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Briard Names

Updated: April 02, 2024

Welcome to a special section completely dedicated to the fascinating world of monikers for your four-legged friend. This page provides an exclusive list of names, meticulously selected to suit the unique personality of your canine companion. If you are a proud owner of a Briard, or you are planning to bring one home soon, you've come to the right place.

Known for their intelligence, agility, and loyalty, Briards are exceptional pets. They have a rich history, originating from France, and were originally bred to herd sheep. This breed is renowned for its fluffy coat, expressive eyes, and overall majestic appearance. Their personality is as impressive as their looks, requiring a name that perfectly encapsulates their charm and nobility.

Here, we offer a comprehensive list of names, ranging from those inspired by their French heritage to those highlighting their distinctive traits. Whether you prefer timeless classics, trendy options, or unique choices, we've got you covered. Each name has been carefully chosen, keeping in mind the Briard's unique characteristics, heritage, and their owner's preferences.

Name Reason to Choose
Alexandre This name is a nod to the famous French author, Alexandre Dumas
Amelie This name is elegant and typically French, reflecting the breed's origin
Andre A classic French name that is simple and dignified
Axel A name that is strong and evokes a sense of adventure, fitting for a Briard
Bastien A strong and bold name for a Briard
Belle Meaning 'beautiful' in French, this name is perfect for a lovely Briard
Bernadette A traditional French name that is elegant and timeless
Bertrand It's a classy French name, befitting for a French breed like the Briard
Bianca This name is beautiful and elegant, perfect for a female Briard
Bijou Briards are precious, just like jewels
Blanche A lovely French name
Celine A sweet and feminine name, suitable for a female Briard
Charlemagne The Briard's history goes back to Charlemagne's time
Cherie A sweet name for a sweet dog
Claude A strong and masculine French name that suits a Briard
Coco A cute, playful name for a Briard with a playful personality
Cyrano A unique French name that sounds dignified and elegant
Damien This name is strong and masculine, fitting for a male Briard
Danton It's a powerful French name
Darcy A classy name for a classy breed
Delphine This is a beautiful French name that is distinct and charming
Dominique This French name is unique and has a nice ring to it
Dumas Named after the famous French author, Alexandre Dumas
Eiffel This name is a tribute to the iconic French monument, the Eiffel Tower
Eloise A lovely French name
Emile Reflects French culture
Esprit This name means 'spirit' in French, fitting for a spirited Briard
Etienne A classic, French name that is refined and elegant
Eugene A name that exudes sophistication and charm, suitable for a Briard
Fabienne A distinctive French name that is uncommon and unique
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Food Inspired Names

Because of their French heritage, food inspired names, especially those related to French cuisine, can be an adorable and humorous choice.
Name Description
Baguette Because Briards are a French breed and baguettes are a quintessential French food
Beignet This fluffy French doughnut offers a cute name for a Briard
Bordeaux A famous French wine and a classy name for a Briard
Brie It's a type of French cheese, suitable for a French breed
Brioche After the French pastry, for a sweet and fluffy Briard
Caviar A luxurious food item, fitting for a regal Briard
Champignon Champignon, French for mushroom, is a quirky name for a Briard
Cognac Named after the French brandy, for a Briard with a rich, warm coat
Crepe A popular French food, and a cute name too
Croissant A French pastry, and a fun name for a Briard
Escargot A cheeky name for a Briard, after the French dish of snails
Fondue A fun and lighthearted name for a Briard, after the Swiss melted cheese dish
Frappe A cool name for a Briard, after the French iced coffee
Ganache A rich name for a Briard, after the creamy chocolate filling
Gruyere Named after the Swiss cheese, for a Briard with a smooth and creamy coat
Macaron The name of a well-known French dessert
Macaroon A sweet and colorful French cookie, perfect for a bright Briard
Madeleine A sweet French pastry and a sweet name for a Briard
Profiterole A delightful name for a Briard, after the French cream puff
Quiche A French dish that offers a unique dog name
Raclette After the Swiss cheese dish, for a Briard with a warm, melting nature
Ratatouille A classic French dish and a playful name for a dog
Souffle A dog named after a light French dish
Tartine This name is inspired by a type of French open-faced sandwich
Truffle This delicacy is found in French cuisine, making it a good pick for a Briard

Famous Dog Names

Naming a Briard after a famous dog, whether from movies, literature, or real life, can be a fun and recognizable choice.
Name Description
Astro Familiar to many from The Jetsons cartoon
Balto Known for his heroic sled run in 1925
Beethoven Famous from the series of family movies
Benji A rescue dog who became a movie star
Blue The playful pup from Blue's Clues
Bolt The super dog from the Disney film Bolt
Buddy The sporty Golden Retriever from Air Bud
Chance The young, adventurous American Bulldog from Homeward Bound
Clifford The big red dog from children's books
Copper One of the main characters from The Fox and the Hound
Cujo The terrifying Saint Bernard from Stephen King's Cujo
Duke The fun-loving Mutt from The Secret Life of Pets
Hachi The loyal Akita from Hachi: A Dog's Tale
Lady The refined Cocker Spaniel from Lady and the Tramp
Lassie Star of a popular TV show and multiple movies
Marley The lovable Labrador from Marley & Me
Max The brave dog from The Secret Life of Pets
Milo The Jack Russell Terrier from The Mask
Pongo The dad dog in 101 Dalmatians
Rin Short for Rin Tin Tin, a famous movie dog
Scooby The lovable Great Dane from Scooby-Doo
Shadow The wise old Golden Retriever from Homeward Bound
Snoopy The charming Beagle from Peanuts
Toto The faithful dog from The Wizard of Oz
Tramp One half of Disney's Lady and the Tramp

Mythology Names

Given the Briard's ancient history and majestic appearance, names from various mythologies could be a fitting choice.
Name Description
Apollo Apollo is a god of music, truth, and prophecy, sun and light; perfect for a wise and shiny-coated Briard
Apollo Apollo is a god of music, truth, and prophecy, sun and light; perfect for a wise and shiny-coated Briard
Ares For a Briard with a warrior's spirit, Ares, the Greek god of war, is a good fit
Artemis Artemis, the Greek goddess of hunt and wild animals, would make a good name for an active and tenacious Briard
Athena Athena is the Greek goddess of wisdom, courage, inspiration and warfare, making it a suitable name for a strong and smart Briard
Cupid For a Briard that has stolen your heart, Cupid, the Roman god of love, is a suitable choice
Diana A Briard with an independent spirit could be named Diana, the Roman goddess of the hunt
Eros Eros, the Greek god of love, is a charming name for a lovable Briard
Freyja Freyja, the Norse goddess of love, beauty and fertility, is a lovely choice for a female Briard
Hades For a Briard with a dark coat, Hades, the Greek god of the underworld, is an interesting choice
Helios If your Briard loves to bask in the sun, Helios, the Greek sun god, is a suitable name
Hephaestus Hephaestus, the Greek god of fire and forge, would be a unique name for a Briard with a fiery spirit
Hera A Briard with a queen-like personality could carry the name Hera, the wife of Zeus and queen of the Greek gods
Hercules A Briard's bravery and strength make Hercules, a famous Greek hero known for his strength, a fitting name
Hermes Hermes, the Greek god of travel, makes a great name for a Briard, a breed that loves to explore
Juno If your Briard holds an important status in your family, Juno, the Roman queen of the gods, could be a fitting name
Loki For an unpredictable, yet lovable Briard, Loki, the Norse god of mischief, is a great choice
Mars Mars, the Roman god of war, could suit a bold and brave Briard
Odin Odin, a Norse god known for intelligence, would suit a Briard, a breed known for their intelligence
Orion The legendary Greek hunter makes a great namesake for a Briard, a breed known for its hunting abilities
Perseus Perseus, a Greek hero known for his adventures, would be a great name for an adventurous Briard
Poseidon If your Briard is as powerful and unpredictable as the sea, Poseidon, the Greek god of the sea, is an apt choice
Thor For a Briard with a thunderous bark, Thor, the Norse god of thunder, is ideal
Venus Briard's beauty could be recognized with the name Venus, the Roman goddess of love and beauty
Zeus For a Briard with a regal presence and dominant personality, Zeus, the king of the Greek gods, is suitable

Nature Inspired Names

These dogs have a natural appearance and energy, so names inspired by nature can reflect their active and outdoorsy personality.
Name Description
Aster Named after the resilient flower, for a resilient Briard
Birch The birch tree stands tall and strong in nature, much like the Briard's stature
Breeze It's a calm, soothing term from nature, perfect for a relaxing Briard
Cedar The cedar tree signifies strength, making it apt for a Briard
Coral This name is for a Briard as vibrant and colorful as coral
Daisy This name is for a Briard as sweet and cheerful as the flower
Flame For a Briard with a vibrant and fiery spirit
Frost For a Briard with a cool and calm demeanor
Hazel This name is inspired by the hazel tree, a symbol of wisdom, perfect for a Briard's intelligence
Heather Captures the Briard's elegance, like the flowering plant
Jade The precious stone signifies a Briard's value and resilience
Maple A tribute to the beautiful maple tree, mirroring a Briard's beauty
Meadow For a Briard that loves to run and play outdoors
Moon For a Briard's nocturnal playfulness
Moss This name represents a Briard's adaptability and strength
Orchid Orchids are unique and beautiful, making this a great name for a Briard
Petal Inspired by the delicate beauty of a flower, perfect for a beautiful Briard
Pine Signifying the Briard's strength and endurance
Poppy Perfect for a Briard as bright and vivacious as the flower
Rain Like the nourishing rain, a Briard brings joy and life to a home
River Streams are strong and persistent, just like a Briard
Stone This name signifies a Briard's steadfast loyalty
Sunny A cheerful name for a bright and happy Briard
Thistle Thistles are hardy and resilient, just like a Briard
Willow Because of the grace and elegance of willow trees, just like a Briard

French Origin Names

Briards are a breed of dog that originated from France, so it is fitting to name them with a word from their historical and cultural roots.
Name Description
Aubin This French name means 'fair', a fitting name for a light-colored Briard
Beau A classic French name which translates to 'handsome', suitable for a handsome Briard
Cerise Cerise is French for 'cherry', which can signify the Briard's sweet nature
Denise A traditional French name that could be used for a female Briard
Émile A popular French name, Émile could perfectly suit your male Briard
Fleur Fleur, meaning 'flower' in French, might be perfect for a delicate female Briard
Gaston Gaston, a strong French name, suitable for a robust Briard
Hélène This French name could match a graceful and elegant female Briard
Igor A popular French name, ideal for a sturdy and strong Briard
Jolie Jolie, meaning 'pretty' in French, is suitable for a beautiful female Briard
Karine An elegant French name, fitting for a graceful female Briard
Lucien Lucien, a traditional French name, could be an excellent choice for a male Briard
Mireille Mireille, a unique French name, is ideal for a one-of-a-kind female Briard
Noël For a Briard born around Christmas time, Noël could be the perfect name
Olivier Olivier, a classic French name, might be ideal for a male Briard
Pascal Pascal, a traditional French name, might suit an energetic male Briard
Quentin Quentin, a popular French name, could be a great fit for a male Briard
Renée Renée, a classic French name, could be a good choice for a female Briard
Sylvie Sylvie, a popular French name, suitable for a delicate female Briard
Thierry Thierry, a strong French name, is perfect for a robust male Briard
Ulysse Ulysse, an adventurous French name, could be fitting for an adventurous Briard
Vivienne Vivienne, a playful French name, might be perfect for a lively female Briard
Waldo Waldo, a unique French name, could match a one-of-a-kind Briard
Xavier Xavier, a popular French name, could be fitting for a strong male Briard
Yvette Yvette, a classic French name, might be an excellent fit for a female Briard
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