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English Setter Names

      A gun dog at heart, the English Setter was bred for hunting birds. Many unique dog names can be taken from well-known hunters. Boone, Cody, and Capen are just a few examples. The breed is more commonly named after hunting related products than actual hunters. English Setters named after guns, ammo, or knives are typical. Some ammo related dog names include Remington, Winchester, Glock, Colt, and Bellot. Smith, Wesson, Derringer, Browning, and Dakota are potential names that come from gun manufacturers. Buck, Kershaw, and Rothco are names taken from popular brands of knives. On the non-hunting side of things, many English Setter owners choose an English dog name true to the breed's roots. Among the more common English dog names are Charles, Gabriel, and Abigail. Other interesting names are taken from counties in England like Devon, Cornwall, Bristol, London, Cumbria, and Durham.
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Oden Photo of oden for English Setter Names I chose this name because it was the name of his father and he looks and he acts like his father
Remington Photo of Remington for English Setter Names Remington after ammo because setters are know for bird hunting.Also he loves food just like the rat Remi from ratatouille the movie.
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Beneli its a gun brand
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Winston: An English Setter Tale

Once upon a time, in the picturesque English countryside, there lived an adventurous English Setter named Winston. Winston was a beautiful dog with a silky white coat, adorned with speckles of tan and black. He was known throughout the village for his boundless energy and curious nature.

Winston spent his days exploring the rolling hills and dense woods near his home, always on the lookout for new sights and smells. His owner, Mrs. Appleby, was a kind and gentle woman who adored Winston's adventurous spirit, even if it occasionally led to mischief.

One sunny afternoon, as Winston was exploring a nearby forest, he came across a steep hillside covered in large boulders and loose rocks. Intrigued by the unfamiliar terrain, Winston eagerly scrambled up the slope, navigating the treacherous terrain with ease.

As Winston reached the top of the hill, he caught a whiff of a tantalizing scent. He eagerly followed the scent, oblivious to the precarious rocks shifting beneath his paws. Suddenly, a massive boulder became dislodged and began to roll down the hillside.

In a stroke of terrible luck, Winston's paw became trapped beneath the falling boulder, pinning him to the ground. The pain was immense, and Winston let out a heart-wrenching howl that echoed through the forest.

Back in the village, Mrs. Appleby heard Winston's cry and felt a surge of panic. She knew her beloved companion was in trouble and needed help. Grabbing a sturdy rope and a first aid kit, Mrs. Appleby rushed into the woods, determined to save her dear friend.

As she followed the sound of Winston's whimpers, Mrs. Appleby stumbled upon a group of villagers who had also heard the cries. United by their concern for the beloved dog, they banded together to form a rescue party.

When they finally reached Winston, they found him pinned beneath the boulder, his paw badly injured. The villagers worked together, using their combined strength and ingenuity to carefully lift the massive rock. As they carefully freed Winston's paw, Mrs. Appleby gently tended to his injuries, her heart swelling with gratitude for the villagers' help.

Once Winston's paw was securely bandaged, the villagers carefully carried him back to the village. Over the next several weeks, Mrs. Appleby nursed him back to health, tending to his every need and showering him with love.

The incident with the boulder had left Winston with a newfound sense of caution, but it had also brought the village closer together. The villagers had discovered a strong sense of community and camaraderie in their shared concern for Winston, and they now looked out for one another just as they had looked out for the injured dog.

As for Winston, he never lost his adventurous spirit, but he had learned a valuable lesson about the importance of being careful and mindful of his surroundings. And, with the love and support of Mrs. Appleby and the entire village, Winston the English Setter would go on to have countless more adventures – albeit with a bit more caution and a lot more friends by his side.

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