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Updated: May 26, 2024

Welcome to this unique page where we will explore the rich culture and heritage of Colombia through a different lens - dog names! Colombia, known for its diverse landscapes, warm people, and vibrant culture, serves as a fantastic source of inspiration when it comes to naming your four-legged companion.

Whether you have a deep-rooted Colombian heritage, a love for the country's history and traditions, or simply an appreciation for its beautiful language, these dog names are a perfect way to express that. The names we've gathered here are a mix of popular Colombian names, iconic locations, famous personalities, and words that reflect the country's spirit. So, delve in and find that special name for your furry friend that beautifully connects them to the Colombian heritage.

Name Reason to Choose
Aguila Spanish for 'eagle', a common bird in Colombia
Ajiaco A popular Colombian dish, a fun choice for a food-loving pet
Altiplano A reference to the high plains in Colombia
Amarillo It translates to 'yellow', one of the colors in the Colombian flag
Amazonas Inspired by the Amazon rainforest, part of which is in Colombia
Amazonia Symbolizing the Amazon forest that covers part of Colombia
Andres Honoring Andrés Escobar, a famous Colombian footballer
Antioquia Named after a department in Colombia
Aracataca The birthplace of Gabriel Garcia Marquez
Arepas A traditional Colombian food, a cute name for a fat dog
Atlas Perfect for a strong dog, referencing the strength of the Atlas mountains
Azuero After the Azuero peninsula, known for its beautiful beaches
Azufral A stratovolcano located in the department of Nariño
Bacano Colombian slang for 'cool', perfect for a cool dog
Bamba A salute to the Colombian music and dance style, bambuco
Bambuco A traditional Colombian music and dance style
Barranquilla Named after a major city in Colombia
Bocachico A fish commonly found in Colombian rivers
Bogota The capital city of Colombia, a common choice for a pet name
Bolivar Named after a department in northern Colombia
Boyaca Named after a department in Colombia known for its agriculture
Cacao Colombia is known for its quality cacao production
Cacique A tribute to the indigenous tribal chiefs of Colombia
Café For Colombia's world-renowned coffee production
Cafetero Reflects Colombia's famous coffee producing region
Caldas Named after a department in Colombia
Cali Named after the city in Colombia known for salsa dancing
Canalón It's a traditional Colombian musical instrument
Cano Inspired by Caño Cristales, a beautiful river in Colombia
Caribe This pays tribute to the Caribbean region of the country
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Colombian Cultural Terms

Words and terms unique to Colombian culture can make distinctive and meaningful dog names.
Name Description
Ajiaco This is a traditional Colombian soup, making it a familiar and comforting name
Andino In reference to the Andes mountains that run through Colombia
Arepa A type of food made of ground maize dough, very popular in Colombian cuisine
Bogota The capital city of Colombia
Cafetero A tribute to the coffee-growing region of Colombia
Cali A lively city in Colombia known for its salsa culture
Cartagena One of Colombia's most famous cities, known for its historic charm and Caribbean coast
Chiva A traditional Colombian bus used in rural areas
Condor The Andean Condor is Colombia's national bird
Cumbia Named after a popular dance and musical genre originating from Colombia
Emerald Colombia is famous for its beautiful emeralds
Guajira A Colombian region known for its indigenous Wayúu culture
Macondo The fictional town in Gabriel Garcia Marquez's 'One Hundred Years of Solitude', a famous Colombian novel
Mariposa Means 'butterfly' in Spanish, a common sight in Colombia's diverse ecosystems
Medellin A city in Colombia known for its annual flower festival
Orchid The Orchid is the national flower of Colombia
Paisa A term used to refer to people from the Paisa Region in Colombia
Panela A type of unrefined whole cane sugar common in Colombian cooking
Ruana A traditional Colombian garment, similar to a poncho
Salsa A popular dance style in Colombian culture
Sancocho A typical Colombian soup made with various meats and vegetables
Sombrero A traditional hat in Colombia
Tinto A colloquial term for black coffee, a popular drink in Colombia
Vallenato A popular folk music of Colombia
Zafra A term used in Colombia to refer to the sugarcane harvest

Colombian Nature Names

Colombia's diverse nature and geography can provide beautiful and unique names for dogs.
Name Description
Amarillo Spanish for 'yellow', inspired by the country's vibrant sunflowers
Amazona A nod to the Amazon Rainforest, which extends into Colombia
Andino A reference to the Andes Mountains, a prominent natural feature in Colombia
Arrecife Spanish for 'reef', referencing Colombia's rich marine ecosystem
Azucar Spanish for 'sugar', a popular crop in Colombia
Cacao Named after the cacao plant, which is native to Colombia
Café A nod to the country's famous coffee production
Calima Named after the Lake Calima, a popular tourist spot in Colombia
Caribe In reference to the Caribbean Sea, which borders Colombia
Cauca Named after the Cauca River, a major waterway in Colombia
Corazo Spanish for 'heart', expressing love for Colombia
Cumbia After a traditional Colombian dance, reflecting the country's lively culture
Emeralda Inspired by Colombia's reputation as a major source of emeralds
Guaro Named after the Colombian national alcoholic beverage, derived from sugar cane
Jaguar After the majestic big cat species found in Colombia
Mariposa Spanish for 'butterfly', abundant in Colombia's biodiversity
Muisca After the Muisca people, the indigenous inhabitants of central Colombia
Nevado Refers to the snow-capped peaks in Colombia
Orchidea Inspired by the national flower of Colombia, the orchid
Paisa A colloquial term for people from the Paisa region in Colombia
Páramo Refers to the unique high-altitude ecosystems found in Colombia
Piranga After a vibrant bird species found in Colombia
Quindio Named after the Department of Quindío, known for its coffee plantations
Sombra Spanish for 'shadow', indicative of the shady rainforests in Colombia
Tayrona After the Tayrona National Natural Park in Colombia

Famous Colombian People

Famous Colombian figures, whether they're artists, athletes, or politicians, can serve as inspiration for dog names.
Name Description
Armero In honor of Pablo Armero, a well-known Colombian footballer
Botero This name honors the renowned Colombian artist Fernando Botero
Cabello Inspired by Consuelo Cabello, a Colombian poet
Carrera Tribute to José María Carrera, a Colombian artist
Cepeda After Andrés Cepeda, a well-known Colombian singer
Cesar Named for Cesar Gaviria, a former Colombian President
Egan After Egan Bernal, Colombia's first Tour de France winner
Falcao Named after Radamel Falcao, a professional Colombian footballer
Fanny After Fanny Lu, a popular Colombian singer
Gabo Short for Gabriel Garcia Marquez, a Nobel laureate and author from Colombia
Higuita After René Higuita, a famous Colombian football goalkeeper
Jaramillo In honor of Jota Mario Jaramillo, a Colombian TV host and journalist
JBalvin A name inspired by the popular reggaeton artist from Colombia
Juanes Inspired by the famous Colombian musician
Maluma After the Colombian singer and songwriter
Mariana In honor of Mariana Pajón, a gold medalist Colombian BMX cyclist
Nairo After Nairo Quintana, a professional Colombian cyclist
Pombo Inspired by Rafael Pombo, one of Colombia's most beloved poets
Shakira Named after the famous Colombian singer and songwriter
Silvestre In tribute to Silvestre Dangond, a famous Colombian vallenato singer
Sofia An homage to Sofia Vergara, a Colombian actress and model
Valderrama It's inspired by Carlos Valderrama, a legendary Colombian footballer
Vives Named for Carlos Vives, a Colombian singer and actor
Yerry After Yerry Mina, a professional Colombian footballer
Zapata Pays tribute to Cristian Zapata, a professional Colombian footballer

Colombian Food Names

Colombian cuisine is rich and diverse, and can provide unique and interesting names for dogs.
Name Description
Ajiaco Named after a popular Colombian chicken and potato soup
Arepa This name is inspired by a traditional Colombian bread made of corn
Bandeja Refers to Bandeja Paisa, a typical Colombian dish
Brevas Named after a type of fig used in Colombian desserts
Buñuelo Inspired by a traditional Colombian snack similar to a cheese donut
Caramelo Spanish word for 'candy', common in many Colombian sweets
Cazuela Inspired by Cazuela de Mariscos, a Colombian seafood stew
Choclo Inspired by a type of Colombian corn
Cholado Named after a popular Colombian dessert with fruit and ice
Chontaduro Inspired by a fruit native to Colombia
Empanada Named after a popular Colombian snack made from dough and various fillings
Guandul Refers to a type of pigeon pea used in Colombian cuisine
Guayaba Signifies a fruit often used in Colombian desserts
Hormiga Short for 'Hormigas Culonas', a traditional Colombian delicacy of roasted ants
Lechona Refers to a traditional Colombian dish made of stuffed pig
Manjar Inspired by Manjar Blanco, a Colombian dessert
Mazorca Refers to a Colombian dish made with corn
Natilla Refers to a popular Colombian Christmas dessert
Oblea A popular Colombian dessert made of two thin wafers
Pandebono A type of Colombian cheese bread
Panela In honor of a type of unrefined whole cane sugar common in Colombia
Patacon Named after a Colombian dish made from fried plantain
Sancocho Signifies a traditional Colombian soup
Tamal A traditional Colombian dish made from corn dough
Tinto In honor of a type of Colombian coffee

Colombian City Names

Naming pets after Colombian cities can be a unique and cultural way to find a name.
Name Description
Armenia Part of the coffee triangle, it's a hub for coffee lovers
Barranquilla Celebrated for its annual carnival, one of the biggest in the world
Bogota The capital city of Colombia, offering a mix of cultural heritage and modernism
Bucaramanga Known as 'the pretty city', it's one of Colombia's touristic destinations
Cali A vibrant city, famous for salsa dancing
Cartagena Historical coastal city, famous for its beautiful beaches
Cucuta Important hub of commerce and industry in Colombia
Girardot A city known for its hot weather and popular water parks
Ibague Famous as the musical city of Colombia
Manizales Located in the coffee region, it's known for its coffee culture
Medellin Known for its pleasant weather, it's the second largest city in Colombia
Monteria Known for its cattle farming and cowboy lifestyle
Neiva A city with rich cultural heritage and folkloric traditions
Pasto A city known for its religious and cultural festivities
Pereira A city located in the coffee growing region of Colombia
Popayan Known as the white city, famous for its colonial architecture
Quibdo Known for its Afro-Colombian culture and tropical rainforest
Riohacha A coastal city with beautiful beaches and a rich indigenous culture
SantaMarta A popular tourist destination with beautiful beaches and mountains
Sincelejo A city with rich folkloric traditions and festivals
Tunja Historical city with a lot of colonial architecture
Valledupar Home to the Vallenato music, a traditional Colombian music genre
Villavicencio Gateway to the plains of Colombia, known for its cowboy culture
Yopal Gateway to the vast plains of the Eastern Llanos
Zipaquira Famed for its underground Salt Cathedral
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