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Border Collie Names

Updated: October 06, 2023

      The Border Collie is thought to have gotten its name from the probably place of origin along the border between England and Scotland. On the English side of the fence, a few popular name ideas include London, Oscar, and Harvey. Over on the Scottish side some common names include Ceana, Conan, and Taran. The energy of the breed coupled with its athletic and often acrobatic abilities make it an excellent contender in dog sports. Some names borrowed from versatile professional athletes are Bo (Bo Jackson), Deion (Deion Sanders), Jackie (Jackie Robinson), and Thorpe (Jim Thorpe). As if the Border Collie's physical excellence were not enough, it is also commonly touted as one of the smartest dog breeds. Name ideas that highlight the intelligence of the breed can be taken from famous philosophers like Locke, Walter, and Plato. The Border Collie is a herding breed developed to herd sheep and other livestock. Some options related to herding and cattle include Buck, Ranch, and Saddle.
Name Reason to Choose
Ace Ace is a suitable name for a Border Collie due to their intelligence and superior herding skills
Amigo Perfect for a Border Collie who is your best friend
Beacon Reflects the breed's role as a guide and protector
Beldon This unique name is often given to dogs that are intelligent and hardworking, like the Border Collie
Bianca Italian for 'white', this name highlights the breed's often white and black coat
Blaze A fiery name for a breed known for its energy and speed
Bo This short, playful name is often given to energetic and friendly dogs
Bolt As Border Collies are known for their speed and agility, Bolt is a fitting name
Bond This name is fitting for a loyal and intelligent breed like the Border Collie
Bradley This classic name is often given to dogs that are loyal and friendly, much like the Border Collie
Breeze Represents the Border Collie's swift and graceful movement
Brisk This name mirrors the energetic and swift nature of this breed
Buck Reflects the breed's energetic nature, often associated with agile animals
Buddy Perfect name for a loyal and friendly companion
Captain This name connotes a level of leadership, perfect for a Border Collie
Ceana This Scottish name is a nod to the Border Collie's roots
Champ For a Border Collie that excels in dog sports or training
Chance Border Collies are adventurous and always up for new challenges, hence the name Chance
Chase Encapsulates the breed's love for chasing and herding
Clover A Border Collie could be your lucky charm, just like a four-leaf clover
Cobalt A cool name that could reflect the color of your Border Collie's eyes or coat
Colby This English name, meaning 'dark haired', might be fitting for a black and white Border Collie
Colleen A feminine name that captures the breed's agility and elegance
Conan This traditional Celtic name mirrors the Border Collie's origin
Corky Great for a Border Collie with a bouncy, energetic personality
Cracker Emphasizes the breed's energetic and lively nature
Daisy Border Collies are as cheerful and energetic as a blooming daisy
Dalton This old English name is suitable for a breed that comes from the UK
Darwin Named after the famous naturalist, it reflects the breed's adaptability and intelligence
Dash Perfect for a fast, agile Border Collie
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Names inspired by famous Border Collies

There are many famous Border Collies in history and popular culture. Their names can be a good source of inspiration.
Name Description
Betsy This name pays homage to a Border Collie that was reported to have a vocabulary of over 340 words
Cap This name nods to a Border Collie who won the International Sheepdog Trials multiple times
Chaser Inspired by a Border Collie known for learning and remembering over 1,000 words
Fly Derived from the mother dog in the movie 'Babe'
Gail Inspired by the Border Collie who won the Supreme Championship at Crufts
Glen Paying tribute to the Border Collie who won the International Sheepdog Trials in 1966
Jill Paying tribute to the Border Collie who was a champion in agility trials
Jumpy Inspired by a Border Collie mix known for his impressive skateboarding skills
Lad A classic Border Collie name, popularized by a well-known dog in literature
Lassie Inspired by the famous TV show, even though Lassie was not a Border Collie but a Rough Collie
Meg Named after a famous Border Collie who appeared in many films and TV shows
Mick A nod to the champion sheepdog featured in the film 'Babe'
Mo A nod to the Border Collie who holds the record for the most national sheepdog championships won
Nana A tribute to the dancing Border Collie who appeared in various TV shows
Nap Inspired by the Border Collie featured in Arthur Conan Doyle's 'A Study in Scarlet'
Nell This classic Border Collie name has been used in both film and literature
Old Hemp A homage to the dog considered the progenitor of the Border Collie breed
Pip A tribute to the Border Collie who appeared in the movie 'The Land Before Time'
Rico Named after a famous Border Collie who could understand over 200 simple phrases
Shep A throwback to the Border Collie who appeared on the television show 'Blue Peter'
Spot A nod to the Border Collie who appeared in 'The Adventures of Tintin'
Striker A tribute to the Border Collie who holds the Guinness World Record for the fastest car window opened by a dog
Tweed Named after the famous Border Collie, Tweed, who was a champion sheepdog
Wiston Cap Named after the most influential sheepdog of all time
Zoe A nod to the Border Collie who set the record for the fastest 5m crawl by a dog

Names based on their origin

Border Collies originated from the border region between Scotland and England. Names inspired by this region can be a good fit.
Name Description
Alba Alba is a Scottish term for Scotland, fitting for a breed originated from the UK
Argyll A region in western Scotland, a geographic name
Bagpipe A traditional Scottish musical instrument
Caledonia The Latin name for Scotland, harking back to the breed's origins
Celt Refers to the Celtic people, who lived in the UK and Ireland
Clan A term used to describe a family group in Scotland
Dublin It's the capital of Ireland, a country close to the Border Collie's origin
Edinburgh The capital of Scotland, where Border Collies were often used
Gael Refers to the Gaelic languages spoken in Scotland and Ireland
Glen A Scottish term for a valley, often found in place names
Hadrian For Hadrian's Wall, a significant landmark between England and Scotland
Haggis A traditional Scottish dish, a humorous nod to the breed's homeland
Heather A plant native to Scotland, symbolic of the breed's homeland
Highland The Highlands are a historic region of Scotland
Inverness A city in the Scottish Highlands, a location that influenced the breed's development
Kelpie A water spirit from Scottish folklore, a quirky, cultural choice
Kilt A type of skirt traditionally worn by men in Scotland
Nessie For the Loch Ness Monster, a legendary creature from Scotland
Pict An ancient tribe in Scotland, acknowledging the breed's long history
Scotch An informal term for Scottish, a fun, affectionate name
Shire For the counties or regions in England
Skye An island in Scotland, a beautiful, nature-inspired name
Tartan The pattern often associated with Scotland
Thane A title in old Scotland, suitable for a noble-looking Border Collie
Thistle The national flower of Scotland, a nod to the breed's roots

Names based on their personality

Every Border Collie has its own unique personality, and a name that reflects this can be very special.
Name Description
Angel If your dog has a gentle and kind nature
Bolt For the quick and agile Border Collie
Champion Your Border Collie is always the winner in every game
Comet Suitable for a Border Collie with a fast and lively nature
Dynamo For a dog that's full of energy
Echo For a dog that's always responsive to their surroundings
Fable For a dog with a personality that's larger than life
Guardian Because your Border Collie is always watchful and protective
Haven If your Border Collie is your safe and comforting companion
Herald If your Border Collie is always announcing its presence
Jester If your Border Collie loves to do funny antics
Keeneye Perfect for a Border Collie with an observant nature
Marvel For a dog that constantly amazes you with its talents
Mischief Perfect for a playful and naughty Border Collie
Muse If your collie inspires creativity and innovation in you
Pacer If your dog loves to set the pace when you're on walks
Puzzle For a dog that's always full of surprises
Radiant For a dog that always brings light and joy into your life
Riddle For the Border Collie that always keeps you guessing
Rover For the explorer collie who loves to roam around
Shadow Perfect for a dog who always follows its owner
Storm For a dog with a powerful and intense spirit
Voyager Perfect for the Border Collie that loves to travel with you
Whirlwind Because your Border Collie never seems to stop moving
Wise Because your Border Collie shows intelligence beyond compare

Names based on their coat colors

Border Collies come in various coat colors. Naming them based on their unique coat color can be a nice touch.
Name Description
Brandy A good choice for a dog with a warm, reddish-brown coat
Caramel For a pup with a sweet, golden-brown coat
Cherry A fun choice for a dog with a reddish hue to their coat
Chestnut Ideal for a dog with a rich, brown coat
Cloud Perfect for a fluffy, white Border Collie
Coal Perfect for a black-coated Border Collie
Cocoa For a brown or chocolate colored canine
Ebony Perfect for a Border Collie with a dark, black coat
Graphite Evokes the color of gray for a dog with a similar coat
Honey A sweet option for a golden or light brown dog
Ivory Ideal for a dog with a soft, white coat
Jet Suits a dog with a shiny, black coat
Latte An adorable option for a light brown canine
Misty A fitting name for a dog with a gray coat
Mocha A good choice for a brown-coated canine
Onyx Ideal for a black coat, as Onyx is a black gemstone
Panda A fun name for a black and white Border Collie
Peach A cute name for a pup with a light orange or reddish hue to their coat
Pepper This can be a good match for a black and white dog
Poppy A vibrant choice for a reddish-coated pup
Raven Suits a Border Collie with a dark, black coat
Rusty Evocative of a reddish-brown coat, common in some Border Collies
Shadow Ideal for a dog with a dark coat
Smokey This name suits a dog with a gray or smoky coloured coat
Snow A great match for a white-coated pup

Names inspired by nature

Border Collies are known for their agility and love for the outdoors, so names inspired by nature are fitting.
Name Description
Aspen This breed's adaptability to different tasks and environments is well represented by this name
Birch Symbolizes the breed's strong and resilient nature
Blaze This name captures the breed's fiery spirit and energy
Breeze The agility and swift movement of this breed is reflected in this name
Cloud Reflects the breed's light-footed agility
Copper The often reddish-brown coat of this breed is represented in this name
Coral Just as corals form strong structures, this name signifies the breed's strength and endurance
Dawn Symbolizes the breed's readiness to start each day with enthusiasm
Dusk Just like dusk, this breed signifies the end of a hard day's work
Fern The delicacy yet hardiness of ferns mirrors this breed's gentle yet hardworking nature
Flint This name represents the breed's determination and hardiness
Frost A tribute to the breed's resilience in all weather conditions
Lava The breed's intense energy and heat when working is well represented by this name
Maple This breed's intelligence and robustness is well symbolized by the strong, enduring maple tree
Meadow Reminiscent of the open fields where Border Collies love to run and play
Moss The resilience and adaptability of moss is mirrored in this breed
Pebble The small, hard pebble signifies the breed's compact strength
Petal This name highlights the breed's delicate and beautiful nature
Pine Reflects the breed's endurance, referencing the evergreen nature of pine trees
Rain This breed's work ethic doesn't falter, even in adverse weather conditions
River Inspired by the peaceful flow of a river that this breed tends to emulate
Spruce This name is inspired by the breed's lively and spirited nature
Storm The energy and intensity of this breed is encapsulated by this name
Thistle Emphasizes the breed's toughness and tenacity
Willow The graceful and flexible nature of a willow tree mirrors the agility of this breed
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Poppy Photo of poppy for Border Collie Names Because it’s a very cute name and my old dog was named bonnie so it sounds like bonnie to poppy!
Sapphire Photo of sapphire for Border Collie Names Her coat was so dark and shiney and her eyes stared at u and showed reflections like the prescious sapphire gem.
Lilly Photo of lilly for Border Collie Names Just seemed a good name
Peru Photo of peru for Border Collie Names We had just gone to Peru, and got him as a puppy afterwards.
Skye Photo of skye for Border Collie Names It's just a great name and suits our Border Collie perfectly! :)

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The Story of a Border Collie Named Bolt

In a quaint, picturesque town nestled within the lush, rolling hills, there lived an exceptionally athletic Border Collie named Bolt. Bolt was a truly extraordinary dog, known far and wide for his boundless energy, lightning-fast speed, and incredible agility. His black and white fur was sleek and well-groomed, a testament to the care and devotion of his owner, Lucy.

Lucy was a young, ambitious woman with a deep love for animals and a passion for sports. She had discovered Bolt's remarkable abilities when he was just a puppy, and together, they had embarked on a journey to harness his talents and compete in various dog sports, from agility to disc dog competitions, and even herding trials.

As Bolt grew older, his athleticism only seemed to improve, and he became a local legend, drawing crowds of admiring spectators wherever he and Lucy competed. The bond between the two was undeniable, and their connection allowed them to communicate seamlessly during their performances, as if they were two parts of a single, perfectly synchronized unit.

One day, as they were training in a nearby park, a talent scout named Max approached Lucy with an intriguing proposition. Max worked for a prestigious dog sports association, and he believed that Bolt had the potential to become a national champion. He offered to sponsor Bolt and Lucy, giving them the opportunity to compete on a larger stage, against the best dog athletes in the country.

Overwhelmed but excited, Lucy agreed, and so began a new chapter in their lives. Bolt and Lucy trained harder than ever before, their dedication and determination growing stronger with each passing day. They traveled across the country, competing in high-stakes events and showcasing Bolt's extraordinary talents to the world.

It wasn't long before Bolt's fame began to spread. People from all corners of the nation flocked to see the incredibly athletic Border Collie in action, and his breathtaking performances quickly earned him legions of devoted fans. Lucy and Bolt's bond continued to flourish, their mutual love and trust only deepening as they faced each new challenge side by side.

As the national championships approached, the pressure mounted. Bolt and Lucy knew that they would be up against the most talented dog athletes from across the country, and they doubled their efforts, refining their techniques and pushing themselves to their physical and mental limits.

Finally, the day of the championships arrived, and a hushed sense of anticipation filled the air. The grand stadium was packed with excited spectators, all eager to witness the incredible feats of athleticism that lay ahead. As Lucy and Bolt stepped onto the field, they shared a look of unshakable determination, their eyes shining with a fierce, unwavering focus.

The competition was intense, with each dog and handler pairing showcasing their unique skills and abilities. But it was Bolt who captured the hearts and minds of the audience, his lightning-fast speed and seemingly effortless grace leaving them breathless with awe. As Bolt soared through the air, leaped over obstacles, and navigated the most intricate courses with astonishing precision, it was clear that he was in a league of his own.

As the final event came to a close, the crowd erupted into thunderous applause, and it was announced that Bolt had been crowned the national champion. Lucy and Bolt stood together on the podium, their eyes brimming with pride and joy as they basked in the glory of their hard-earned victory.

From that day forward, Bolt's legend only continued to grow, his incredible athleticism and the unbreakable bond he shared with Lucy inspiring countless others to dream big and never give up on their own ambitions. And as they continued to conquer new heights, Bolt and Lucy proved that with dedication, passion, and an unwavering belief in one another, anything was possible.

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