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English Setter Names

Updated: October 06, 2023
      A gun dog at heart, the English Setter was bred for hunting birds. Many unique dog names can be taken from well-known hunters. Boone, Cody, and Capen are just a few examples. The breed is more commonly named after hunting related products than actual hunters. English Setters named after guns, ammo, or knives are typical. Some ammo related dog names include Remington, Winchester, Glock, Colt, and Bellot. Smith, Wesson, Derringer, Browning, and Dakota are potential names that come from gun manufacturers. Buck, Kershaw, and Rothco are names taken from popular brands of knives. On the non-hunting side of things, many English Setter owners choose an English dog name true to the breed's roots. Among the more common English dog names are Charles, Gabriel, and Abigail. Other interesting names are taken from counties in England like Devon, Cornwall, Bristol, London, Cumbria, and Durham.
Name Reason to Choose
Abbey A classic English name for a classic English breed
Alfie A popular English name that suits a friendly and affectionate dog
Archie This name reflects the English Setter's playful and energetic nature
Arthur Named after the legendary King Arthur, perfect for a courageous dog
Ash Resembling the color of ash, perfect for a gray-coated English Setter
Aubrey This name sounds sophisticated and gentle, just like an English Setter's temperament
Barley This name is reminiscent of the beautiful golden color of some English Setters
Barnaby This name is ideal for a dog that is both playful and intelligent
Baxter A classic English name, Baxter is a great choice for an English Setter
Beau This name means 'beautiful' in French, fitting for this attractive breed
Bellot Named after a known ammunition manufacturer, it reflects the breed's use in hunting
Belton It's the name of a color pattern typically found in English Setters
Benji A friendly and approachable name for an affectionate breed
Biscuit Suitable for a dog with a coat similar to the golden-brown color of a biscuit
Boone This name is a nod to the breed's prowess in hunting and tracking, much like the famous frontiersman Daniel Boone
Bristol Named after an English city, indicating the breed's English origin
Browning It's the name of a firearm manufacturer, suitable for an English Setter with a hunting background
Buck This name is borrowed from hunting terminology, making it fit for a hunting breed
Caesar English Setters are known for their regal appearance, just like the historical figure Caesar
Capen An English name fitting for a breed that originated from England
Celina It sounds sweet and feminine, which could be a perfect fit for a gentle and loving female English Setter
Chance This could be chosen for an English Setter that was an unexpected but pleasant surprise
Charlie A friendly and approachable name for a sociable dog breed
Chase Reflecting the English Setter's lively nature and love for play, this is an apt name
Chesney An English name that aligns with the breed's origins
Chester It's an English origin name that's charming and full of character
Chief Reflects the English Setter's leadership qualities
Cliff A rugged, outdoorsy name for a breed known for its endurance
Cody English Setters are known for their friendly and gentle nature, much like the popular male name Cody suggests
Colt It's a firearm name, echoing the breed's origins as a gun dog
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Place Names

English Setters originated in England, so names inspired by places in the UK, or other significant locations, can be a unique way to name these dogs.
Name Description
Aspen Ideal for a dog that enjoys the outdoors and snow, similar to the famous ski resort town
Athens This would suit a dog that is wise and intelligent, reminiscent of Greece's ancient city
Austin Perfect for a dog that is lively and loves music, reminiscent of Texas city's vibrant music scene
Berlin Perfect for a resilient and strong English Setter, much like the German city
Boston Perfect for a dog that is smart and scholarly, much like the Massachusetts city known for its universities
Brooklyn Ideal for a dog with a cool, hipster vibe, reminiscent of the New York borough
Cairo This would fit a dog that is mysterious and adventurous, reminiscent of Egypt's historic capital
Dallas Perfect for a dog that is strong and independent, reminiscent of the Texas city's cowboy culture
Denver This would suit a dog that loves the mountains and outdoors, similar to Colorado's capital
Dublin Ideal for a dog with a spirited and friendly nature, much like the Irish city
Eureka This could be a suitable name for a dog that loves to discover new things
Havana This could reflect the dog's warm, friendly nature, similar to the Cuban city's vibe
London This would be a brilliant name for a dog with a classy, sophisticated disposition, much like the city itself
Madison Ideal for a dog that is intelligent and sophisticated, much like the Wisconsin city known for its university
Manhattan This could be suitable for a dog that loves the hustle and bustle of city life
Orlando This could be fit for a fun-loving and playful dog, similar to the city's famed theme parks
Oslo Perfect for an English Setter that enjoys the cold, much like Norway's capital
Paris A fitting name for a chic and stylish English Setter, reminiscent of the fashion capital of the world
Phoenix Ideal for a resilient and strong English Setter, much like the mythical bird the city is named after
Rome This would be a good name for a dog that is majestic and regal, much like the ancient city
Seattle Ideal for an English Setter that loves the rain, much like the Washington city known for its rainy weather
Sydney Ideal for a dog that enjoys the outdoors, reminiscent of Australia's sunny city
Tokyo This would suit an energetic and lively English Setter, reminiscent of Japan's bustling capital
Vegas This would be suitable for a lively, fun-loving dog, similar to the city's vibrant nightlife
Venice Perfect for an English Setter that loves water, much like the famous Italian city of canals

Human Names

Many owners like to give their dogs 'human' names, and this can be a fun and personal way to name an English Setter.
Name Description
Bella The name Bella, meaning beautiful, complements the breed’s attractive appearance
Ben A simple and strong name for this robust breed
Charlie This is a playful name which fits the English Setter's lively personality
Daisy A cheerful and bright name, much like the English Setter's personality
Emma This name, meaning 'universal', suits the adaptable nature of English Setters
Finn This name captures the adventurous spirit of this breed
George This traditional name is well-suited to the noble English Setter
Henry The strong, yet friendly vibe of this name is perfect for a sociable English Setter
Jack This is a strong and versatile name, just like this breed
Leo This strong, regal name is perfect for a majestic breed like the English Setter
Lily It's a delicate name, perfect for a breed known for its grace and elegance
Lucy This sweet and simple name suits the affectionate nature of English Setters
Maggie It's a charming name for a charming breed
Max This short, strong name is a great fit for a dynamic and energetic breed
Milo This name is as friendly and sociable as the English Setter
Molly A fun, friendly name for a dog breed known for being good with families
Oliver This name has a formal, gentlemanly air that suits the elegance of an English Setter
Oscar This name exudes a certain charm and sophistication, much like the English Setter
Rosie A cute name that suits the breed's friendly and loving nature
Ruby A precious name for a precious breed
Sadie This name has a sweet, loving aura, just like an English Setter
Sam This is a straightforward and friendly name, much like the breed itself
Sophie A classic name that fits the graceful demeanor of this breed
Toby A robust and reliable name, perfect for a robust and reliable breed
Zoe A lively and energetic name for a lively and energetic breed

Famous Fictional Dogs

There are many famous dogs in literature, film, and television that could provide inspiration for naming an English Setter.
Name Description
Astro From The Jetsons cartoon, known for his futuristic adventures
Balto Star of his own movie, known for his heroic journey
Beethoven The star of a popular film series, known for his mischievous antics
Benji Star of his own film series, known for always saving the day
Bolt Star of his own movie, he is known for his superhero abilities
Buddy From the Air Bud film series, known for his athletic abilities
Chance Another character from Homeward Bound, known for his youth and energy
Clifford Star of a children’s book series, known for his enormous size
Cujo The main character of a horror novel, known for his terrifying transformation
Duke Another character from The Secret Life of Pets, known for his friendly nature
Hooch From the movie Turner & Hooch, known for his rowdy behavior
Lady A key character from the film Lady and the Tramp, known for her love story
Lassie One of the most famous dogs in film history, known for always saving the day
Marley From the film Marley & Me, known for his lovable but destructive behavior
Max From the movie The Secret Life of Pets, known for his adventurous spirit
Old yeller Star of a classic film, he is known for his heart-wrenching story
Perdita Another main character in 101 Dalmatians, known for her maternal nature
Pongo A main character in 101 Dalmatians, known for his bravery
Rin Tin Tin One of the first canine movie stars, known for his heroic roles
Santa Paws From the Santa Buddies movie, known for his magical Christmas spirit
Scooby-Doo A key character in a prominent cartoon series, renowned for solving mysteries
Shadow A character from Homeward Bound, known for his loyalty and determination
Snoopy A beloved character from the Peanuts comic strip, known for his imaginative adventures
Toto A well-known character from The Wizard of Oz, known for his loyalty
Tramp Another character from the film Lady and the Tramp, known for his adventurous spirit

Nature-Inspired Names

English Setters are known for their love of outdoors and hunting, so names inspired by nature can be a great fit.
Name Description
Aspen Like an aspen tree, English Setters are tall and elegant
Birch This breed is as strong and sturdy as a birch tree
Breeze This name signifies the quick and agile nature of this breed
Cedar This name signifies the strength and endurance of an English Setter
Daisy This name reflects the playful and joyful nature of English Setters
Flint Signifies the toughness and resilience of this breed
Fog This breed's coat is as soft and fluffy as fog
Hazel English Setters are known for their beautiful hazel eyes
Heather Reminiscent of the fields of heather in England
Holly As cheerful and festive as this breed
Maple Represents the sweet and lovable nature of this breed
Meadow Reminiscent of wide open fields, a perfect playground for an English Setter
Moss This name signifies the quiet and gentle side of English Setters
Pebble Just like a pebble, English Setters are small but strong
Pine This breed is as tall and majestic as a pine tree
Rain Just like rain, English Setters can be unpredictable and fun
River Just like a river, an English Setter is always moving, full of life
Rose This breed is as beautiful and delicate as a rose
Sage This name signifies the wisdom and calmness of this breed
Sky This name signifies the limitless energy of an English Setter
Snow Reminds of the breed's white and fluffy coat
Storm Just like a storm, English Setters are full of energy and excitement
Sunset English Setters are known for their warm and comforting presence
Thistle Reminds of the English countryside where this breed originates from
Willow This refers to the flexible and adaptable nature of this breed

Traditional Names

These are names that have a long history of being used for English Setters, often inspired by their characteristics or roles.
Name Description
Bailey A timeless name, reflecting the breed's loyal nature
Belle It's a classic name that means beauty, representing the Setter's elegant nature
Buddy It emphasizes the bond between the Setter and its owner
Buster A nod to the breed's energetic persona
Champ A name that denotes the English Setter's impressive hunting skills
Charlie A timeless choice that suits the breed's playful nature
Copper A traditional name that reflects the reddish-brown hues of some Setters' coats
Daisy This traditional name is cute and playful, just like the breed
Duke This moniker is a nod to noble titles, suitable for a regal English Setter
Freckles A cute, traditional name that highlights the Setter's unique coat
Ginger A traditional name that reflects the Setter's reddish coat
Jack A name that embodies the breed's energetic and lively nature
Jake A classic name that matches the breed's friendly and outgoing nature
Lady A title of distinction, denoting the breed's distinguished appearance
Lola An old-fashioned name that suits the Setter's elegant and graceful temperament
Lucy A classic name that matches the Setter's gentle disposition
Maggie This classic name suits the English Setter due to their friendly and sociable nature
Max Short, easy-to-catch, and a classic. Perfect for an active English Setter
Molly This traditional name is friendly and warm, reflecting the Setter's temperament
Rex A name fit for a king, echoing the breed's aristocratic origins
Rosie A traditional name that represents the Setter's gentle and loving nature
Ruby A gemstone name for a precious pet
Sadie An old-fashioned name that suits the breed's charming and gentle disposition
Sam Short and classic, it's a fitting name for an obedient English Setter
Toby A classic name befitting the breed's friendly, sociable nature
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Oden Photo of oden for English Setter Names I chose this name because it was the name of his father and he looks and he acts like his father
Remington Photo of Remington for English Setter Names Remington after ammo because setters are know for bird hunting.Also he loves food just like the rat Remi from ratatouille the movie.
Parker Photo of parker for English Setter Names

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Beneli its a gun brand
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Winston: An English Setter Tale

Once upon a time, in the picturesque English countryside, there lived an adventurous English Setter named Winston. Winston was a beautiful dog with a silky white coat, adorned with speckles of tan and black. He was known throughout the village for his boundless energy and curious nature.

Winston spent his days exploring the rolling hills and dense woods near his home, always on the lookout for new sights and smells. His owner, Mrs. Appleby, was a kind and gentle woman who adored Winston's adventurous spirit, even if it occasionally led to mischief.

One sunny afternoon, as Winston was exploring a nearby forest, he came across a steep hillside covered in large boulders and loose rocks. Intrigued by the unfamiliar terrain, Winston eagerly scrambled up the slope, navigating the treacherous terrain with ease.

As Winston reached the top of the hill, he caught a whiff of a tantalizing scent. He eagerly followed the scent, oblivious to the precarious rocks shifting beneath his paws. Suddenly, a massive boulder became dislodged and began to roll down the hillside.

In a stroke of terrible luck, Winston's paw became trapped beneath the falling boulder, pinning him to the ground. The pain was immense, and Winston let out a heart-wrenching howl that echoed through the forest.

Back in the village, Mrs. Appleby heard Winston's cry and felt a surge of panic. She knew her beloved companion was in trouble and needed help. Grabbing a sturdy rope and a first aid kit, Mrs. Appleby rushed into the woods, determined to save her dear friend.

As she followed the sound of Winston's whimpers, Mrs. Appleby stumbled upon a group of villagers who had also heard the cries. United by their concern for the beloved dog, they banded together to form a rescue party.

When they finally reached Winston, they found him pinned beneath the boulder, his paw badly injured. The villagers worked together, using their combined strength and ingenuity to carefully lift the massive rock. As they carefully freed Winston's paw, Mrs. Appleby gently tended to his injuries, her heart swelling with gratitude for the villagers' help.

Once Winston's paw was securely bandaged, the villagers carefully carried him back to the village. Over the next several weeks, Mrs. Appleby nursed him back to health, tending to his every need and showering him with love.

The incident with the boulder had left Winston with a newfound sense of caution, but it had also brought the village closer together. The villagers had discovered a strong sense of community and camaraderie in their shared concern for Winston, and they now looked out for one another just as they had looked out for the injured dog.

As for Winston, he never lost his adventurous spirit, but he had learned a valuable lesson about the importance of being careful and mindful of his surroundings. And, with the love and support of Mrs. Appleby and the entire village, Winston the English Setter would go on to have countless more adventures – albeit with a bit more caution and a lot more friends by his side.

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