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Cocker Spaniel Names

Updated: October 06, 2023

      Coming up with some interesting Cocker Spaniel names is as easy as diving a little deeper into the origins of the breed. The word 'Cocker' in Cocker Spaniel comes from the breed's original use in hunting woodcocks. Scolo and Pax are a couple of ideas borrowed from the woodcock's genus. Dusky and Sula are names inspired by different species of woodcock. Billy, Bob, and Thornton are names taken from the actor who played the role of Woodcock in the movie ‘Mr. Woodcock’. Some famous people bearing the last name Woodcock include Eldred Nathaniel Woodcock (a hunter from Pennsylvania) and Robert Woodcock (a famous English musician). Obo is a good name with historic value. Both the English and American Cocker Spaniel are thought to be descendants of dogs named Obo (Obo and his son Obo II). The oboe is a similarly pronounced musical instrument. Other wind instruments provide names like Clarinet, Cornet, Dulcian, Kaval, Reed, and Willow.
Name Reason to Choose
Alec This common human name suits the sociable and friendly personality of the breed
Amber A beautiful name for a breed with a luscious golden coat
Annie Synonymous with grace, this name aptly represents the breed's gentle nature and regal bearing
Archie This name is fitting for a breed known for its friendly and sociable nature
Bailey A friendly and approachable name, embodying the breed's sociable and outgoing character
Balto Inspired by the famous sled dog, denoting the breed's strength and tenacity
Barney This name is fitting for a Cocker Spaniel because it is playful and endearing - just like the breed
Baxter This name is great for a Cocker Spaniel due to its meaning of 'baker,' reflecting their warm and comforting nature
Bella Italian for 'beautiful', this name suits the attractive and elegant appearance of Cocker Spaniels
Benny This name fits a breed that is known for its friendly and lovable nature
Billy Classic dog name that sounds friendly and approachable, much like the Cocker Spaniel
Birch Cocker Spaniels are nature lovers; they enjoy being outdoors. A name inspired by a tree signifies this trait
Biscuit This name suits a Cocker Spaniel with a light, golden coat
Bob It's a simple, classic, and universally recognized name, fitting for a well-liked breed
Brownie Ideal for a Cocker Spaniel with a dark, chocolate-colored coat
Bruno A strong and robust name, reflecting the breed's sturdy and solid build
Caramel For a Cocker Spaniel with a rich, caramel-colored coat
Carlisle This distinguished name reflects the breed's elegant and noble appearance
Chandler This name is reminiscent of the breed's charm and appeal
Charlie It's a friendly name, fitting for this breed known for their sociable temperament
Chester This classic name suits a breed with a long history and proud lineage
Chewy Ideal for a Cocker Spaniel who loves to chew on toys or treats
Chip A great name for a small and playful Cocker Spaniel
Chloe A soft and feminine name, mirroring the sweet and gentle temperament of the breed
Clarinet Named after a musical instrument, as these dogs have a melodious bark
Clyde This name is a good fit for a breed known for its adventurous side
Coco A fun and playful name, just like the playful and lively character of the breed
Cookie Ideal for a sweet and loveable Cocker Spaniel
Cooper It is a strong, traditional name for a robust breed
Cornet This musical term mirrors the breed's melodious and pleasant nature
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Literature Inspired Names

Cocker Spaniels have been featured in various books and stories. Naming them after a literary character can be a tribute to their storied history and intelligence.
Name Description
Algernon Taken from the character Algernon Moncrieff in 'The Importance of Being Earnest'
Atticus A tribute to the wise and compassionate Atticus Finch from 'To Kill a Mockingbird'
Austen A timeless name inspired by the author Jane Austen
Bennet For fans of 'Pride and Prejudice', named after the Bennet family
Bronte A tribute to the Bronte sisters, famous for their literary works
Darcy Named after the iconic Mr. Darcy from 'Pride and Prejudice'
Fitzgerald A literary name inspired by the author of 'The Great Gatsby', F. Scott Fitzgerald
Gatsby Inspired by the compelling character Jay Gatsby from 'The Great Gatsby'
Hamlet Named after the tragic hero from Shakespeare's 'Hamlet'
Hawthorne Named after the famous author Nathaniel Hawthorne
Heathcliff A fitting name for a dog, inspired by the character from 'Wuthering Heights'
Hemingway A strong name for a dog, inspired by the celebrated author Ernest Hemingway
Holden Inspired by Holden Caulfield, the protagonist of 'The Catcher in the Rye'
Huckleberry Inspired by the adventurous character Huckleberry Finn
Hugo Inspired by the author of 'Les Misérables', Victor Hugo
Moby A playful name from 'Moby Dick'
Orwell A tribute to the legendary author George Orwell
Othello From Shakespeare's play 'Othello', a unique name for a dog
Pip A nod to the protagonist Pip from 'Great Expectations'
Poe Named after the master of macabre, Edgar Allan Poe
Romeo A romantic name inspired by 'Romeo and Juliet'
Sawyer Inspired by the mischievous Tom Sawyer from Mark Twain's novel
Scout The curious and strong-willed Scout Finch from 'To Kill a Mockingbird' serves as an inspiration
Sherlock For a dog with a sharp sense, named after the famous detective Sherlock Holmes
Twain A whimsical name inspired by the author Mark Twain

Celebrity Inspired Names

Cocker Spaniels have been owned and loved by many celebrities. Naming them after a famous person can be a great conversation starter.
Name Description
Beyonce From the globally recognized pop icon, Beyonce
Bieber Inspired by the globally popular pop star, Justin Bieber
Chaplin For the love of the silent film star, Charlie Chaplin
Clint After Clint Eastwood, the classic Hollywood actor and director
Clooney In honor of the charming and talented actor, George Clooney
Depp After Johnny Depp, the renowned actor known for his unique roles
DiCaprio Inspired by the talented actor and environmental activist, Leonardo DiCaprio
Elvis In honor of the King of Rock and Roll, Elvis Presley
Freddie In memory of the charismatic lead vocalist of Queen, Freddie Mercury
Gaga After the unique and creative artist, Lady Gaga
Hanks Named in honor of the acclaimed actor, Tom Hanks
Hathaway Inspired by the talented actress, Anne Hathaway
Hepburn Reminiscent of the classic Hollywood star, Audrey Hepburn
Jolie From the graceful and talented actress, Angelina Jolie
Kendrick After the successful rapper and songwriter, Kendrick Lamar
Madonna Inspired by the queen of pop, Madonna
Mj In memory of the King of Pop, Michael Jackson
Monroe In tribute to the glamorous and iconic actress, Marilyn Monroe
Oprah In memory of the iconic television personality and philanthropist, Oprah Winfrey
Pitt Inspired by the handsome and talented actor, Brad Pitt
Prince In memory of the music legend, Prince
Rihanna After the fashionable and talented singer, Rihanna
Streep Tribute to the versatile actress, Meryl Streep
Swift After Taylor Swift, the famous singer-songwriter
Washington In tribute to the esteemed actor, Denzel Washington

Food Inspired Names

Cocker Spaniels are known for their love of food. Giving them a name inspired by food can be a fun and unique way to reflect their personality.
Name Description
Bagel A playful name for a Cocker Spaniel with a round, soft belly
Berry A sweet name for a dog with a vibrant, energetic personality
Biscuit Reminiscent of their golden-brown fur, just like a delicious biscuit
Caramel A sweet and smooth name for a Spaniel with a golden coat
Cherry A sweet and simple name for a lovable Cocker Spaniel
Cocoa Reminiscent of a Spaniel's deep, rich brown eyes
Cookie Perfect for a Cocker Spaniel with a coat that's a mix of colors, just like a cookie
Cupcake Because your Cocker Spaniel is just as sweet as this dessert
Donut A playful name for a Cocker Spaniel with a round, soft belly
Fudge For a dog with a coat as smooth and delightful as fudge
Ginger A spicy name for a dog with a reddish coat
Honey A sweet name that matches the sweet temperament of a Cocker Spaniel
Mocha Perfect for a dog with a mixture of brown and white fur, like a mocha coffee
Muffin This name is perfect for a fluffy Cocker Spaniel, much like a freshly baked muffin
Nutmeg A unique name for a Spaniel with a warm, nutty-colored coat
Olive Ideal for a dog with a coat as glossy as an olive
Peaches For a Cocker Spaniel with a soft, peach-like fur color
Peanut Great for a little Spaniel with a big personality, just like the nut
Pepper Ideal for a dog with a speckled coat or a lively, peppery spirit
Pickle A quirky name for a Cocker Spaniel with a fun, unpredictable personality
Pumpkin A sweet and seasonal name for an orange or reddish-coated Cocker Spaniel
Raisin Perfect for a dark-furred Cocker Spaniel
Sesame Ideal for a dog with a speckled coat, like a sesame seed bun
Taffy A fun name for a Cocker Spaniel with a sweet, playful nature
Truffle For a Cocker Spaniel that is a rare and precious find, like a truffle

Royal Names

Cocker Spaniels have a long history of being popular among royalty and aristocrats. Giving them a royal name can highlight their noble and elegant demeanor.
Name Description
Albert The beloved Prince Consort to Queen Victoria
Alexandra A name shared by many queens throughout history
Anne This name is inspired by the only daughter of Queen Elizabeth II
Arthur King Arthur's legendary reign inspired this one
Balmoral The Scottish retreat for the British Royal Family
Beatrice This name is shared by a princess of the British royal family
Buckingham This palace is the London residence of the Queen
Catherine The name of the current Duchess of Cambridge
Charles The name of the current Prince of Wales
Charlotte The name of the British royal family's young princess
Diana Inspiration comes from the late Princess of Wales
Edward This name was held by numerous English kings
Elizabeth This choice is a nod to one of England's longest reigning monarchs
Eugenie A name shared by a princess of the British royal family
George A common name for kings in Britain's history
Henry Several English kings bore this name
James This name is shared by several English and Scottish kings
Louis A name shared by many French kings
Margaret Named after Queen Elizabeth's younger sister
Philip This name pays tribute to the late Duke of Edinburgh
Richard Inspired by the name of several English kings
Spencer A nod to Lady Diana's maiden name
Victoria An era of British history is associated with this queen
William This choice is inspired by the current Duke of Cambridge
Windsor This castle is a primary residence for royals in England

Nature Inspired Names

Cocker Spaniels are playful and active, often associated with the outdoors and nature. Names inspired by nature can reflect their energetic and adventurous spirit.
Name Description
Aspen Drawn from the beautiful Aspen trees, a symbol of determination and overcoming fears
Birch Named after the Birch tree, a symbol of new beginnings and cleansing of the past
Breeze Symbolic of a fresh breeze in nature, bringing calm and peace
Brook An ode to the serene and peaceful brooks in nature
Cypress Derived from the majestic Cypress trees, a symbol of strength and adaptability
Daisy Named after the Daisy flower, symbolizing innocence and purity
Fern Inspired by the Fern plant, symbolizing sincerity and magic
Flora Emulates the diverse and beautiful flora in nature
Frost An ode to the chilling and beautiful frost in winter
Gale Symbolic of the powerful and unpredictable gales in nature
Hazel Inspired by the Hazel tree which is a symbol of wisdom and learning
Ivy Inspired by the Ivy plant, representing fidelity and eternal life
Jasmine Named after the fragrant Jasmine flower, symbolizing love and affection
Lily Inspired by the Lily flower, representing purity and commitment
Maple Taken from the Maple tree, symbolizing balance and promise
Meadow Reminiscent of the open and peaceful meadows in nature
Misty A nod to the mysterious and enchanting misty mornings in nature
Orchid Taken from the exquisite Orchid flower, representing love, beauty, and strength
Pebble A reminder of the small but significant stones found in natural landscapes
Rain Signifies the nourishing and life-giving rain in nature
River Depicts the ever flowing and lively streams of water in nature
Sky Emulates the vast and endless sky, reflecting freedom and infinity
Storm Reflects the raw and wild energy of a storm
Sunny Reflects the warm and joyful energy of the sun
Willow Inspired by the graceful Willow trees, known for their flexibility and resilience
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Story of a Cocker Spaniel named Jasper

In a picturesque village nestled in the heart of the English countryside, there lived a spirited Cocker Spaniel named Jasper. Jasper was a handsome dog with a silky, golden coat and kind, intelligent eyes. He belonged to a loving family who cherished him dearly, but Jasper longed for more than the comforts of home; he desired a grand adventure.

Jasper had heard tales of the prestigious Woodcock Hunting Championship, an annual event that brought together the finest hunting dogs from all over the country. The event was a celebration of skill, precision, and teamwork between dogs and their handlers, and Jasper was determined to compete and win.

With the support of his family, Jasper began an intense training regimen under the guidance of a seasoned hunting dog trainer named Mr. Bellingham. Mr. Bellingham was a stern but fair man who had trained many champions in his time. He recognized Jasper's potential and agreed to help him achieve his dream.

Each morning, Jasper would rise before the sun, eager to begin his training. Mr. Bellingham taught him the art of tracking, the importance of stealth, and the finesse required to flush out woodcocks without startling them. Over time, Jasper honed his natural instincts and developed into a formidable hunting dog.

As the day of the Woodcock Hunting Championship drew near, Jasper's excitement grew. His family, proud of his progress, accompanied him to the competition. The atmosphere was charged with anticipation, and Jasper's heart raced as he took in the sights and sounds of the bustling event.

The competition was fierce, with dogs of all breeds showcasing their hunting prowess. Jasper, however, remained focused on his goal, channeling his energy into each task he was presented with. He navigated the dense forest with grace and speed, his nose to the ground as he followed the elusive scent of the woodcocks.

As the day wore on, Jasper and Mr. Bellingham worked together seamlessly, demonstrating an impressive level of trust and understanding. Jasper flushed out woodcock after woodcock, allowing Mr. Bellingham to secure their captures with precision. The judges took note of Jasper's exceptional skill and the bond between dog and handler.

When the competition came to an end, the scores were tallied, and the judges announced the results. Jasper had won the Woodcock Hunting Championship, earning the title of the finest hunting dog in the land.

His family beamed with pride, and Mr. Bellingham praised Jasper for his hard work and dedication. Jasper had not only achieved his dream of winning the championship but had also shown the world the true potential of a Cocker Spaniel.

From that day forward, Jasper continued to hone his skills, training with Mr. Bellingham and competing in various hunting events. His story inspired others to pursue their dreams, proving that with determination, hard work, and the support of loved ones, anything is possible. Jasper's tale of perseverance and victory lived on, a testament to the boundless spirit of a Cocker Spaniel who dared to dream.

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