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Updated: October 06, 2023

Like a classic family egg hunt or a Cadbury Crème egg, this list of names is full of Easter goodness. From favorite candies to Springtime, we have gathered up a selection of ideas fitting for the dog born in or around the months of March and April. Common holiday associations provide a strong base for our collection.

Parade is an option taken from the festive strolls that are popular holiday occurrences across much of North American. Perhaps the most popular is the Fifth Avenue parade in New York City which has been going on since the mid 1800’s.

None of the parades would be complete without the celebrated donning of new clothes. Bonnet is a suggestion taken from the most notable of Easter attire.

For children, the majority of the focus turns to the beloved egg-hiding bunny. Peter is a name borrowed from the most festive and well-known of Easter rabbits. Peter Rabbit was first introduced in the novel ‘The Easter bunny that Overslept’ by Priscilla and Otto Friedrich. In 1971 a television adaptation entitled ‘Here Comes Peter Cottontail’ helped to increase his exposure.

As Easter Sunday approaches stores begin stocking their shelves with the treats we have come to know and love. Cadbury, Peep, and Reese are ideas borrowed from some of our favorites. Any fans of the classic Peeps must try the newer Milk Chocolate Covered variety.

With the holiday comes Springtime. Temperatures rise, rain falls, and the flowers start to bloom. Names of flowers like Daisy or Lily are particularly trendy during this timeframe. Rain, Puddles, and Stormy are a good fit for those with a more shower filled Easter.

Other general name ideas include Sunday, Basket (where else will you put your eggs?), and Pastel.

Name Reason to Choose
Meringue A key ingredient in many Easter desserts
Mint Mint is a refreshing spring flavor
Miracle Easter is a time when many celebrate a miracle
Muffin Muffins might be served for an Easter breakfast
Nazareth The hometown of Jesus, relevant to the Easter narrative
Nectar Nectar is a sweet substance produced by flowers in spring, around Easter time
Nestle A nod to the tradition of Easter nests
Nougat A confection found in some chocolate treats, which are commonly enjoyed during Easter
Palm Palm Sunday is the Sunday before Easter
Parade A festive event, such as an Easter parade, where people celebrate by dressing up and showcasing their Easter bonnets
Pascal Pascal refers to the Easter holiday in many languages
Passover The Jewish holiday that coincides with Easter
Pastel Soft, muted colors commonly used in Easter decorations and clothing
Peanut Peanuts can be found in many Easter candies
Pebbles A playful name evoking the smooth, colorful appearance of decorated Easter eggs
Peep Peeps are a popular candy during Easter
Petal Reminiscent of fresh spring flowers seen during Easter
Peter As in Peter Cottontail, a famous character associated with the Easter Bunny
Pez A candy brand that produces themed dispensers, including Easter editions
Pippin A playful, energetic name that evokes the joy and excitement of Easter celebrations
Poppy Named after the bright springtime flower
Primrose A delicate spring flower that adds color and beauty to gardens during Easter
Pudding Pudding is a comforting treat often enjoyed during Easter
Puddles Formed by spring rain, adding to the atmosphere of renewal during Easter
Puff An endearing term, just like the fluffy marshmallow peeps
Quiche A popular dish around Easter time
Rain Common weather in spring, symbolizing cleansing and renewal around Easter
Rainbow Rainbows are symbols of hope and promise, which aligns with Easter's message
Reese A popular candy brand known for its Easter-themed treats, such as peanut butter eggs
Resurrection The central theme of Easter
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Resurrection Themed Dog Names

Easter is associated with resurrection and new beginnings, making this a thoughtful theme for dog names.
Name Description
Awaken Symbolizes the act of waking up from death, akin to resurrection
Bloom Symbolizes the spring season and resurrection
Blossom The act of blooming symbolizes new life and resurrection
Dawn It represents a new beginning, much like resurrection
Easter Directly related to the holiday that celebrates resurrection
Eos Greek goddess of the dawn, symbolizing a new day or resurrection
Genesis Represents a new beginning, synonymous with resurrection
Hope Resurrection brings hope, making it a fitting name
Lazarus A biblical character who was brought back to life by Jesus, representing resurrection
Life Resurrection is essentially a return to life
Miracle Resurrection is considered a divine miracle
Nova Latin for 'new', representing a fresh start or resurrection
Phoenix A mythical bird that is reborn from its ashes, symbolizing resurrection
Rebirth A direct representation of resurrection theme
Rejuvenate Symbolizes a return to a youthful state, much like resurrection
Renewal Implies a fresh start, mirroring the concept of resurrection
Resurrection This name symbolizes the central theme of Easter
Revival Another term for resurrection, implying a comeback to life
Revive Directly means to bring back to life or resurrect
Rise Symbolizes the act of rising from the dead
Spark Symbolizes the ignition of new life or resurrection
Spring The season of Easter and symbol of rebirth and renewal
Sprout Represents new life and growth, akin to resurrection
Thrive Resurrection brings about a new chance to thrive
Zoe Greek for 'life', which is what resurrection brings

Biblical Dog Names

Easter has religious significance and biblical names can reflect the spirit of the season.
Name Description
Abraham Reminiscent of the patriarch of many religions, it also signifies faith
Angel An angel announced Christ's resurrection on Easter
Bethany A biblical town near Jerusalem, where Jesus was known to visit
Canaan Represents the promised land in the Bible, symbolizing hope and renewal
Delilah A strong biblical woman, reminding us of the power of redemption
Elijah A prophet who was taken to heaven in a whirlwind, symbolizing the ascension
Faith A key virtue in Christianity, particularly relevant during Easter
Gabriel Named after the archangel who announced the birth and resurrection of Jesus
Hezekiah A king who was known for his religious reforms and resurrection
Isaiah A prophet whose prophecies included the coming of Jesus
Jericho A biblical city whose walls were miraculously brought down
Keturah Abraham's wife, reminds us of the importance of companionship
Lamb Symbol of Jesus Christ, the 'Lamb of God'
Miriam Moses' sister, stands for strong women in the Bible
Nazareth The city where Jesus was raised, symbolizes humble beginnings
Obed A man in the lineage of Jesus, represents obedience to God
Priscilla A woman in the New Testament who was a leader in the early church
Quirinius A governor at the time of Jesus' birth, representing historical context
Reuben Jacob's first son, symbolizes the joy of parenthood
Silas A leading member of the early Christian community
Tabitha A woman in the New Testament known for her good works
Uriah A Hittite soldier in King David's army, represents bravery
Veronica A woman who offered her veil to Jesus, symbolizes compassion
Yael A heroine in the Bible, represents courage and determination
Zion Another name for Jerusalem, the center of biblical events

Candy Themed Dog Names

A list of Easter name ideas inspired by candies and chocolates
Name Description
Bonbon Named after the small, round chocolate-covered candy filled with various flavors
Caramel Inspired by the soft, gooey, and sweet treat made by heating sugar
Fudge Derived from the rich, creamy chocolate confection enjoyed as a decadent treat
Gummy Derived from the chewy, fruit-flavored candies that come in various shapes and sizes
Hershey Derived from the iconic American chocolate brand, known for its classic milk chocolate bars
Jellybean Named after the colorful, sugar-coated candies often associated with Easter celebrations
KitKat Derived from the well-known chocolate-covered wafer candy bar that people enjoy breaking apart
Licorice Named after the chewy, sweet, and sometimes tangy candy that comes in various shapes and flavors
Marshmallow Derived from the soft, sweet confection that is often used in chocolate treats, like s'mores or hot cocoa
Milky Way Derived from the chocolate candy bar filled with nougat and caramel, evoking a sweet and dreamy flavor
Mocha Inspired by the coffee and chocolate flavor combination found in various sweets and beverages
Peppermint Named after the refreshing and sweet flavor often used in candies like candy canes and mints
Reese Named after the popular brand of peanut butter and chocolate treats, such as Reese's Peanut Butter Cups
Rolo Inspired by the small, cylindrical chocolate candies filled with caramel
Skittles Inspired by the colorful, fruit-flavored chewy candies with a hard sugar shell
Snickers Named after the popular chocolate candy bar filled with nougat, caramel, and peanuts
Toblerone Named after the triangular-shaped chocolate bar with nougat, almonds, and honey
Toffee Named after the sweet, chewy candy made from caramelized sugar or molasses
Truffle Inspired by the luxurious chocolate treat made with a ganache center and coated in chocolate, cocoa powder, or nuts
Twix Inspired by the chocolate-covered cookie bar with caramel that comes in pairs

Spring Flower Themed Dog Names

A list of Easter name ideas inspired by spring flowers.
Name Description
Azalea Named after the brightly colored spring flower that symbolizes femininity and fragility
Bluebell Derived from the delicate blue spring flower that adds beauty to the season
Buttercup Derived from the bright yellow flower that blooms during spring, adding color and joy
Camellia Named after the elegant spring-blooming flower that symbolizes love and admiration
Crocus Named after the early-blooming spring flower that signifies hope and happiness
Daffodil Named after the bright yellow spring flower associated with rebirth and new beginnings
Daisy Named after the cheerful spring flower that symbolizes purity and innocence
Gardenia Inspired by the sweet-scented spring flower that represents purity and sweetness
Hyacinth Named after the fragrant spring flower that brings vibrant colors to the season
Iris Named after the springtime flower that adds elegance and charm to gardens and landscapes
Lily Inspired by the classic Easter flower that symbolizes purity and resurrection
Magnolia Inspired by the large, fragrant spring flower that represents beauty and perseverance
Marigold Derived from the vibrant orange and yellow spring flower that represents warmth and happiness
Peony Named after the lush and fragrant spring flower that symbolizes prosperity and romance
Petunia Named after the trumpet-shaped spring flower that comes in a variety of colors
Poppy Inspired by the vibrant and colorful spring flower that symbolizes remembrance
Primrose Inspired by the delicate early spring flower that symbolizes youth and new life
Snapdragon Derived from the vibrant spring flower that adds drama and excitement to gardens
Tulip Inspired by the popular spring flower that represents love and new beginnings
Wisteria Named after the cascading spring flower that symbolizes beauty and grace

Bunny Themed Dog Names

A list of names inspired by none other than the Easter Bunny.
Name Description
Binky A term used to describe the playful jumping behavior of rabbits, like the Easter Bunny
BunBun A cute, affectionate name that highlights the bunny aspect of the Easter Bunny
Bunny The Easter Bunny!
Flopsy A playful name that captures the floppy ears often associated with the Easter Bunny
Hopper the Easter Bunny hops around delivering eggs
Hopster A moniker inspired by the Easter Bunny's signature hopping movement while delivering treats and eggs
Snuggles Reflects the soft, cuddly nature of rabbits, which the Easter Bunny embodies
Thumper Inspired by the thumping motion of a rabbit's hind legs, reminiscent of the Easter Bunny
Whiskers Evokes the image of the Easter Bunny's whiskers, adding charm and character to the beloved figure
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Angel kisses Photo of angel kisses for Easter Dog Names she was born on EASTER and she loves too kiss my face there was no other name that fits her i have sleep apme and on a c pap machine she sleeps with me and lays by my chest she will lick my neck as to comfort me she is my true ANGEL KISSES

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Sunny's Easter Adventure

In the sleepy town of Cloverdale, a yellow Labrador named Sunny was eagerly awaiting the arrival of Easter, her favorite holiday. She had spent weeks helping the local church prepare for the Easter celebration, and was excited to see the joy and happiness on the faces of the town's children as they hunted for Easter eggs and enjoyed the festivities.

However, unbeknownst to Sunny and the townspeople, an evil wolf had been lurking in the woods, intent on sabotaging the Easter celebration and causing chaos and destruction.

As the day of the Easter celebration approached, Sunny became increasingly aware of the wolf's presence, sensing a dark and malevolent energy emanating from the nearby forest. Fearing for the safety of her beloved town and its inhabitants, she knew that she had to act fast to thwart the wolf's nefarious plans.

With her keen senses and boundless energy, Sunny set out on a mission to track down the wolf and put a stop to its evil deeds. She traversed the rugged terrain of the forest, her nose to the ground and her ears alert for any sign of danger.

As she reached the heart of the woods, she caught a glimpse of the wolf lurking in the shadows, its eyes gleaming with a malicious intent. Without hesitation, Sunny charged forward, her powerful body hurtling through the air as she launched herself at the wolf.

A fierce battle ensued, with Sunny using all her strength and agility to outmaneuver the wolf and protect the town from harm. Her sharp teeth and powerful jaws proved to be too much for the wolf to handle, and with a final, victorious growl, she emerged as the triumphant hero of the day.

With the wolf defeated and the Easter celebration saved, Sunny returned to Cloverdale to the adoration and praise of the town's grateful citizens. And as she watched the children of the town joyfully collecting Easter eggs and enjoying the festivities, she knew that her bravery and determination had made a difference, ensuring that the magic of Easter would continue to shine bright in the hearts of the town's people for years to come.

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