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Dogue De Bordeaux Names

      With origins in France dating back to the 14th century in the Bordeaux region, the Dogue De Bordeaux, or French Mastiff, is often given a French name. Adele, Quentin, and Adrien are a few popular French names found among the breed. The Dogue De Bordeaux was historically used to help protect castles from invaders. Many original dog names can be taken from the names of various castles throughout the world. Monte (after Castel del Monte in Italy), Ashby (after Ashby Castle in the United Kingdom), Durham (after Durham Castle in England), and Windsor (after Windsor Castle in the United Kingdom) are just a small selection of castle based names. The Dogue De Bordeaux is known for its fawn colored coat ranging in shades from a reddish to a more brownish appearance. When it comes to brown and red color-based dog names, the breed gets the best of both worlds. On the red side of the fence, popular choices include Copper, Russet, and Dahlia. On the brown side, names like Bear, Mocha, and Tanner are favorites.
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Story of a Gaston: Castle Protector

In the 14th century, amidst the lush vineyards and rolling hills of southern France, there stood a majestic castle called Château de Laroche. The castle was home to a noble and powerful family, the Deverauxs, who ruled the surrounding lands with wisdom and grace. Among the many defenders of Château de Laroche, there was one guardian who stood out above the rest: a mighty and fearless Dogue de Bordeaux named Gaston.

Gaston was a truly magnificent specimen, his powerful frame and deep red coat a testament to his strength and courage. He had been trained since he was a young pup to serve and protect the Deveraux family, and he took his duty very seriously.

By day, Gaston would roam the castle grounds, his watchful eyes and keen nose constantly alert for any sign of danger. By night, he would patrol the walls and corridors, his low growl a warning to any who dared approach the castle with ill intent.

One moonlit evening, as Gaston carried out his nightly patrol, he caught a whiff of something unusual on the wind. His ears perked up, and his heart quickened as he realized that the scent was not that of a familiar friend, but of a stranger - an intruder.

Gaston followed the scent with stealth and precision, his every muscle tense with anticipation. As he rounded a corner, he saw them: a group of shadowy figures, clad in dark clothing and carrying weapons, attempting to scale the castle walls.

Without hesitation, Gaston sprang into action. He charged at the intruders, his deep, thunderous bark echoing through the night. The would-be assailants, taken aback by the sudden appearance of the formidable Dogue de Bordeaux, hesitated for a moment, and that was all Gaston needed.

He lunged at the nearest intruder, his powerful jaws closing around the man's arm and sending him tumbling from the wall. The other attackers, realizing that their stealthy approach had been thwarted, hastily retreated into the darkness, leaving their fallen comrade behind.

Gaston stood guard over the captured intruder, his fierce gaze warning the man not to attempt any further mischief. When the castle guards arrived, alerted by Gaston's barking, they found the Dogue de Bordeaux standing proudly over his prize, his loyalty and bravery undeniable.

News of Gaston's heroics spread quickly through Château de Laroche and the surrounding lands, and the people hailed him as a true guardian and protector. The Deveraux family, grateful for his unwavering service, bestowed upon him the title of "Chevalier de Laroche," a rare honor for a canine companion.

For the remainder of his days, Gaston continued to serve and protect the Deveraux family, his heart filled with pride and devotion. His legacy lived on long after he passed, inspiring future generations to value loyalty, courage, and the bond between a noble family and their faithful guardian.

And so, the tale of Gaston, the mighty Dogue de Bordeaux of 14th century France, became a cherished legend, a reminder of the extraordinary bond that can exist between humans and their loyal canine companions, and the power of a steadfast defender in the face of danger.

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