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Updated: October 06, 2023

      After being hounded extensively we have finally put together a fleasible collection of dog name puns. While the process has left us mutterly exhausted, this is pawsibly the most fun we have had making a list to date. Pardon us if the names are a little bit ruff around the edges. It was late, and we were sired while putting them together. If you are here to see some funny names for dogs, we’ll definitely throw you a bone. If you aren’t, you are probably barking up the wrong tree. Howl you know? Just hike it over to the list and pee for yourself. Remember to take them in slowly, you wouldn’t want to roverdose.

Additonal Puns...

  • How do you know if your watchdog isn't working? Check him for ticks.
  • How do you know when you have found the right Boxer? She’ll knock you off your feet.
  • I have been thinking of adopting a Lab. It’s purely experimental.
  • How do you help a new quail hunter? Give him some Pointers.
  • The other day I was insulted by my Chihuahua. It was a real yap in the face.
  • My Jack Russell’s first experience with the groomer could only be described as shear terrier.
Name Reason to Choose
Adog Bitler In this pun, a historical figure's name is playfully transformed by replacing 'Adolf' with 'Adog' and 'Hitler' with 'Bitler,' suggesting a dog's propensity for biting
Al Poochino This name creatively combines 'pooch,' a term for dog, with the actor Al Pacino's name
Andy Warhowl This name amusingly combines a dog sound with the artist, Andy Warhol
Arfistotle This is a pun on the name of the famous philosopher, Aristotle
Avon Barksdale This name is a fun modification of the character from The Wire, Avon Barksdale
Barcus Aurelius A pun is made by replacing 'Marcus,' the name of an ancient Roman philosopher, with 'bark,' a sound dogs make
Bark Antony A historical choice for a dog with a powerful presence
Bark Gable A classic choice for a charming pooch
Bark Kent Comic book fans will appreciate this pun on Superman's alter ego, Clark Kent
Bark Obama A presidential choice for a dignified dog
Bark Pitt Perfect for a pooch with star appeal
Bark Ruffalo A modern choice for a dog with an activist streak
Bark Simpson A great punny name for fans of The Simpsons
Bark Twain This name would suit a wise and witty pooch
Bark Vader This is a pun based on the Star Wars character, Darth Vader
Bark Wahlberg For fans of actor Mark Wahlberg, this would be a fun name for their dog
Bark Walberg A name suitable for a dog with star quality
Bark Zuckerberg For the tech-savvy dog
Barkangel Gabriel This name is a pun on the biblical figure, Archangel Gabriel
Barker Posey This name is great for a dog who is always in the limelight
Barkimedes For the dog who's always calculating the perfect spot to bury its bone
Barklyn Decker This pun on the name of model Brooklyn Decker would be a stylish name for any dog
Barko Polo This pun on the explorer Marco Polo's name would be a great name for an adventurous dog
Barky Bark This name is a humorous take on the rapper Marky Mark's stage name
Begthoven This name puns on a renowned classical composer, incorporating a common dog behavior, 'begging'
Beowoof This name is a fun play on the old English epic poem, Beowulf
Bilbo Barkins This name is a playful take on the character Bilbo Baggins from 'The Hobbit.'
Biscuit OBarkley A delicious sounding pun on the name of basketball player Charles Barkley
Bob Barker It's a witty spin on the name of the famous game show host, Bob Barker
Boba Fetch This is a pun on the popular Star Wars character Boba Fett
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Location-Based Puns

A pun based on a location can be a fun way to pay tribute to a favorite place or to your dog's origin.
Name Description
Barkansas It's inspired by the state of Arkansas
Barkelona A pun on the city of Barcelona
Barkjing A pun on the city of Beijing
Barklyn A playful twist on the New York City borough, Brooklyn
Boston Terrierville It's based on the breed Boston Terrier and the concept of towns or villages
Bostong A twist on the city of Boston, suitable for a Boston Terrier
Bulldog Aires A pun on Buenos Aires, suitable for a Bulldog
Chihuahuakarta A blend of Chihuahua and Jakarta
Colliewood A twist on Hollywood that's suitable for a Collie
Corgifornia It's derived from the state of California and the breed Corgi
Labbasas A pun on Calabasas, ideal for a Labrador retriever
Labrador City Inspired by the city in Canada and the breed Labrador
Muttreal It's inspired by the city of Montreal, ideal for a mixed breed dog
Paris Poodle It's derived from the city of Paris and the breed Poodle
Pawcific Ocean Inspired by the Pacific Ocean, ideal for a dog that loves water
Pawris A twist on the city of Paris
Paws Vegas A fun play on the city of Las Vegas
Pawston A fun play on the city of Houston
Pompeii-nian A pun on Pompeii, best for a Pomeranian dog
Poodlelphia Ideal for a poodle and a pun on Philadelphia
Pug York City An ideal name for a pug, a pun on New York City
Pugsylvania It's perfect for a pug and it's derived from Pennsylvania
Pupscow Inspired by the city of Moscow
Ruffsdale A playful twist on towns with 'dale' suffix, implies a dog's bark
Shih Tzun Francisco Perfect for a Shih Tzu, it's a pun on San Francisco

Movie Character Puns

A pun based on a movie character can be a great conversation starter and allows you to express your love for a particular movie or character.
Name Description
Bark Twain An amusing twist on the name of a famous author, perfect for a literary hound
Brad Pitbull A playful spin on a popular actor's name, ideally suited for a pitbull
Chewbacca A punny choice for a Star Wars fan's dog who also loves to chew
Droolius Caesar A humorous nod to a historical figure, ideal for a dog who drools a lot
Fleas Witherspoon A funny take on a famous actress's name, perfect for a dog with a playful personality
Growlcho Marx An amusing name for a dog who growls a lot, inspired by a well-known comedian
Hairy Potter An ideal name for a dog who's a little bit scruffy, reminiscent of a beloved fantasy character
Indiana Bones A great choice for adventurous dogs, in reference to an iconic movie character
James Bondage A playful name for a dog who's a bit of an escape artist, echoing a famous spy's name
K9 Reeves A clever pun on a popular actor's name, perfect for a dog who's a bit of a hero
LabraThor Ideally suited for a strong and brave Labrador, reminiscent of a Norse god
Mutt Damon A funny twist on a well-known actor's name, great for a mixed-breed dog
Napoleon Bone-aparte A humorous take on a historical figure's name, ideal for a dog who loves to chew bones
Obi-Wan Kenobi A punny name for a Star Wars fan's dog, reminiscent of a wise Jedi
Pawdry Hepburn A charming choice for a classy dog, echoing a beloved actress's name
Quentin Terrier-tino A clever pun on a renowned director's name, perfect for a terrier
Ruffael Nadal A funny name for a dog who loves to play fetch, inspired by a famous tennis player
Sir Waggington A dignified yet playful choice for a dog with a wagging tail, reminiscent of a British knight
Tailor Swift A punny name for a fast-moving dog, echoing a popular singer's name
Underdog An amusing name for a brave little dog, reminiscent of a popular cartoon character
Virgil van Dog A clever spin on a footballer's name, ideal for a dog who loves to play ball
Woofgang Puck A playful twist on a famous chef's name, perfect for a dog who loves food
Xena: Doggie Princess An amusing choice for a brave and protective female dog, in reference to a famous warrior princess
Yoda A punny choice for a Star Wars fan's dog who's small but wise
Zorro A funny name for a dog with black fur, reminiscent of a masked vigilante

Famous People Puns

Naming your dog after a celebrity or famous person with a clever twist can be a fun and humorous way to choose a name.
Name Description
Albert Einswim Inspired by the celebrated physicist's name
Bark Obama A humorous take on the name of the former U.S. president
Bark Twain A twist on the name of the famous American writer, Mark Twain
Biscuit Marley Inspired by the legendary reggae musician, Bob Marley
Bone, James Bone A twist on the name of the iconic secret agent character, James Bond
Brad Pitbull A pun on the name of a popular Hollywood actor
Charles Barkley Inspired by the famous basketball player's name
Chewbacca Obama A comical combination of the beloved Star Wars character and America's 44th president
Collie Parton Inspired by the country singer, Dolly Parton
Droolius Caesar A fun parody of the name of the famous Roman dictator
Elvis Pawsley A twist on the name of the King of Rock and Roll
Fleaonce Knowles A playful take on the name of the pop star, Beyonce Knowles
Fur-gie A play on the name of the singer from the Black Eyed Peas
Growlileo Galilei A pun on the name of the famous Italian astronomer
Hairy Styles A pun on the name of the British singer from One Direction
Howlvard Hughes Inspired by the business magnate and filmmaker's name
JK Growling Inspired by the author of the Harry Potter series, JK Rowling
Paw McCartney A twist on the name of the Beatles' member, Paul McCartney
Sirius Black Named after Harry Potter's godfather and also a pun on the dog star, Sirius
Snoop Dog A play on the rapper's name, Snoop Dogg
Vincent Van Gogh Fetch A play on the name of the post-impressionist painter
Virginia Woof A pun on the name of the renowned English writer
William Shakespaw A twist on the name of the famous English playwright
Winston Furchill Inspired by the British prime minister, Winston Churchill
Woofgang Puck A pun on the name of the famous Austrian-born American chef

Food Name Puns

Many dogs love food and a food-based pun can be a playful and cute way to name your pet.
Name Description
Bacon A savory favorite everyone loves
Biscuit A nod to the fluffy pastries and a warm, comforting treat
Caramel A sweet and smooth name for a lovable pup
Caviar For a dog with a luxurious and high-end persona
Chowder A playful take on a creamy soup
Cookie A sweet treat that everyone loves
Cupcake Because they're as cute and sweet as a mini cake
Fudge Perfect for a sweet, brown pup
Gumbo A savory nod to the New Orleans stew
Muffin A sweet treat and a delightful companion
Nacho An homage to the cheesy snack
Nugget An affectionate term for a small, precious thing
Oreo Perfect for a black and white pup
Peanut A tiny legume that packs a big punch, just like your pup
Pepper Just like the spice, adds excitement to any dish
Pesto For a dog with Italian flair
Pickle For a dog that adds a bit of tang to your life
Pretzel For a dog that loves to twist and play
Ravioli A fun nod to the Italian pasta
Sushi A playful homage to the Japanese delicacy
Taco A fun reference to the popular Mexican dish
Toast A simple, comforting staple everyone enjoys
Tofu For a dog as versatile and adaptable as the soy product
Truffle For a dog as rare and special as the delicacy
Waffle For a dog as comforting as Sunday breakfast

Breed Specific Puns

Puns based on specific breeds allow for a lot of creativity and can be a fun way to showcase your dog's breed.
Name Description
Bark Gable A clever name for a dog with a classic Hollywood charm
Bark Kent A fitting name for a dog with a mild mannered disguise but secretly a superhero
Bark Obama An amusing tribute to the former US president, great for a dog with a regal aura
Bark Pitt A fun and punny name for a dog with a handsome appearance
Bark Ruffalo A pun on the actor's name, great for a dog with a charming personality
Bark Twain A clever play on the famous author's name, suitable for a literary hound
Bark Vader Perfect for a dog with a slightly imposing presence, or just a big Star Wars fan
Bulldog Dylan A great pun on the renowned musician's name, perfect for a Bulldog with a soulful disposition
Chewbacca Named after the famous Star Wars character, great for a dog who loves to chew
Collie Parton A fun play on the name of the country music legend, fitting for a Collie with a melodious bark
Droolius Caesar An apt name for a dog who drools a lot with a hint of Roman nobility
Fleas Witherspoon A humorous spin on the actress's name, perfect for a dog with a lively spirit
Hairy Pawter An enchanting name for a magical dog, especially if they're a bit scruffy
Howlly Berry A play on the actress's name, suitable for a dog with a beautiful coat
James Bone A perfect handle for a dog with a touch of espionage flair, inspired by the renowned spy
LabraThor A name fitting for a Labrador with a larger-than-life persona
Lady Barksalot Ideal for a vocal female dog who likes to make her presence known
Muttley Crue An amusing spin on the famous rock band that's perfect for a mischievous pooch
Poochon Picasso A suitable name for a Poochon breed with an artistic flair
Poodle Lawford A great name for a Poodle with a sophisticated demeanor
Pug Cassidy A fun pun on the notorious outlaw's name, ideal for a Pug with a rebellious side
Sherlock Bones An engaging pun on the famous detective, perfect for a dog with a nose for mischief
Sir Waggington A delightful name for a dog with a tail that never stops moving
Snoop Dogg A punny tribute to the famous rapper, ideal for a dog with a cool demeanor
Winston Furchill A punny name for a dog with a strong and commanding presence
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A Pun-filled Story from Barksville

Once upon a time in the whimsical town of Barksville, there lived a group of dogs that had a unique sense of humor. These dogs loved to make each other laugh with their paw-some puns and tail-wagging jokes. Their ringleader was a witty pug named Pugston, who was the master of puns and always had a paw-ful of new material.

One sunny day, the dogs decided to gather at their favorite spot, the Bark Park, for a day of hilarious canine comedy. Pugston, of course, took center stage, eager to share his latest collection of dog puns.

"Hey, fur-iends!" Pugston began, his eyes twinkling with mischief. "Why did the dog sit in the shade? Because he didn't want to be a hot dog!" The other dogs erupted in barks of laughter, encouraging Pugston to continue.

"What do you call a dog magician?" Pugston asked, a grin spreading across his wrinkled face. "A labracadabrador!" The dogs howled with laughter, their tails wagging furiously.

As the day wore on, Pugston shared one dog pun after another, each one more paw-sterous than the last. "Why did the dog become a professional baseball player? He was a natural at catching fly balls!" The dogs couldn't stop laughing, rolling on the ground and playfully nipping at each other's ears.

Meanwhile, a Great Dane named Barkley couldn't resist joining the pun-filled fun. "What's a dog's favorite instrument?" Barkley asked, his deep bark catching everyone's attention. "A trom-bone!" The dogs barked with glee at Barkley's contribution, and soon, more dogs started to share their own puns.

A small Chihuahua named Tiny chimed in, "What do you get when you cross a dog and a computer? A lot of bites and bytes!" The dogs yapped with laughter, thoroughly enjoying the pun-tastic day.

As the sun began to set, the dogs knew it was time to head home. But before they went their separate ways, they decided to commemorate their pun-derful day with a group howl. Together, they raised their snouts to the sky and let out a joyous, harmonious chorus that echoed throughout Barksville.

Tired but happy, the dogs returned to their homes, their hearts filled with the laughter and camaraderie they had shared. They knew that no matter how ruff life could be, there was always room for a little humor and a few dog puns to help them paws and reflect on the lighter side of life.

And so, the legend of the pun-loving dogs of Barksville spread far and wide, inspiring dogs everywhere to unleash their own comedic talents and remember that laughter truly is the best medicine – or, as Pugston would say, "the best flea-tment!"

We would like to take this time to thank all of our visitors that make the best dog naming resource on the web. Our site would not be where it is today without your suggestions, ratings, and photo submissions. So pat yourselves on the back for a job well done and keep up the good work! If you have any comments, suggestions, or ideas for the this page or any part of our site, don't hesitate to drop us a line on our Contact Page. Thank you! -The DogNamed Team

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