearless superhero who watched over them from the shadows. News of the enigmatic canine crime-fighter spread far and wide, and Nightwatch quickly gained a reputation as Crescent City's greatest protector.

Sarah, like the rest of the city, was captivated by the tales of the heroic black dog. She could hardly believe that such a creature existed, let alone suspect that her sweet, gentle Shadow was the superhero everyone was talking about. Shadow, for his part, was content to keep his secret, knowing that he could best protect Sarah and the city by maintaining his dual identity.

As the years went by, Nightwatch continued to fight crime and keep the streets of Crescent City safe. The mysterious crystal that had granted him his powers had become a symbol of his duty, and he guarded it fiercely. The people of the city grew to rely on their silent guardian, and the criminal underworld began to fear the very mention of his name.

And so, the legend of Nightwatch, the black dog who turned into a superhero and fought crime under the cover of darkness, lived on in the hearts and minds of the people of Crescent City. His story served as a powerful reminder that even the most ordinary beings could become extraordinary heroes, forever changing the course of destiny.

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