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Updated: June 08, 2024

Welcome to a unique collection of monikers inspired by the capital city of Colombia, Bogota. This charming city is known for its rich history, vibrant culture, and diverse population. Nestled high in the Andes Mountains, Bogota is a hub of arts, food, music, and commerce. It's a city of contrast, where modern skyscrapers stand beside historic buildings, and the urban landscape is surrounded by a treasure of natural beauty.

This page is dedicated to those who wish to celebrate the spirit of Bogota by naming their canine companions in its honor. Whether you're a native of Bogota, a passionate traveler, or simply someone who enjoys the city's unique appeal, here you will find a selection of dog names that reflect the city's distinct character.

These names are imbued with the color and rhythm of Bogota, from its sprawling plazas and cobblestone streets to its vibrant festivals and traditional Colombian cuisine. They are a testament to the city's endearing charm and the warmth of its people. So browse through, and perhaps you'll find the perfect name that captures the essence of your beloved pet and pays tribute to this fascinating city.

Name Reason to Choose
Ajiaco Ajiaco, named after a popular Colombian soup
Aluna An indigenous spiritual belief from Colombia
Amazonas A department in Colombia encompassing part of the Amazon Rainforest
Andes Andes, just like the majestic mountain range in Colombia
Andino This name is derived from the Andean region where Bogota is located
Antonio Inspired by the Antonio Nariño locality in Bogota
Arepas Arepas, for the popular Colombian cornmeal patties
Ariel Named after Ariel, a famous Colombian author
Armero Armero, named after the town tragically destroyed by a volcano in Colombia
Atrato A major river in Colombia
Avianca The national airline of Colombia
Azuero Inspired by the Azuero Butterfly, a species native to Colombia
Bacata This name refers to the historical name of Bogota before Spanish conquest
Bambuco A traditional music and dance from the Andean region of Colombia
Banco Banco is for Banco National Park, a Colombian treasure
Barrios Spanish for neighborhoods, like those in Bogota
Bolivar Inspired by Bolivar Square in Bogota
Bosa Inspired by a locality in Bogota
Botero Botero, named after the renowned Colombian artist, Fernando Botero
Boyaca A department in Colombia with rich history
Cacao Cacao, for Colombia's world-renowned chocolate production
Café Café, Spanish for coffee, for Colombia's famous coffee production
Cajica A small town near Bogota
Cali Named after Cali, the salsa capital of Colombia
Candelaria A prominent neighborhood in Bogota
Capitolio Capitolio is inspired by the Capitolio Nacional, a landmark of Bogota
Carnaval Carnaval, for the famous Barranquilla Carnival in Colombia
Cartagena A beautiful coastal city in Colombia
Cauca Cauca, for the Cauca River in Colombia
Cerro It's named after Cerro de Monserrate, a famous mountain in Bogota
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Colombian Flora and Fauna

Names inspired by the unique plants and animals of Colombia can reflect the country's biodiversity and natural beauty
Name Description
Anthurium Named after a tropical flower found in Colombia
Armadillo This mammal is commonly found in Colombia
Bromelia Captures the essence of a colorful Colombian plant
Caiman A type of crocodile found in Colombian waters
Capuchin Inspired by a type of monkey found in Colombia
Cattleya Taken from a type of orchid that's native to Colombia
Coati A mammal native to Colombia
Condor This is the national bird of Colombia, so it's a fitting name for a dog
Guacamaya A type of parrot native to Colombia
Heliconia A tropical flower found in Colombia
Howler Inspired by the loudest animal in the Americas, the howler monkey
Hummingbird These birds are common in Colombia
Iguana Inspired by the reptile species found in Colombia
Jaguar Inspired by the largest cat native to the Americas, especially Colombia
Manatee A large aquatic mammal found in Colombian rivers
Ocelot This wild cat species is found in Colombia
Orchid Named after the national flower of Colombia
Peccary A type of wild pig found in Colombia
Puma Big cat species native to Colombia
Sloth This mammal is a common sight in Colombian jungles
Tamarin This is a small, squirrel-sized monkey found in Colombia
Tanager A type of bird native to Colombia
Tapir A large herbivorous mammal, indigenous to Colombia
Tarpon A large fish found in Colombian rivers
Toucan A tropical bird species found in Colombia

Colombian Celebrities

Naming your dog after a Colombian celebrity can be a fun way to celebrate your favorite stars from Bogota
Name Description
Bacca After Carlos Bacca, a professional Colombian footballer
Balvin After J Balvin, a globally recognized Colombian reggaeton singer
Botero Honoring Fernando Botero, a renowned Colombian figurative artist and sculptor
Cabal In honor of Juan Sebastian Cabal, a Colombian professional tennis player
Cepeda In honor of Andres Cepeda, a popular Colombian singer
Cordoba Celebrating the life of the late Colombian comedian, Jaime Garzon Cordoba
Escobar In memory of the controversial Colombian figure, Pablo Escobar
Falcao In honor of Radamel Falcao, a star Colombian footballer
Fonseca Named for Juan Fernando Fonseca, a popular Colombian singer
Higuita Derived from Rene Higuita, the famous Colombian football goalkeeper
Jaramillo Commemorating the Colombian artist, Alejandro Jaramillo
Juanes Inspired by the popular Colombian musician and peace activist
Maluma After the well-known Colombian singer Maluma
Marquez Paying tribute to Gabriel Garcia Marquez, the Nobel laureate Colombian author
Nairo Paying tribute to Nairo Quintana, a renowned Colombian cyclist
Quintana Tribute to Nairo Quintana, a professional Colombian cyclist
Restrepo In memory of Guillermo Cano Restrepo, an influential Colombian journalist
Rodriguez Named for James Rodriguez, a top Colombian footballer
Santos After Juan Manuel Santos, the former President of Colombia
Shakira Named after the famous Colombian singer, songwriter, and dancer
Sofia After Colombian-American actress Sofia Vergara
Valderrama In recognition of Carlos Valderrama, the legendary Colombian football player
Vargas Tribute to the Colombian writer, Gabriel Garcia Vargas
Vives Honoring Carlos Vives, a Grammy-winning Colombian singer
Yatra Inspired by Sebastian Yatra, a well-known Colombian singer

Colombian Cuisine

Using a name from Colombia's distinctive cuisine can reflect both the culture of Bogota and your dog's love of food
Name Description
Ajiaco A hearty Colombian soup made with chicken, potatoes, and corn
Arepa Named after a traditional Colombian food made of ground maize dough or cooked flour
Arepita A smaller version of Arepa, a traditional Colombian food
Bandeja In reference to Bandeja Paisa, a traditional Colombian dish
Buñuelo A traditional Colombian food that is fried and often eaten as a snack
Cazuela This stands for a type of stew that's common in Colombian cuisine
Chicha A type of corn-based beverage that's popular in Colombia
Chicharron A popular snack made from fried pork belly or fried pork rinds
Cholado A refreshing Colombian dessert made with crushed ice, fruit, and condensed milk
Chorizo This is a type of spicy sausage that's popular in many Colombian dishes
Cuchuco A traditional Colombian soup made with wheat, pork, and potatoes
Empanada This refers to a type of baked or fried turnover common in Colombian cuisine
Fritanga A term used in Colombia to refer to a variety of fried foods
Guarapo A sweet drink made from sugar cane, popular in Colombia
Lechona A traditional Colombian dish consisting of a whole roasted pig stuffed with rice and vegetables
Manjar A name derived from a sweet, creamy dessert that's popular in Colombia
Mazamorra A traditional Colombian dessert made from maize
Natilla A traditional Colombian dessert, similar to custard
Oblea A popular Colombian dessert consisting of two round, thin wafers filled with sweet ingredients
Pandebono A popular cheese bread in Colombia. Especially good for a cheesy personality
Panela A sweetener used in many Colombian dishes, made from sugarcane juice
Sancocho A traditional Colombian soup made with meat and vegetables
Tamal A traditional Colombian dish made of masa or dough, often wrapped in banana leaf
Tinto A typical Colombian way to refer to black coffee
Tostado A common snack in Colombia, refers to a toasted corn nut

Famous Landmarks

Names inspired by Bogota's famous landmarks can make a great conversation starter
Name Description
Andino Inspired by the Andean region in which Bogota is located
Apoquindo Inspired by Apoquindo, a prominent avenue in Bogota
Bolívar In honor of Bolívar Square, the main square of the city
Cali In honor of Cali, another major city in Colombia
Candelaria Taking after La Candelaria, the historic district in Bogota
Caro From Museo del Oro, housing the famous 'El Dorado' raft
Colpatria Named after Torre Colpatria, a skyscraper in Bogota
Emerald Named after the famous Colombian emerald trade
Gold A tribute to the Gold Museum, showcasing pre-Colombian gold artifacts
Guatavita Inspired by the legend of El Dorado, originating from Lake Guatavita
Julio In honor of the Julio Mario Santo Domingo Public Library
Maloka Named after Maloka Museum, a science museum in Bogota
Monserrate Named after Cerro de Monserrate, a famous mountain in Bogota
Nariño From the Casa de Nariño, the presidential palace and residence
Planetario After the Planetario de Bogota, a cultural center for astronomy
Primada After the Primada Cathedral, a historic landmark
Quevedo After the Quevedo Jet, a famous fountain in Bogota
Quinta After Quinta de Bolívar, a historic museum in Bogota
Rafael In honor of Rafael Pombo, a renowned Colombian poet
Rosario From Del Rosario University, a well-known university in Bogota
Salitre Named after the Salitre Magico, a popular amusement park in Bogota
Simón In honor of the statue of Simón Bolívar in the Bolívar Square
Tisquesusa After the last ruler of Bogota before the Spanish conquest
Torre Inspired by Torre Colpatria, the tallest building in Bogota
Zipa After the Zipa, a traditional ruler of the Muisca people

Neighborhood Names

Naming your dog after one of Bogota's neighborhoods can be a unique way to honor the city
Name Description
Antonio Inspired by the historic neighborhood of San Antonio in Bogota
Barrios This name is the Spanish word for neighborhoods, a nod to the diverse areas of Bogota
Bolivar Named after the Bolivar Square, a famous landmark in Bogota
Bosa This name comes from a neighborhood known for its vibrant street art in Bogota
Candelaria This name comes from Bogota's historic downtown district
Cedritos An upscale neighborhood in Bogota lends its name here
Chapinero This name is inspired by a well-known district in Bogota with a rich cultural scene
Ciudad A name that translates to 'city', capturing the urban vibe of Bogota
Engativa A locale in Bogota known for its shopping centers influenced this name
Fontibon An industrial hub in Bogota lends its name here
Galerias This name is inspired by a district in Bogota known for its shopping and nightlife
Granada A neighborhood in Bogota known for its gastronomic scene is the inspiration for this name
Kennedy A district in Bogota with a strong community spirit inspired this name
Normandia A neighborhood in Bogota known for its peaceful environment inspired this name
Pablo This name pays homage to the Pablo VI neighborhood in Bogota
Quinta A nod to the Quinta Paredes neighborhood in Bogota, known for its convention center
Rafael This name commemorates the Rafael Uribe Uribe neighborhood in Bogota
Santa Inspired by Santa Fe, a prominent neighborhood in Bogota
Soacha Named after a municipality in Bogota known for its indigenous history
Suba An area in Bogota known for its beautiful parks inspired this name
Teusaquillo A district in Bogota that is steeped in history is the inspiration for this name
Tintal This name is borrowed from a neighborhood in Bogota known for its library park
Tunjuelito This name is borrowed from a neighborhood in Bogota known for its community festivals
Usaquen Named after a historic area in Bogota known for its colonial architecture
Zona An homage to Zona G, an area in Bogota known for its gourmet dining
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