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Black Russian Terrier Names

Updated: March 30, 2024

Welcome to our dedicated page where you will find a plethora of unique and inspiring names for your new furry friend. Originating from Russia, these majestic and powerful dogs deserve a name that reflects their strong and noble character. Known for their courage, confidence, and intelligence, these dogs are not just pets, but also companions, protectors, and family members.

Whether you're looking for a name that embodies strength, originates from Russian culture, or simply sounds charming, we've got you covered. Our carefully curated list encompasses a range of names that are as distinctive and remarkable as the breed itself. We believe that every dog is unique and deserves a name that mirrors its personality and characteristics. So, embark on this exciting journey of discovering the perfect name for your loyal four-legged companion.

Name Reason to Choose
Ace The Black Russian Terrier's intelligence and skills make Ace a fitting name
Anastasia A feminine name that is popular in Russia, a great fit for a loving and devoted female dog
Anya Perfect for a sweet and inquisitive female Black Russian Terrier
Arkady A common Russian name, perfect for a male Black Russian Terrier
Aurora For a dog that lights up your life like the northern lights
Babka A sweet bread in Russian cuisine, for a dog that's a treat to be around
Babushka A cute name meaning 'grandmother', reflecting warmth and love
Balaclava For a dog that loves to keep warm in the winter
Balalaika For a musical dog, named after a traditional Russian instrument
Bear The Black Russian Terrier, with its robust build and dark coat, resembles a small bear
Bella Meaning 'beautiful', this name is perfect for a female Black Russian Terrier
Blini A delicious Russian pancake, for a sweet and fluffy pup
Bolshoi For a dog that loves to prance and leap like a Russian ballet dancer
Boris For a dog with a strong and robust character, like this common Russian name suggests
Borscht A fun, food-themed name from a traditional Russian soup
Caviar This name, after the luxurious black delicacy, suits the Black Russian Terrier's coat color and pedigree
Charcoal This name reflects the Black Russian Terrier's coat color
Chekhov Named after a Russian playwright, for a dog that loves to be the center of attention
Chernobyl An infamous location, for a dog with a strong and resilient spirit
Coal The Black Russian Terrier's coat is as black as coal, hence the name
Cobra The name Cobra reflects the Black Russian Terrier's swift, powerful nature
Comrade For a dog that's always by your side, through thick and thin
Cosmo Named after the vast, dark cosmos, this name would suit a Black Russian Terrier perfectly
Czarina This name means 'female emperor', suitable for a regal female dog
Dasha A popular feminine name in Russia, perfect for a female Black Russian Terrier
Dmitri It's a common Russian name which honors the dog's heritage
Domino This name is fitting for a Black Russian Terrier due to the breed’s black coat, reminiscent of a domino piece
Dostoyevsky For a dog that's as complex and insightful as the famous Russian author's works
Ebony Named after the dark wood, Ebony reflects the Black Russian Terrier's coat color
Ekaterina This name, common in Russia, is ideal for a brave and loyal dog
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Guard Dog Names

Black Russian Terriers are excellent guard dogs, hence names that reflect this trait can be a good fit.
Name Description
Aegis Named after the mythological shield that symbolizes protection
Bear Reminiscent of a powerful animal known for its strength and protective instincts
Blitz A name that implies speed and force
Bolt Perfect for a fast and alert guard dog
Brick Perfect for a solid, dependable dog
Bullet Ideal for a dog that's quick to respond
Cobra Named after the snake known for its quick strike
Diesel Great for a dog with a powerful presence
Falcon Great for a dog with sharp instincts and fast reactions
Guardian This name is self-explanatory, ideal for a protective dog
Jaguar Named after a powerful and protective wild cat
Maximus A name that exudes power and authority. Great for a protective dog
Muzzle Ideal for a dog with a commanding bark
Ranger A name that suits a dog who's diligent in patrolling its territory
Rumble Great for a dog with a deep bark
Sentry Perfect for a dog who's always on the lookout
Spartan Great for a brave and protective dog
Stealth Perfect for a quiet but protective dog
Talon Suits a dog with sharp instincts
Thunder Ideal for a dog with a powerful bark
Titan Great name for a large and powerful dog
Tornado Suits a dynamic and forceful dog
Trooper This name suits a loyal and dependable dog
Vigil This name reflects a dog's watchful nature
Warden Perfect for a dog who guards its territory well

Intelligent Dog Names

This breed is known for its intelligence, so names that mean 'wise' or 'smart' could be a good fit.
Name Description
Archimedes Inspired by the ancient Greek mathematician and genius
Aristotle A nod to Aristotle, a philosopher during the Classical period in Ancient Greece
Copernicus A nod to Nicolaus Copernicus, who proposed that the sun is at the center of the universe
Curie Named for Marie Curie, the first woman to win a Nobel Prize
Darwin Named after Charles Darwin, who is famous for his theory of evolution
DaVinci Derived from Leonardo da Vinci, a great mind of the Renaissance period
Descartes In honor of René Descartes, a French philosopher and mathematician
Edison Named for Thomas Edison, known for his many inventions
Einstein Named after Albert Einstein, who is famous for his brilliance
Euclid Named for Euclid, a Greek mathematician often referred to as the 'father of geometry'
Euler Inspired by the Swiss mathematician and physicist, Leonhard Euler
Faraday Named after Michael Faraday, who contributed to the study of electromagnetism and electrochemistry
Feynman A nod to Richard Feynman, a theoretical physicist known for his work in quantum mechanics
Fibonacci Derived from the name of an Italian mathematician known for the Fibonacci sequence
Galileo A tribute to Galileo Galilei, a renowned physicist and astronomer
Galton In honor of Sir Francis Galton, an English Victorian polymath, anthropologist, and geographer
Hawking In remembrance of Stephen Hawking, an astrophysicist who contributed greatly to our understanding of the universe
Kepler Taken from the name of Johannes Kepler, a key figure in the 17th century scientific revolution
Newton Taken from the name of the great scientist Sir Isaac Newton
Pascal Derived from the name of Blaise Pascal, a French mathematician, physicist, and religious philosopher
Plato Taken from the name of a philosopher in Classical Greece considered one of the most important figures in Western philosophy
Pythagoras Named after the ancient Ionian Greek philosopher and mathematician
Socrates Named after the classical Greek philosopher admired for his wisdom
Tesla In honor of the inventor, electrical engineer, and physicist Nikola Tesla
Watt In honor of James Watt, a Scottish inventor and mechanical engineer

Big Dog Names

Black Russian Terriers are large dogs, so names typically associated with bigger breeds might be a good fit.
Name Description
Atlas The Titan who carried the world on his shoulders, a fitting name for a sturdy breed
Behemoth A biblical creature of immense size and power, suitable for a large breed
Blizzard A large, powerful storm, symbolizing the dog's size and energy
Boulder A big, solid name implying strength
Brutus A Latin name meaning 'heavy, strong', perfect for a large dog
Everest Named after the highest peak in the world, symbolizing grandeur and size
Goliath The biblical giant, a fitting name for a big dog
Hercules Named after the legendary Greek hero renowned for his strength
Hulk Named after the large, powerful comic book character
Jumbo An English word meaning 'very large', appropriate for a large breed
Jupiter The largest planet in the solar system, a fitting name for a large breed
Kodiak Named after the large Kodiak bear, it's a fit for a big dog
Mammoth Named after the large prehistoric creature, symbolizing size and strength
Maximus Sounds big and powerful, ideal for a large breed like the Black Russian Terrier
Moose Inspired by the large North American animal, emphasizing size and strength
Olympus The home of gods in Greek mythology, a fitting name for a large, majestic dog
Polar A nod to the large polar bear, emphasizing size and strength
Sequoia Named after the large tree species, symbolizing height and strength
Spartan A nod to the large, powerful warriors of ancient Greece
Sumo A humorous nod to the dog’s large size, like a sumo wrestler
Titan Echoes the size and strength of this large breed
Tundra A vast, open landscape, symbolizing the dog's large size
Viking Named after the large, formidable warriors of history
Yeti Named after the mythical large creature, symbolizing size and mystery
Zeus The king of gods in Greek mythology, suitable for a big, majestic dog

Strong Names

Black Russian Terriers are known for their strength and stamina, hence names that mean 'strong' or 'powerful' might suit this breed.
Name Description
Achilles Named after the Greek hero of the Trojan War known for his strength and bravery
Atlas This name represents the Titan who held up the heavens
Blitz German for 'lightning', this name symbolizes speed and power
Bruiser A playful yet powerful name
Caesar Named after the famed Roman Emperor Julius Caesar
Diesel This name signifies strength and endurance
Goliath A name that signifies immense size and power
Hercules Named after the strongest of all mythical Greek heroes
Juggernaut This name refers to a large, powerful force or object
Khan This name is associated with powerful rulers in history
Leonidas Named after the Spartan king known for his bravery and strength
Maximus Maximus, Latin for 'greatest', suits a large, strong breed
Napoleon Named after the mighty French conqueror Napoleon Bonaparte
Odin The name of a powerful Norse god
Ragnar A strong name from Norse mythology
Rex Latin for 'king', this name denotes power and control
Rocky Rocky signifies strength and toughness, much like the famous boxer
Samson Samson, a Biblical figure known for his immense strength
Spartan This name mirrors the strength and discipline of ancient Greek warriors
Stalin Named after one of Russia's strongest leaders
Thor Another Norse god known for his strength and power
Titan This name holds the power and strength of the mythical Titans
Trojan This name represents the legendary warriors of Troy
Vladimir This strong Russian name suits a Black Russian Terrier
Zeus The Greek god of sky and thunder is a fitting name for a powerful dog

Russian Origin Names

Since the breed originated in Russia, traditional Russian names can be a fitting tribute to the breed's heritage.
Name Description
Alexei This name has a royal connotation in Russia, perfect for a noble Terrier
Anastasia A popular Russian name that embodies elegance and strength, mimicking the Black Russian Terrier's traits
Anya A lovely Russian name, perfect for a kind-hearted and affectionate female Terrier
Boris Originates from Russia and signifies a warrior, much like our brave Terrier
Dmitri A classic Russian name, fitting for a loyal and steadfast Terrier
Fyodor A popular Russian name, perfect for a serious and thoughtful Terrier
Galina This charming Russian name is great for a lovely and gentle female Terrier
Grigori An old Russian name, perfect for a wise and experienced Terrier
Igor This sturdy Russian name is perfect for a strong and determined Terrier
Irina This elegant Russian name is perfect for a regal and sophisticated female Terrier
Ivan A common Russian name, perfect for a friendly and social Black Russian Terrier
Katya A cute Russian name for a loving and sweet female Terrier
Kira A unique Russian name, perfect for a distinctive and unique female Terrier
Lev Means 'lion' in Russian, suiting a courageous Terrier
Ludmila A classic Russian name, suitable for a mature and elegant female Terrier
Mikhail Reflecting the name of a Russian leader, suits a bold and commanding Terrier
Natalya This beautiful Russian name is great for a graceful and majestic female Terrier
Nikita A name of Russian origin, representing the terrier's unwavering spirit
Olga This traditional Russian name is ideal for a noble and dignified female Terrier
Pavel A common Russian name, suitable for a friendly and sociable Terrier
Sasha This Russian name is unisex and is a great match for a playful Terrier
Sergei Reflects the name of many famous Russians, suitable for a distinguished Terrier
Vasily A strong Russian name for a robust and energetic Terrier
Vladimir This name exudes power and leadership, fitting for a dominant Terrier
Yuri Signifies 'farmer' in Russian, embodying the terrier's hardworking nature
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