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English Springer Spaniel Names

Updated: October 06, 2023

      The English Springer Spaniel is well known for its hunt and retrieve abilities. An excellent group of names can be drawn from this traditional history of the breed. These dogs are known for exhibiting a hunting behavior of springing forth to flush game into the air. Names like Spring, Bound, and Buck are popular due to this characteristic action. Being one of the fastest of the Spaniels, many owners turn towards speed or quickness related names. Many of the English Springer Spaniels today are show dogs. The show-bred lines tend to have longer fur and weigh more. A majority of show-bred owners tend to pass names along from generation to generation. It is always a good thought to consider the parent's names as an option.
Name Reason to Choose
Abigail A classic, elegant name that could suit a well-mannered and graceful Springer Spaniel
Annie It's a sweet, traditional name that fits a loving and loyal Springer Spaniel
Apollo To reflect the breed's noble and strong character
Auburne This name represents the breed's common coat color
Ava The breed is elegant and feminine, just like this name
Bella Because of the breed's beautiful and elegant look
Boscoe This playful and energetic name matches the breed's personality
Bound Represents the breed's high energy and strong athleticism, as they are known for their bounding stride
Bowden This English place name suits the breed's origin and adventurous spirit
Bowie An English name that suits the breed's origin and also implies a certain charisma and charm
Bracken This name suits an English Springer Spaniel due to their love for outdoor activities and it also refers to a type of fern
Bramble This name is reminiscent of the thorny undergrowth that these dogs are adept at navigating
Brook Suitable for a Springer Spaniel as they are known for their love of water
Buck It's a strong, masculine name often associated with outdoor pursuits, fitting for this hunting breed
Buddy Perfect for a Springer Spaniel who is your best friend
Bullet The breed's quick speed and agility are well-represented by this name
Buster Perfect for a playful and active Springer Spaniel, as it conveys a sense of fun and energy
Caius This name has a classic, old-world charm that may suit a dignified and handsome English Springer Spaniel
Casey This unisex name, implying courage and vigor, is ideal for this energetic and adventurous breed
Cedar Named after the sturdy tree, perfect for a strong and reliable dog
Charlie Perfect for a Springer Spaniel with a friendly and sociable character
Charlotte This regal, yet friendly name matches the breed's noble and approachable demeanor
Chisholm Being an English surname, it's a good match for a breed originating from England
Clover A sweet name for a lucky companion
Cooper The breed's robust and hardworking nature is mirrored in this occupational name
Daisy To reflect the breed's gentle and sweet nature
Dash Ideal for a speedy, energetic Springer Spaniel, capturing its quick movements
Deemer An old English name that complements the breed's heritage
Duke Perfect for a Springer Spaniel with an air of nobility
Dusty A name that reflects the breed's love for outdoor activities and its often messy aftermath
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Names Reflecting Playfulness

English Springer Spaniels are known for their playful and energetic nature, so names that reflect these traits can be suitable.
Name Description
Bounce This name reflects the inherent playfulness and energy of the breed
Brio This name reflects the dog's vibrant and spirited nature
Fiesta This name is fit for a dog that always seems to be in a party mood
Folly Perfect for a dog who loves to goof around
Frisbee For a companion who loves outdoor play, this name is a fitting choice
Frolic English Springer Spaniels are known for their playful and energetic behavior
Gambol It represents the dog's love for frolicking and playing around
Giggle This name is perfect for a pup that brings so much joy and laughter
Glee This name highlights the breed's joyful and playful demeanor
Jester This name captures the entertaining and fun-loving spirit of the breed
Jive This name suits a dog that's always ready to play and has a rhythmic energy
Jubilant This name reflects the dog's joyous and playful demeanor
Jubilee This name mirrors the joyous and lively temperament of the dog
Merry The name is indicative of the breed's cheerful disposition
Pounce This name is ideal for a dog that loves to jump and play
Prance This name is perfect for a dog that has a playful and lively gait
Rascal This name reflects the mischievous and playful side of the dog
Revel This name is a good fit for a dog that loves to enjoy and have fun
Romp Just like the dog's playful nature, this name signifies rough and energetic play
Romp Just like the dog's playful nature, this name signifies rough and energetic play
Scooter The name is a nod to the dog's energetic and playful nature
Scurry This name is fitting for a dog that loves to run and play
Sprightly This name perfectly describes a dog that is lively and full of energy
Whirl This name is suitable for a dog that is always on the move and loves to play
Zippy This name fits a dog with a lot of energy and speed

Names Based on Color

English Springer Spaniels come in a variety of colors, so names that reflect their color can be unique and fitting.
Name Description
Caramel Reflects the lighter brown shades in their coat
Charcoal Reflects the deep black color of their coat
Chestnut Their coat can resemble the color of chestnuts
Cocoa Inspired by their chocolate-brown spots
Ebony For those pups with shiny black fur
Goldie Their coat might have a golden sheen
Graphite Ideal for a Springer Spaniel with a dark grey coat
Hazel If their coat resembles the color of hazelnuts
Ivory Inspired by their white fur
Jet Jet black fur inspired this name
Latte Their coat might remind you of the color of a latte
Marble For a Springer Spaniel with a mixed color coat
Merlot For those with a deep red-brown coat
Misty Ideal for a Springer Spaniel with a greyish coat
Pearl Their white coat might remind you of pearls
Pepper For the black and white mixed fur they have
Pumpkin Their coat might have a hint of orange
Raven Reminiscent of their black spots
Ruby For those with reddish-brown highlights in their coat
Sable Perfect for a dark brown coated Springer Spaniel
Shadow Resembles the dark spots on its coat
Silver For those with a shiny greyish coat
Slate For a Springer Spaniel with greyish-blue coat
Smokey Perfect for a grey-coated Springer Spaniel
Snowflake Perfect for a white-coated Springer Spaniel

Names Based on Size

English Springer Spaniels are medium-sized dogs, so names that reflect their size can be appropriate.
Name Description
Bitty A charming name that speaks to the dog's small size
Bonsai Named after the small, miniature-sized trees
Dinky A playful name that means small and compact
Elf A supernatural creature from folklore known for their small size
Half-pint A cute, affectionate term for a smaller dog
Lilliput From 'Gulliver's Travels', where Lilliput is a land of tiny people
Little A sweet and simple name based on size
Midget A cheeky name for a small dog
Minikin An old word meaning small, perfect for a smaller-sized Springer Spaniel
Mite An old term for a small child or animal
Munchkin Shows affection for smaller dogs
Peewee This name is a playful nod to the dog's smaller stature
Pint Refers to the dog's small size, like a pint-sized beverage
Pipsqueak A fun and affectionate term for a smaller-sized dog
Puny A name used to denote the smaller size of the dog
Runt A term of endearment for the smallest of a litter
Shorty A playful name referring to the dog's size
Shrimp A name that refers to the small size of the dog, just like the small crustacean
Smally Refers to the dog's small size in a playful way
Squirt A playful, affectionate name for a smaller dog
Tad A word that means a small amount or degree
Teeny Emphasizes the Springer Spaniel's petite size
Thumbelina Named after a character known for her tiny size
Tiny A humorous name for a smaller dog
Titch A British term used to refer to someone or something that is small

Traditional British Names

English Springer Spaniels originated from England, so traditional British names are fitting.
Name Description
Alfred Named after Alfred the Great, a notable English king
Alice A tribute to the beloved British character, Alice in Wonderland
Anne A classic British name, worn by several queens
Arthur A nod to the legendary King Arthur
Beatrice A classic British name with royal connotations
Catherine In honor of Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge
Charles Derives from the name of the current Prince of Wales
Duke Reflects the nobility and high status of British peers
Edmund Commemorates Edmund Hillary, the first man to conquer Mount Everest
Edward A popular name among British royals, signifying wealth and fortune
Elizabeth A tribute to the longest-reigning current monarch, Queen Elizabeth II
Emma A nod to the popular British actress, Emma Watson
Florence A nod to the pioneering British nurse, Florence Nightingale
George A regal name, shared by many British monarchs
Harold Named after King Harold, the last Anglo-Saxon king of England
Henry A strong, regal name popular among British royals
James Named after the famous British spy, James Bond
Lancelot Inspired by the chivalrous knight from Arthurian legend
Margaret In honour of Britain's first female prime minister
Mary A classic British name, shared by several queens
Nelson Commemorates the British naval hero, Admiral Nelson
Sherlock Inspired by the ingenious British detective, Sherlock Holmes
Victoria Named after one of Britain's most famous queens
William A regal name, shared by the current Duke of Cambridge
Winston Reminiscent of the iconic British leader Winston Churchill

Nature-Inspired Names

These names reflect the breed's love for outdoor activities and their energetic personality.
Name Description
Autumn This name fits a Springer Spaniel with a warm, cozy personality
Birch It's a common tree in the English countryside, making it a perfect fit for a Springer Spaniel
Blossom For a Springer Spaniel that brings new life and joy to your household
Breeze This name reflects the quick, agile nature of the Springer Spaniel
Brook Ideal for a dog that loves water and has a bubbly personality
Coral This name suits a Springer Spaniel with a colorful and vibrant personality
Dawn For a dog that loves waking up and starting the day early
Dusty This name fits a Springer Spaniel who loves playing in the dirt
Fern Perfect for a Spaniel that loves exploring the woods
Flint This name is a great match for a dog with a strong, fiery spirit
Hazel This name is perfect for a Springer Spaniel with beautiful hazel eyes
Ivy This name suits a dog with a strong, climbing spirit
Maple This name is inspired by the beautiful maple tree, a symbol of strength and endurance
Meadow This is a cute name for a dog who loves sprawling across open fields
Misty For a dog that has a mysterious or elusive quality about them, this name is a great choice
Pebble It's a cute name for a small, energetic Springer Spaniel
Pine Perfect for a dog that loves the outdoors and has a strong, sturdy spirit
Rain This name is perfect for a dog with a calm and peaceful demeanor
Rose For a dog that is as sweet and beloved as this flower
Sky It's ideal for a dog that seems to have endless energy, much like the vast, limitless sky
Snowflake Ideal for a dog that loves playing in the snow
Sunny A great name for a dog with a bright and cheerful personality
Thistle A great choice for a dog that is as tough and resilient as this plant
Thunder For a Springer Spaniel with a powerful bark
Willow Derived from the graceful willow tree, a symbol of flexibility and resilience
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Willow: An English Springer Spaniel Tale

In a small, picturesque town surrounded by lush woodlands and crystal-clear lakes, there lived an English Springer Spaniel named Willow. Willow was a spirited and energetic dog, with a glossy liver and white coat and a pair of soulful, intelligent eyes. She belonged to a devoted and loving owner named Thomas, who shared Willow's passion for the outdoors and the thrill of the hunt.

Together, Willow and Thomas spent their days exploring the vast woodlands that surrounded their home, hunting for game and breathing in the fresh, invigorating air. Willow was a natural at her job, her keen sense of smell and incredible agility allowing her to track even the most elusive prey.

It wasn't just the chase that Willow enjoyed, but also the deep bond she shared with Thomas during these outings. The two were an inseparable team, their connection strengthened by their mutual love for the wilderness and the excitement of the hunt.

One autumn day, as the leaves began to change color and a crisp breeze rustled through the trees, Willow and Thomas embarked on what would become their most memorable hunting adventure. Thomas had heard rumors of a rare, elusive white deer that roamed the woodlands, a creature that had never been caught and was said to possess an otherworldly beauty.

Captivated by the prospect of catching a glimpse of the elusive deer, Thomas and Willow ventured deeper into the forest than they ever had before. The pair tracked the deer's faint scent for hours, navigating treacherous terrain and dense underbrush in their pursuit.

As the sun dipped below the horizon and twilight enveloped the woodlands, Willow caught a sudden, unmistakable whiff of the deer's scent. Her entire body tensed with excitement as she bolted in the direction of the elusive creature, Thomas following close behind.

The chase led them to a small clearing, illuminated by the silvery glow of the moon. And there, standing at the edge of the clearing, was the rare white deer. Its coat shimmered in the moonlight, and its eyes held a depth of wisdom and grace that seemed almost otherworldly.

Willow and Thomas stood transfixed, their hearts pounding with the thrill of their discovery. And in that moment, they both realized that the beauty of this creature was not meant to be captured or conquered, but rather, appreciated and respected.

Thomas gently placed a hand on Willow's head, and the pair shared a silent understanding. They would not pursue the deer any further, allowing it to continue to roam free in the woodlands they both loved so dearly.

As they turned to leave the clearing, the white deer raised its head, watching them with its wise, knowing eyes. And as the wind whispered through the trees, the deer vanished, leaving only the faintest trace of its presence behind.

Willow and Thomas returned to their home, their hearts filled with a newfound appreciation for the beauty and mystery of the world around them. The memory of the white deer would stay with them forever, a reminder of the thrill of the hunt and the importance of respecting the balance of nature.

And as the years passed, the story of Willow, the English Springer Spaniel, and her incredible encounter with the elusive white deer would become a cherished local legend, inspiring generations of hunters and nature lovers to seek out the wonders and mysteries of the great outdoors.

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