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Updated: October 06, 2023

Welcome to our collection of Cane Corso dog names, perfect for those looking to celebrate the strength, loyalty, and noble nature of this magnificent breed! Our carefully curated list includes a variety of names inspired by military themes and Roman gods and goddesses, ensuring that you'll find the perfect name to honor your dog's powerful presence and dignified character. Whether you're drawn to the Cane Corso's storied history as a guardian and protector or simply captivated by their commanding appearance, our selection offers an abundance of inspiration for naming your cherished pet.

For those who appreciate the Cane Corso's long-standing association with protection and service, our selection features names inspired by military themes. These names evoke a sense of valor, courage, and discipline, reflecting the Cane Corso's natural abilities as a guardian and defender. From names that pay tribute to legendary warriors and leaders to those that capture the spirit of military ranks and units, these military-themed dog names will add a touch of honor and distinction to your pet's moniker.

In addition to military-themed names, our collection also includes names inspired by the fascinating world of Roman gods and goddesses. Known for their remarkable myths and legends, these deities embody a range of powerful attributes, such as wisdom, strength, and protection. By choosing a name inspired by a Roman god or goddess, you'll be celebrating your Cane Corso's noble and majestic nature while also paying tribute to the rich history and mythology of ancient Rome. From names that evoke the prowess and authority of these divine figures to those that capture the essence of their captivating stories, these Roman god and goddess-inspired dog names will add a touch of grandeur and mystique to your pet's identity.

We hope that our collection of Cane Corso dog names will inspire you and help you find the perfect name that celebrates the strength, loyalty, and noble character of this remarkable breed. As you browse through our selection, remember that the most important aspect is finding a name that truly resonates with you and captures the unique bond you share with your cherished canine companion. Happy naming, and may your days be filled with the awe-inspiring spirit and presence of these Cane Corso dog names!

Name Reason to Choose
Aberto Italian form of the name Albert which means noble
Abramo Italian form of the name Abraham which means father of many
Adelina an Italian name meaning noble
Admiral a high ranking naval officer
Adolfo Italian form of the German name Adolf which mean 'noble wolf'
Aida an Italian name that means happy
Alba an Italian name meaning dawn
Alpha term referring to a dominant male
Antonio an Italian variant of the name Anthony which means highly praised
Apollo a Roman god (the son of Jupiter); Apollo Creed, fictional heavyweight boxer from the Rocky series
Augustus first Emperor of Rome and founder of the Roman empire
Axel a name derrivative of axle which is the central shaft of a rotating wheel
Balboa Rocky Balboa, main character from the motivational underdog boxing series 'Rocky'
Bane a fictional villian and adversary of Batman in DC Comics
Battle a hostile encounter between military forces
Benedict Saint Benedict, an Italian monk
Bomber a military aircraft that targets ground and sea by dropping bombs
Boss the one in charge
Bravo an Italian word meaning well behaved
Bruno Angelo Bruno, a Sicilian-American mobster that was boss of the Philadelphia Mafia
Brutus name of a prominent roman family
Bullet a projectile shot from a firearm
Cabot John Cabot, an Italian explorer who discovered parts of North America
Caesar title used by Roman emperors, came from the famous dictator Julius Caesar
Capone Al Capone, an Italian-American mobster and boss of the Chicago Mafia
Captain a military officer rank
Ceres Roman goddess of agriculture
Cerone Jackie Cerone, an Italian-American mobster and boss of the Chicago Mafia
Charlie Charles 'Lucky' Luciana, an Italian-American mobster and first official boss of the Genovese crime family
Chief high in authority
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Mythical Creature Inspired Names

Due to their impressive size and appearance, names inspired by mythical creatures can provide unique and fitting options for Cane Corsos.
Name Description
Apollo Signifies the Greek god of light and the sun
Ares Named after the Greek god of war
Basilisk Named after the legendary reptile reputed to be king of serpents and said to have the power to cause death with a single glance
Centaur This name signifies the mythological creature with the upper body of a human and the lower body of a horse
Cerberus Named after the three-headed dog from Greek mythology that guarded the underworld
Chimera This name signifies the mythical beast from Greek mythology with a lion's head, a goat's body, and a snake's tail
Cyclops Inspired by the one-eyed giants of Greek mythology
Fenrir Named after the monstrous wolf in Norse mythology
Gorgon This name is inspired by the monstrous beings from Greek mythology
Griffin Inspired by the mythical creature with the body of a lion and the head and wings of an eagle
Hades Inspired by the Greek god of the underworld
Hercules Named after the Roman hero and god known for his strength
Hydra Comes from a Greek mythological water monster that grew two heads for every one that was cut off
Kraken Named after the giant sea monster from Scandinavian folklore
Loki After the Norse god of mischief
Medusa Signifies the mythological Gorgon who turned people to stone with her gaze
Minotaur Inspired by the mythical creature with the body of a man and the head and tail of a bull
Odin Inspired by the king of the Norse gods
Orion Inspired by the Greek mythological hunter
Pegasus Inspired by the mythical winged horse from Greek mythology
Phoenix After the bird from Greek mythology that would renew itself in flames
Poseidon Named after the Greek god of the sea
Sphinx Named after the mythical creature with a human head and a lion's body
Thor Signifies the Norse god of Thunder
Zeus Signifies the king of the Greek gods

Strong and Powerful Names

Cane Corsos are known for their strength and power, so names that reflect these traits can be fitting.
Name Description
Bear An animal known for its great strength and size
Blitz German for 'lightning', it can denote quickness and power
Boulder This name represents solidity and strength
Brutus Latin for 'heavy', it symbolizes the dog's robustness
Fang It denotes sharpness, power and the hunting instinct
Gladiator This name is connected to the powerful fighters of ancient Rome
Goliath Biblical giant, symbolizes great size and strength
Hercules Greek hero known for his strength and courage
Hulk This name is synonymous with strength and toughness
Juggernaut This name signifies unstoppable force and power
Maximus It's Latin for 'greatest', highlighting the dog's strength and power
Ranger This name signifies bravery, endurance and power
Rex Latin for 'king', it signifies power and authority
Rocky This name has connotations of toughness and resilience
Rogue It implies the dog's might and independence
Samson Biblical character known for his supernatural strength
Spartan This name is linked to the fearless warriors of ancient Sparta
Talon This name is associated with the strength and sharpness of bird claws
Thunder It's associated with loud, powerful natural phenomena
Titan Named after the Greek deities, it symbolizes massive power
Tornado Named after a powerful natural phenomenon
Trooper It implies bravery and toughness
Viking A historic warrior race known for their strength and courage
Warden It suggests authority and power
Zeus Named after the king of the Greek gods, it reflects dominance and power

Italian Origin Names

Cane Corso is an Italian breed and giving it a name of Italian origin can reflect its heritage.
Name Description
Bella A popular Italian name that means 'beautiful'
Bianca An Italian name that translates to 'white', ideal for a light-colored Cane Corso
Carla An Italian name that means 'free man', for a Cane Corso with a free spirit
Cesare An Italian name that means 'long-haired', a bit ironic for a short-haired Cane Corso
Dante Inspired by the famous Italian poet Dante Alighieri
Enzo A chic, Italian name that exudes a sense of coolness
Gino A short and snappy Italian name, perfect for an energetic Cane Corso
Gioia Translates to 'joy', apt for a cheerful Cane Corso
Giuseppe A classic Italian name, translating to 'Joseph'
Grazia An Italian name that translates to 'grace', fitting for a graceful Cane Corso
Leonardo A nod to the great Italian artist Leonardo da Vinci
Liliana Translates to 'lily', for a Cane Corso with a delicate and pure demeanor
Luca A traditional Italian name, meaning 'light'
Luna Meaning 'moon', it's for Cane Corsos with a serene nature
Marco A classic Italian name that exudes strength and reliability
Mario An Italian name that is both playful and strong
Riccardo An Italian name that means 'powerful leader', reflecting a Cane Corso's dominant nature
Rocco It translates to 'rest', fitting for a laid-back Cane Corso
Roma The Italian name for Rome, a nod to the Cane Corso's Italian roots
Rosa Translates to 'rose', for Cane Corsos with a soft, gentle disposition
Silvia An Italian name that translates to 'from the forest', ideal for a nature-loving Cane Corso
Sofia An elegant name meaning 'wisdom', reflecting a Cane Corso's noble character
Stella A name that translates to 'star', for a Cane Corso that shines bright
Valentino An Italian name that means 'brave', fitting for a courageous Cane Corso
Vito A strong, Italian name that means 'life'

Military Inspired Names

A strong list of names for your Cane Corso.
Name Description
Admiral An esteemed name for a dog with a commanding presence, inspired by the high-ranking naval officer position
Aviator A high-flying name for a dog with a free spirit, inspired by the pilots of military aircraft
Bravo A bold name for a dog with a courageous spirit, inspired by the military phonetic alphabet for the letter B
Captain A distinguished name for a dog with a natural ability to lead, inspired by the military rank of Captain
Falcon A fitting name for a dog with a keen sense of vision and speed, inspired by the military fighter aircraft, the F-16 Fighting Falcon
G.I. Joe A classic name for a dog embodying the courageous spirit of an American soldier, inspired by the iconic action figure and franchise
Gung-Ho An enthusiastic name for a dog with a zealous and energetic demeanor, inspired by the military slang term for eagerness and dedication
Hercules A powerful name for a dog with great strength, inspired by the military transport aircraft, the C-130 Hercules
K-9 A clever name for a dog that pays tribute to the military working dogs that serve alongside soldiers
Magnum A forceful name for a dog with a strong presence, inspired by the powerful .44 Magnum revolver
Maverick A daring name for a dog with a fearless and independent spirit, inspired by the main character from the film Top Gun
Navy A strong name for a dog with a love for water, inspired by the naval branch of the military
Patriot An honorable name for a dog with unwavering loyalty, inspired by the devotion to one's country
Ranger A fitting name for a dog with exceptional endurance and agility, inspired by the elite Army Rangers
Raptor A fierce name for a dog with a predatory instinct, inspired by the F-22 Raptor fighter jet
Sabot A striking name for a dog with a piercing personality, inspired by the armor-piercing sabot rounds used by military tanks
Sarge A commanding name for a dog that exudes authority and leadership, inspired by the military rank of Sergeant
Sniper A suitable name for a dog with excellent focus and precision, inspired by skilled military sharpshooters
Tank A powerful name for a strong and resilient dog, inspired by the heavily armored military vehicles
Trooper A resilient name for a dog with unwavering determination, inspired by the soldiers who persevere through difficult conditions

Roman god and goddess inspired Cane Corso names

Enjoy this mythological list of dog names.
Name Description
Apollo The son of Jupiter. Apollo is god of music and poetry.
Ceres Roman goddess of fertility and agriculture. Ceres is one of the twelve major Roman deities.
Diana The daughter of Jupiter and twin sister of Apollo. Diana is the Roman goddess of nature. She has the power to talk to and control animals.
Janus The Roman god of transitions and time. He is usually shown having two faces. One looks to the future and the other to the past.
Juno A Roman goddes that serves as protector of the state. She looks after all the women of Rome.
Jupiter The Roman god of the sky and thunder. He is the ruler of the gods.
Liber The Roman god of wine and freedom. He is also referred to as Liber Pater which means 'the free father'.
Luna The Roman goddess of the moon. She is the female complement of the sun god 'Sol'.
Mars Roman god of war and guardian of agriculture. He is the prominent of the Roman military gods.
Mercury The Roman god of commerce and finances. He also guides souls to the underworld.
Minerva The Roman goddess of strategy and wisdom.
Neptune The Roman god of the sea and horses. He is depicted as riding on a seashorse drawn chariot.
Orcus Roman god of the underworld. He is depicted as a hairy giant.
Saturn Roman god of religion and time. The first god of the Capitol. He is father to Jupiter, Neptune, Pluto, Juno, Ceres and Vesta.
Sol The Roman god of the sun.
Terra The Roman goddess of earth. She is often depicted as laying and is seen with the sky god.
Vesta The Roman goddess of family and home. She is symbolized by sacred fire burning at her temples.
Vulcan The Roman god of fire. He is often shown wielding a blacksmith's hammer.
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User Recommendations

Would like you to share your own Cane Corso name ideas? Let us know which names you recommend and why. Here are a few ideas that others have submitted.
Name Reason
Ace beause it’s a w
Ruff This dog is ruff. Strong and protective.
Koda A cane cosro can become big and look like koda from brother bear
Aradia Wanted something Italian and unique found this on a page about Italian folklore. She's said to be the daughter of Diana and Luicifer and is known as the Queen of Witches
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Story of Brutus the Cane Corso

There was once a Cane Corso named Brutus, who was known throughout the neighborhood as a fearless protector of his household. With his muscular build, piercing gaze, and sharp ears, Brutus was an imposing figure to anyone who dared cross his path.

Brutus had been adopted by his owner, Maria, when he was just a puppy. From the very beginning, Maria could tell that Brutus was going to be a special dog. He was fiercely loyal and always by her side, even as a young pup.

As Brutus grew older, he began to take on the role of protector for the household. He would patrol the perimeter of the yard, making sure that no strangers or wild animals came too close. He would bark fiercely at anyone who came near the gate, and his bark was enough to scare off even the bravest of intruders.

One night, Maria heard a commotion outside. She went to the window and saw a group of men trying to break into her house. She immediately called the police, but she knew that it would take them a few minutes to arrive.

In the meantime, Brutus had already heard the noise and sprang into action. He ran out of the house and confronted the intruders, barking and growling with all his might. The men were taken aback by the sight of the massive dog and quickly retreated, knowing they had no chance against Brutus.

By the time the police arrived, the intruders were long gone, and Brutus was back inside the house, wagging his tail proudly. Maria was so grateful for Brutus's bravery and knew that he had saved her from a potentially dangerous situation.

From that day on, Brutus was even more revered in the neighborhood as a protector of his household. People would often stop by just to say hello and give him a pat on the head, knowing that he was always keeping a watchful eye on the neighborhood.

As Brutus grew older, his health began to decline, but he never lost his spirit or his determination to protect his family. Even as he lay on his bed in his final days, he would still lift his head and bark whenever he heard a noise outside.

When Brutus finally passed away, Maria knew that she had lost a loyal companion and a true guardian. But she also knew that Brutus's legacy would live on in the hearts of all those who had been fortunate enough to know him.

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