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Bloodhound Names

Updated: October 06, 2023

      The Bloodhound was developed primarily for tracking and hunting. The breed is perhaps best known for its use in trailing missing people and escaped prisoners. For this reason many owners select a name like Sherlock, Columbo, Gadget, or Scooby that goes along with the detective theme. Other related names can be taken from a favorite book or television program like ‘CSI’ or ‘The Da Vinci Code’. The most distinguished characteristic of the Bloodhound is their amazing sense of smell. For this reason, some people choose a name like Snuffer or Sam (after Toucan Sam) that highlights this notable trait. Along with the hunting stereotype often given to the breed, country themed names are commonly favored. Some notable back-country themed names are Jethro (from ‘The Beverly Hillbillies’), Peggy (from ‘King of the Hill’), and Dixie.
Name Reason to Choose
Achoo A playful choice, referencing the breed's renowned sniffing ability
Amber This name suits a Bloodhound with a golden or amber-colored coat
Andy The name sounds friendly and approachable, just like a bloodhound
Anne The name is simple and classic, reflecting a bloodhound's timeless appeal
Banjo It has a southern, country vibe, matching a bloodhound's origin
Banks A strong, outdoorsy name for a breed often used in search and rescue missions
Baron This regal title is fitting for a bloodhound, a breed known for its noble demeanor
Bayard This noble and old-fashioned name is fitting for the dignified and loyal Bloodhound
Bea It is a short and sweet name, fitting for a loving bloodhound
Bear This name reflects the large and powerful stature of a Bloodhound
Beaureguard This name is southern and stately, fitting for a noble bloodhound
Belle A southern belle name for a graceful and beautiful breed
Billy A popular, friendly name that suits the breed's good-natured temperament
Blaze This name is appropriate for a Bloodhound with a fiery spirit and reddish coat
Blue A nod to the breed's often dark, slate-colored coat
Bobby This classic name fits the loyal and friendly temperament of Bloodhounds
Bounty This name is a nod to the Bloodhound’s tracking ability, reminiscent of a bounty hunter
Brandy This name suits a Bloodhound with a deep reddish-brown coat
Bruno The name suggests strength and tenacity, characteristics of Bloodhounds
Bryant It's a sophisticated name that matches the Bloodhound's noble character
Bubba The breed's sturdy physique and gentle nature could be encapsulated by such a robust, amiable name
Buddy It encapsulates the breed's reputation as a great companion
Buford This name has a southern charm, perfect for a breed originated from the South
Caramel This name is perfect for a Bloodhound with a light brown coat
Charlotte This name has a southern charm, perfect for a bloodhound
Chase This name fits a Bloodhound because of their love for chasing scents
Clue The name fits this breed due to their exceptional ability to unveil clues in tracking work
Cocoa This name is fitting for a Bloodhound with a chocolate-colored coat
Columbo Another detective reference, highlighting the breed's knack for following their nose
Copper This name is appropriate for a Bloodhound because of the breed's often copper-colored coat
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Old-Fashioned Names

Bloodhounds have a long and storied history, dating back over a thousand years. Old-fashioned names can be a charming and fitting choice, reflecting the breed's history.
Name Description
Agatha It's a traditional name often used in classic literature, adding a touch of vintage charm
Benedict This name has a classic and noble resonance, often associated with medieval times
Clarence Reminiscent of the late 19th and early 20th century, it carries a strong old-fashioned vibe
Dorothy Popular in the early 20th century, it gives an air of vintage grace
Eugene This name harkens back to the Victorian era, perfect for a distinguished bloodhound
Florence A timeless name that resonates with the elegance of the past
Gerald Has a strong, dignified air reminiscent of yesteryears
Harriet It's a name that harkens back to the classic literature of the 19th century
Igor A classic name from Eastern Europe, it adds an old-world charm
Jasper It carries a vintage charm, often associated with the aristocracy of the past
Katherine A classic name that never goes out of style, echoing the charm of older times
Luther Has an old-school vibe that's perfect for a bloodhound
Mabel Popular in the early 20th century, it carries an old-fashioned sweetness
Nathaniel It's a strong, traditional name, resonating with sophistication
Oscar This name has a timeless appeal, reminiscent of classic literature
Prudence A distinctively vintage name, it imparts a sense of wisdom and caution
Quincy Has an old-school charm, often associated with distinguished figures
Rudolph This name harkens back to earlier times, adding a touch of old-world elegance
Sylvia It's a classic name with a vintage charm, perfect for a graceful bloodhound
Theodore Has a classic and noble resonance, often associated with historical figures
Ursula This name carries a vintage charm, often associated with classic literature
Victoria Reminiscent of the regal Victorian era, it's perfect for a noble bloodhound
Winston It carries a strong old-fashioned vibe, often associated with distinguished figures
Xander Despite its modern popularity, it has roots in ancient history, adding a classic touch
Yvonne It's a traditional name with an old-world charm, perfect for a graceful bloodhound

Famous Bloodhound Names

There are many famous Bloodhounds in literature, film, and history. Names inspired by these famous dogs can be a fun and recognizable choice.
Name Description
Barney Barney is a Bloodhound from the famous children's book 'Barney the Bloodhound'
Baskerville Baskerville is a famous Bloodhound from Arthur Conan Doyle's 'Sherlock Holmes' series
Bruno Bruno is a Bloodhound character from the animated movie 'Cinderella'
Buck Buck is a famous Bloodhound from the movie 'The Call of the Wild'
Copper Copper from the movie 'The Fox and the Hound' is a well-known bloodhound character
Droopy Droopy is a famous cartoon character, often mistaken for a Bloodhound due to his long, droopy face
Duke This name is chosen after Duke, the bloodhound from the movie 'The Beverly Hillbillies'
Flash This name is inspired by the slow Bloodhound from the TV series 'The Dukes of Hazzard'
Homer Homer is a Bloodhound from the novel 'The Day of the Jackal' by Frederick Forsyth
Huckleberry Huckleberry Hound, a blue dog from the Hanna-Barbera cartoon series, was a famous Bloodhound
McGruff McGruff, the Crime Dog, is a well-known figure in American advertising
Perry Perry Mason's Bloodhound, a famous detective character from the novels by Erle Stanley Gardner
Pluto This name is inspired by the bloodhound character from the famous Disney cartoons
Rex Rex is a popular Bloodhound name, inspired by the character from the TV series 'Inspector Rex'
Samantha Samantha is a notable Bloodhound in the TV series 'I Am Weasel'
Sherlock Named after the famous detective, Sherlock Holmes, known for his incredible sense of smell and tracking abilities
Smoky This name is derived from Smoky, a celebrated Bloodhound known for his tracking capabilities
Sniffer Sniffer is a famous Bloodhound character from the book series 'The Famous Five'
Snoopy Snoopy, though not a Bloodhound, is a famous dog character and the name is popular among Bloodhound owners
Tex Tex is a famous Bloodhound from the animated series 'Clifford the Big Red Dog'
Towser Towser is the Bloodhound from the famous children's book 'Ladybird'
Tracker Tracker is a recognizable Bloodhound character from the animated series 'Paw Patrol'
Trusty Trusty is a famous Disney character from the movie 'Lady and the Tramp'
Waylon Waylon is named after the famous Bloodhound in the animated series 'King of the Hill'
Winston Winston is a popular Bloodhound name derived from the character in the film 'The Secret Life of Pets'

Hunting Terminology Names

Bloodhounds are often used as hunting dogs due to their exceptional sense of smell and tracking abilities. Names inspired by hunting terms could be a fitting and unique choice.
Name Description
Bay This is a term for the sound a hunting dog makes
Blaze A term for a distinctive mark on an animal, often hunted
Bolt A term used to describe a short, heavy arrow
Buck It's often used to refer to a male deer, a common hunting target
Bullet A key component in hunting gear
Camouflage A pattern used to conceal hunters
Decoy An object used to distract or lure game
Falcon A bird of prey often used in hunting
Fletch Short for fletching, the feathers on an arrow
Gauge A term used in shotgun terminology
Hawk A bird often used for hunting
Hunter Directly references the act of hunting
Muzzle It represents the end of a gun barrel
Pursuit It represents the chase in hunting
Quiver This is where arrows are stored
Ranger A term for a person who patrols a forest or park
Rifle An essential tool in hunting
Scout A term for someone who searches for game
Snare A type of trap used for catching game
Stalker It's a term for a hunter who stalks his prey
Striker Refers to a tool used to ignite a fire in hunting
Talon Refers to the claw of a bird of prey
Tracker This refers to the dog’s ability to track prey
Trigger A direct reference to the trigger on a hunting firearm
Warden Refers to a game warden, someone who enforces hunting laws

Gentle Giant Names

Bloodhounds can be quite large, but they're also known for being incredibly gentle and friendly. Names that reflect this can be a sweet and fitting choice.
Name Description
Atlas Named after the Titan who held up the sky, it's ideal for a sturdy and gentle Bloodhound
Avalanche It signifies size and power, but an avalanche can also be still and silent
Boulder This name is great for a Bloodhound who is as sturdy and gentle as a boulder
Brontë Means thunder in Greek, implying a powerful but gentle character
Clifford Named after the big red dog, it's perfect for a large, friendly Bloodhound
Colossus Indicates size and strength, but also a gentle demeanor
Everest Named after the world's highest peak, it suits a large but gentle Bloodhound
Forest Perfect for a Bloodhound who is as big and calm as a serene forest
Goliath It's a name synonymous with a mythical giant, ideal for a big, gentle Bloodhound
Groot A Marvel character who is a gentle giant, great for a large Bloodhound
Hagrid A Harry Potter character known for his size and gentleness, great for a Bloodhound
Hercules This name, after the Greek demigod, reflects both strength and kindness
Hulk A Marvel character who is a giant with a gentle heart
Jupiter A reference to the largest planet in our solar system, ideal for a large Bloodhound
Mammoth An extinct giant animal, perfect for a large but gentle Bloodhound
Merlin This name is great for a Bloodhound who is as wise and gentle as the legendary wizard
Odin The Norse god known for his wisdom and strength, fitting for a gentle Bloodhound
Orion This name of a constellation conveys a sense of regal gentleness
Samson A biblical figure known for his strength, fitting for a large Bloodhound
Sasquatch A mythical creature known for its size and elusive gentleness
Sequoia A large, towering tree, perfect for a big, gentle Bloodhound
Sherman Means 'shear man', perfect for a large, gentle Bloodhound who loves to sniff around
Thunder A name that reflects power, but thunder can also gently rumble in the distance
Titan Representative of size and strength, perfect for a gentle giant like a Bloodhound
Zeus Named after the Greek god of the sky, denotes power and gentleness

Detective-Inspired Names

Bloodhounds have a reputation for being excellent trackers, like detectives. Names inspired by famous detectives or detective terms can be a fun and fitting choice.
Name Description
Bones A tribute to the forensic-focused series 'Bones'
Case A nod to the detective's essential tool of the trade
Columbo After the famous television detective
Conan A nod to Arthur Conan Doyle, creator of Sherlock Holmes
Frost Inspired by the British detective series 'A Touch of Frost'
Gumshoe An old slang term for a detective
Hawk Inspired by the hard-boiled detective Spenser's sidekick
Hercule Taken from Hercule Poirot's first name
Hitchcock After Alfred Hitchcock, master of suspense and mystery
Holmes A nod to Sherlock Holmes' surname
Kinsey After Kinsey Millhone, a detective in Sue Grafton's novels
Luther In honor of the detective from the BBC series
Marple Taken from Miss Marple, another of Agatha Christie's detectives
Morse After the detective in Colin Dexter's novels
Mulder Inspired by Agent Mulder, also from 'The X-Files'
Mystery Because every good detective loves a mystery
Perry For fans of Perry Mason, the detective and lawyer
Poirot A Belgian detective in Agatha Christie's novels
Rebus Inspired by the detective novels of Ian Rankin
Scully A nod to Agent Scully from 'The X-Files'
Sherlock Inspired by the famous detective Sherlock Holmes
Sleuth An old-fashioned term for a detective
Spade A tribute to Sam Spade from 'The Maltese Falcon'
Vera For fans of the British detective series 'Vera'
Watson A nod to Sherlock Holmes' best friend
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Duke the Tracker: A Bloodhound Tale

In the small, idyllic town of Willow Falls, nestled between towering pines and crystal-clear lakes, there lived a skilled and dedicated bloodhound named Duke. Duke was an invaluable member of the town's search and rescue team, known for his keen sense of smell and unwavering determination to bring the lost back to safety.

One day, a frantic call came in to the search and rescue headquarters: a young girl named Emily had gone missing during a family hike in the nearby woods. The dense forest, while breathtakingly beautiful, was also home to treacherous ravines and hidden pitfalls. The townspeople feared for Emily's safety, and time was of the essence.

Duke and his handler, Jack, leaped into action, immediately joining the search party that had set out to find Emily. With a piece of the young girl's clothing in hand, Duke caught her scent and eagerly began tracking her through the forest, guided by an instinct honed through years of training.

As the hours passed, the terrain grew increasingly challenging. Duke and Jack navigated steep slopes, crossed icy streams, and pushed through thick underbrush, never losing sight of their mission. The sun began to set, casting long shadows over the forest floor and adding a sense of urgency to the search.

Duke, unfazed by the darkness, continued to follow Emily's scent, his keen nose picking up the faintest traces of her presence. The search party, trusting in Duke's abilities, followed the determined bloodhound deeper into the forest, their hope renewed with each step.

Suddenly, Duke stopped in his tracks, his ears perking up at a faint sound carried on the wind. A soft cry for help reached their ears, and Duke's tail wagged with determination, knowing he was close to finding Emily. He led the search party towards the sound, his focus unwavering.

As they rounded a bend in the forest path, the group spotted Emily, huddled beneath a tree, her small frame shivering with cold and fear. Duke bounded towards the frightened girl, his warm, wet nose nuzzling her cheek in reassurance. The relief in Emily's eyes was unmistakable, as she wrapped her arms around Duke's sturdy neck, her tears dampening his fur.

The search party, led by Duke, escorted Emily back to safety, where her tearful family awaited. They embraced their brave rescuer, their gratitude for Duke's tireless efforts evident in their tear-streaked faces. The townspeople of Willow Falls celebrated Duke's heroism, as news of his life-saving feat spread throughout the town.

From that day forward, Duke became a beloved symbol of hope and courage in Willow Falls. His unwavering dedication to his work and his unmatched ability to track and save those in need earned him a special place in the hearts of the townspeople.

Emily and Duke formed a bond that could not be broken, their friendship a testament to the power of trust, loyalty, and love. Together, they stood as a reminder of the incredible feats that could be accomplished when the courage of one extraordinary bloodhound was combined with the determination of a close-knit community.

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