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Boston Terrier Names

Updated: October 06, 2023
      One of the most defining characteristics of the Boston Terrier are its ears. The breed's ears stand up straight and are likened by some to those of a bat. To no surprise, bat related names are common among Boston Terriers. Dayak, Dusky, and Talaud are a few names taken from the flying mammal variety. Baseball bats also provide several name options with Easton, Rawling, Wilson, Slugger, and Mizuno leading the pack. Some ideas borrowed from actors that played a role as Batman include Lowery, Keaton, Kilmer, Clooney, and Bale. Famous vampires are also popular name choices among Boston Terriers. A few vampire dog names include Count, Vlad, Alice, and Spike. The breed originated in Boston, a city providing plenty of unique names. Fenway, Sox, Celtic, Bruin, and Blazer are dog names coming from Boston sports. Ideas from famous Boston natives include Samuel (Samuel Adams), Franklin (Benjamin Franklin), Poe (Edgar Allan Poe), and Winchester (Oliver Winchester). Boston Terriers are descendents of a dog owned by Robert C. Hooper (known as Hooper's Judge). Judy, Mathis, Lane, Cardozo, Posner, and Burger are interesting picks derived from famous judges.
Name Reason to Choose
Alice A classic name that fits the sweet and friendly nature of Boston Terriers
Bale An homage to actor Christian Bale, who played Batman - fitting for a bat-eared Boston Terrier
Barker A humorous name reflecting the dog's potential to be vocal
Batty This name is related to the Boston's bat-like ears, a distinct characteristic of the breed
Beacon Named after Beacon Hill, a historic and iconic neighborhood in Boston
Bean A nod to Boston's nickname, 'Beantown'
Beantown A popular nickname for Boston city
Benjamin A classic name that's also a nod to Boston's historical figure, Benjamin Franklin
Berklee Named after the famous music school in Boston
Binx Inspired by the popular cat character from the movie Hocus Pocus, filmed in Salem, near Boston
Biscuit Perfect for a buttery-colored Boston Terrier
Blazer A fashionable and fun name that suits the lively personality of Boston Terriers
Boston Named after the city itself
Boylston One of the main streets in Boston
Brick A nod to the historical brick buildings that are iconic in Boston
Brindle For Boston Terriers with a unique brindle coat
Brookline Named after a neighborhood in Boston known for its quaint charm
Bruin The Boston Bruins are the city's NHL team
Buddy A friendly name for a sociable Boston Terrier
Bumblebee A fun name inspired by the Boston Terrier's black and white markings
Bunker Bunker Hill is a historic site in Boston
Burger Warren Burger, a former Chief Justice of the United States, gives this name a legal twist which aligns with Boston's significant role in the nation's judiciary
Cambridge Named after the city of Cambridge, Boston's intellectual neighbor
Cardozo Benjamin Cardozo was a prominent Supreme Court Justice, and this name pays homage to Boston's strong ties to law and justice
Celtic The Boston Celtics are the city's NBA team
Champ Great for a Boston Terrier with a winning personality
Charles The Charles River is a major feature in Boston
Charlestown One of the neighborhoods in Boston
Checkers A playful name that mirrors the Boston Terrier's black and white coat
Cheerio An adorable name for a small, lovable breed
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Musical Names

Music-inspired names can be a reflection of your personal music taste or the rhythmic nature of your Boston Terrier's personality.
Name Description
Allegro In music, this term means 'quick and lively'
Bass A term often used to refer to lower musical pitches. Could suit a larger Boston Terrier
Beethoven Named after the famous composer Ludwig van Beethoven
Cadence A sequence of notes or chords that brings an end to a musical phrase
Capo A device used on the neck of a stringed instrument to shorten the playable length of the strings, hence raising the pitch
Coda A term used in music to signify the end. Perfect for the newest or last addition to the family
Concerto A classical music composition typically composed in three parts or movements
Crescendo A term used in music to describe a gradual increase in volume. Perfect for a dog that is growing!
Forte This musical term means 'strong' in Italian
Harmony Emphasizes the pleasing arrangement of elements in music
Lyric A perfect choice for a dog that loves to 'sing'
Maestro This term is used for a distinguished musician, especially a conductor of classical music
Melody For a dog that brings a pleasant tune to your life
Mozart Reflects the elegance and sophistication of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart's music
Octave For a dog that brings a full range of emotion into your life, just like the eight notes in a musical scale
Opera In tribute to the art form that combines singing, acting, and music
Prelude An introductory piece of music. Appropriate for a first pet
Quaver A term referring to an eighth note. Could fit a smaller or more energetic Boston Terrier
Rhapsody An effusively enthusiastic or ecstatic expression of feeling
Sonata For a dog that brings rhythm and structure to your life, much like this musical composition
Symphony A long piece of music for orchestra, typically in four movements
Tempo In music, tempo is the speed or pace of a given piece. It could reflect your dog's pace of life
Treble A musical term referring to higher pitches. Could fit a smaller dog well
Viola Named after a string instrument, for a dog that is both sweet and striking
Vocal Perfect for a Boston Terrier who isn't afraid to express themselves

Famous Fictional Characters

Names inspired by famous fictional characters can reflect your own personal interests or the unique personality of your Boston Terrier.
Name Description
Ahab This name suits a Boston Terrier with a determined and relentless personality, inspired by the captain from 'Moby-Dick'
Atticus Inspired by the noble character from 'To Kill a Mockingbird', this name is suitable for a wise and gentle Boston Terrier
Bilbo Perfect for a little Boston Terrier with a brave heart, just like the hobbit from Middle Earth
Darcy A name for Boston Terriers with a dignified and aloof attitude, inspired by the gentleman in 'Pride and Prejudice'
Eowyn Ideal for a Boston Terrier that is fearless and strong, like the 'Lord of the Rings' character
Frodo This name suits a brave and loyal Boston Terrier, taking after the hobbit from J.R.R. Tolkien's trilogy
Gandalf A suitable name for a wise and mysterious Boston Terrier, in honor of the wizard from 'Lord of the Rings'
Gatsby This name is for the dog that is the life of the party, reminiscent of the infamous character from F. Scott Fitzgerald's novel
Hamlet A name for a Boston Terrier that is deep and contemplative, inspired by Shakespeare's protagonist
Hermione Ideal for a Boston Terrier that is smart, brave, and a little bossy, like the character from 'Harry Potter'
Holden In honor of the protagonist from 'Catcher in the Rye', this name is suitable for a Boston Terrier with a rebellious streak
Huckleberry For a Boston Terrier with a free-spirited and adventurous nature, similar to Mark Twain's character
Katniss Perfect name for a brave and resourceful Boston Terrier, reminiscent of the heroine from 'The Hunger Games'
Lolita A name that suits a charming and playful female Boston Terrier, inspired by Nabokov's novel
Mowgli A name inspired by 'The Jungle Book' character, suitable for a wild and adventurous Boston Terrier
Nancy For a Boston Terrier with a curious and adventurous spirit, reminiscent of the 'Nancy Drew' series
Pip A name that suits a Boston Terrier with a humble and good-natured personality, inspired by the character from 'Great Expectations'
Poirot For a Boston Terrier with a keen sense of observation, named after Agatha Christie's detective
Quixote This name is for a Boston Terrier with a whimsical and imaginative nature, named after the character from Cervantes' novel
Romeo Perfect for a Boston Terrier that is affectionate and romantic, just like the character from Shakespeare's play
Scarlett For a Boston Terrier with a headstrong and charismatic nature, reminiscent of the heroine from 'Gone with the Wind'
Scrooge Perfect for a grumpy but golden-hearted Boston Terrier, reminiscent of the character from 'A Christmas Carol'
Sherlock A great name for a Boston Terrier that has a keen sense for sniffing out treats, just like the fictional detective
Tarzan A name for a Boston Terrier that is fearless and adventurous, inspired by the character from Edgar Rice Burroughs' novels
Watson A suitable name for a loyal and dependable Boston Terrier, just like Sherlock Holmes' sidekick

Food Names

Food names are often cute and fun, which can match the playful personality of a Boston Terrier.
Name Description
Bean A nod to Boston’s famous baked beans
Berry A fun and fruity name for a playful Boston Terrier
Biscuit This name is ideal for a Boston Terrier with a fluffy, tan coat
Butters Perfect for a Boston Terrier with a smooth, buttery coat
Caramel This name is perfect for a Boston Terrier with a glossy, tan coat
Cherry Perfect for a playful and sweet-natured Boston Terrier
Cinnamon Perfect for a Boston Terrier with a spicy personality
Cocoa For dark colored Boston Terriers, this name is ideal
Cookie This name is perfect for a sweet, well-behaved Boston Terrier
Crispy A fun name for a Boston Terrier with a short, crisp coat
Cupcake A delightful name for a sweet and lovable Boston Terrier
Fudge Ideal for a Boston Terrier with a rich, dark coat
Ginger A spicy and fiery name perfect for a redhead Boston Terrier
Honey A sweet name for a loving and affectionate Boston Terrier
Mocha Ideal for a Boston Terrier with a rich, dark coat
Muffin This sweet treat is a perfect name for a small, lovable Boston Terrier
Nugget A cute name for a small, golden Boston Terrier
Olive Ideal for a Boston Terrier with a glossy, black coat
Peanut Small and nutty, it perfectly describes a Boston Terrier
Pepper Perfect for a feisty and energetic Boston Terrier
Popcorn Perfect for a small, energetic Boston Terrier
Pumpkin Ideal for a Boston Terrier with a round, orange coat
Sushi An adorable name that's perfect for a petite and unique Boston Terrier
Taffy A sweet name for a lovable and affectionate Boston Terrier
Waffle This name is perfect for a Boston Terrier with a crinkled, tan coat

Geographical Names

Naming your Boston Terrier after cities, countries, or landmarks can add a unique and personal touch.
Name Description
Beacon Named after the historic Beacon Hill in Boston
Berkshire A scenic, mountainous area in Massachusetts
Boston It's a perfect match for the breed's name
Brookline A scenic town near Boston
Cambridge An iconic city in the Greater Boston area
Cape In tribute to the iconic Cape Cod in Massachusetts
Charles Inspired by the Charles River in Boston
Concord A historic city in Massachusetts
Dorchester A historic neighborhood in Boston
Essex A county in Massachusetts known for its scenic landscapes
Fenway This is for fans of Boston Red Sox
Freedom Inspired by the Freedom Trail, a historic route in Boston
Hampshire A county in Western Massachusetts
Harvard This university town in Boston offers a fitting name for an intelligent pup
Lexington A historical city near Boston
Lowell A city in Massachusetts known for its industrial history
Nantucket A charming island off Cape Cod
Newton A city in the Greater Boston area
Plymouth The landing site of the Mayflower and Pilgrims
Quincy A city in Massachusetts with a rich history
Revere Named after Paul Revere, a notable figure from Boston's history
Salem A city full of history and mystery in Massachusetts
Somerset A town in Massachusetts named after an English county
Suffolk Named after Suffolk County, where Boston is located
Worcester A city in Massachusetts with a rich industrial history

Historical Names

These names can be inspired by historical figures, giving your Boston Terrier a sense of prestige and importance.
Name Description
Adams After the second U.S. President, John Adams, from Massachusetts
Alcott Louisa May Alcott, author of 'Little Women', lived in Boston
Barton Clara Barton, founder of the American Red Cross, was from Massachusetts
Bell Alexander Graham Bell, inventor of the telephone, lived in Boston
Bradstreet Anne Bradstreet, one of the first English poets in North America, lived in Massachusetts
Cabot The Cabots are a prominent Boston family
Dewey Melvil Dewey, creator of the Dewey Decimal System, was born in Massachusetts
Emerson Ralph Waldo Emerson, an influential American thinker, was from Boston area
Endicott Named after John Endicott, an early Massachusetts governor
Franklin Benjamin Franklin was born in Boston
Fuller Margaret Fuller, an important figure in American literature, was from Massachusetts
Hancock John Hancock, a key figure in the American Revolution, was from Boston
Holmes Oliver Wendell Holmes, a prominent American jurist, was from Boston
Kennedy The Kennedys are a well-known political family from Boston
Longfellow Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, celebrated poet, was from the Boston area
Lowell The Lowell family were influential industrialists in Boston
Morse Samuel Morse, inventor of Morse code, was from Massachusetts
Poe Edgar Allan Poe, famous writer, was born in Boston
Quincy John Quincy Adams, the sixth U.S. President, was from Massachusetts
Revere Paul Revere's famous midnight ride started in Boston
Salem Named after Salem, Massachusetts, known for its historical witch trials
Standish Myles Standish was a military advisor for the Pilgrims, who settled in Massachusetts
Thoreau Henry David Thoreau, significant American philosopher, lived in Massachusetts
Webster Noah Webster, known for creating an American dictionary, has roots in New England
Whitney Eli Whitney, inventor of the cotton gin, was from Massachusetts
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Story of a Boston Terrier named Fenway

In a bustling city, not far from the famous Fenway Park, there lived a curious and imaginative Boston Terrier named Fenway. Fenway was a small dog with a tuxedo-like black and white coat, large round eyes, and ears that stood straight up, giving him the appearance of always being on high alert.

Fenway had always been fascinated by bats. He would watch in awe as they emerged from their daytime roosts at dusk, taking to the skies with grace and agility. There was something magical about the way bats could dance in the air, using their incredible echolocation to navigate the night with ease. Fenway longed to be like them, to soar among the stars and explore the world from a different perspective.

One day, as Fenway was gazing out the window, daydreaming of his life as a bat, he noticed a flyer for a costume contest at a local pet store. The contest theme was "Creatures of the Night," and the grand prize was a lifetime supply of dog treats. Fenway's eyes lit up with excitement. This was his chance to transform into a bat, even if only for a night, and share his love for these mysterious creatures with the world.

Fenway's owner, Lucy, was an aspiring fashion designer who had a knack for creating stunning costumes. Together, they set to work on designing the perfect bat costume for Fenway. Lucy crafted a set of intricate, velvety wings that would attach to Fenway's back, complete with a harness to ensure they stayed in place. She also made a matching headpiece with faux fur and little ears that mimicked the bats Fenway admired so much.

On the day of the costume contest, Fenway was brimming with excitement. As Lucy carefully fastened the wings and headpiece, Fenway could hardly contain his joy. He leaped and twirled around the apartment, practicing his best bat impressions and readying himself for the contest.

When they arrived at the pet store, Fenway was greeted by a menagerie of "Creatures of the Night." There were dogs dressed as owls, cats as witches, and even a hamster masquerading as a tiny werewolf. But Fenway's bat costume was truly a masterpiece, and it garnered many admiring looks from fellow contestants and spectators alike.

As the contest began, each pet paraded on stage, showing off their costumes and performing tricks. When it was Fenway's turn, he walked proudly onto the stage, his bat wings unfurling as he leaped and twirled with the grace of a true bat. The audience erupted into applause, and the judges were visibly impressed.

When the time came to announce the winners, Fenway held his breath, his heart racing with anticipation. The judges praised the creativity and craftsmanship of his costume and declared him the winner of the "Creatures of the Night" contest. Fenway beamed with pride as Lucy hugged him, and they celebrated his victory.

That night, as Fenway lay in his bed, still wearing his bat costume, he knew that while he may never become a real bat, he had captured the essence of these fascinating creatures and had shared their magic with the world. Fenway's love for bats, and his willingness to chase his dreams, had not only won him a lifetime supply of dog treats but also had inspired others to believe in the power of imagination and the beauty of following one's heart.

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