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Border Terrier Names

Updated: October 06, 2023
      The Border Terrier breed takes its name from its place of origin along the Anglo-Scottish border. Many Border Terrier owners look for names coming from this region. Some of the most common English names are Gabriel, Abigail, and Charles. On the other side of the border, popular Scottish choices include Finley, Ross, and Duncan. Other names like Bell, Graham, and Briar can be taken from historic border clans. One distinct feature of the breed is its head which is often described as otter-shaped. Name ideas borrowed from fictional otters include Marlene (‘Madagascar’), Lottie (‘Return to the Hundred Acre Wood’), and Ed (‘Brandy & Mr Whiskers’). Many other fun choices can come from just about anywhere. A few shoe themed names include Saucony, Nike, Volcom, and Converse.
Name Reason to Choose
Abigail Because of the breed's sweet and affectionate demeanor, a gentle feminine name such as this is preferred
Adidas Reflects the breed's athleticism and energy, much like the sportswear brand it's named after
Alden This old, distinguished name suits the breed's dignified and noble bearing
Alfie Suits a playful and cheerful dog
Andy A casual name for a Border Terrier with a relaxed and cool personality
Archie This name is perfect for a fun-loving Border Terrier with a playful personality
Avia Named after a sportswear brand, reflecting the breed's active and athletic nature
Bailey Perfect for a loyal and dependable dog
Barney A classic dog name, ideal for a friendly and outgoing Border Terrier
Bell This name is charming and petite, mirroring the small size of the breed
Bella Perfect for a beautiful and elegant female Border Terrier
Bessie A friendly and homely name, reflecting the breed's love for family
Billy This name is perfect for a youthful and energetic Border Terrier
Bontoni This name reflects the rugged and luxurious nature of this Italian shoe brand, mirroring the terrier's tough and high-quality nature
Briar The breed's earthy, outdoorsy nature is reflected in this nature-inspired name
Bromley Inspired by a high-end footwear brand, it signifies the classy and upscale nature of Border Terriers
Brooks Inspired by the popular sports footwear brand, it reflects the energetic and sporty personality of Border Terriers
Buddy This name is suitable for a loyal and loving companion
Camper The adventurous spirit of this Spanish footwear brand is fitting for the energetic and fearless Border Terrier
Casper A cool name for a white or light-colored Border Terrier
Charles The name's royal roots reflect the breed's distinguished and noble bearing
Charlie Great for a friendly and happy-go-lucky dog
Chase A suitable name for a fast and agile Border Terrier
Circa This brand is known for its skateboarding shoes, resonating with the agile and playful nature of Border Terriers
Coco This name is great for a brown-hued Border Terrier
Cole Drawn from a high-end shoe brand, this name signifies the Border Terrier's classy and distinguished temperament
Converse A name that captures the breed's casual, friendly, and approachable nature
Daisy Ideal for a sweet and innocent female Border Terrier
Danny This name is great for a friendly and sociable Border Terrier
Darcy A versatile name that can suit both male and female Border Terriers
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Pop Culture Names

Names from popular culture, such as movies or literature, can provide a vast array of creative and relatable names for Border Terriers.
Name Description
Buffy From 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer', perfect for a brave and loyal Border Terrier
Chewbacca A character from 'Star Wars', suitable for a Border Terrier with a shaggy coat
Darth A character from 'Star Wars', suitable for a Border Terrier with a strong and charismatic personality
Dobby This Harry Potter character's name would suit a loyal and loving Border Terrier
Elsa From 'Frozen', a lovely name for a beautiful and independent Border Terrier
Frodo A great name for a brave Border Terrier, after the courageous Hobbit from 'Lord of the Rings'
Gandalf A character from 'Lord of the Rings', suitable for a wise and brave Border Terrier
Groot Inspired by a character from 'Guardians of the Galaxy', fitting for a loyal and protective Border Terrier
Hagrid Inspired by the Harry Potter series, perfect for a loyal and lovable Border Terrier
Homer From 'The Simpsons', a great name for a humorous and lovable Border Terrier
Hulk From the Marvel universe, a great name for a strong and protective Border Terrier
Joker Inspired by the DC villain, a unique name for a Border Terrier with a mischievous personality
Nemo From 'Finding Nemo', perfect for a cute and adventurous Border Terrier
Neo Inspired by 'The Matrix', a cool name for a smart and brave Border Terrier
Pikachu A character from 'Pokémon', ideal for a playful and energetic Border Terrier
Pippin A character from 'Lord of the Rings', fitting for a playful and loyal Border Terrier
Sherlock Inspired by the detective Sherlock Holmes, fitting for a Border Terrier with a curious nature
Shrek From the animated film 'Shrek', suitable for a friendly and lovable Border Terrier
Simba From 'The Lion King', perfect for a brave and adventurous Border Terrier
Spock From 'Star Trek', suited to a logical and loyal Border Terrier
Thor Inspired by the Marvel superhero, ideal for a strong and courageous Border Terrier
Totoro From 'My Neighbor Totoro', a perfect name for a friendly and cuddly Border Terrier
Voldemort Inspired by 'Harry Potter', a unique name for a Border Terrier with a strong personality
Woody Inspired by 'Toy Story', a great name for a loyal and brave Border Terrier
Yoda From 'Star Wars', ideal for a wise and calm Border Terrier

Names based on Physical Traits

Naming Border Terriers based on their physical characteristics can make their names more personalized and appropriate.
Name Description
Bean Reflects the small, compact size of the dog
Chestnut Represents a common coat color of this breed
Cocoa Inspired by the dog's brownish coat
Copper Perfect for a dog with a reddish-brown coat
Curl For those with a slightly wavy coat
Dinky Reflects the small size of the breed
Feather Because of the soft and featherlike fur
Flash Perfect for a fast runner
Freckles For dogs with spotted markings
Ginger Inspired by the dog's reddish coat
Nibble For those with a habit of gently nibbling their toys
Paws For those with notably large or fluffy paws
Pebbles Reminiscent of the dog's sandy, pebbly coat color
Pepper Reminiscent of the dog's black and white speckled coat
Pumpkin Perfect for a dog with an orangey coat
Ripple For those with a slightly wavy coat
Rusty Inspired by the dog's reddish-brown coat
Shadow The dog's coat may be as dark as a shadow
Smokey Inspired by the smoky gray fur
Snout Highlights the dog's prominent snout
Speckle For a dog with a speckled coat
Tiny Reflects the small size of the breed
Twinkle For those with sparkling eyes
Whiskers Highlights the dog's prominent facial hair
Woolly Inspired by the dog's thick and woolly undercoat

Food-Inspired Names

Naming Border Terriers based on food can be fun, quirky and easily recognizable.
Name Description
Bacon This name is ideal for a terrier who loves breakfast time
Biscuit It's a common snack and also a cute name for a small terrier
Caramel Border Terriers have a similar color to this sweet treat
Cobbler This food-inspired name is unique and endearing
Cookie An adorable name for a terrier who's as sweet as a baked treat
Cupcake Cupcakes are sweet and beloved, much like a Border Terrier
Donut For a Border Terrier who's as sweet as a sugary snack
Fudge This name suits a Border Terrier with a dark, rich coat
Ginger This spice matches the typical color of a Border Terrier's coat
Honey This sweet substance is a fitting name for a lovable terrier
Macaroni Perfect for a yellow or blonde Border Terrier
Mocha For the Border Terrier that has a rich, brown coat
Muffin A homely, comforting food and also a sweet name for a pet
Nacho Perfect for the Border Terrier who has a spicy personality
Noodle A playful name for a dog who loves to run and bounce around
Oreo A fitting name for a black and white Border Terrier
Peanut Just like a Border Terrier, peanuts are small but full of energy
Pepper Pepper is a spicy name for a Border Terrier with a fiery personality
Pickle This name is perfect for a playful terrier who loves getting into mischief
Pudding A sweet name for a Border Terrier who's always after dessert
Pumpkin This is a cute name for a pet and also a nutritious food
Sausage This name is perfect for a Border Terrier who has a long body
Toffee For a dog with a sweet personality and a caramel-colored coat
Truffle This rich, luxurious food works well as a name for a pampered pet
Waffle Because Border Terriers and waffles are both comforting

Historical Names

Names inspired by historical figures or events can add a sense of significance and character to Border Terriers.
Name Description
Amelia This name is a tribute to Amelia Earhart, the first female aviator to fly solo across the Atlantic Ocean
Attila This name is a tribute to the Hun king known for his courage and leadership
Beethoven A great choice for a dog with a keen sense of hearing or a love for music
Boudica This name is a tribute to the courageous British queen who led a revolt against Rome
Caesar Named after Julius Caesar, this name signifies leadership and bravery
Churchill This name was inspired by Winston Churchill, a key historical figure who was known for his tenacity
Cleopatra The famous Egyptian Queen Cleopatra embodies grace, beauty, and intelligence
Darwin Perfect for a dog who loves to adapt and survive, named after the biologist Charles Darwin
DaVinci Leonardo DaVinci's creativity and inventiveness make this a great choice
Einstein Inspired by the genius physicist, this name suits a smart and intelligent dog
Florence This name is a tribute to Florence Nightingale, ideal for a caring and nurturing dog
Freud Perfect for a dog who seems to have a deep understanding of human emotions
Galileo This name would suit a dog who loves to explore and is always curious
Hannibal Inspired by the Carthaginian general, this name would suit a dog with a strong and determined character
Houdini Ideal for a dog who loves to escape from its kennel or yard
Joan This name is a tribute to Joan of Arc, the French heroine known for her bravery
Luther Inspired by Martin Luther, this name could suit a dog with a strong and independent spirit
Magellan A great choice for a dog who loves to roam and explore, named after the explorer Ferdinand Magellan
MarieCurie Inspired by the physicist and chemist who was the first woman to win a Nobel Prize
Mozart This name is inspired by the famous composer and could suit a dog with a melodious bark
Napoleon Napoleon Bonaparte's strategic genius and charisma make this an excellent moniker
Pompey Inspired by the Roman general and statesman, this name could suit a brave and strategic dog
Shakespeare A perfect name for a dog with a flair for drama
Spartacus Ideal for a dog with a rebellious spirit, this name comes from the famous Roman gladiator
Tesla A great name for a dog with a lot of energy, inspired by the inventor Nikola Tesla

Geographic Names

Names based on different geographical locations can provide unique and memorable names for Border Terriers.
Name Description
Alaska Inspired by the largest U.S. state known for its diverse terrain
Amazon Named after the world’s largest rainforest
Arizona Takes its name from the southwestern U.S. state
Aspen Inspired by the popular ski resort town in Colorado
Bali A nod to the Indonesian island known for its beaches
Berlin In honor of the capital of Germany
Brooklyn A nod to the popular borough in New York City
Calgary Named after the bustling city in Alberta, Canada
Denver In honor of the capital of Colorado
Dublin Chosen for Ireland's largest city
Everest Takes its name from the highest mountain on the globe
Havana A nod to the capital of Cuba, known for its colorful architecture and vintage cars
London In honor of the capital of England
Montana Inspired by the U.S. state known for its diverse terrain
Nevada Inspired by the U.S. state known for its desert and casinos
Oslo Named after the capital of Norway
Paris Inspired by the romantic French capital
Rio Reminiscent of the vibrant city in Brazil
Sahara Represents the world’s largest hot desert
Savannah In honor of the charming city in Georgia
Sydney A nod to the famous Australian city
Tahoe A nod to the stunning lake on the California-Nevada border
Venice Inspired by the Italian city famous for its canals
Victoria Named after one of Canada's most charming cities
Yukon Named after the Canadian territory known for its wilderness
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Story of a Border Terrier named Angus

Once upon a time, in the picturesque Highlands of Scotland, there lived a spirited Border Terrier named Angus. Angus was a small, wiry dog with a coarse, tan coat and a heart full of adventure. He resided in a quaint stone cottage with his owner, Fiona, a talented young shepherdess who tended to a large flock of sheep.

Fiona and Angus were a formidable team. Together, they would roam the vast, rolling hills, ensuring the safety of the flock and maintaining order among the sheep. Angus, true to his Border Terrier nature, was a vigilant guardian and a skilled herder, who took great pride in his work.

One fateful day, as Angus and Fiona were tending to their flock, a sudden storm rolled in, casting dark clouds over the Highlands and bringing with it fierce winds and torrential rain. The sheep, startled by the tempest, scattered in all directions, leaving Fiona and Angus with the daunting task of gathering them all and guiding them back to the safety of their pen.

With unwavering determination, Angus and Fiona set off in search of the lost sheep. Angus's keen senses led him through the relentless storm as he tirelessly tracked each sheep. One by one, they located the frightened animals, and with Fiona's gentle guidance and Angus's expert herding, they managed to reunite the flock.

However, there was one sheep, a young, timid lamb named Bonnie, who remained missing. Angus could sense Fiona's worry as they searched the hills for the little lamb. The storm had begun to subside, but darkness was falling, and the temperature was dropping rapidly.

With renewed resolve, Angus followed the faintest of scents that led him to a rocky outcropping at the edge of a steep cliff. There, huddled against the cold, Angus found little Bonnie, shivering and frightened. With a gentle nudge and a reassuring wag of his tail, Angus coaxed Bonnie away from the edge and back to Fiona, who had been anxiously awaiting their return.

Fiona's eyes filled with tears of gratitude as she embraced Angus and Bonnie. Together, they made their way back to the warmth of their stone cottage, where a cozy fire awaited them. As they settled in for the night, Fiona whispered to Angus, "You are truly the bravest and most loyal companion a shepherdess could ever ask for. I am forever grateful for your courage and dedication."

News of Angus's heroics spread throughout the neighboring villages, and he became a local legend – the valiant Border Terrier who braved a storm to save his flock. Angus continued to watch over Fiona's sheep with unwavering devotion, his bond with Fiona growing stronger with each passing day.

And so, the tale of Angus, the courageous Scottish Border Terrier, and his shepherdess, Fiona, lived on as a testament to the power of loyalty, friendship, and the indomitable spirit of a small dog with a big heart.

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