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Blue Dog Names

Updated: April 03, 2024
      Some dogs are known to have a blue hue to their coat. Whether you are adopting one or just favor the color, we have put together a themed list of names that just might match up to your new pal. If your dog has a love for the water, you might consider an H2O based title. Rain, Ocean, and Brooke are a few ideas to help get your feet wet. While Blue itself is a classic identity, more owners are turning to the shades. Your dog might be more of a Sky, Teal, or Cyan. Dendro is a unique idea borrowed from Dendrobates azureus which is a poison dart frog with a dark blue coloring. On the less deadly side of the fence, you could go with Jay after the birds found throughout North America. Perhaps a favorite cartoon character is more up your alley. Huckleberry, Smurf, Grover, and Gonzo are all eager to share a color and a name with your canine.
Name Reason to Choose
Andorian Inspired by a blue-skinned alien race from Star Trek, this moniker is a fitting candidate
Aqua It is a Latin term for water, often associated with a light blue color
Arctic This name is inspired by the blue hues of the Arctic region
Aster Asters are beautiful blue flowers, a lovely name for a charming dog
Atlantis The legendary city is associated with the deep blue sea
Avatar This name is tied to the blue-skinned humanoids from the film of the same name
Azul It's Spanish for blue, perfect for a blue-coated pet
Azumarill This name is linked to a blue and white water rabbit Pokémon
Azure This name means 'sky blue' in Spanish, a wonderful name for a dog with a sunny disposition
Azurean Meaning 'of the sky', perfect for a dog with blue eyes or coat
Azureus A scientific term for a bright blue color
Azuril This name corresponds to a baby blue Pokémon that resembles a round mouse or rabbit
Bellflower Named after the beautiful blue bellflower
Berry Blueberries are a delicious fruit, a cute and sweet name for a dog
Beryl This gemstone has a rich blue color, a nice choice for a dog with a royal air
Blizzard This could be a great name for a dog with a white and blue coat, like a snowy blizzard
Blue It's a direct reference to the color blue
Booberry This name is derived from a popular bluish-purple breakfast cereal
Boreas In Greek mythology, Boreas was the god of the north wind, a strong and powerful name for a dog
Brooke Brookes are bodies of water and water is typically associated with the color blue
Bubbles For a playful pup, just like bubbles in the blue ocean
Bullet For a fast, blue-tinged dog, just like a bullet
Buster A famous animated blue dog is called Buster
Capri Named after the beautiful blue waters of Capri, Italy
Cascade Inspired by the beautiful blue water of a cascade
Celeste Celeste is a color term that describes a light sky-blue
Cerulean A deep sky-blue color, suitable for a dreamy, easy-going dog
Cobalt Named after a bright blue mineral, suitable for an energetic and lively dog
Comet Comets often have a blue glow, a cool name for a dog with a quick and energetic personality
Cosmo Short for cosmos, perfect for a dog with a vast personality
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Oceanic Blue Dog Names

These names are inspired by the blue of the ocean, which can be a great choice for dogs that love water or have a calm and serene personality.
Name Description
Aqua Represents the blue color of water
Azul Spanish word for blue, inspired by the blue sea
Breeze Reminiscent of the cool ocean air
Briny Refers to the blue briny water of the sea
Bubble Inspired by the blue bubbles in the sea water
Capsize An oceanic term that takes inspiration from the blue sea
Coral Inspired by the blue coral in the ocean
Dolphin Inspired by the blue ocean creatures
Fin Inspired by the blue fins of certain fish in the ocean
Guppy Named after the blue guppy fish in the sea
Iceberg Inspired by the blue icebergs that float in the ocean
Kraken Named after the mythical sea creature that roams the blue ocean
Lagoon Refers to the blue lagoons found by the sea
Marina Named after marinas where the blue sea can be seen
Misty Refers to the blue mist that forms over the ocean
Ocean Directly refers to the vast blue sea
Pearl Inspired by the blue pearls found in the ocean
Reef Refers to the blue coral reefs in the ocean
Sailor Inspired by those who navigate the blue sea
Shell Named after the blue shells found by the ocean
Shore Named after the shoreline where the blue sea meets the land
Splash Reminiscent of the blue water splashing in the ocean
Surf Named after the surfing activity that takes place on the blue sea
Tide Named after the sea’s blue tides
Wave Symbolizes the blue waves of the sea

Artistic Blue Dog Names

Names inspired by blue shades in art or famous blue artworks, suitable for pets owned by art enthusiasts.
Name Description
Azure In art, azure is a variation of blue denoting the clear blue color of the sky
Beryl A mineral that can be blue, often used in jewelry design
Cerulean A sky-blue pigment used by artists in various mediums
Cobalt This chemical element is used to create vibrant blue pigments in glassmaking and ceramics
Dali Salvador Dali, the surrealist artist, used blues in his dreamlike paintings
Denim This sturdy blue fabric has been used in creative and artistic ways
Hockney David Hockney's swimming pool series features dazzling blues
Indigo A deep blue-purple color, indigo is a favorite among painters
Inky Inky blue is a common color used by artists and in print
Kahlo Frida Kahlo's 'The Two Fridas' features a vibrant blue sky
Lapis Lapis Lazuli is a deep-blue metamorphic rock used as a semi-precious stone in art
Matisse Henri Matisse, known for his use of color, often used blues in his works
Monet Inspired by the artist whose Water Lilies series often featured shades of blue
Navy This deep, dark blue color is often used in various art forms
OKeeffe Georgia O'Keeffe's paintings of New Mexico's landscapes often incorporate blues
Periwinkle This light purplish-blue color is often used in pastel art
Picasso Named after the famed artist known for his Blue Period
Pollock Jackson Pollock's abstract expressionist paintings often include splatters of blue
Sapphire This precious gemstone is often used for its vibrant blue color in art
Skye Named after the blue of the sky, a common color in countless artworks
Teal A medium to dark greenish-blue color, teal is a popular choice among artists
Turquoise This blue-green mineral is widely used in art and jewelry
Ultramarine A vibrant blue pigment used in paints and dyes
VanGogh Vincent Van Gogh's Starry Night is famous for its swirling blues
Warhol Andy Warhol's pop art often showcases a bold use of color, including blues

Astronomical Blue Dog Names

Names inspired by blue celestial bodies or astronomical terms, suitable for pets with a majestic or mysterious appeal.
Name Description
Altair Altair is one of the brightest stars in the sky and is a part of the Summer Triangle
Andromeda Andromeda is a galaxy that, when viewed through a telescope, can appear blue
Aqua Aqua is a Latin word for water, which is often perceived as blue, and also a reference to Aquarius, an astronomical constellation
Aster Aster is associated with star-shaped flowers which are often blue, representing the stars in the night sky
Azure Azure is a shade of blue reminiscent of the clear daytime sky
Celeste Celeste is a name that means 'heavenly', reminding us of the clear blue sky
Comet Comets are icy celestial bodies that, when passing close to the sun, might reflect a blue light
Cosmo Cosmo represents the cosmos, a vast expanse often depicted in shades of blue
Eclipse Eclipses are astronomical events that can cast a surreal blue hue
Galaxy The galaxy is often depicted as a vast blue expanse, full of mystery and wonder
Indigo Indigo is a deep blue color, similar to a night sky filled with stars
Luna Luna is Latin for 'moon', which occasionally appears blue due to atmospheric conditions
Nebula A nebula is an interstellar cloud, often appearing blue due to the way light interacts with it
Neptune Neptune is the blue-colored eighth planet in our solar system
Nova A nova is a star that suddenly increases its brightness, often casting a blue hue
Orion Orion's Belt is a prominent feature in the night sky, reminding us of the vast blue expanse
Pluto Pluto, despite being downgraded to a dwarf planet, is known for its blue skies
Polaris Polaris, also known as the North Star, appears white but can be thought of as blue because of the cold polar regions it represents
Rigel Rigel is a blue supergiant star in the constellation Orion
Saturn Saturn, although not blue itself, is surrounded by beautiful icy blue rings
Sirius Sirius is a star system and the brightest star in the Earth's night sky, appearing blue in color
Sky The sky is often blue and is the canvas for all celestial bodies
Stellar Stellar is an adjective related to stars, which can twinkle in various shades of blue
Uranus Uranus, the seventh planet from the Sun, has a blue-green color
Vega Vega is a bright blue star in the sky, visible from Earth

Gemstone Blue Dog Names

Names inspired by blue gemstones, reflecting the preciousness and beauty of the pet.
Name Description
Apatite Named after the blue mineral, a unique name for a blue dog
Aqua Short for Aquamarine, a blue gemstone, perfect for a dog with a soft blue coat
Azure A great name for a blue dog, inspired by the gem Azurite
Azurite This blue gemstone name is a great fit for a deep blue colored dog
Celestite Named after a pale blue mineral, great for a light blue dog
Cobalt Inspired by the blue gemstone Cobaltocalcite, this is perfect for a blue dog
Fluorite Named after the mineral that can be blue, a unique name for a blue dog
Indigo Referencing the deep blue Indicolite gemstone, great for a dark coated dog
Kyanite This blue silicate mineral name is perfect for a silvery blue dog
Labradorite Inspired by the mineral known for its iridescent blue play-of-color, great for a shiny blue dog
Lapis Derived from Lapis Lazuli, a deep blue semi-precious stone
Larimar A rare blue variety of pectolite, a unique name for a rare blue dog
Moonstone Inspired by the blue sheen of a moonstone, perfect for a dog with a shiny blue coat
Opal Named after the gemstone that can flash patterns of blue, great for a multi-colored blue dog
Pearl Inspired by the blue pearl, a unique name for a shiny blue dog
Peridot Though not typically blue, the gem can have a blueish hue, great for a unique blue dog
Sapphire The name signifies the blue precious stone, perfect for a shiny blue coated dog
Sodalite Named after the rich royal blue mineral, great for a royal blue dog
Spinel Inspired by the blue spinel gemstone, a unique name for a blue dog
Tanzanite After the blue-violet variety of the mineral zoisite, perfect for a blue-purple dog
Topaz Inspired by the blue topaz gemstone, this name suits a bright blue dog
Tourmaline Named after the gemstone that can be a light blue, great for a light blue dog
Turquoise Named after the blue-green mineral, great for a dog with unique blue coat
Zircon Blue Zircon is a beautiful gemstone, a great name for a beautiful blue dog
Zoisite Inspired by the mineral that can be blue, a unique name for a blue dog

Nautical Blue Dog Names

Names inspired by the ocean or sea, which are often associated with various shades of blue.
Name Description
Anchor A fundamental nautical tool, symbolizing the deep blue sea
Aqua The Latin word for water, often associated with the blue sea
Azure This represents the blue sky over the open sea
Bay A coastal body of water, often appearing blue from a distance
Breeze This represents the cool, blue breezes of the sea
Captain The leader of a ship, associated with the blue open sea
Cobalt A strong, lustrous blue color, named after the sea where cobalt oxide was found
Compass A navigational tool used at sea, often associated with the wide blue ocean
Gulf A large area of sea partially enclosed by land, often appearing blue
Harbor It's a marine term and can also symbolize the blue water
Iceberg A huge piece of floating ice in the sea, often appearing blue due to the water and sky
Indigo It's a deep blue color, similar to the depths of the ocean
Lagoon A shallow body of water separated from the sea by sandbars or coral reefs, often having a beautiful blue hue
Marina A place for docking boats, often surrounded by beautiful blue waters
Mariner A synonym for sailor, who navigates the blue seas
Misty This represents the blue mist that often hangs over the sea
Navy Corresponds to the blue uniforms of sailors and the deep blue sea
Ocean It's a nautical term and also represents the blue sea
Pirate Signifies adventurous sailors who roamed the blue seas
Ripple Small waves or undulations on the water surface, depicting the calm, blue sea
Sail A crucial part of any sea vessel, often set against the backdrop of the blue sea and sky
Sapphire This is a precious blue gem found in the deep sea
Tide This signifies the rhythmic, blue waves of the sea
Turquoise A blue-green mineral, reminiscent of tropical, blue waters
Wave Symbolizes the blue waves of the sea
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Sapphire Photo of sapphire for Blue Dog Names Her coat was so dark and shiney and her eyes stared at u and showed reflections like the prescious sapphire gem.
Bonnie blue Photo of bonnie blue for Blue Dog Names She is the color Blue and her name comes from my favorite movie 'Gone with the Wind'
Blue Photo of blue for Blue Dog Names we named this dog blue because of blues clues
Sky Photo of Sky for Blue Dog Names Sky - She is a blue American bull dog with beautiful golden eye

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Blue Can I get her
Mystie Our beloved blue merle, Mystie is in dogs' heaven, but she was a beauty. As a new puppy, my wife thought she looked misty, so that was her call name, spelling changed, of course.
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Azure: Tale of a Blue Dog

Once upon a time in the quaint town of Barksville, there lived a unique blue dog named Azure. Azure was a charming and handsome canine who had a coat the color of the deepest ocean. His fur shimmered under the sunlight, casting a captivating spell on all who laid eyes on him.

Azure was quite aware of his striking appearance, and he carried himself with confidence and poise. He would take long walks through the town, his head held high and his tail wagging proudly. As he strutted down the streets, the female dogs would stop and stare, mesmerized by his vibrant hue and magnetic presence.

The lady dogs of Barksville couldn't help but swoon over Azure, often gathering in groups to gossip about him. They would exchange stories of their encounters with the blue dog, each one more enchanting than the last. Many had tried to catch his attention, but Azure remained elusive and mysterious, adding to his allure.

As time went on, Azure's reputation spread beyond Barksville, and female dogs from neighboring towns began to visit, hoping to catch a glimpse of the legendary blue dog. They would arrive with their owners in tow, their excitement palpable as they wandered the streets in search of Azure.

One day, during his usual afternoon stroll, Azure came across a park where a group of female dogs had gathered. They were all whispering and giggling, clearly excited by his presence. Among them, Azure noticed a beautiful Golden Retriever named Goldie. She had a coat that shimmered like the sun and kind, intelligent eyes that sparkled with curiosity.

Unlike the other female dogs, Goldie did not swoon or fawn over Azure. Instead, she approached him with a friendly smile and struck up a conversation. They chatted about their favorite parks, their shared love for chasing squirrels, and their dreams of exploring the world beyond Barksville.

As they talked, Azure realized that for the first time, he was genuinely enjoying the company of another dog. He had grown accustomed to the adoration and admiration of the female dogs in town, but none had ever taken the time to truly get to know him. Goldie was different. She was interested in Azure for who he was, not just his dazzling appearance.

Days turned into weeks, and the two dogs began to spend more time together. They would play fetch at the park, share treats from the local bakery, and curl up together under the shade of a large oak tree. Azure and Goldie quickly became inseparable, and their bond grew stronger with each passing day.

As their friendship blossomed into love, Azure's mystique began to fade. He was no longer the elusive and enigmatic blue dog who captivated the hearts of the female dogs in Barksville. Instead, he had become a loyal and devoted partner, his heart belonging to Goldie alone.

The other dogs eventually moved on, their interest in Azure waning as new tales and adventures captured their attention. But Azure and Goldie didn't mind. They had found something far more valuable than fame and admiration: a deep and enduring love that would stand the test of time.

And so, hand in paw, Azure and Goldie continued to explore the world together, their hearts filled with love and their lives forever intertwined. For in the end, they had discovered that true beauty lies not in the color of one's fur but in the depths of one's soul.

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