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Borzoi Names

Updated: April 02, 2024

Welcome to an exclusive collection dedicated to the unique monikers fitting for the elegant and aristocratic breed, the Borzoi. Our aim is to help you find the perfect name for your new furry friend that matches their personality, appearance, and the rich history of their breed.

The Borzoi, also known as the Russian Wolfhound, is a breed steeped in history and nobility. Known for their speed, agility, and grace, these dogs were once the preferred breed of Russian nobles. This page lists names inspired by their Russian heritage, their regal appearance, and their noble nature.

Whether you’re looking for a name that reflects this breed’s elegance, a moniker that nods to their Russian roots, or simply a name that feels as unique as your dog, you’re in the right place. Embark on your journey to discover the perfect title for your Borzoi.

Name Reason to Choose
Alchemy The breed's transformation from a pup to a stunning adult is magical
Anastasia This name is reminiscent of Russian royalty, reflecting the Borzoi's aristocratic heritage
Aria The breed's grace and elegance are like a beautiful song
Aurora Their grace can be compared to the Northern Lights
Babushka A term of endearment in Russian, suitable for a lovable Borzoi
Balalaika A traditional Russian musical instrument, suitable for a melodious Borzoi
Ballad Borzois have a rhythm and grace that is poetic
Ballet Their movements are graceful like a dancer's
Baroque Their ornate and dramatic appearance is like a baroque style
Blini A Russian pancake, suitable for a sweet and delightful Borzoi
Bolshoi Named after the famous Russian ballet, this name is perfect for a graceful Borzoi
Borscht A traditional Russian soup, for a Borzoi with a warm character
Breeze The swift nature of this breed
Caprice Their unpredictable and whimsical nature
Cascade Their flowing and smooth coat
Celestial Their silent, swift movement is heavenly
Charm Their pleasing and attractive personality
Chekhov Named after the famous Russian playwright, for a Borzoi with a dramatic flair
Cobweb Their wispy, fine hair is reminiscent of a spider's web
Cosmos Their beauty is as captivating as the universe
Czar Their Russian heritage
Czarina The feminine form of 'Czar', a nod to the breed's Russian origin
Dostoevsky Commemorating the famous Russian novelist, for a Borzoi with a complex personality
Dream Their ethereal beauty
Drift Their smooth and effortless movement
Duchess Their regal and elegant look
Dynamo They possess a great deal of energy and force
Eclipse Their dark, sleek coat resembles a lunar eclipse
Elegance Their refined and graceful demeanor
Elixir The Borzoi's presence can be healing and comforting
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Long Names

As a breed known for its long and slender physique, longer names might fit the Borzoi's physical characteristics.
Name Description
Alexandrovich This is a long, Russian-inspired name, fitting for a breed that originates from Russia
Bolshoy In Russian, this means 'big', a fitting name for this large breed
Czarina This name refers to the wife of a czar, reflecting the breed's Russian origins
Dostoyevsky Named after the famous Russian author, this name is quite lengthy
Ekaterina This is a common long Russian female name
Feodorovna A traditional Russian name with a royal connotation, perfect for this elegant breed
Gagarin This name honors Yuri Gagarin, the first man in space, and is fitting for a Russian breed
Hermitage This is a long name that references a famous Russian museum
Ivanovich A common Russian surname, it would make for a unique and long dog name
Jabberwocky Inspired by Lewis Carroll's poem, this long name is whimsical and unique
Kalinka Named after a famous Russian song, this long name is melodic
Levushka A long, unique name that in Russian means 'little lion'
Matryoshka This name references the iconic Russian nesting dolls
Nevsky This name references Nevsky Prospect, a famous avenue in St. Petersburg, Russia
Oblomov This is the title character from a famous Russian novel, and it's a sufficiently long and unique name
Pushkin This name is a tribute to the famous Russian poet, Alexander Pushkin
Quasar This long name is unique and references a bright celestial object
Rostropovich This name pays tribute to the famous Russian cellist and conductor, Mstislav Rostropovich
Stroganoff This long name is inspired by a popular Russian dish
Tolstoy This name honors the famous Russian writer, Leo Tolstoy
Ushanka This name references the iconic Russian fur hat
Vladimirovich This long Russian name is regal and unique
Wintertale This long name evokes images of Russia's snowy winters
Xenophilius This long, unique name is inspired by a character from the Harry Potter series
Yaroslavna This traditional, long Russian name is fit for a graceful Borzoi

Elegant Names

Borzois have a graceful and elegant appearance, so names that reflect these qualities could be suitable.
Name Description
Anastasia Derived from Russian royalty, this name exudes elegance
Apollo This name is perfect for a Borzoi with a regal presence
Aurora A celestial name fitting for a graceful, elegant Borzoi
Bianca An elegant, Italian-inspired name
Celestia A heavenly name that fits a stately Borzoi
Dmitri A sophisticated, Russian-inspired name
Duchess This royal title perfectly suits an elegant female Borzoi
Evgeni Inspired by Russian aristocracy, it's a perfect name for an elegant Borzoi
Galina A delicate, refined name inspired by Russian ballet
Giselle Inspired by the romantic ballet, it's a beautiful name for a graceful Borzoi
Isolde A name from classic literature that exudes elegance and beauty
Ivory This name reflects the Borzoi's delicate elegance
Maxim A dignified name that suits a noble Borzoi
Odessa A graceful name inspired by the beautiful Ukrainian city
Olympia This Greek-inspired name fits a grand and elegant Borzoi
Orion Inspired by the constellation, this name is perfect for a majestic pet
Pavel A classic Russian name that implies an elegant demeanor
Rafael An elegant name inspired by the renowned Renaissance painter
Sapphire A gemstone name that exudes elegance and rarity
Seraphina A name that suggests grace and nobility
Socrates A scholarly name for a Borzoi with a wise and elegant demeanor
Stella This name, meaning star, suits an elegant Borzoi
Valentina A refined name that is reminiscent of Russian nobility
Vivaldi Named after the composer, it's a refined choice for a musical Borzoi
Vladimir A sophisticated name that pays homage to Russian roots

Athletic Names

Borzois are known for their fast speed and agility, so names that reflect their athletic nature are suitable.
Name Description
Arrow It signifies the Borzoi's straight and fast running style
Blaze For a Borzoi with a fiery speed
Blitz This name refers to their speedy nature
Bolt Perfect for a Borzoi with lightning speed
Breeze For the Borzoi that runs as smoothly as a breeze
Bullet A name perfect for a Borzoi that runs with great speed
Dash This name emphasizes their ability to dash swiftly
Flash For the Borzoi that's as fast as a flash
Haste For the Borzoi that never slows down
Jet A name suited for the Borzoi's speed
Pacer This name refers to a Borzoi with a consistent speed
Racer This name suits a competitive Borzoi
Rocket This name is for a Borzoi that runs as fast as a rocket
Rush For a Borzoi that's always in a hurry
Sonic For a Borzoi as fast as the speed of sound
Sprint Perfect for a fast-running Borzoi
Strider This name is for a Borzoi with a long stride
Surge For a Borzoi with an explosive speed
Swift It captures the quickness of a Borzoi
Turbo This name is for the Borzoi that can't stop running
Velocity For a Borzoi that's all about speed
Whirlwind For a Borzoi that's a flurry of activity
Wind For a Borzoi that moves like the wind
Zephyr A name for a Borzoi that runs as smoothly as a gentle breeze
Zoom This name is for a Borzoi that zooms around everywhere

Royal Names

Borzois were often kept by Russian nobility, so names associated with royalty can reflect their noble history.
Name Description
Alexander It is a royal name originating from Alexander the Great
Alfred This name comes from Alfred the Great, king of Wessex
Anne This name is shared by several queens, including England's Queen Anne
Antony This name takes after the Roman general and statesman, Mark Antony
Arthur Named after the legendary King Arthur of Britain
Augustus Named after the first Roman emperor
Catherine The name of several queens and princesses throughout history
Charles This name has been borne by numerous kings and princes
Edward This name has been popular among English kings
Eleanor It is known from Eleanor of Aquitaine, queen consort of France and England
Elizabeth It's the name of the current British queen
Frederick The name of numerous kings and princes across Europe
George This name has been popular among British monarchs
Henry A common name among English kings
Isabella It is the name of several Spanish queens
Joan It is the name of various queens and princesses in European history
Louis Numerous French kings have carried this name
Margaret The name of various queens and princesses in European history
Mary This name has been held by many queens, including Mary, Queen of Scots
Matilda It is the name of several queens and empresses throughout history
Philip This name has been carried by many monarchs, including the Duke of Edinburgh
Richard This name is associated with several English kings
Sophia The name of various European queens and empresses
Victoria Inspired by the long-reigning 19th-century British queen
William A popular name among British royals, including the current Duke of Cambridge

Russian Origin Names

Borzois are a Russian breed of domestic dogs, therefore names originating from their homeland could be a good fit.
Name Description
Alexei A name with royal Russian connotations, fitting for a majestic Borzoi
Anastasia This name is fit for a royal Borzoi, referencing the Russian Grand Duchess
Dmitri Inspired by one of Russia's most famous playwrights, Chekhov
Fyodor Inspired by Russian novelist, Dostoevsky, for a Borzoi with a dramatic flair
Galina This name means 'calm' in Russian, ideal for a serene Borzoi
Grigori A name with historical significance, fitting for a remarkable Borzoi
Irina A popular Russian name, ideal for a beautiful Borzoi
Ivan Historically a Tsar's name, it's perfect for a regal Borzoi
Katerina This name is reminiscent of Russian literature and suits a noble Borzoi
Leonid A name that suggests leadership, perfect for a leading Borzoi
Mikhail A classic Russian name, befitting a dignified Borzoi
Nadia This name means 'hope' in Russian, a lovely name for an inspiring Borzoi
Natasha A popular Russian name, perfect for a Borzoi with a sweet temperament
Nikita Meaning 'victorious,' this name suits a winning Borzoi
Olga A common Russian name, suitable for a friendly and lovable Borzoi
Pavel In Russian, Pavel means 'small,' a bit of irony for a large Borzoi
Raisa A lovely Russian name, suitable for a charming Borzoi
Sasha A unisex Russian name, perfect for an affectionate Borzoi
Sergei A common Russian name, fitting for a strong Borzoi
Sonya Means 'wisdom' in Russian, a fitting name for a wise Borzoi
Tatiana It's a classic Russian name, perfect for a graceful Borzoi
Viktor A strong Russian name, ideal for a victorious Borzoi
Vladimir Befitting a Borzoi with a commanding presence, a nod to Russia's history
Yuri Inspired by the first man in space, Yuri Gagarin, for a Borzoi with a pioneering spirit
Zinaida This unique Russian name, perfect for a unique Borzoi
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