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Chihuahua Names

Updated: October 06, 2023
      Chihuahuas are a popular breed in part due to their very small size. Names like Skittles, Gizmo, and Tinsel are common for these pint-sized dogs. Chihuahuas are typically very loyal to a single owner. They are known to be over-protective and often times ill-tempered. For this reason, names like Fuse and Blaze have increased in use. The breed originated in Mexico, and is in fact named after the state of Chihuahua. Due to these strong ties to Mexico, many owners lean toward names of Spanish origin. Some of the top Spanish name choices include Amigo, Bella, and Diego. A large variety in appearance provides another great place to find Chihuahua names. Many ideas can be drawn from the varying coat colors and lengths commonly found among this breed.
Name Reason to Choose
Amigo This Spanish word means 'friend', a great name for a loyal Chihuahua
Amora A Spanish term for 'love', aligning with the Chihuahua's Mexican origin and affectionate nature
Autumn Ideal for a Chihuahua with a warm-colored coat, or born in the Fall season
Azul It's Spanish for blue, appropriate for a Chihuahua with blue eyes
Bambi This name from a classic animated film is suitable for a sweet and innocent Chihuahua
Baxter A classic dog name, suitable for a Chihuahua with a traditional charm
Bella A popular name for a small, lovely dog with a beautiful personality
Binky This name is cute and playful, reflecting the breed's fun-loving personality
Bitsy It reflects the tiny size of the Chihuahua breed
Blaze This name is suitable for a Chihuahua with a fiery spirit or a reddish coat
Bolt This name is suitable for a Chihuahua due to their energetic and fast nature
Bongo A fun name for a Chihuahua with a rhythmic and lively personality
Bonita Taken from Spanish, this term means 'pretty' - a perfect fit for a charming Chihuahua
Bruiser This name is ironically strong for the tiny but brave Chihuahua breed
Canela Spanish for cinnamon, a great name for a brown-colored Chihuahua
Canelo A Spanish term meaning 'cinnamon', fitting for a Chihuahua with a warm, spicy personality
Carlos A common Spanish name suitable for a Chihuahua
Cato A strong, classic name that humorously contrasts with the Chihuahua's small stature
Celia A delicate, feminine name suitable for a graceful female Chihuahua
ChaCha This is a fun, dance-related term, reflecting the lively personality of a Chihuahua
Chica In Spanish, it translates to 'girl', which is suitable for a female Chihuahua
Chico Spanish for 'boy', a straightforward and culturally relevant name for a male Chihuahua
Chiquito In Spanish, it means little one, which describes the breed perfectly
Chispa Spanish for spark, this name fits the feisty personality of a Chihuahua
Churro Named after a popular Mexican dessert, this is suitable for a sweet Chihuahua
Coco This name is often associated with sweetness and is ideal for a lovable Chihuahua
Coronita This Spanish term means 'little crown', apt for a regal and small Chihuahua
Cupcake A lovely name for a small and sweet dog
Cyan A unique, vibrant color name for a Chihuahua with a lively and colorful personality
Daisy A sweet, floral name for a gentle and lovely female Chihuahua
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Character Names

Names from popular TV shows, movies, or books can be a fun and unique choice for a Chihuahua.
Name Description
Baloo A name for a Chihuahua with a big heart, inspired by the lovable bear from The Jungle Book
Bambi A charming name for a Chihuahua, reminiscent of the small and innocent Disney character
Bugsy Inspired by the lovable rabbit character, Bugs Bunny, this name could be a fun choice for a Chihuahua
Dobby Ideal for Harry Potter fans, this name suits a loving and loyal Chihuahua
Droopy From the animated character, this name fits a Chihuahua with droopy ears
Ewok This Star Wars-inspired name is suitable for a small, furry Chihuahua
Frodo For fans of The Lord of the Rings, this name matches the small stature of Chihuahuas
Garfield Even though it's from a cat character, this name could suit a lazy or food-loving Chihuahua
Gizmo This name is taken from the small and cute character in the movie Gremlins, a fitting name for a Chihuahua
Groot A fun name for Marvel fans, for a Chihuahua that may be small but is mighty
Nemo A cute name for a Chihuahua, recalling the lovable fish character from Finding Nemo
Odie From the Garfield series, this name is suitable for a loving and somewhat naive Chihuahua
Olaf Frozen fans might enjoy naming their Chihuahua after this lovable character
Paddington A sweet name for a Chihuahua, recalling the beloved bear character
Pikachu Pokemon fans might appreciate this name given to their small, energetic Chihuahua
Pippin Another name from The Lord of the Rings, this one is fitting for a brave, petite Chihuahua
Pongo From 101 Dalmatians, this name is good for a Chihuahua with a playful spirit
Scooby For Scooby Doo lovers, a Chihuahua named Scooby could be a fun companion
Scrappy Inspired by Scrappy Doo, this name is perfect for a feisty and adventurous Chihuahua
Simba Reminiscent of The Lion King, for a Chihuahua with a big personality
Snoopy For Peanuts fans, this name suits a Chihuahua with a fun and adventurous spirit
Stitch The name of a small, lively character from Lilo & Stitch is perfect for a mischievous Chihuahua
Tinkerbell The name comes from the tiny fairy in Peter Pan, appropriate for a small Chihuahua
Winnie After Winnie the Pooh, a delightful name for a kind and loving Chihuahua
Yoda It’s inspired by the wise and small character from Star Wars, matching the small size of Chihuahuas

Food Names

Due to their small size, cute food names can be an adorable choice for a Chihuahua.
Name Description
Bean A name that's perfect for a small-sized Chihuahua
Burrito It's a cute name for a snuggly Chihuahua
Cerveza A lighthearted, beverage-related name for a Chihuahua
Chili This name is a playful reference to the breed's spiciness
Chipotle A name that signifies the Chihuahua's spicy character
Churro It reflects the breed's origin and is a sweet name for a pet
Cilantro It's a fresh and unique name for a Chihuahua
Enchilada A fun and unique name for a Chihuahua, highlighting its Mexican origin
Fajita This name is a great fit for a sizzling and lively Chihuahua
Guacamole A cute name that goes well with the dog's playful nature
Habanero A spicy name for a spirited Chihuahua
Jalapeno It symbolizes the breed's fiery spirit
Mango A sweet and tropical name for a Chihuahua
Mole A name that's a cute nod to a traditional Mexican sauce
Nacho A name that's both fun and a reference to the breed's heritage
Nachos This name is a fun reminder of the breed's homeland
Papaya A fun, fruity name for a Chihuahua
Pepper A name representing the Chihuahua's feistiness
Pinto A name that's both a type of bean and a cute name for a Chihuahua
Queso It's an endearing name for a little, yellow Chihuahua
Salsa The name is a tribute to the dog's vibrant personality
Taco It's a nod to the Chihuahua's Mexican roots
Tamale A traditional Mexican food name that's cute for a Chihuahua
Tequila A bold and spirited name for a Chihuahua
Tortilla A name that's a playful nod to Mexican cuisine

Fashion-related Names

Chihuahuas are often associated with fashion and glamour due to their popularity among celebrities, so names related to fashion can be fitting.
Name Description
Armani For the sophisticated and classy chihuahua
Balenciaga After the luxury fashion house from Spain
Burberry A high-end British fashion brand
Chanel Inspired by the high-end French fashion house
Coco Coco Chanel, the founder of the Chanel brand
Dior In honor of the renowned fashion brand
Dolce From the Italian fashion brand, Dolce & Gabbana
Fendi An Italian luxury fashion house
Gabbana Complement to Dolce, another Italian fashion brand
Givenchy French luxury fashion and perfume house
Gucci Even dogs can wear labels, metaphorically at least
Hermes A name that recalls the famous French brand
Louboutin Famous for their red-soled shoes
Louis Inspired by the luxury brand, Louis Vuitton
Marc Marc Jacobs, a fashionable American designer
Prada A stylish nod to the Italian luxury designer
Pucci Italian fashion brand known for their colorful prints
Ralph Inspired by American fashion designer Ralph Lauren
Rochas A French fashion and perfume house
Stella Derived from Stella McCartney, an English fashion designer
Valentino Named after an iconic Italian fashion brand
Vera Vera Wang is a famous bridal gown designer
Versace A glamorous brand for a glamorous pup
Vuitton Reminiscent of the high-end brand, Louis Vuitton
Yves After Yves Saint Laurent, the French fashion designer

Small-sized Names

Chihuahuas are known for their small size, so names that reflect their petite stature can be appropriate.
Name Description
Bean This is a nod to the dog's small size, similar to a little bean
Biscuit This name is a delightful reference to a small, bite-sized treat
Bitsy A playful and cute name, inspired by the phrase 'itsy bitsy'
Bonbon This is a fun name for a sweet, small dog, inspired by the candy
Button It's a playful nod to the dog's tiny size, similar to a clothing accessory
Cupcake This is a sweet, diminutive name, perfect for a tiny, sweet dog
Dinky An endearing term for something small and cute
Elf A fun name inspired by the small, mythical creatures
Munchkin It's a playful, affectionate term for a small person or thing
Niblet A whimsical option, referring to something small or insignificant
Nugget A golden name for a small, precious pup
Peanut This name is a cute reference to a small, bite-sized snack
Pebble It's a cute reference to the dog's petite size, just like a small stone
Pico Spanish for 'peak', it's a fun name for a little dog with a big personality
Pip A playful name derived from 'pipsqueak', highlighting the dog's small size
Pixie This name is inspired by small, magical creatures from folklore
Poppet This is a British term of endearment for a small or petite person
Runt This is a playful name that embraces the dog's small stature
Sprout This name captures the essence of something small yet full of potential
Squirt A cute name inspired by the term for a small, lively person
Teeny This name is a fun choice for a very small dog
Thimble A cute name for a small dog, just like the tiny sewing tool
Tinker This name suggests smallness, inspired by the character Tinker Bell
Tiny It's an obvious, yet affectionate nod to the dog's stature
Twiggy A playful name that signifies small and slender, just like a twig

Spanish Names

Chihuahuas originate from Mexico, so a Spanish name can be a good fit and homage to their roots.
Name Description
Bella In Spanish, this means 'beautiful', perfect for a lovely Chihuahua
Carlos A classic Spanish name, it can also be cute for a little Chihuahua
Coco A sweet name, it's also the title of a popular Mexican animated film
Diego A common Spanish name, it's a great choice for a male Chihuahua
Dulce This name means 'sweet' in Spanish, perfect for a lovable Chihuahua
Felipe This is a royal Spanish name, great for a noble Chihuahua
Fernando A popular name in Spain, it's strong and masculine
Hugo This name is popular in Spain, making it suitable for a Chihuahua
Isabella A popular Spanish name that means 'God is my oath'
Lola This a playful and feminine name, often used in Spanish culture
Lucia This name, meaning 'light', is popular in Spain
Luna This Spanish name means 'moon', perfect for a Chihuahua that lights up your night
Mariposa This name means 'butterfly' in Spanish, perfect for a graceful Chihuahua
Mateo This Spanish name means 'gift of God', perfect for a much-loved pet
Miguel A traditional Spanish name, it lends a touch of formality to your pet
Pablo A classic Spanish name, it's a good choice for an artistic Chihuahua
Paco This name is a common nickname in Spanish speaking countries, making it a strong choice
Pedro A classic Spanish name, it's simple and easy to call
Pepe A fun and playful name, commonly used in Mexico
Rico This name means 'rich' in Spanish, hinting at your Chihuahua's luxurious coat
Rosa A traditional and beautiful Spanish name that means 'rose'
Rosita A cute feminine Spanish name that means 'little rose'
Santos This Spanish name means 'saints', suitable for a well-behaved Chihuahua
Sofia Popular and elegant, it's a beautiful name in Spanish culture
Taco A fun and playful name, it's also a popular Mexican dish
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Pepito: A Chihuahua Story

In a bustling city filled with towering skyscrapers and endless sidewalks, there lived a tiny but mighty Chihuahua named Pepito. Pepito's small stature belied his courageous spirit and unyielding determination, qualities that made him stand out among the other dogs in his neighborhood.

Pepito's owner, Maria, was a kind, elderly woman who doted on her pint-sized companion. She would often regale her friends with tales of Pepito's bravery and unwavering loyalty, his heart as big as any of the larger dogs that roamed the city streets.

One sunny afternoon, as Maria and Pepito were taking their daily stroll through the park, they noticed a commotion near the edge of a small pond. A group of children had gathered around the water's edge, their worried faces revealing that something was amiss.

As Maria and Pepito drew closer, they saw that a young duckling had become entangled in a discarded plastic bag, its tiny body struggling to stay afloat amidst the murky water. The children were too afraid to wade into the pond to rescue the helpless creature, and the duckling's frantic cries were growing weaker by the moment.

Without hesitation, Pepito sprang into action. Despite his small size, he knew that he was uniquely equipped to navigate the shallow water and reach the struggling duckling. As Maria looked on with a mixture of anxiety and pride, Pepito plunged into the pond, his tiny legs propelling him through the water with surprising speed.

The other onlookers watched in amazement as the tiny Chihuahua swam toward the duckling, his determination and courage evident in every stroke. As he reached the frantic bird, Pepito carefully used his teeth to grasp the plastic bag, taking great care not to harm the vulnerable duckling.

With the bag firmly in his mouth, Pepito turned and swam back toward the shore, the duckling paddling alongside him as they made their way through the water. The children cheered as Pepito emerged from the pond, triumphantly holding the plastic bag aloft as the duckling waddled to rejoin its family.

As Maria scooped Pepito up into her arms, she couldn't help but beam with pride. Her little Chihuahua, so often underestimated because of his size, had proven that bravery and heroism were not measured in inches or pounds, but in the size of one's heart.

Word of Pepito's daring rescue spread quickly through the neighborhood, and soon, the tiny Chihuahua had become a local hero. People would stop Maria on the street to praise her courageous companion, and Pepito found himself the subject of countless pats and treats from his newfound admirers.

But for Pepito, the greatest reward was the love and affection of his owner, and the knowledge that he had been able to use his unique abilities to save a life. From that day forward, Pepito continued to prove that even the smallest among us can make a big difference, his bravery and heart a testament to the power of courage, determination, and love.

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