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      Collies are known for their intelligence and there is no surprise that names of philosophers, scientists, and medical doctors are popular choices. Plato, Darwin, and Hubble are a few ideas that stem from this naming tactic. A fun spin-off of this approach is to choose real or fictional doctors that don’t actually practice medicine. To get you started, Phil, Dre, Watson, Cosby, Seuss, Finlay, and Moreau are a small sampling of the available options. Many Collie names have been passed down through the generations and can be traced back to roots in Scotland and Northern England. In Scotland, a few of the more popular working Collie names are Tess, Meg, and Bess. Shorter names are a favorable option among most working dogs as they are typically easier to call out.
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Story of a Collie named Lila

In a quaint little town nestled at the foot of a majestic mountain range, there lived a clever and resourceful Collie named Lila. Lila was a strikingly beautiful dog with a lush, sable coat and bright, intelligent eyes that seemed to sparkle with curiosity. She belonged to a loving family who owned a small sheep farm on the outskirts of town.

Lila was the pride and joy of the farm, using her exceptional intelligence and natural herding instincts to help manage the flock. She would often accompany her owner, young Molly, to the town market, where she would delight the townsfolk with her playful antics and impressive tricks.

One warm summer afternoon, as Lila and Molly were returning from the market, they noticed a plume of smoke rising from the direction of their farm. With hearts pounding and a sense of urgency, they raced home to find that a small brush fire had ignited and was rapidly spreading towards the farmhouse and the sheep's pasture.

Molly's parents were desperately trying to douse the flames, but the fire was quickly becoming too much for them to handle. Realizing that the situation was dire, Lila knew she had to act fast to save her family and the sheep she had come to love.

With incredible focus and determination, Lila sprang into action. She guided the panicked sheep away from the encroaching flames and towards a nearby pond. Using her innate herding skills, she corralled the flock into the water, ensuring that they were safely out of harm's way.

Meanwhile, Molly and her parents continued their efforts to extinguish the fire. Lila, having secured the safety of the sheep, raced back to assist the family. She noticed a large barrel of water near the barn and, using her wit, knocked it over to create a makeshift barrier to slow the fire's progress.

As the fire continued to burn, Lila's intelligence and resourcefulness shone through. She darted back and forth, finding every water source she could to douse the flames. Her relentless determination inspired Molly and her parents to fight on, and together, they gradually began to gain the upper hand.

At last, with Lila's help, the family managed to extinguish the fire, saving their home and the sheep from certain disaster. Exhausted but grateful, they embraced Lila, showering her with love and praise for her bravery and quick thinking.

The story of Lila's heroics quickly spread throughout the town, and she became a local legend. The townsfolk marveled at her incredible intelligence and the selfless act that had saved her family and the farm.

From that day on, Lila continued to be a valued member of the family and the farm, using her keen mind and unwavering loyalty to help in any way she could. Her tale of bravery and resourcefulness served as a reminder to the people of the town that even in the face of adversity, the power of a clever and loyal Collie could save the day.

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