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Corgi Names

Updated: October 06, 2023

      Many name ideas can be taken from the Corgi’s fox-like appearance. Fox-themed names taken from popular media include Tails (Sonic the Hedgehog’s sidekick), Tod (from Disney’s The Fox and the Hound), and Swiper (from Dora the Explorer). As if the appearance weren’t enough, Corgi’s (originally a herding breed) are also very quick and nimble. A few fitting names like Flash and Lightning can be derived from this trait. And you can’t think of quick and nimble names without considering Jack, the primary example, who spends his days climbing beanstalks and jumping over candlesticks. Both the Cardigan and Pembroke breeds of the Welsh Corgi originated from counties in Wales. Welsh names that match the personality or appearance of a puppy provide many unique options that are true to the breed’s roots.
Name Reason to Choose
Afon A Welsh name meaning 'river', ideal for a Corgi who loves water
Alwyn It's a traditional Welsh name, reflecting the Welsh lineage of the breed
Amber This name suits a Corgi with a warm and radiant personality
Aqua A fun name for a Corgi with a love for water and swimming
Arwel This is a traditional Welsh name, reflecting the breed's Welsh roots
Bandit Ideal for a Corgi who's always stealing your slippers
Baxter It's a strong, fun name for a dog with a big personality, like a Corgi
Berry A sweet, charming name fitting for a lovable Corgi
Bingo This name suits a Corgi who loves games and fun
Biscuit This name is a perfect choice for a Corgi because it suits their biscuit-colored fur
Brenin A Welsh name that reflects the Corgi's roots in Wales
Brinkley This name is appealing and unique, a good match for a Corgi's distinct personality
Bryn A Welsh name that matches the breed's heritage
Bubble Their bubbly and playful personality make Bubble an appropriate name
Butterscotch It's a yummy name for a Corgi with a coat color that resembles the candy
Button Their small size and charming personality make Button an appropriate name
Cadell Since the Corgi breed is from Wales, Welsh names like this one are often chosen
Candy This name is as sweet and delightful as a Corgi's demeanor
Carwyn This name hails from the native land of Corgis, Wales, and it signifies love
Catrin This name is of Welsh origin, like the breed itself
Celyn This is a Welsh name that fits well with the Welsh heritage of the breed
Cheddar Ideal for a Corgi with a golden coat and a cheesy grin
Chubby A lovable name for a Corgi with a little extra fluff
Cider This warm, autumnal name reflects the cozy, friendly nature of a Corgi
Cinnamon Their reddish-brown fur color can resemble cinnamon
Cookie Similar to biscuit, this name is a fun and sweet option
Cuddles Perfect for a Corgi who loves to snuggle up and get cozy
Cupcake Their sweet nature and fluffy coat can make them as adorable as a cupcake
Dan It's an easy and simple name that reflects the friendly nature of a Corgi
Donut It's a sweet name for a Corgi who's round and full of sweetness
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Famous Corgi Names

These names are inspired by famous or well-known Corgis from movies, TV shows, books, or real life.
Name Description
Bella Inspired by Bella the Corgi, a popular social media dog
Biscuit A tribute to Biscuit the Corgi, a popular social media canine
Buddy A tribute to Buddy the Corgi, a popular dog on social media
Charlie A tribute to Charlie the Corgi, a well-known and loved internet pet
Chomp Named after a popular Corgi on Instagram known for his adorable antics
Cooper A nod to Cooper the Corgi, a well-known pet influencer on social media
Daisy Inspired by Daisy the Corgi, a famous online dog
Finn Named after Finn the Corgi, a well-known pet influencer
Hazel Inspired by Hazel the Corgi, a popular dog on Facebook
Loki Borrowed from Loki the Corgi, a beloved pet on Instagram with a large following
Max Derived from Max the Corgi, a well-known pet influencer
Milo Named after Milo the Corgi, a popular dog on Instagram
Muffin Inspired by Muffin the Corgi, a well-known and loved internet dog
Oscar A tribute to Oscar the Corgi, an internet sensation for his cute tricks
Peanut A nod to Peanut the Corgi, a well-known dog on TikTok
Penny A nod to Penny the Corgi, a famous dog on Instagram
Pippa Inspired by Pippa the Corgi, a famous social media pet
Riley Named after Riley the Corgi, a famous dog on Twitter
Ruby Named after Ruby the Corgi, a well-known dog on the internet
Scooter A nod to Scooter the Corgi, a popular dog influencer
Teddy Inspired by Teddy the Corgi, a famous social media dog
Tibby Inspired by Tibby the Corgi, a famous dog on YouTube
Waffles A tribute to Waffles the Corgi, loved by many for his fluffy coat and playful nature
Winston Named after Winston the Corgi, a well-known pet on Instagram
Zoe Inspired by Zoe the Corgi, a famous pet influencer

Funny Corgi Names

These names are perfect for owners who want to emphasize their Corgi's playful, quirky, and cheerful personality.
Name Description
Biscuit Because Corgis are as delightful as a fresh-baked biscuit
Bubbles Reflects the bubbly and friendly personality of Corgis
Butterbean Given their small size and buttery soft fur
Cheddar Reminiscent of a Corgi's golden coat and their cheesiness
Cupcake A sweet name for a sweet Corgi
Einstein Because Corgis are known for their intelligence
Furball Because Corgis are a bundle of fur
Giggles A name that captures the joy a Corgi brings
Jellybean Corgis are as delightful and colorful as a handful of jellybeans
Marshmallow Corgis are as irresistible and squishy as a marshmallow
Muffin Because Corgis are as sweet and lovable as a freshly baked muffin
Nacho Because this Corgi is too good to share
Nugget Their small, compact bodies resemble a nugget
Pancake Corgis, with their flat and fluffy bodies, resemble yummy pancakes
Picasso For Corgis with a uniquely artistic mess-making ability
Poptart For Corgis with a sweet nature and vibrant energy
Pudding Because Corgis are as delightful as a dessert
Puddle Perfect for Corgis who can't resist a good splash
Scribble Inspired by the Corgi's playful and chaotic energy
Sir Barksalot Honoring a Corgi's love for making their voice heard
Snuggles For a Corgi who loves nothing more than a cozy cuddle
Squirt A fun name for a tiny Corgi with a big personality
Sushi Inspired by the love of food and the Corgi's roll-like form
Tofu A nod to the Corgi's soft and squishy charm
Wiggles Inspired by the Corgi's famous wiggling walk

Cute Corgi Names

Corgis are known for their cute and charming appearance, making cute names a popular choice for these dogs.
Name Description
Biscuit A cute name reflecting a Corgi's small size and sweet nature
Button It's a sweet name that captures a Corgi's small size and charm
Cherry A sweet and vibrant name, reflecting the Corgi's lively personality
Cookie A cute name that suits a Corgi's sweet and lovable nature
Cupcake A delightful name that showcases a Corgi's sweet disposition
Dumpling An adorable name that captures a Corgi's round physique and lovable nature
Giggles An endearing name that reflects a Corgi's fun and joyful demeanor
Jellybean This name is playful and colorful, just like a Corgi's personality
Marshmallow This name perfectly matches the fluffy, soft appearance of a Corgi
Mittens This name reflects the adorable paw size of a Corgi
Muffin This name is as sweet and lovable as your Corgi
Nibbles It reminds us of a Corgi's love for treats
Pancake This name is as sweet and delightful as your Corgi
Peanut A cute and fitting name for a small, playful Corgi
Pickle A silly and endearing name, reflecting a Corgi's playful nature
Pip This short name echoes the playful nature of Corgis
Pixie An adorable name that reflects the small size and magical charm of a Corgi
Pudding A delightful name that captures the Corgi's charming character
Pumpkin The name is as round and cute as a Corgi
Snuggles A fitting name for a Corgi, known for their love of snuggling
Sprinkles An adorable name, reminiscent of a Corgi's colorful and playful character
Squirt It's a funny and endearing name, reflecting a Corgi's energetic personality
Taco An adorable name that highlights a Corgi's small size
Twinkles This name captures the Corgi's sparkling personality
Waffles It's a sweet and adorable name, much like the Corgi's personality

Welsh Corgi Names

Corgis originate from Wales, so traditional or popular Welsh names can be a unique choice.
Name Description
Afon A unique Welsh name for your Corgi, meaning 'river'
Betsan A Welsh name that would suit a female Corgi
Bryn A traditional Welsh name meaning 'hill', great for a Corgi who loves to run up and down slopes
Dewi It's a common Welsh name, suitable for a Corgi of Welsh heritage
Dylan It's a Welsh name that's a popular choice for dogs
Eira This name, meaning 'snow' in Welsh, is perfect for a white-coated Corgi
Ffion Meaning 'foxglove' in Welsh, it's a cute name for a Corgi with a floral charm
Griff This name is derived from the Welsh word for 'strong', fitting for a robust Corgi
Gwen This name is of Welsh origin and fitting for a female Corgi
Hefin In Welsh, this name means 'summer', perfect for a Corgi who loves to play in the sun
Iolo A traditional Welsh name that could be a good fit for a Corgi
Llew This name means 'lion' in Welsh, ideal for a brave-hearted Corgi
Mali A sweet Welsh name for a female Corgi
Nia This is a popular Welsh name that would suit a female Corgi
Owen A classic Welsh name that's a good fit for a Corgi
Prys This unique Welsh name could be a good fit for a male Corgi
Rhiannon A name of Welsh origin that's a popular choice for female dogs
Rhys A popular Welsh name that could be a good fit for a Corgi
Seren This name means 'star' in Welsh, ideal for a Corgi that shines brightly in your life
Sian This name is of Welsh origin and fitting for a female Corgi
Taran In Welsh, this name means 'thunder', a fun name for a Corgi with a big bark
Tegwen A unique Welsh name for a female Corgi, meaning 'fair and blessed'
Urien In Welsh, this name means 'privileged birth', perfect for a royal Corgi
Vaughn This name is derived from the Welsh word for 'small', fitting for a Corgi
Wyn A traditional Welsh name meaning 'white', great for a light-coated Corgi

Royal Corgi Names

Corgis have a long history with the British royal family, so names with a royal touch could be perfect for them.
Name Description
Albert Paying homage to Queen Victoria's beloved husband
Alexander The name of many historic rulers across the world
Anne Conjures the memory of Queen Anne, the last monarch of the House of Stuarts
Arthur Named after the legendary king, symbolizing strength and nobility
Balmoral Memorializes the Scottish estate of the royal family
Catherine For the Duchess of Cambridge, a modern royal icon
Charles In honor of the current Prince of Wales
Duchess A title in royal hierarchy, perfect for a regal female corgi
Edmund Named for the early English king, Edmund the Magnificent
Edward A nod to various past kings
Eleanor Echoes the name of a historically influential French queen
Elizabeth A tribute to the current queen
Emma After Emma of Normandy, queen consort of England, Denmark, and Norway
George Reminiscent of numerous British monarchs
Henry Reflects the moniker of many a past king
James For the first monarch to reign over both England and Scotland
Louis In commemoration of multiple French monarchs
Margaret Named after Queen Elizabeth's younger sister
Mary Captures the name of England's first reigning queen
Matilda In memory of the first female ruler of England
Philip In honor of Queen Elizabeth's late husband
Sophia Named for Sophia of Hanover, who shaped the line of British succession
Victoria Honoring the longest-reigning queen in British history
William In recognition of the future king
Windsor Inspired by the current British royal family's house name
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Story of the Unlikely Friendship of Toby the Corgi

In a quaint and peaceful countryside, a young and energetic Corgi named Toby lived with his human family on a small farm. Toby loved to explore the fields and forests surrounding his home, his short legs carrying him on countless adventures.

One day, as Toby was exploring the edge of the forest, he caught a glimpse of a flash of red fur darting between the trees. Intrigued, he decided to investigate, his curiosity piqued by the mysterious creature.

As Toby ventured deeper into the forest, he discovered the source of the red fur: a young fox named Finn. Finn was an orphan, having lost his family to a hunter's trap. He had been living alone in the woods, surviving on his wits and cunning.

Toby, sensing Finn's loneliness and vulnerability, felt an instant connection to the young fox. Despite their differences, he knew that they shared a common bond: the love of adventure and the desire for friendship.

Over the next few weeks, Toby and Finn began to forge a friendship unlike any other. They spent their days exploring the woods together, their laughter and playful barks echoing through the trees. Toby taught Finn the ways of the farm, showing him how to avoid the dangers that lurked in the countryside, while Finn shared his knowledge of the forest and its many secrets.

Their friendship blossomed, and soon they were inseparable, their days filled with adventure and companionship. Toby's family, having noticed their beloved Corgi's newfound happiness, welcomed Finn into their home, offering him the love and security he had been missing.

The farm became a haven for the unlikely duo, a place where they could grow and learn together, free from the dangers of the world outside. The other animals on the farm, initially wary of the wild fox, soon came to accept Finn as one of their own, his gentle nature and playful spirit winning them over.

Toby and Finn's friendship was a testament to the power of love and acceptance, their bond transcending the boundaries of species and the barriers of the wild. They had shown one another that, with trust and understanding, even the most unlikely of friendships could thrive.

As the seasons passed, Toby and Finn continued to explore the world around them, their adventures taking them far and wide. And as they raced through the fields and forests, their laughter and barks a joyful symphony, they knew that they had found in each other a friend for life.

The story of Toby the Corgi and Finn the Fox spread throughout the countryside, a heartwarming reminder of the power of friendship and the magic of the world around us. And as they grew older, their bond remained as strong as ever, a constant source of love and support in a world filled with uncertainty and change.

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